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What do you guys think of this whole retro FPS revival thing going on?

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It has given us a few good titles such as Ion Maiden, Dusk, Amid Evil, but it needs more good titles.

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Nobody ever mentions Project Warlock

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Beat DUSK last night. Bretty gud but I wish the guns sounded a bit heavier.

Was just about to, it's next on my to do list. Hoping Ion Maiden will be finished once I'm done.

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DUSK was good, only played a bit of Amid Evil the enemies felt too spongy and unfun to kill. Never tried Ion Maiden and not interest in it, but Wrath looks awesome

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Dusk sucks.
Ion Maiden > Play as Female...
Amid Evil > Meh

Hopefully Wrath: Aeon of Ruin doesn't suck.

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>randomly generated levels
>stats with a leveling system that completely breaks the game
It's for a reason.

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I have them in my library but I had no time to play them a single time lol

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>randomly generated levels
It has hand made maps...or so said the dev...can't remember.

I'm doing procedural generation for my FPS because I suck at mapping, but I wrote a pretty powerful map generator that not only has access to 10k hand-made prefabs but also mutates these separately for even more variety.

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Just make a level editor you stupid fuck, or get some modders to make levels for you I'm sure many will be happy to do it

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Later maybe. This game is a one-man show for now.

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Wait it has random maps?

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>Ion Maiden demo is locked behind a $20 paywall instead of being free like shareware used to be
Disappointing desu

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Personally I think it's kind of sad if the only new first-person shooters which can actually be considered somewhat good have to ape the classics instead of trying to do something actually new

>controls REAL smooth
>graphics aren't good, but consistent and sometimes genuinely atmospheric
>dynamic soundtrack also excels
>level design only gets any good from E2 when it stops putting flat open surfaces everywhere
>later levels can get pretty creative, but also somewhat suffer on replays because of a lot of setpieces
>weapon designs are stock standard but get the job done
>rapidly switching between your hunting/assault rifle to deal with Welders/Soldiers at the same time feels cool
>see that mountain? with this power-up you can climb it
>campaign actually feels like it has narrative progression
>boss fights suck

>controls don't feel quite right, almost every weapon handles like a mini-gun because everything has wind-up frames, and your character moves rather floaty
>relatively slow player speed makes the levels feel larger and emptier than they should be, think Morrowind
>normal-mapped weapon sprites and levels look really good
>but actually too colorful, I have to put on a desaturization filter to not strain my eyes too much
>each time you pick up an item the entire screen flashes which is cancer
>for some reason throws away all existing enemies every four levels to be never seen again so new enemies can be introduced in their stead, which is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot because sometimes you just get reskins or just shit alternatives, whereas interesting combinations of enemy types are made less possible
>tome of power/soul mode feels questionably implemented where using it is often just overkill
>does the annoying Painkiller thing where you have to manually pick up each soul from dead enemies, god forbid if you use the spike mace to send an enemy flying across the map
>the weapon designs are really cool though
>boss fights suck

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has one that has played the maps, i can deconfirm the whole random generated maps thingy, mostly because all of the maps are quite literraly mostly wolf based with barely any sott of verticality

heck there are 1 way lifts for most of them

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If they're not not randomized they're touched up output from an really basic level generator. The levels are mostly uniformly sized right angle corridors connecting setpieces, the secrets are all wallhumping out of place textures and I don't think it even has room over room. They're all leagues less impressive than what you'd get out of OBLIGE.

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I'm still waiting for a good one.

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I think it's great. :3

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Cart dog is a modern FPS legend.

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>boss fights suck
>boss fights suck
are there any FPS games with good bosses out there?

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hated this enemy and the design

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Metroid Prime and Doom (2016) maybe for the closest possible examples
I swear that the first FPS to have actually good boss fights will be held up as a pinnacle of innovation only to be relentlessly copied to death

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I'd play them if they had retro system requirements, but I can't run modern shit, that's why I'm here in the first place.

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What makes a good boss fight and how do we bring it to FPS?

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I haven't really paid attention. I hope they don't suck

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Look at Vanquish final bosses or even some last bosses from rail gun shooters like House of the Dead 3. The genre is about movement and aiming with a lot of different weapons so bosses should be mobile, relatively hard to hit and force dodging with various projectile attacks. A general key to good boss fights is additional depth which is kinda hard to implement in FPS because of such simple mechanics but it can still be done by splitting bosses into limbs or whatever and making it so that shooting then has different effects, along with things like attack interrupting/deflecting/etc. so that a noob and expert actually play the boss fight very differently and show proficiency by taking advantage of subtle mechanics and different openings. After that its making a good sense of flow and rhythm to the attacks. Idk it just has to be treated more seriously be western devs, japs love their flashy boss fights while western devs just put a big thing there for tradition's sake. Could also do what Doom 2016 did and rip off Ys Origin.

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>Look at Vanquish final bosses or even some last bosses from rail gun shooters like House of the Dead 3.

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So is DUSK actually good or am I getting memed?

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you actually care about the gender of your character?

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/v/ here. Have you guys heard of Witchfire? Looks pretty good.

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What, got any better examples in shooters?

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I'd say Turok 2 where all the bosses had different phases involving damaging/removal of limbs and sending enemies at you here and there was cool.

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>in a cover shooter about zipping in and out of cover, have the arena dynamically lower and raise cover out of the ground to force you to reposition
>give the bosses the ability to fly around and constantly try to flank you, then give them a highly telegraphed laser sniper of which one shot can put you into critical status and outright oneshot you on higher difficulties, and some grenades to toss over cover for flushing you out, so you're constantly switching between offense (shooting at bosses) and defense (going back into cover and finding some cover to begin with)
>in a game about managing your energy meter, have the bosses throw EMP grenades which drain your energy
>in a game where you're always outnumbered, have the final boss consist of two clones in order to encourage threat prioritization and constantly reassess the situation now that you have to deal with asynchronous overlapping attack patterns from both guys instead of being able to play simon says safely against one guy
It's without a doubt the most intelligently designed boss fight in any cover shooter because it's actually designed to challenge your ability of taking cover

Basically you don't want a puzzle boss where the challenge is figuring out an arbitrary solution which has nothing to do with the skillset you had to apply in the rest of the game (e.g. Cthon and Shub-Nigger in Quake). Second thing is that you want to avoid circlestrafing being always viable because like with Cyberdemons in Doom 1, you don't have to think about how you move if you have the space and if the boss can't force you. So to compensate bosses need to have the ability to lead their shots, or otherwise constrict your mobility somehow in order to force you to adapt to something else. The other problem is weaponry, because usual FPS arsenals are designed to be used with large diverse crowds, not a single tanky boss enemy, so you want a reason to use weapons other than the one which has the highest DPS.

