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"waifus" Edition

Previous Thread: >>5473006
HoMM3 pastebin:

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What's with the manfeet?

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Heroes IV is underrated

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Why are threads autosaged after some time again?

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Wew, in time for Mephala

Guys, what faction is your favorite and why?
For me it's rampart, mainly because grand elves and "fun" slow bulky units for strategic combats and protecting shooters. Also atmosphere and music in town. Mephala is waifu but I love starting with Ivor because of elves specialty. Would like to know about your favs too /vr/

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I enjoy cheating

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How would you guys say the tierlist is for HotA?
Necro Conflux still on top?

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If I were to pick a waifu, it would be Adelaide or Jenova, because why not. I guess Adelaide was one the heroes I managed to hold onto the longest during the campaign, so I have a soft spot for her.
As for a faction - back in the day, I was an unapolgetic fan of Necropolis or Dungeon. Nowadays I lean more towards Rampart, Castle or Tower. Necro is a rather one-trick-pony (vampires) and I grew bored with the Dungeon.
I like the atmoshphere and unit design of the Rampart, the mechanics behind the Tower and Castle while boring and straightforward, plays really well.

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Conflux was absolutely suplexed into oblivion
>to upgrade to pixies you need to build magic uni
>Psychic/Magic elementals received a bump in price
>you only get 3 Phoenixes, only after you build new building - burial urn that gives +1 to weekly growth
All of these nerfs and their garbage tiers 4/5 are left unattended.

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>spammer figures out new way to spam board
>make post, delete post, thread is bumped but post count doesn't go up
>now every single shitty thread lasts forever and frequently is on the first page
>in order to get rid of him, mod team would need to figure out how to range-ban someone
>say fuck it, and just make every thread on /vr/ auto-sage after 7 days
>spammer is still here shitposting, but now every thread just dies for no good reason
>nothing has been fixed by this, board is even worse now
>no one wants to go anywhere else because "Wah, those places are too slow/require registration"
I just come here to call people retards and give purposely bad advice. Never put in more effort than the people in charge.

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>I just come here to call people retards and give purposely bad advice.
Have you nothing else to do with your finite lifespan?

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>he asked, while posting on 4chan
Nothing else to do here. You want to post something worthwhile? It will get drowned out by shitposts that never gets deleted. You want to have a conversation about something? It will get drowned out by trolling that never gets deleted. There is no point in trying to do anything of value here since the mod team won't put any effort into trying to get rid of the shitposting and trolling. What posts of value are made are quickly buried and fall off the board, which removes any reason to post them to begin with.

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Then, I dunno... don't post anything at all maybe? Move on. What other "reason" to post here aside from having a conversation/discussion? I'm perfectly okay with how these threads are going even if I'm not playing currently any MM games.

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IP range block is a shitty practice, I can't post anything on /v/ because of some retard. In /qa/ anon said rangeblock for his isp still consists after a fucking year.

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It sucks getting nailed with someone else's ban, but there is no other real way of getting rid of persistent spammers and shitposters. They avoid rangebanning because many people complain about getting caught up in it and adding a ton of exemptions for all of them is a lot of work. But short of every country going the South Korea route, there is no other way.

Judging by all the threads clogging up the catalog, to make threads about console/platform wars, shit on popular games, discuss the latest e-celeb youtube video, blogpost, and ask to be spoonfed about everything.

If it matters any to you, this is one of the 10ish threads on this board that I don't give bad advice in, since this is one of the few threads still about /vr/ material.

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I just don't understand you - complaining about shit everywhere and shitting up this board at the same time. If you're enjoying it, why complain about others, if not - why do it yourself?

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I shit in the shit threads. Hidden gems on the NES? Play Urban Champion. Halp me find roms? Lemme find a good attack ad-ridden site for ya. Need your hand held in starting a new game? You should sell all your starting gear and buy junk. Can't be bothered to google up a solution? I can think of an expensive fix.
Garbage in, garbage out.

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Cringe and retarded.
If you look at Russian pro MP games, people still pay huge amount of gold to play Conflux, Conflux is still very powerful and the strongest town in HotA.

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Used to play the fuckload out of Tower, simply because it had mages, djinns and nagas, all packed into a single faction, with the spin on pretty much all cliches about "magic faction" in fantasy setting.
But eventually I just pushed that into "ideas I like when playing TTRPG" and switched to Rampart, for purely pragmatic reasons. And Stronghold, because HoMM3 is the only time barbarians are really cool.

Conflux was nerfed into bottom tier and Necro is still OP even after nerfs, since, duh, Necro.

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There is also one of a mods with a hate-boner toward Core-era Tomb Raider, so all threads about TR get saged much, MUCH earlier and at random. Thread is up for 2 days, but everyone went asleep and it slumped to page 7? Fuck you, it's now on page 7 and dropping.

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All threads get autosaged after two weeks or so, that TR thread stayed for that time.

