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What controller does /vr/ use for their Retroarch setup? I think the 8bitdo SN30 is pretty good, it's like an SNES controller with extra bits.

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Why is this boy wearing womens clothing?

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Lack of meds.

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degenerate mentally ill discord trannies rading 4chan again

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Trannies please leave.

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>Reverse Image Search: 0

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Wait, this tripfag with all the retarded opinions is a tranny? Should have seen it coming

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Said the other tripfag.

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God damn I am so fucking sick of this tripfag shitting up the board with his attention-whoring. You're ruining this board. I just want to come here and read about retro videogames, I don't care about you and your stupid shit. Just stop fucking posting you mentally ill narcissist. You will never be a female, every cell in your body contains Y chromosomes and no amount of synthetic estrogen can EVER change that. Drop the fucking tripcode and stop posting selfies you fucking asshole.

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post bussy

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DualShock 3s with hacked Xbox360 driver, because they're what I already have. I have a black one my dad gave me for xmas one year because I liked to have my own controller without solid chunks of food stuck to it, and I wanted rumble which the included SixAxis lacked.

I also have a white DualShock3 that's 20 grams lighter. It came with a slim PS3 a boyfriend bought on ebay as a birthday gift after my yellow light of death fat one was stolen from my car in my building's locked garage. They destroyed the door handle before giving up and breaking a window. Cost a $500 insurance deductable for $2000 of work. Before I knew bf ordered it, I said I didn't care about the PS3 since the only exclusive I liked was now on PC. So we also went to see Mr. Burns\, a Post-Electric Play. The new PS3 was still useful for watching the occassional blu-ray since I no longer have any optical drive in my desktop, using an old ThinkPad the few times a decade I need to access a disc. He wouldn't take turns losing at MGS4 on the highest difficulty because he's a total gritlet. When we split, he took the PS3 and never noticed he doesn't have the controller because he'll never take the initiative to play a game. I think he has early onset alzeimer's from his unimaginably terrible diet.

Do programming socks work? How do you deal with the fact they'll never be germ-free unless you ruin them with bleach and/or heat?


How are sticks to use without handles?

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Hi newfag

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Are you a programmer, or just like wearing programming socks?

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How was Mr. Burns? My boyfriend is fucking obsessed with oldschool Simpsons lol, and he's mentioned that play before.

>Do programming socks work?
If they're a proper fit around the mid thigh, they constrict bloodflow down to your legs and keep your upper body and brain well oxygenated. I'm not a programmer, but in my experience they do enhance one's gaming ability.

>How do you deal with the fact they'll never be germ-free unless you ruin them with bleach and/or heat?
I'm not a germophobe, so I don't know. I usually just take a bath and shave my legs before I wear 'em, so it's not really an issue. The only time I've ever worn them outdoors was in last year's pride march, I decided to wear my trans pride socks and some bootyshorts. This year's pride I'm probably gonna be in my Poison cosplay.

>How are sticks to use without handles?
I haven't tried using the sticks yet, but the controller is basically weightless, it doesn't seem to take much effort to just balance the controller between my hands and manipulate the sticks.

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>not wearing colorful and wholesome socks so you can bring lightheartedness wherever you go


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The play was pretty good. Having been close to death just a couple years prior,. the final act really spoke to me.

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how do i filter tripfags?

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4chan X, but you won't do it.

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A Sega Saturn controller with an adapter. Also have a Buffalo SNES USB controller.

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i dont have 4chanx on this computer only on my home computer

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This has better DPad.

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