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Just stop. No retro FPS fan is going to take you seriously if you use procgen. Just get a talented mapper on board with your project.

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Why does nobody ever mention how bad some of the animations and sound effects in Dusk are? The scientist guys look fucking retarded for example, and most of the gun sounds are painful to hear.

Amid Evil is so much better.

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I think the art style in Amid Evil looks stupid

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Those are all gimmicks for brainlets desu

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And? Gimmicks are good, they are what distinguishes boss fights from normal mooks. You don't want bosses to just be normal enemies except bigger, that's boring. You want a lot of different mechanics designed to challenge the player, and different mechanics designed to reward the player for trying different strategies. Shoot it until it does is garbage design.

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DUSK is one of the best first-person shooter games of all time. Completely serious when I say that.

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You forgot >hit the weak point that opens up every 10 seconds

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Ah fuck it, FPS devs could not get it right in 25 years. Just put the player into some arena with a big bullet sponge and be done with it.

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The final bosses in Vanquish don't have that, headshots do a bit more damage iirc but that's it, point blanking with shotgun and such does even more

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>You forgot >hit the weak point that opens up every 10 seconds
What are you talking about specifically?

It wouldn't be a boss if it didn't have a gimmick, else it'd be a regular enemy with more health

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I wasn't referring to Vanquish specifically but boss gimmicks in general.

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use the catalog and ask the general

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i think it's great that we're getting quality singleplayer shooters since the landscape of multiplayer shooters is eternally fucked.

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Shut the fuck up, nerds.

Project Warlock is good™.

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While paying tribute to vintage games is much better than today's schlock, I still can't help but feel annoyed by how formulaic and samey these all wind up being. Oh look, this one is in a speudo 3D engine with sprites, just like Doom and Duke Nukem! Or this one has low poly models with choppy animations, just like Quake! Or how about those br00tal sound effects and music style, it sounds just like Doom 2016! And how can you forget about ALL THE BLOOD, like in Brutal Doom and again Doom 2016!

Is this the FPS equivalent of redrawing Megaman's sprite to look like a random character and passing it off as an "8-bit sprite" of said character? If this was any indication of what PC gaming had to offer in the 90s, that being samey first person shooters with little to differentiate them, it's no surprise that many people assumed that the platform was dead.

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Doom 2016 had some good ones (although it only had like 3). You can tell it was trying because the bosses had attacks that required different techniques to dodge (the Cyber Demon's air missiles target specific locations instead of the player, the Spider Mastermind sometimes electrocutes the floor, etc.)
I think the key is keeping the player on their toes. If you're just circlestrafing and unloading your weapons into a big damage sponge, its not going to be super engaging. Different attacks should require different ways to defend yourself. Maybe some missiles have to be shot down directly, maybe some attacks require cover and some require dodging.

I don't think its too hard, then again I'm not too picky. I liked the final boss of The New Order; a big damage sponge mech but the arena progressively starts burning down, making cover harder to find and everything feel more intense in general. I never played the next Wolfenstein game, although I heard it doesn't have bosses in it, which always feels like a ripoff. Maybe I'm in the minority but I prefer a weak final boss to no final boss. If the climax of the game is just defeating the same enemies as before its gonna feel lame.

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Ion Maiden, Amid Evil, and Dusk play nothing like the games they're based on. You're just shitposting for the sake of shitposting.

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I wish they'd copy a good FPS like goldeneye

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I think it's cool that devs are finding new avenues of "retro" to explore besides "extremely low effort pixel blob shit". I think the games from OP look like a good time and look forward to getting them once they go on sale on something other than fucking steam. I'm a little sad that none of them are ACTUALLY on a retro engine and so playable on vintage hardware, but I fully understand that i'm a huge weirdo for caring about that and it would be unreasonable to expect devs to waste effort catering to my dumb edge case.

>engine is called EDuke32
>game requires a 64 bit CPU to run
Come on Ion Maiden. ONE fuckin job.

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As the other guy said, they have good gameplay, which is the most important thing.
But, if you want more modern graphics, Witchfire is looking promising.

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Hoping for a Timesplitters 4 in that case.

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I bought Dusk, played a few levels and asked for refund. Looked at Amid Evil, but it just didn't look good enough to try out.

Also got Ion Maiden and the preview campaign is really good and I'm looking forward very much to trying it out.

Love spraying down rooms with the smg.

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Ion Maiden plays barely any different from your usual Build engine game, except all the hitscanners now just have pseudo-hitscan (technically projectile-based and avoidable at long distance, but it travels so fast it might as well be hitscan). Amid Evil with its abstract maze-like levels and aggressive enemies with unique behavior patterns feels like it came straight outta Quake, and then added the Tome of Power as a rechargeable meter. DUSK is the only one that feels somewhat unique because of its no-hitscan rule that makes no-damage runs actually possible on DUSKMARE and can give the whole game the impression of being a first-person bullet hell.

Anyways, the undeniable key thing behind them all is that they share the same structure. You've got a bunch of levels in an episode, go find three colored keycards, kill dead simple enemies in a maze-like pseudo-non-linear level, end the level with a shitty ass boss fight, rinse and repeat. But the core gameplay almost never changes, and there are almost no systemic gameplay differences other than different weapons. You don't have the same chaotic RNG-heavy synergy between enemy types randomly moving about the arena that nuDoom provided, or the heavy mixing of platforming and combat that Titanfall 2 showcased.

I just want shooters do something ELSE.