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Which one, anon? You mean the most recent one?
The example I brought up happend in late January. We had thread that got mod-saged after 2 days and slightly above 100 replies. Then it continued with a handful of other threads, all saged prematurely (some really fucking fast). So either there is some additional factor in what auto-sages threads or there is a mod that does that to just TR threads. Given this is 4chin, I'm more likely to bet on the mod with hate-boner.

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>I shit in the shit threads.
Why? Why bother? Why not just walk away instead of bumping shit threads (I assume you aren't even bother saging) and encouraging more shitposting? Does it make a thread less shit? Is it really worth wasting your time on reading and typing shitposts? Did it ever occur to you that maybe YOU are part of the problem?

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Yeah, recent thread.
I believe that spammer was active exactly in January and after that this 2week autosage became a thing.

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conflux is still strong af and can rush easily with level 2/3 units

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>Tier 4 and 5 are utter shit with no plans for changes
>Pixies nerfed into oblivion
>Magic elementals costing just too fucking much
>Phoenixes nerfed and less of them, but still too fast
It's like they didn't even try to fix or balance the faction, but just pour their dislike for it into the mod.

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>>make post, delete post, thread is bumped but post count doesn't go up
That was a thing since... fucking forever. I used to bump quests with this back in the day when quests were still on /tg/

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I don't give a shit about pro scene, it makes an already limited faction even more constricted in the way you can play them.
They didn't touch the stats of them though, except for nerfing firebirds imminuty to just 50% res against fire magic.

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I would bother to continue the conversation, but the HoMM thread really doesn't deserve this amount of off-topic shit. Pick a shit thread if you want to continue.

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Should I buy them even if I already pirated them?
Those two show up in the russian, belarus, ukraine sale, but for some reason the rest is not there of the games is not there. I actually wanted 4

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>Can't be used for first-move Armageddon anymore
>Somehow not nerf

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But yeah, I agree, the entire "pro" scene is the epitome of autism, since they are trying to out-do each other on abusing of ancient bugs and coding loop-holes. "Fun"!

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Do you want to support Ubishit?

Fortress. Because fuck off, this swamp's full. Also because of all the special abilities its creatures have. Mighty Gorgons, Basilisks, Dragon Flies, Hydra. A bad roll (in case of MG's and basis) or a tiny mistake (hydras, dragon flies) can cost you a lot against Fortress.

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Nah, subject isn't really all that interesting (something something broken windows theory maybe?), it's pretty late here and I was going to sleep, so restarting conversation after several hours in completely different thread seems kinda odd.

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oh, I forgot. Thanks anon, you saved me $3

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Well right now this girl here is doing a lot to win my affection. Is there some kind of increased chance to have your specialty unit desire to join your army or was it totally random luck that I got 200 cerberi to join for free as fiona?

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Because it's a trap

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Nevermind I just got a massive stack of unicorns for free too. Kind of an anticlimactic way for a game to be decided.

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did you get Diplomay or something?

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>single player random map

get a load of this autism

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> I don't give a shit about pro scene
> the entire "pro" scene is the epitome of autism
The best way to see if something is OP or weak is to look at competitive MP and high level players.
In MP, strong towns win statistically or people will start paying gold for them. You can watch MP games and see how people play towns and how it works in practice. Hard facts proved by repeated experience.
On the contrary, "autism" is the most opinions of 4chan and reddit low level players. And on 4chan people regularly post completely false statements about the game. If you make a claim that something is weak or strong, but experience shows the opposite, you're wrong, not MP community.
> they are trying to out-do each other on abusing of ancient bugs and coding loop-holes. "Fun"!
What? What bugs and loopholes do they abuse? I understand, for example, complaints that people play JC too much, but "bugs and loopholes"? Examples, please.

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>I don't give a shit about pro scene, it makes an already limited faction even more constricted in the way you can play them.
you do realize HotA doesn't use nearly as many special extra rules as SoD? so what is constricted here?
not to mention that deflecting the argument because "pros are autists" kinda defeats the point of balance-whining about HotA conflux. The best players squeeze the biggest dividends out of the faction even post-nerf, so you being unable to do so might mean you just need to git gud

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arena najlepsza

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jancel hates this thread

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>so what is constricted here?
Your early game? Pixies are locked away, tier 4/5 are still garbage so the only thing left is powercreeping with storms, followed by ice elementals, truly riveting and fulfilling gameplay.

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It's like you are doing this on purpose

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>People abusing to this day the loophole with Badge of Courage
>E-examples! T-the meta is perfect! S-stop calling people autistic
Takes to be brain-damaged to actually play HoMM on competitive level, because that's a game with NO support, INTENTIONAL lack of balance, NO chances of fixes and NO actual way to fix certain things at all without reworking half of the game.
Somehow, autists and mouth-breathers feel really good about themselves, because they use and abuse all that shit and trying to out-do each other with it. Wow, such fantastic sport!
>inb4 b-but HotA
As already other anons elaborated, HotA fixed shit, while adding more of it and also pushing modders bias into the game. And Conflux is the prime example of it. Rather than re-balancing things, they just nuked the entire faction with all-around nerf. Who needs solutions, like lowering speed, when you can just affect growth of Phoenixes. It's not like it's the speed that makes them broken, rather than amount or something. And it's not like HotA dev team considers "first move win" strategy to be the one and only true. Or that competitive autists are retarded enough to pick a faction that's still fucking broken, but also close to unplayable.

tl;dr get the fuck out.

