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Do arcade sticks have input lag built in?

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You mean latency? Everything has latency, OP.

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Crank magnetism is real. First he pushes an evangelical organization, now he's pushing a subscription to play minuscule ROMs over streamed video. Is he losing his marbles?

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There's the "throw" on a stick, where you have to move a given distance before it actually pushes down on the switch, but there are plenty of sticks with short throw, and the difference between stick and pad sure as hell isn't going to be in the 50+ms range to offset streaming latency.

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Going from full left to full right on a joystick is probably a few ms slower than a d-pad.

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I was thinking that he was a bit naive and tone deaf but he knows exactly what he's pushing. He can eat a dick.

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keep in mind that this guy worked on 3D Blast and Sonic R, both of which are really fucking naff despite being very technically impressive
the guy doesn't really know that much about tight control in games

although you're probably right and he would keep spewing this shit even if he did, he's clearly got money to make on the idea

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Remember to unsubscribe

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At less than 1ms, lag can be ignored. Sidenote: you can use lag removal software when emulating.

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Has he explained exactly why this is a streaming service? These are tiny roms, it makes no sense to stream them. What is the benefit here?

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3D blast has perfectly fine controls.

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>Be owner of obscure company that used to make old video games
>Gets under people’s skin by posting prototype footage and releasing a free patch for sonic 3D blast
>Then he starts pushing dumb bullshit such as promoting PUBG and now this dumb streaming service
Why can’t we have nice things

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yes, he has.

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>Do arcade sticks have input lag built in?
Not inherently more or less than any other hard wired controller

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>obscure company
The Lego games have probably made a billion dollars at this point.

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Admitting your streaming service would be better if it wasn't a streaming service probably isn't the best sales pitch.

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Fuck, at least he's being honest in that comment. The last video was a crapshow.

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A stick and d-pad are pretty similar, but hit boxes and keyboards are much faster because you can push one direction before you even let go of the other direction so it effectively spends no time in the neutral position.

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Pre-LEGO TT is what I meant

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My wife and I enjoy latency free gaming on our RetroN IV. We're currently enjoying the fruits of the THQ library. Playing the Ren and Stimpy games again is a real treat.

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Yep. Actually there is a dedicated set of logic gates which produce pseudorandom values which are added to a counter for the number of frames to delay input, thus making the game harder to play and earning the arcade devs more money.

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the Lego games are some of the only stuff worth noting in their library. even as someone who enjoys Sonic R I can't say that it's a good game.
TT still made trash after Lego, see Monkey Ball Adventure. TT just got lucky with the Lego formula and have gotten a massive amount of money and a larger dev team since then which can make even better Lego games. even still, the first lego games TT released are not the level of quality that was in the lego racers series and lego rock raiders earlier, which came from literal nobody studios.

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