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Obviously all of these games are derivative to some degree by definition, but Dusk feels especially "safe," like it's some mishmash of people's memories of old school FPSs - a little bit of Quake here, a little bit of Blood there, a little bit of Redneck Rampage here, on and on through the game. Though there are little moments of truly unique ideas (the levels everyone knows), the rest is almost insultingly "retro", like it's trying to hide behind your memories and mimic their voices so you think you're really back home again instead of just playing the shooter equivalent of a plate of leftovers.

On the flipside, Ion Maiden seems like it's actually trying to stand on its own feet. It's using Build, but it's approach to level design is bigger and bolder than its predecessors, and its combat feels like Blood doing FEAR with lots of diving and dodging but with deathmatch-like loops and alternate paths to interpret fights differently.

I only played a bit of Amid Evil, but it was alright. I really like the look more than Dusk, the combat was fine, and it felt like a kind of weirder Heretic, but with a feeling that is still its own.

In the Digital Foundry interview, the IM producer said something like "we aren't making retro games. We are making new games on old tools," and that's almost exactly what I want. I want something that uses the design and ideas of what makes the old shit great and try to move forward with it instead of just trying to remind me how good the old shit was.

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It proves how stagnant whole gaming are nowadays. When last time you played modern interesting FPS? Was it FEAR? Bioshock? Those titles already decade and a half old...

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Ion Maiden is trash

But you can play as the real Shelly in this Duke Nukem 3D mod that adds new content and features


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>Hunt: Showdown
>DOOM 2016
>R6 Siege

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> Ignore boss
> Keep going in the level until you find the secret room to telefrag them
> Chef's kiss

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>you can't have it all
Enjoy your DOOM wads

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All the classic build games had male protagonists. Playing as a female is submission to the leftist agenda.

>> No.5504270

You should play more games. Companies are banking on people that refuse to try something new to carry their sales, which is where Ion Maiden came from.

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No, I recently switched to Unity from my self written engine, no way back now. I'll get this one out.

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>Dusk feels especially "safe," like it's some mishmash of people's memories of old school FPSs - a little bit of Quake here, a little bit of Blood there, a little bit of Redneck Rampage here, on and on through the game.

Don't forget Doom as well. Dusk's shotguns are a literate copy paste of Doom II's two shotguns.
Then, when Dusk does something slightly differently, like with their copy of Quake's grenade launcher, it ends up worse.

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The crossbow's awesome though

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I dunno, bombshell was supposed to be a hot ass chick in the 90s, game just never materialized as planned.

Personally, I think the problem with doing "old-style" shooters is just that they did them for years back in the day, and then we moved on. I hate to say it that way, because people assume I mean "old thing was bad and new thing is good" . I don't mean that, I just mean that they changed because of the general need for creative things to change. If all we had done for the last 20 years is make more games just like doom and quake, there probably wouldn't be any shooters period. I don't think it would be a good thing if we were playing today what was essentially still the same as same safe clones of what we were playing back in the day.

That said, I appreciate the new old games, at least in spirit.

>> No.5504415 [DELETED] 

I'd rather have the safe clones in retrospect desu, shooters devolved rather than evolving. Stuff like Doom's aggressive mobile enemies is something that should have been already explored in the mid 00's, but instead we got a wave of cinematic trash in its place. Maybe if experiments used the safe oldschool formula as a basis to grow from again things would be better.

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Although I don't really agree with you on DUSK (on Cero Miedo and below the game experience is disposable, but on DUSKMARE it actually comes together because it doesn't allow you to faceroll through the game and requires you to actually git gud), what I miss the most in Ion Maiden is enemies which don't move at a snail's pace compared to the player.

You've mentioned FEAR and its deathmatch-esque loops in the maps, but in that game it really worked because the enemies in that game had a movement speed identical to the players' and were capable of shooting WHILE firing. Enemies could put the same kind of pressure on you as well, whereas in Ion Maiden such engagements feel too one-sided and makes them prone to bottlenecking

I don't know why all these retro shooters (including DUSK) insist on having enemies move like molasses and always stand still before firing, like they did in the old days. I guess back then that was more of a concession when everyone was still aiming with the keyboard, but nowadays aiming at moving targets with the mouse isn't that impossible. Yet how many shooters can you count on your hand where enemies move fast WHILE shooting? Unreal, Descent, and nuDoom only come to mind, not counting games with enemies which have leaping melee attacks or something.

>> No.5504432 [DELETED] 

Because slow movement is necessary for more deliberate hand crafted level design, if you make enemies that move around a lot that gives you less power to craft encounters as a designer and encourages making more playground style arenas where the AI can flex their mobility. With slow enemies you know where they will be and the deviations from the intended positioning will be very small, so you can plan out everything from how they will attack to even how the player will approach fighting them. It's one of the things that was lost in the transition from oldschool FPS to newer ones due to more complex AI.

>> No.5504478

The hit detection range of the bolts is absolutely ridiculous though. It's like 4-5 times bigger than the actual size of the bolts.

Between that, and bullets fired by enemies being incredibly slow, like from the scarecrows' shotguns, I feel Dusk is very casualized. It doesn't dare to be as challenging and skillful as Doom/Quake, instead it's designed so people can easily feel like they're awesome: instead of hitscan or fast projectiles you can easily dodge everything since all is slow, meanwhile your bolts have the hit range of huge rockets...
As a result, actual skilled players feel cheated.

I wouldn't mind that Dusk was like that if it wasn't on the hardest difficulty, but even on the penultimate difficulty and with pistol start these issues remain; meanwhile the last difficulty is the joke/artificial "die in one hit" kind.

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I gave up on them because they always seemed to follow this pattern:
>player walks into room
>doors lock or forcefield goes up
>waves of monsters spawn in

>> No.5504489 [DELETED] 

So you're complaining that bullets are easy to dodge and then also complain about how a mode that capitalizes on you being able to dodge all bullets is a joke/artificial? Fuck off lol

>> No.5504517

That wasn't his point, it was the lack of proper challenge increase curve in the difficulty settings. Too easy until the hardest, which is then essentially a separate extra challenge mode on top of the others with its one-hit-deaths.