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competitive homm3 is an oxymoron

>> No.5508941

What's the deal with the badge?

>> No.5509012

and you are still the fucking retard posting this shit reaction image to every single time someone questions your worthless, undefendable logic

fuck off from this thread already

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Heh time to play HoMM6 again!

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lol pleb

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>Miss the points so fucking hard it qualifies for ultimate missing the point gif
>N-no, stop posting!
Funny how you didn't even try to refute anon that plough your back and planted barley over it, but try to wiggle some space for yourself about reaction images

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t. russian sperg

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What are some good backup strats to do if you don't get armageddon while doing efreetgeddon strat for inferno?

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>Being this much out of argument

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i'm not even the guy you were talking to m8, you are defending crappy decisions made by a fan made mod

>> No.5509814

This argument would make sense if you weren't trying to refute people telling you that Conflux is still considered playable in spite of the nerf, merely brought up to par with other factions, and even posting examples of viable play with it, while you still keep going on with rants about overall HotA design ("first move wins" doesn't win instantly in any HoMM iteration, otherwise Stronghold and Fortress wouldn't be popular towns at all due to relatively low top speed) and claiming that the faction is "close to unplayable" when, again, it still works and stacks up well to other factions.

The loophole with Badge is that it makes you immune to mind spells (including Berserk) that isn't written down anywhere. I have no idea why this person considers this particular quirk of the game such a massive gamebreaker or why it's his chief argument on how the game is broken so it's not worth taking seriously or talking about in capacity other than his 12 Month-long "comfy" romps on Arrogance, but here we are.

Can confirm, you are posting this gif every single time you get BTFO'd and it has never, ever worked. You're a misinformed cancer in these threads and nobody knows what you even enjoy in HoMM3, because you always post inane shit about multi, balance this, balance that, and then when people tell you you are retarded, you post the "missing the point" guy without explaining how the point was missed in any way. Rather, you could explain why someone clueless like yourself can't play Conf but any semi-decent player can use it (some of the best starting heroes in the game, excellent tempo on the L2 unit, starting with a ton of fliers that are fast and do their usual job well even without the retal, good extra buildings and solid costs) well, or why is it "autism" to play and enjoy the game at the level that's above your own, because that's what the crux of the posts that "missed the point" was.

You've been doing this for months. Stop it already.

>> No.5509818

And also, what is the merit of posts like this? All competitive HoMM3 means that is that people compete in it, for fun and much less likely for profit. People stream it, people watch that, people attend tournaments, Paul Anthony Romero does concerts before those HoMM3 tournaments that popped up in Poland a while ago. Literally all that has to happen is that there's some niche playerbase that competes in this game and there's enough of a movement to make a buzz around the competition. It's not like you can't consistently figure out who the good players are (the best players' names are in circulation constantly) even though the game is full of RNG and not particularly balanced, so obviously there's skill involved.

So, what is the problem? Do you somehow feel threatened about the hundred or so "autists" play this (apparently old, boring, dated and poorly designed) game at a higher level than you do? Why do you give a shit? The meta they play at or even the mod(s) they use are completely irrelevant to you if you so choose.

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>>nothing has been fixed by this, board is even worse now
>>no one wants to go anywhere else because "Wah, those places are too slow/require registration"
but muh Anonymous!
srzzzly anon or registered. people will spam. requiring registration just slows them down. if you a make a sekrit club with only 5 people, accessed only via some private VPN,that might work.

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Suppork GOG polandballs.

the official HD shilled by ubisoft is the one you should avoid.

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>Retard gets BTFO
>Bitches and moans anyway

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Why do hero sprites work incorrectly? I noticed it with Crag too.

>> No.5512781

>Why do hero sprites work incorrectly?
Original game had a single sprite for each class of heroes, regardless of their gender. HotA people fixed that by adding both male and female variant for each class.

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Just found out that the HD mod adds an option to see detailed informations when right clicking a starting hero in the advanced options when starting a game, but for some reason I'm only seeing the classic screen when doing it
wat do? Or is it only working with HOTA?

>> No.5514647

>wat do?
The advanced screen is only available when you're choosing to play a random map, or so it seems.

>> No.5514862

>Waifu Edition
>Shiva still not having decent fan-art
Guess I will just have to suffice on Lorelei then

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She still has more.

