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pick your poison

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Why pick only one? Man /vr/ is fucking weird these days. It's like more console war bs as if there's any reason not to play everything good on whatever system.

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I've been meaning to dig deeper into these games, and from the little bit of sampling I've done, I think I prefer Wonder Boy.

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Adventure Island has better music.
If you mean the series, I also prefer AI as they're more like the original game, platformer-centric, instead of going tansaku. I love Monster Lair though.

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Man, I love adventure Island , but it kicks my ass and makes me frustrated as all fuck.
Played to 8-2(with continues) and just couldn't beat it.
Have to retry it again sometime.
Anybody here ever beat it without the bee?

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Vs threads are only trying to spark discussion on a slow board

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Arcade version of Wonder Boy is superior.

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All of you need to shut up before I knock your fucking teeth out. Disrespectful ass children..

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Why does the Adventure Island guy look like Ron Jeremy?

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