>> No.5504550

But Dusk and IM aren't like that

>> No.5504556

not retro stupid zoomers

>> No.5504565

But Descent was able to marry complex enemy behavior and traditional level design excellently. Certain enemies could be told to patrol along a certain path if not aggroed (instead of standing in one place forever until alerted), and certain enemy types are capable of roaming the level to perform hit 'n run attacks, which is carefully limited by most enemies' inability to open doors (and then you had a particular enemy type who wouldn't even try to attack you but try to alert other enemies as its top priority).

The end result is that behind a door I know from a previous attempt might hold four enemies, so I move in and only kill three, with the fourth being conspicuously absent. Turns out it moved further down the level on its own whim, which didn't take me completely by surprise because I was carefully searching for it. That way levels also manage to stay interesting on repeat playthroughs.

In Doom I'd try to emulate the same thing by noclipping through the level and alerting all enemies before going back to the level start. Depending on the level this would allow more enemies to roam, while some placed in isolated positions they can't really move far away from would retain their purpose as a quasi-stationary turret. In Overload (the spiritual successor to Descent) the enemies with hit 'n run behavior were often placed in the large dark cavernous parts of the level with no doors to gate their movements, while you'd still have the traditionally designed parts where enemies are mostly expected to stay in one place.

While it's true movement-heavy enemies require a different level design paradigm, I wouldn't say it's impossible to at least mix both approaches. It's kind of why ambushes in Doom tend to feel half-assed on your second playthrough.

At least it shouldn't be impossible for enemies to be able to dodge some of your shots using minute movements without being as fast and mobile as a Skaarj to the point where it'd break the level.

>> No.5504572

>Everything is so easy to dodge.
>One hit one kill is artificial difficulty.
I hate you.

>> No.5504749

>meanwhile the last difficulty is the joke/artificial "die in one hit" kind
Man, you'd be surprised

>> No.5504779 [DELETED] 

Sounds like petty whining over small bullshit desu, or excuses. If the final mode is tough and fun then whats the problem? The games enemies are balanced around projectile dodging so it makes perfect sense, and its a game with saves anyway so you have full control of difficulty even if you pick duskmare

>> No.5504817

Took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that image wasn't for a game called "Ion Maiden: Dusk Amid Evil"

>> No.5504837

I think you need to fuck off to /v/ if you wanna discuss them asshat.

>> No.5504881

When the fuck will Ion Maiden be finished.

>> No.5504902

Holy shit calm down you entitled manchild

>> No.5504915

yes you should try stuff just because they're new. That has to be the normiest mindset of all time

>> No.5504943

Guess some people just are hard to please. Beats me.

>> No.5504996

I admit that I never gave Duskmare a fair shake - I only played it Cero with sickle starting. First person precision dodging of projectiles isn't very interesting to me. But I suppose it would lead to a more unique approach than other shooters, so I suppose I'm just being hypocritical saying that Dusk doesn't move the genre forward instead of just saying "it moves the genre in a direction I'm not interested in."

Voidpoint seem to be doing their best with making IM tougher by adding more speed to enemies and lowering their reaction times, but it's still pretty easy. It's unfortunately probably asking a lot to have a bunch of sprites to animate an enemy running while laying suppressive fire or mantling over a barrier. But maybe having some enemies that can leap or teleport akin to Duke enemies along with Blood-style grenade tossing to flush the player out of bottlenecks could at least approximate the fluid enemy movement of FEAR. (Though even FEAR wasn't impervious to bottlenecking strategies - eventually they'll all rush you.)

>> No.5504997

soon apparently

>> No.5505014

Not like they're going all in on it. Development is slow and I get the feeling that people aren't getting paid enough.
Community saving big business.

>> No.5505030

Making a game in 320x200 or whatever (or rather, full HD made to look like low res) is silly. Back then the only reason for doing so was that higher resolutions would run slowly and/or have too limited color space. When making DOOM or Quake, iD Software would have killed to be able to do it in 1920x1080 with 144Hz framerate and 16 million colors.
This is basically just pixelshit for the sake of pixelshit. That's not to say that the games aren't good, but if they are, they'd be good even if they looked good, right?

>> No.5505035

Made me think.

>> No.5505546

Fuck off faggot mods aren't deleting the thread

>> No.5505554

>I bought Dusk, played a few levels and asked for refund
Same. It just didn't click with me. Ion Maiden looks very fun though.

>> No.5505570

You're confusing texture resolution with screen resolution. None of these games have 320x200 screen resolution.

>> No.5505750

u smell

>> No.5505845

Ion Maiden devs are stupid for not releasing the full level editor by now. People would already be making content for it.

>> No.5505913

i love amid evil so much. its one of the best games ive played in a long time and also reminded me that FPS used to have level design. Love the hexen style aesthetic and all the weapons except default mage staff are amazing

this is fucking bullshit to the point where it sounds like you havent even played. Windup on weapons? what? slow movement, have you tried pressing jump? fuck off with this shit greentext!

>>for some reason throws away all existing enemies every four levels to be never seen again so new enemies can be introduced in their stead, which is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot because sometimes you just get reskins or just shit alternatives, whereas interesting combinations of enemy types are made less possible
dumbest criticism you could have. it makes the levels actually distinct from one another and you find yourself playing them in different ways in reaction to the unique enemies.

>> No.5505917

>Amid Evil with its abstract maze-like levels
Sure you're not thinking of Hexen? Amid evil levels are pretty straight forward. but desu i get the feeling youre just looking for excuses not to like these games. Maybe you just dont like the genre?

>> No.5506212

Based Armageddonposter

>> No.5506242

Just test out the delay for yourself by measuring the time it takes between pressing the fire button and the weapon actually firing. The same goes for releasing the fire button which means there's a slight delay between being able to fire again semi-automatically. Instead the fastest and intended way of keeping up your rate of fire is to hold down the fire button (RoF is generally faster if you hold down the fire button than repeatedly clicking it), but this gives weapons a much more wieldier feel when shooting at multiple enemies at once because by holding down the fire button you're more likely to miss some shots when switching targets. It makes every weapon feel like a minigun, except you can't have each weapon deal as much damage as a minigun to compensate for this wieldiness, so it doesn't really feel right on weaker weapons.