>> No.5514887

I think he meant the Russian series of redraws that started this very thread

>> No.5515157

>Stronghold SP random map
>Check recruitment in tavern
>Oris and Nimbus
For those unfamiliar - Eagle Eye specialists

>> No.5515184

Speaking of Stronghold:
Is Jabarkas worth it? He has Orcs speciality, so they gain +1 to speed, but other than that, he's Barbarian rather than Battle Mage (best class, period)

>> No.5515231

Depends entirely on how much you rely on orcs. I eventually just have two stacks of cyclops.

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>using cyclops

>> No.5515416

Among the best Tower heroes.

>> No.5515479

>Not using one of the best shooters around

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>never leaves the house
>cooks for you
>child-bearing hips

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Happy Easter and carry on, anons.

>> No.5517290

I did specify that they all joined for free, that's why I came to bitch, seemed strange that a game would be handed to me like that.

Until I'm able to beat 7v1 200% like that mekick faggot, random maps hold a challenge. Are you honestly implying I should be playing MP instead?

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They were great back when they were called trolls and were literal best shooters in the game. But then devs decided to nerf em in 3, took one of their eyes and gave their dwelling a fuckoff huge crystal cost. Since Stronghold is pretty much rush: the faction that made cyplopses really unpopular.

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>rush: the faction
... what?
No, seriously, what the fuck.

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>birbs day 2
>behes week 1
What's not to get? They are really really good at clearing the map quickly and are very popular as a rush faction because of that.

>> No.5518186

Different anon, but that's not how rush works at all

>> No.5518192

I'm sure Mephala would be eager to get some one-on-one lessons from Tazar

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121 red rush is pretty much synonymous with Stronghold though.
121 refers to the monday of the second week of the first month and red is the player color that goes first. You get your turn on monday, buy out the creatures, chain them to your main and move in for the kill before your opponent gets an opportunity to buy out his own creatures. That works on any monday really, but 121 is the fastest, most balls to the wall variant (only possible on small maps).

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best waifu

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Reminder that AI value of an earth elemental (a level 5 creature) is 330 (roughly equivalent to 3 centaurs) while air elemental (a level 2 creature) has AI value of 356 beating even fire elemental (a level 3 creature) which has AI value of 345
Conflux is a well designed faction.

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Typo, fire elemental is a level 4 creature

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>All those dainty waifus
Now, here's a woman that will bear you strong sons!
I actually like Jenova

>> No.5519221

As the Shiva anon already mentioned - second best

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Gretchin is a gobbo, why's she proportioned like an ogre?

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Tomboy waifu moving at incredibly high speed.

>> No.5519305


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Why's catoblepas in Homm3 called "gorgon"?

>> No.5519317

Because Gary Gygax.

>> No.5519319

He doesn't own copyright on mythological Ethiopian beasts. And Homm "gorgon" doesn't even look anything like a dnd catoblepas.

>> No.5519323

>And Homm "gorgon" doesn't even look anything like a dnd catoblepas.
HoMM Gorgons looks like DnD Gorgons, you doofus.
Copyrights has nothing to do with it. 95% of M&M creatures straight up copied from Monster Manual.

>> No.5519353

More like Kyrill

>> No.5519408

sigh. It even says on the screenshot
check the adiitional settings in launcher. You can tweak a lot iof things n HD mod.

>> No.5519464

Yeah thanks for nothing, prick. HD+ is enabled by default and there are no options or tweaks in the launcher or the .ini for this. The other guy as right, it only works when you select random maps, not scenarios.

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>> No.5521559

the incredibly high cost on the building is what makes them not viable.

at least Hota fixed that

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Post more HoMM memes please.

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Which magic system is better for gameplay?

In Might & Magic VI you can learn all spells early if you have enough gold and you are able to reach the places where they sell spellbooks. Magic skills upgrade the effects of spells

In M&M VII you need magic skills to learn next levels of spells, for example, to learn Fireball you need expert fire magic and to learn next level of skill you also need promotion quests to be completed so learning spells is slowed down

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>> No.5525873

Having budget versions of real spells like Town Portal is very useful, but having Fly at level 1 is ridiculous. 7 is better, but 6 could have been better if the differences between big spells at different tiers were more than duration/recovery time reduction.

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>> No.5527481
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CIS HoMM3 championship is starting in a week. The tourney will be held in Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia - and streamed from may 2nd to may 9th

>> No.5527497

Who's the expected winner?

>> No.5527506
File: 214 KB, 710x1080, C7dSKL4NZpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've no idea, can't say I'm knowledgeable about eastern yuro HoMM3 scene, I just randomly stumbled upon the announcement while browsing homm3 page on twitch. Dave_hun is participating though and I recall Mekick hyping him up as one of the best guys out there. I couldn't stand watching his streams though, since he refuses to properly stretch the game over the entire window for some reason, leaving empty black bars of every side, it never stops ticking me off.

>> No.5528847
File: 276 KB, 1614x1355, oy5JfsynSq4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5529523


Blind and berserk the fuck out of everything

>> No.5529571

How come Xyron can't cast inferno at lvl 1 but Solmyr can cast his chain lightning which is probably a better spell, did 3do want inferno to be a bad faction?

