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Did they fug?

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Temple of Doom is the worst of the franchise. even Crystal Skull is better.

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It's also the worst of George Lucas's prequels. You may not have been aware it's a prequel if you blinked at the wrong time.

>> No.5505231

>even Crystal Skull is better.
What the fuck? Why would you post this?

>> No.5505241

lol no Temple of Doom is better than Crusade even

>> No.5505278

It really is the worst, steeped in the bitterness of two breakups. Only flyovers think it's good.

>> No.5505381

The real question is: is this the GOAT click adventure game?

Yes it is. The only rival is day of the tentacle.

Sam and max is massively overrated

>> No.5505394

Absolutely Thuggee-ish.

>> No.5505589

Crusade is as saccharine as any other schmaltzy maudlin late-Spielberg crap. The literal NPC pick. It is an enjoyable movie though.

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Sophia's such a fox. Wish she was real.

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