The lack of any sprint function or bunnyhopping or some means to boost your speed really makes your movement speed feel too slow in relation to how fast some enemies can leap at you and how spacious most levels are. For example in Quake all the levels were very small and tight, so they reduced your movement speed to suit the average level scale while reasonably allowing you to outmaneuver enemies.

Constantly throwing out old enemies is a fucking retarded idea. Did you like fighting this enemy type? Too bad, you'll never see it again. Ever wonder the level design opportunities for mixing and matching that enemy type? Not possible unless they're from the same episode. It also hurts the memorability of the enemies themselves by throwing them out before they can really stick with you, and bloats the entire cast of enemies with what are admittedly reskins of some enemies of previous episodes anyways. Everyone can recall most enemies you fight in Doom or Duke, here you're bound to forget a lot of 'em because you only get to see them for four or less levels.

>> No.5506271

Someone's a retard

>> No.5506326
File: 130 KB, 494x612, jill_face_disgust3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3 months of silence on Ion Maiden

I understand that we got a bunch of shit to keep us warm, but even then there's maybe an hour and a half of gameplay available, and has been that way for quite a while.

>> No.5506335


>> No.5506341
File: 25 KB, 264x377, Rise_of_the_Triad_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Leftist propaganda is strong man

>> No.5506348

Yeah, squeeze out that turd so you can make an actual good sequel with hand-made mapping.

>> No.5506354

Hippies and communists smell like shit. Take a shower.

>> No.5506357

Arcane Dimensions is better than all those games, and Wrath is being developed in collaboration with AD mappers. You're the retard.

>> No.5506363

I don't know, nuDoom is epitome of soulless for me.
But i said that there isn't anything new that looks interesting enough even to try out. For example Atomic Heart or SS remake or that game like Dead Space but with standard gun instead of plasma cutter..

>> No.5506434

I mean, it's made by a bunch of hobbyist mappers turned ragtag dev team using their tweak of the engine, which they think is a godsend and all who use it to play build games should be blessed to have even witnessed it functioning, do tend to be a little unprofessional and sloppy in business sides of things.

That being said, the game is fucking fun. Just wish Hendricks was less up his own ass sometimes though.

>> No.5506485
File: 340 KB, 1737x1152, proto-SJWs 1992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wolfenstein 3d
>you go around killing based nazis as a fucking JEW
Why was id Software such leftist cucks?

>> No.5506497

Why the whole fucking industry (in the so-called West at least) are leftist cucks?

>> No.5506502 [DELETED] 

Right wingers are creatively bankrupt

>> No.5506526

>Ion Maiden > Play as Female...
Implying you'd want to play as anything else. There's a reason the greatest FPS game ever made starred woman, you know.

>> No.5506529

which one is it?

>> No.5506548

absolute söy

>> No.5506562

basically we've been sold the same enemies in pop culture for 70 years as if we were always rivals with germans. It's weirdly obsessive how often they need to recreate the same enemies that we fought once for like 3 years or use new ones that draw parallel's to them. It's the utmost of creative bankruptcy, but that's the left for you.

>> No.5506578

Warlock maps are hand made, but they are all flat wolf-tier boring shit with 4-5 textures, and enemies without rotations with ~6-10 frames of animation, and very limited palette closer to that of Wolfenstein than Doom.
Balance is non existent since almost any weapon upgrade turns it into a steamrolling machine no matter the difficulty setting. Especially so for every upgrade that causes enemies to burn since it bypasses some phases.

Dusk is decent, but also very inconsistent in terms of map quality and detail density - it is very noticable that it was done in Unity. Its author had originally considered Dark Places, but Unity was easier to develop for him. DP wouldve been better (unironically).

Ion Maiden looks good so far, but thats first 3 levels so I'll have to wait before final verdict can be made

Amid Evil is good, but enemies are too braindead.

Wrath looks OK, but for my taste the graphics look too "noisy". As if they simply downscaled HD assets down to 320x200 with nearest neighbour without any cleanups or optimisation.
It's admirable that they actually went for pre-rrendered sprites +PBR instead of simply slapping a retro-esque shader like anyone else would
(Dead Cells actually did exactly that, but in that case it was a very good shader that scaled things according to supposed pixel grid)

Regarding Amid Evil - IIRC you can turn flashing-on-pickup and some other things off in scalability.ini, but for that you have to dive into UE4 dev manuals to figure what lines to add since they aren't there by default

Levels define just about 60% of the shooter's overall quality.
If you are doing ProcGen you are just throwing those 60% out of the window outright
ProcGen CAN of 3D environment can be decent, but even "decent" would require ungodly amount of assets and prefabs, additional in-prefab generation and a very good generation algorithm (see ObHack), and that's a task for a large team, not a solo dev.

>> No.5506593

>the greatest FPS game ever made starred woman
Neither Doom nor Duke Nukem 3D star women so I don't know what game you could possibly be referencing.

>> No.5506632

nolf? perfect dark?

>> No.5506641
File: 20 KB, 327x468, 920af11941bdcacdc6fc996927422c4d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>perfect dark

>> No.5506642

neither are particularly amazing, nolf especially is as mediocre as it gets. Powerslave also doesn't star a woman so that's weird.

>> No.5506676

not really sure its a political thing (since both the left and right tend to have their go-to punching bags) but yeah I agree. 70 years of killing Germans, for no other reason then it being an easy target. I feel bad for vidya fans there, they must be sick of that shit lol

>> No.5506682
File: 1.99 MB, 600x338, ae92017034e74dae386c6265d6e238ba4ab7f571.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5506810

>obsessive how often they
Really makes you think

>> No.5506820

Maybe one day you'll get that coveted janny position if you keep applying.

>> No.5506825 [DELETED] 

Doom is literally the most overrated retro fps.

>> No.5506829 [DELETED] 

shit taste

>> No.5506832

None of those games play like Doom

>> No.5506835

Quake 2 had a strong online component. It's a shame its not mentioned more.

>> No.5506886

Give me a quick rundown on Project Warlock

>> No.5506897

7/10 It's okay™

>> No.5507173

Pretty sure BJ wasn't originally meant to be a Jew, the nu-Wolf games just added that he has Jewish ancestry. I mean he has blond hair & blue eyes, come on.