>> No.5529578
File: 105 KB, 600x512, Ud6SE6DKzoE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5530263

In 6 you need to know where stuff is if you rush it. If you don't, its a natural progression that compliments EXP/quests/gear progression.
In 7 some of the spells are extreme budget versions(Protection from Magic i.e), while a lot isn't particularly useful because you get it far too late to compete with whatever you could have done with a 3x warrior blender.

I think i enjoy 6 more, but only because the spell tiers isn't that great. Other games have done it better, even Heroes.

>> No.5531205
File: 535 KB, 740x731, crag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5531265

Sheeet guys, I've made a photo of Factory castle screen!!! SUPER LEAK

Same anon who leaked first info with evil hobbits.

>> No.5531318
File: 32 KB, 613x570, ForgeHtoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wooops, forgot the actual photo

>> No.5531321

>crt monitor

>> No.5531345

Yep, based.

>> No.5531440
File: 86 KB, 640x360, 1459622750282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>those round domes

>> No.5531530

What's the point? New info and screenshots are going to be revealed tomorrow on Streamfest.

>> No.5532531

>What's the point?
He wanted to show of his cool CRT monitor.

>> No.5532636

Like any leak - to see stuff earlier. Duuuh.

>> No.5532673

Oh yeah, because there's so much to see there! What a glorious blurry orange mess, it really makes me want to praise Hota team. And that astounding attention to detail on the portraits. You can really appreciate the photorealistic beauty that goes so well with the Heroes 3 style.

>> No.5533669
File: 1.44 MB, 1606x863, Concept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Map-maker here! I just want to notify those few anons interested in my stuff that I'll do my damndest to finish this concept by the first half of the next month (I've been working on it since January). Not sure why I'm even spending all that time making this but I hope you anons will find a use for it.

>> No.5534287
File: 1.17 MB, 1016x572, factory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New HotA Factory trailer



>> No.5534310


>> No.5534312

It's pretty much a big pile of nothing. The trailer hasn't shown anything really interesting, such as what kind of gimmick building they're gonna have or something like that.
I think the town screen looks pretty good, but I am not sure if that big turbine wheel (or whatever that device is supposed to be) in the middle of the town is plated with very polished metal/mirror or if it's just a graphical glitch, either way it looks a bit out of place.
I'd also expect them to slow down the combat animations a bit to show them off, instead of having them maxed out.

>> No.5534317
File: 170 KB, 800x600, H3-ForgeTown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The city looks a bit too white and pristine for an industrial faction that lives in a wasteland, I expected something grimier. Russians should be intimately familiar with filthy industrial sprawls Even Forge with all it's tacky sci-fi stuff looks more appropriately dirty.
Also the rifle dude get up seems kinda overdesigned, reminds me of Overwatch. Hobbit-bombers look cool though and I like that bloated mutant hero face.
I guess with halflings being there Factory isn't supposed to be an evil faction like Forge was supposed to be, so that kinda explains it's neater design, but still.

>> No.5534363

>HotA going even deeper into shit
Either they make this mod customisable like WoG is, or they can go fuck themselves

>> No.5534397

Oh my god, do you want to spam every heroes forum and youtube video with the same comment?

Are you retarded Wog-kiddo or something?

>> No.5534427
File: 186 KB, 298x423, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>internet is just one person

>> No.5534443

>one butthurt over HoTa wog fanatic

>> No.5534506

I think the "clean" aesthetic comes from what they said was one of their themes with the town, you have the warlocks who rule over everyone in high quality palaces, and the halflings who are shoved into factories to wageslave. You can sorta see that, with the bottom right looking dingy and small, and the left being more grand.

I hope it's not a fully built up town though, it looks small and empty.

>> No.5534512

Yeah, they mentioned they only have first two units and their buildings finished.

>> No.5534517
File: 150 KB, 449x600, qWve40mnQoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, but the number of people who unironically like WoG is pretty close to that number

>> No.5534557

Different anon, but he didn't even praised WoG, just pointed out you can set custom rules in it. You can't in HotA, so the shitty Resistance rework is obligatory and so will be the incoming new faction.

>> No.5534561

nobody forces you to play hota if you don't like it's content. There's still SoD, AB and even Ubi's RoE HD.

>> No.5534569

Fair enough, it would be nice to have some options. I really dislike Cove and having an option of not having their heroes polluting my taverns would be cool.

>> No.5534625

Problem is, I LIKE playing HotA. Or rather liked it, until Resistance was reworked and I'm stuck with it. I've spend 15 years playing the shit out of Resistance as it is in "vanilla" game, so for me disabling entirely one of my main strategies and gameplay styles is kind of a bummer.

Cove is tolerable. It's not good, but at least it's not awful. What bugs me is the utter contempt for even minimal level of customisation. WoG is a steaming pile of unstable shit that crashes every ten minutes, but at least I can turn off everything that isn't stacking of units and guards in on-map dwellings and passing on-map structures to allies. In HotA it's "take it or leave it". So I left it

>> No.5534639
File: 112 KB, 487x679, oldres.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know... I'm going to explode your world now.