>> No.5507253

He was actually.

William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz (Polish pronunciation: [blasˈkɔvitʂ]) is a fictional character, the protagonist of the Wolfenstein series of alternate history video games starting with 1992's Wolfenstein 3D. An American spy of Polish and Jewish descent...


>> No.5507283

The "Doomguy" is also Jewish.

In 2018, John Romero and Tom Hall confirmed on Twitter that Doomguy is the son of Commander Keen protagonist Billy Blaze and the great-grandson of Wolfenstein protagonist William "B.J." Blazkowicz,[7] and through him he is of Polish and Jewish descent.


>> No.5507305

Plot twist: everyone is Jewish, so in the end you don't know who's jewing who anymore.

ps: most Ashkenazim Jews are Goblin-like manlets, not Aryan supernen.

pps: I'm Jewish and I think Zionism is one of the great evils

>> No.5507313
File: 469 KB, 642x414, roger a muirebe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm Jewish and I think Zionism is one of the great evils

>> No.5507320

Oh please, you dont even have a soul

>> No.5507330

Jewish heritage is passed through the mother's side only.

>> No.5507332

Neither of those are the greatest FPS game ever made. Good, but not the best ever made.

>> No.5507334
File: 2.00 MB, 500x281, luger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5507337

They are transgender shapeshifting goblins perhaps

>> No.5507345

Serious Sam

>> No.5507361

Yeah, they pretty much fucked that up on their virtue signaling trip.

True story. That's why I also converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church, but sadly I can't scrub my genetics. Thanks to my retarded Iranian father for knocking up some Jewess in Florida.

>> No.5507643
File: 97 KB, 800x600, C62EAFA8-5E1F-48D9-A5A1-A2BC3A968178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kinda reminding me that I wasn’t the biggest fan, back in the day, of games that had stages that don’t look like anything and the maze element was annoying. Quake didn’t really click me with me because it just felt like a collection of brown hallways, but multiplayer was fun. Duke 3D, which I played around the same time, might not have had 3D models, but at least the levels looked like real locations. I wouldn’t mind a nice low-poly game, but I’d rather see them take inspiration from Blood 2 or Soldier of Fortune II

>> No.5507647

Ok my sexist buddy.

>> No.5507648

You should check out the remake of Synicate if you haven’t. It has really good bossfights like you described.

>> No.5507691

i know right ! Dukina Nukem and Greta freewoman were awesome !

>> No.5507704

Which Build game is Ion Maiden most like?

>> No.5507725

So far it's kinda closest to Blood in that the main enemies are hitscanners (or at least close enough) and there's a big focus on hopping, crouching, and taking cover to avoid damage, along with throwable self-detonating explosives that you use to clear out areas. It's much easier, though.

>> No.5507801

>everything has to be political

You might want to keep your extremism in check. Having a male protagonist is simply logical. How many females are posting in this thread do you think? How many females post on this board? The main audience here are males and so it makes logical sense the character would be male.

If something is 50/50 or female dominated then you would have a female.

Stop seeing things in a political manner, that's how you become radicalized and do bad things.

>> No.5507959
File: 194 KB, 1200x675, Dus6TPFUcAAuPel[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't looked much into Dusk or Amid Evil or the other FPS coming out, but Ion Maiden is looking really good, maybe better than the original Build trio.

The first thing they released for it showed off the level design and game mechanics, which are great, and the second one showed off the weapons, which are pretty good. The game looks beautiful too. They would have to really fuck up big time for the game to not come out incredible, but so far it seems like they know what they're doing.

>> No.5508248


That's how free market works. Although I know a number of guys who like female protagonists as well, not because of "muh feminism" but because they find male protagonists boring or they just wanna se a badass cutie in action (but not ugly-as-sin land whale tank aka your typical feminazi who bitches about "muh toxic masuclinity" in games without even playing them).

>> No.5508261

I remember the good old days of Unreal 1 when the protagonist was by default female and nobody gave a fuck. Granted, it was due to the programming quirk and not deliberate - the models were listed alphabetically and the game picked the first model in a row as a default one. Turns out it was "Female1".
And honestly, I would like to see more female protagonists in video games. I guess I have a bit of "cute girl being badass" fetish. Sue me.
We used to have quite a bunch of them back in the day. Female characters by themselves are fine. It's when the companies start attaching agendas to them I draw the line. Maybe an option to pick the gender your protagonist is the most efficient one.

>> No.5508294

>It's when the companies start attaching agendas to them I draw the line.


>> No.5508297

>Play as Female...
based 8gag incel retard.

>> No.5508317

Don't forget your daily dose of nigger cum, soyo.

>> No.5508347

Anyone feels like Ion Maiden would go from a 9/10 to a 15/10 if they didn't force you to reload some of the weapons from time to time? The UZI's and the revolver feel handicapped because of that.

>> No.5508350

For me its Prodeus


>> No.5508351

Lost all respect for the guy after the Fallout 76 debacle. Most of his opinions aren't even that special, and Prodeus looks generic as shit.

>> No.5508361

Well there is Unreal which has Prisoner 849 as a woman by default.

>> No.5508363

Prodeus might as well just be a Doom 2 gameplay wad. It plays so close to the chest of what it's trying to replicate that it comes off really boring and unimaginative. Not to mention every enemy is literally a shade of grey on grey backdrops that you can't see thru the showers of blood on your face when you shoot anything.

>> No.5508383

Are you five years old?

>> No.5508385

Procgen is objectively bad for FPS, please find someone to help you make maps instead.

>> No.5508403

>The two Barons Of Hell flanked with a pack of spectres was ok for an E1 boss in the original Doom.
>The Guardian in Doom 3 was pretty neat because you had to run from him and blind his 'eyes'.
>Doom 4 had some ok ones.
>Return To Castle Wolfenstein had a bunch of neat ones.
>Wolfenstein 2009 had a pretty decent final boss with Hans Grosse.
>New Order had a cool one with the London Monitor.
>Rage had one decent boss fight where you get the rocket launcher (and this makes the complete absence of a real final boss so much more insulting).
>I'm not sure if I'd exactly call it good, but El Oscuro in Rise Of The Triad was certainly different.

>> No.5508406

Market research eh?

>> No.5508417

Funny how you always default to nigger dick, gayboy.

>> No.5508447
File: 66 KB, 500x375, 500px-Blood_shtg_r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would not mind the reloading if it were adjusted slightly. For example, when you switch weapons in Ion Maiden, there is no automatic reload, which can become tedious. However, in 'Blood', the shotgun -does- reload when you switch weapons, meaning you can quickly play around with other weapons, if you're not interested in using the single-fire or wasting a split-second to reload in combat. This allows a greater level of strategy, and additionally encourages the player to use more weapons. Ion Maiden lacks this inclusion, and it's a shame.

>> No.5508452

You guys seriously overestimate your importance and/or market share.

>> No.5508468
File: 9 KB, 206x245, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>DUSK was good, only played a bit of Amid Evil the enemies felt too spongy and unfun to kill.
Dusk starts in room where you do minecraft 3 bullet sponges at same time
Compare to the comfy blood beginning.

ion maiden sucks as well and feels like redneck rampage tier.

another low effort unity trash

>> No.5508514

Sounds pretty reasonable.

Some classic Dunning Kruger in this post.

>> No.5508516

Do you think about things like that a lot?

>> No.5508520
File: 73 KB, 300x294, 1548244437723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is pretty cool retro too, it released recently and I'm having a lot of fun. It feels like Arx fatalis and a retro shooter made a baby

>> No.5508531 [DELETED] 

>not picking up the gas canister and one shotting the cultists
baka but what else should I expect from an anime poster who judges gameplay based on the first room

>> No.5508536

I liked the Shadow Warrior reboot. Bossfights were kinda weak, but the sword combat was barrels of fun (and I REALLY liked the music).
Shame the sequel was Borderland's illegitemate meth baby and sacrificed designed levels and encounters for horrible and lackluster pretend procgen maps.
Shadow Warrior should never be a fucking looter shooter, not like this.

In terms of showing me things I haven't seen before, Rise Of The Triad was very fun, but obviously not at all new, and then Hideous Destructor, but that's a mod for Doom.

>> No.5508538

I like both new games and Doom wads.
Doom 4 was alright.

>> No.5508548
File: 63 KB, 602x603, 1528202132955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How could you tell?

>> No.5508557

I know commie subversion, and this isn't it, lad.

Go fuck a hotpocket.

He's right, FPS needs hand made levels to be good.
You can have the tightest mechanics and best enemies and weapons, but it all falls apart if the levels are lifeless shit with no thought to exploration or encounter design.

Some things just can't be automated.

>> No.5508615

So bosses should do nothing differently from regular enemies?

>> No.5508676
File: 256 KB, 1680x1050, Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5508706


>> No.5508767

Ion Maiden and Sigil. Those are the relevant upcoming retro games.

>> No.5508775


what do you lads think?

>> No.5508792

Looks cool to be honest.

Enemies seem dumb, they're just there doing nothing. As pre-alpha I'll give it a pass for now.

Is player movement stopped when a a new weapon is found and it's shown off? That would be a huge mistake.

>> No.5508803

It's pretty cool. Dusk was great.
Looking forward to Ion Maiden, Amid Evil and Wrath. Romero's unofficial 5th episode for the original Doom is looking good too, though it's not strictly a "revival." and just the original mapper doing maps again.

>> No.5508827

For me, a good boss has the following traits:

1. Some kind of major threat and a substantial defense. The player must use some kind of skill or good tactics to survive to the end of the fight, not merely win a DPS race or solve a puzzle.
2. A compelling arena with both beneficial and hazardous obstacles.
3. At least one or two exaggerated traits or gimmicks that make the boss distinctive and memorable.

Note that any of these guidelines can be broken for a good reason, especially for an individual boss.

>> No.5508840

>a first person shooter which actually limits and restricts savescumming by making quicksaves a resource you find in the levels


>> No.5508869

not that guy, but i don't like most of her lines, just watch any trailer

>> No.5508872

>Gamecube, PS2, and GBA threads get deleted because they're "not retro"
>this thread about literally brand-new and soon-to-be-released games somehow is allowed
Do the mods have selective autism or what the fuck?

>> No.5508875

>using wikipedia as source

>> No.5508891
File: 14 KB, 553x546, 1406425524290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gamecube, PS2, and GBA

>> No.5508935

The best of the bunch. Good graphics, unique guns, gore, heavy metal soundtrack, gothic architecture, AD mappers.

Dusk is ugly with generic guns and shitty looking enemies.

Maiden is for nu-males.

>> No.5508965

You know, there is a reason why in Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and most of their derivates you restart the current level from scratch if you die....

Dark Forces and Powerslave also had a life system.

>> No.5508969

If they're not retro, then games released in 2018 are DEFINITELY not retro.

>> No.5509054

I didn't like Dusk. Tried to like it, but the level design was really lacking and it looked way too uggo. Was hoping the art style would grow on me but it didn't. The gameplay was really good though. First time I've ever not liked a game despite good gameplay.

Ion Maiden has potential, hopefully it will be good. Idk about Amid Evil.

Really liked Doom 4 even if the kiddies here memehate it for e-brownie points. I'm looking forward to Doom Eternal. FPS has generally been far better this gen than last.

>> No.5509119
File: 45 KB, 554x386, Savegem[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daikatana did it too. It sucked.

>> No.5509127

Alien Vs. Predator had anti-savescumming features too I believe

>> No.5509157

The models and art in general are fantastic. And they look more like a Hexen 2 or Quake 2 level of polygons than the sub-Quake poly counts of Dusk. Gunplay looks very satisfying. Hopefully it isn't wasted on too much mindless zombie slaughter.

>> No.5509163

I think it's NOT RETRO

>> No.5509212

You could also exhibit some fucking restraint.

>> No.5509410

cope you wannabe janny

>> No.5509441

>all these people telling him not to go progen
not him but i don't get the problem with progen beyond the "muh soul" meme given how autistic some modding communities can be (especially doom or bethesda RPGs) if i was in anon's position i'd rather learn mapping myself or just make an engine/algorithim/etc. to do it for me.