1. Launch "Hota_launcher.exe"
2. Check "test updates" (check, not un-check)
3. Game runs with old resistance.

>> No.5534925

>If you stop updating your game, you won't have to be annoyed with new additions!
Works for as long as one of those new things isn't vital and/or something I want to.
Oh gee, guess a "set your rules" menu would be an actual solution.

>> No.5534950

huh? what about update?
It works on current build.
And I'm sure it will work like that until whole secondary skill issue is solved.

>> No.5535134

Not to mention you can now disable pretty much any HotA content you don't like (including the new towns) via the template editor.

>> No.5536059

VI did it better

>> No.5536192

While I like the town's design and feel, I'm really not sure about those units.

They look "too detailed" if that makes sense...

>> No.5536215


>> No.5536217

I live in the Netherlands, and this is an accurate representation of local women.

>> No.5536226

>for me disabling entirely one of my main strategies and gameplay styles is kind of a bummer.
How exactly do you plan your strategy around this skill? With a miniscule random chance of deflecting a single spell that is most often irrelevant all game, as 95% of the time you spend fighting the map and not other heroes?

Genuinely curious - I never considered Resistance in either form a particularly amazing skill and its niche can be nullified by artifacts. That's why I never particularly cared for the Resistance change. It doesn't seem like it was ever particularly popular in the online circles either (rarely saw people pick Thorgrim).

>> No.5536381

Different anon, but have you ever heard about ability to play - wait for it - multiplayer? Suddenly ability to cock-block other human from casting spells on you is a massive advantage, especially if you are on the slow side of the army composition.

>> No.5536581

and this is exactly about what MAJORITY of online players were whining all this years.
"we hate this random bullshit!" they said.

>> No.5536584

And this is precisely why said majority consist of fucking casuals who's strategy boils down to "I get first move, I cast mass Slow and win the match"

>> No.5536601

this is true. Sadly This change was maid for said majority and they are happy now.

>> No.5536621

Hint: don't play with mods you don't like.

>> No.5536628

Is your main strategy tossing a coin?

>> No.5536642

Original anon here and the people I've been playing mostly with had a playstyle that involved either favouring nukes or AoE spells. Resistance was one of the best way to disrupt their play. And yeah, playing with Thorgrim worked just fine, because his speciality scales nicely, while Ranger is by far one of the best classes in the game.
Even without a specialist hero, it is still important skill to play, because if you expect regular and often confrontations with human-controlled armies, it's only second-best to Armourer in terms of usefulness. HoMM3, due to how things are calculated, is biased toward defense, rather than offense. Get your ass properly patched up and you can easily withstand your enemy "cunning" of being a glass cannon and then tearing him a new one in your move, because your stack was barely harmed.
If I were to play against AI, I would either take Pathfinding or Leadership, depending on which faction I would be playing as.
>inb4 Leadership is useless too
To each his own or something. I like having regular chance to have extra move, while having bunch of other, better artifacts on my hero than plethora of +1 Morale items. And yes, in the past I also used a lot of Luck, which works wonders if you have ballista specialist.
>inb4 Artillery is shit
It's not. But it's not worth combining it with Luck as a skill. It is however worth to have with a ballista specialist.

>Each 5th spell misses
>2 out of 5 spells missfire with Thorgrim
How's that tossing a coin? It has high enough chance to be useful. If it was capped at 15% and 30% with Thorgrim, I would consider it too finnicky. But at 20/40 it's very much reliable

>> No.5536664

>How's that tossing a coin?
You're right. It's actually worse than tossing a coin.

>> No.5536668

So you are saying that unless you have a 100% chance of something happening, you aren't going to use it?
How can you then even play this game, where so many units have ranges (and often pretty big ones) of damage? You always cast mass Bless or something?

>> No.5536694

You can calculate average value and work with it. If unit has big damage dispersion you indeed must cast bless.
Protection from magic is literally a coin-toss - either you're golden or get nothing. In most cases you get nothing.

>> No.5536696
File: 1.45 MB, 2300x1900, magic resist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, I do know anecdotal evidence is shit, but Resistance triggers often enough to be useful for me. But like I said - makes sense only when facing human armies. Otherwise it's useless, since AI can't into spells for shit.

>> No.5536707

Just pointed out obvious thing that 20-40% probabilities are worse than 50%. Not the same anon who you originally replied to.

>> No.5536709

And I'm perfectly aware of those chances and the fact this is, well, chance-based.
I also pointed out I would skip it without second thought if it was 15/30. But thankfully it's not. That 5% chance really makes the whole difference.

>> No.5536713

Do you guys even like HotA?

>> No.5536731

I mean, in you post you worded "tossing a coin" as if it's a bad thing but presented chances that worse than actual coin-toss as something good. It just triggered my autism I guess.

>> No.5536738

I liked it in early phase, when they were predominately focused on bug-fixing and re-balancing blatant loopholes.
But then they've decided they need to reinvent the wheel and I quickly lost interest. To elaborate (in a twisted way), HotA for me suffers from gardening effect.
Gardening effect is when you have this tiny spot of land behind your house and decide to make a garden out of it. So you plant some grass, get a nice decorative tree and a bench. Then you decide to add few flowers. Then you dig out a tiny pond for a koi fish and a rock garden next to it. It's nice, it's simple, but you aren't satisfied. So you plant few new bushes. And get vines to spiral over house. And plant few more bushes. And dig few flower beds. And then expand the rock garden. And plant fuckload of plants in the pond. And then put a bridge over the pond. And a BBQ in the back. And next tree. And that plaster gnome.
And so on and forth. You end up adding so much shit that something that was once a nice, elegant pleasure to the eyes turns into a fucking eye-sore that just never seems to end and keeps piling more things up for the sake of it.
Why? HotA would be perfect if it stayed in early phase forever. There is no fucking point to non-stop make new things, yet they keep doing so.

>> No.5536750

It's the pinnacle of homm.

>> No.5536864


now they are jumping over the shark

>> No.5536894

>Different anon, but have you ever heard about ability to play - wait for it - multiplayer?
Literally addressed in my post that hardly anyone who plays multiplayer uses or used this skill, because it is useless while creeping, doesn't guarantee success, it can be adapted to simply by casting buffs on your party. I've never had a game decided by a single whiff from the Resistance spell. Plus it's nullified by artifacts like Black Orb and to an extent Red Orb because with no spellcasting in play the ability to nullify spellcasting is redundant.

Casting Mass Slow first doesn't instantly win any match unless you're playing with Capitol rushers who would lose even if you opened with Basic Summon Land Mine. Most of the time blowing a bad Mass Slow is a disadvantage, but not a gamebreaking one (you can adapt next turn) unless you're playing on Arena and thus have entirely symmetrical, homogenous armies.

From my point of view Resistance hardly does anything outside of a situation where
>you're playing the aforementioned Arena map, which is a small niche of HoMM3 multiplay
>you're savescumming a fight over and over again to trigger a resistance proc when you need it on some tough single player map, but there is almost always a better strategy available

The entire shitstorm over how changing Resistance ruined the game made no sense to me, ever. It just doesn't matter either way.

>> No.5536902

>t. casual scrub

>> No.5536912

Which is why all the top competitive players boycotted Hota over the change and no tournament uses it, right? Oh wait, every top player is playing Hota and CIS championship starting in 3 days also runs the mod.

>> No.5536917

Look up any discussion or stream from any point in HoMM history and Mephala, Ivor and Kyrre will all be in higher regard than Thorgrim, and Resistance is never, ever picked.

The HotA version of Resistance is actually more popular in the HotA meta because in recent HotA multi a lot of people play elemental spam, where the Spell Power debuff actually lowers the amount of elementals summoned. It also has a niche usage against Resurrection, a spell more commonly used than nukes that Resistance can affect.

And still, no one picks it as a first, ideal choice either way! Because it's just not that good.

>> No.5536926

Great rebuttal btw.

>> No.5536943

Oh, in autosage already.

>> No.5536973
File: 556 KB, 1024x1778, heroes-of-might-and-magic-art-homm3-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been two weeks.

>> No.5537004

>The HotA version of Resistance is actually more popular in the HotA meta
It's not like entire meta of HotA is tailored to the specific playstyle or anything, so what a fucking surprise it suits said meta. Amazing!
And if you had a reading comprehension, you would notice the original anon explicitly called it situational skill, not "top". Even in best circumstances, he still named it second most-useful for his playstyle.

>If tourney players do it, then it has to be good
The epitome of casual scrub

>> No.5537008

>The epitome of casual scrub
Wouldn't *not* following and acknowledging high-level play meta be the sign of a casual scrub since you are obviously not putting your time into the game at hobby levels?

What are you even saying? None of what you had said is any defense of the Resistance skill. If you're going to make a post that says "t. casual scrub" to a takedown of the merit of the skill, then I'm going to assume you are claiming it's good. It's been called a "massive advantage" before, too, so if you had "a reading comprehension", you would notice that I question the value of said advantage.

>> No.5537078

>I get first move, I cast mass Slow and win the match
No one who has ever played a match against a human opponent and has half a brain would ever cast mass slow on the first turn in a PvP battle. That would literally be the equivalent of asking your opponent to cast mass haste and completely buttfuck you on the next turn.

>> No.5537103

The problem with the original Resistence has nothing to do with the randomness factor or the percentages, it all boils down to the fact that you don't get enough dice rolls for Resistence in a single match to even out its usefullness across the matches (as it's done with artifact drops in utopias, for example — you get so many of those in a single match that you're bound to find some good shit eventually). As a result it can be both completely useless or completely gamebreaking — not because it's random, but because there are not enough dice rolls for a proper gaussian distribution.

>> No.5537138

Not the anon you are replaying to, but there is a difference between "Player X did n and n requires specific set of circumstances, specific playstyle, strategy, timing and few other factors to be truly efficient" and "Player X did n, so it's the new best thing". The first one understands why the new meta exists in the first place and probably is in the middle of developing a counter for it. The second blindly follows the meta just because an internet nobody popularised it.
As for the arguments supporting vanilla Resistance, I think the other-other anon did sufficient job. Which would explain why you don't bother him, but someone who told you to fuck off.

>> No.5537149

Not him, but consider the following:
Well laid-off mass Slow means you've wiped out from third to half of your opponent's army. Whatever he does from there, he just lost sizable chunk of the troops and possibly any chance of winning at all, with or without casting that mass Haste (or Dispell).

>> No.5537450

Your shooter shot, maybe your fast stack like dragons/angels attacked because they can reach, other guys are waiting.
Enemy casts haste and basically have two turns to wipe your army.

>> No.5537524

>opponent has higher tier of Tactics than you do so he sets up a blob around his units so the turn 1 crushing attack you're proposing is forced to trade with a less important stack
>opponent has a high base speed unit so that even mass slow can't prevent your enemy's fastest stack from moving at some point (very likely considering how most MP templates have Griffin Conservatories in both SoD and HotA) so you don't even get to move your entire army before the opponent gets their move
>the opponent simply has too much def from arties / Armorer spec to nail so easily and you're not a maxed out Crag
>your Tactics skill is equal to your opponent's so it is nullified but you have few swiftness artifacts and your army is mostly too slow to deliver a truly devastating first strike because you can't reach the enemy army

claiming that HoMM3 in a vacuum boils down to a turn 1 Mass Slow initiation is horribly reductionist and inaccurate; it certainly isn't done frequently and it isn't due to stopgaps like old Resistance, as it wasn't a particularly popular skill in either iteration of the game. claiming that the change in Resistance is a nod towards brainless "turn 1 Mass Slow" play is not a good foundation for the argument because there is very little to support this as being the default trend plaguing the game.
Mass Slow is a powerful and potent spell and it could take a nerfbat while still retaining its appeal, but much of that is due to how much it reduces losses while creeping and how crucial it is for breaking higher level banks, as fast Expert Earth Magic snowballs hard (Grindan is a fairly unassuming hero on paper, yet still quite a popular starter). HoMM3 does generally have very powerful level 1 mass spells but any cursory look at HoMM3 history will see drawn out resurrect/implo wars, elemental spam, chain lightnings, mass curse, blind or berserk play depending on what you get.

>> No.5537657

Whats like the thought behind making fortress only able to get level 3 magic, I understand it with Stronghold since they are pure offensive barbarians but why Fortress, Witches are usually super smart in other fantasy fictions, at least maybe level 4 like castle

>> No.5537676
File: 55 KB, 868x488, 4S4iljryGUA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stronghold are pure offensive barbarians while Fortress are pure defensive barbarians

>> No.5537679
File: 57 KB, 600x600, 10ff84d66750b909485d01459949bd98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have noticed this also, seems like a simple thing to implement for scenarios since it's already implemented for random maps.

>> No.5537697

>Witches are usually super smart in other fantasy fictions
It's not really about smarts per se (that's just the Knowledge skill, and/or Wisdom/Intelligence secondaries), it's that your archetypal witch from the swamp is more of a diviner, alchemist or hexer rather than a full-blown battle wizard, and Fortress seems to reflect that appropriately. It's also a "martial" town, and considering that Tatalia's main export seems to be beast-toting mercenary death squads, it seems just fair that the magic infrastructure isn't as developed. It's hard to expect that a swamp with a martial-oriented society would offer the same learning opportunities as a college in Bracada or even a chapel in Erathia.

Note that Witches (or Battle Mages) do not have any problem learning level 4-5 spells by themselves, either, so it's not that they're stupid.

Also it's not like Fortress needs any buffs to kick ass as of Complete 4.0.

>> No.5537809

For some reason NWC thought Eagle Eye was a viable mechanic and figured it would be a great idea to have Fortress heroes learn their spells via Eagle Eye rather than the mage guild (Witches have by far the highest chance to learn Eagle Eye on level up).

>> No.5538205

>This shit once again
Can we have back threads without fucking HotA & Resistance arguing? I get it, it's still a hot topic and some people are pissed about it, while others just have to trample over the skill, but could you both stop? I've lost count how many times this shit happend already and I'm just tired at this point. Stop. Doing. This.

>> No.5538589
File: 81 KB, 550x500, iw-ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>castle alamos
>8th letter from the end is r, not s

man wtf. had to look up the answer on the internet for that.
anyway 1 more memory crystal to go, from supreme temple of baa
aww yiss.

>> No.5538594

Thread is on autosage anyway, we can talk about anything at this point.

>> No.5539128

New thread >>5539113

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