>> No.5509514

because in 90% of all cases procgen in first-person shooters results in badly paced soulless and often just repetitive levels
the most common implementation of procgen involves throwing a bunch of hand-made prefabs, rearranging them randomly, and mutating them in some ways, but after several playthroughs you will start to recognize all the prefabs and the 'muh infinite replayability' meme starts to fall apart

that shit works in The Binding of Isaac because TBoI has one remake and three expansions worth of extra content including room types, enemies, and room mutators
that shit works in Dwarf Fortress because the generation algorithm and level of emergent gameplay is insane
and to some extent procgen is acceptable for 2D because there's much less you can do in screwing with the layout in a 2D game, but in a true 3D game using prefabs is going to be super noticeable
there have been many of these roguelite shooters the past few years but none of them have been really any good because procgen level design is ultimately a crutch; even mediocre and weirdly balanced maps are more preferable to soulless procgen garbage

>> No.5509517

>t. autist
the memes write themselves

>> No.5509525

not an argument

>> No.5509531

He made his argument. You are just one of the mapping autists who get spastic over one misaligned texture.

>> No.5509541

Some classic reddit and söy in this post.

>> No.5509574

>Dusk has a bad opening room
>ion maiden sucks
>project warlock is low effort
>unity bad

>> No.5509582

top cringe

>> No.5509592

It isn't about soul, it's about how a computer can't think abstractly about how to construct encounters, lay out progression, make secrets, or plan exploration, much less unique landmarks.
You can algorithm this to a point, but it'll just never be as good as handmade, because a program can't exhibit a sense of judgment. The program will just do what it's been programmed to do, YOU can stop and think about and evaluate the work.

>> No.5509593

We need more GoldSrc inspired games

>> No.5509602

How is he fucking wrong you snotnosed dipshit?

>> No.5509605

Yes we do, GoldSrc had one of the best modding scenes of all times, it was basically on the level of Doom's modding scene.

We need something like The Specialists again.

>> No.5509613

>Misaligned texture
What about the same architecture repeated endlessly because the algorithm can't do anything else?
What about the same enemy encounters, the same secrets, the same level concepts?

So what do you think boss encounters should be like?

>> No.5509615
File: 3.19 MB, 480x320, smuggen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. elitist autist

Your era is coming to an end, grampa

>> No.5509619

>project warlock is low effort
More than you will ever archive.

>> No.5509620

If you're shitposting just say so.

>> No.5509627

The mapping autist speaks :^)

>> No.5509635

Think about the nonsense you are talking.

>> No.5509676

>I want the inferior experience
Why should I take you seriously?

>> No.5509679

Why would I?

>> No.5510272
File: 297 KB, 1024x768, blood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Compare it to Duke Nukem 3d or Shadow Warrior cinematic experience at start. That burning and falling duke's ride and guy who jumps into your window ready to be one-shotted by your katana... sweet child memories.

That dusk trash game starts with afaik unskippable logos like poles are some sort of hideo kojimas.

Ion wench tries to replicate it but engine aged badly and game itself feels more like that map that was supplied with build that did feature the dn3d/sw engine stuff.

You are just a /vr/-poser, faggot, or a steam game shill.

>> No.5510327

So your dad couldn't resist the khazar milkers no matter how he tried yet he proceeded to red pill you anyway. I can respect that I guess.

>> No.5510330 [DELETED] 

Or I could compare it to Blood which you used as an example yourself and which is just you walking out of a tomb. Besides the Army of Darkness quote theres nothing remarkable about that opening yet the game itself is GOAT. Christ I cant believe I even have to respond I thought it was just a low effort shitpost from an animefag but you seem real

>> No.5510423
File: 53 KB, 921x960, 1552200158766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5510431

What does that have to do with the characters gender

>> No.5510434

>100% male protagonists isn't political
>one female protagonist is political


>> No.5510437

Females don't play violent video games. They tend to be more into simple games like candy crush.

>> No.5510440

Fat Italian plumbers don't play video games either, but there you go.

>> No.5510445

Imagine getting upset that a video game has logos at the beginning.

>> No.5510449

Nice bait mate. I rate your bait 8/8

>> No.5510464

I too feel disphoric when I play Descent, as I do not identify as a space mercenary.

These microaggressions MUST end

>> No.5510514

Ion Maiden kicks ass.

However, this thread is painful to read and only shows the decay of /vr/. The amount of /v/tard is increasing exponentially.

>> No.5510609 [SPOILER] 
File: 205 KB, 1920x1080, 1555588815987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw after a decade of playing I find a new secret place in Blood
>secret place which has dedicated art

That plasma cannon is also amazing to kill the Cultists and Hellhounds in the building.

Because yes, it's possible to reach the secret before killing most of them, all you have to do is sacrifice 50-70hp and dynamite jump

I've been using dynamite jumps a lot lately in key spots and I love it. In Welcome To Your Life you can reach the rooftop from the very start of the map that way, play through the level in pretty much any way you want.

>> No.5510664

if you ever want to watch some speedrun autism, they abuse dynamite jumping to pretty much skip a ton of levels. I never thought of doing any of them on my first playthrough, so I was pretty impressed.

>> No.5510819

I wish Amid Evil got more love, personally I think it's got some of the coolest levels in an FPS.

>> No.5510864

Are you really so insecure that you can't handle playing a game where the character isn't the same gender as you? Why is this so seemingly offensive to you?

>> No.5511115

The same reason why women should not be allowed to serve in the military.

Women are not equal to men.

>> No.5511197

it's actually good. The first levels are just ok tho.

>> No.5511210

The graphics and gun models aren't.

>> No.5511224

Sadly, I agree. He completly missed the point of the aesthetic of those games. + ennemies design.
SOMETIME it can look atmospheric but that's it.

>> No.5511236

>Women are not equal to men.

Not in real life, no, but games are fantasies where unrealistic things can become reality.

>> No.5511251
File: 39 KB, 640x425, nukem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5511289
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I think there are too many games now that are overly reliant on the same style. Basically every retro FPS is about a silent warrior killing demons with a shotgun and rocket launcher in a gritty setting with a metal soundtrack, basically like how Doom is. I don't mind these sort of games, but it feels like the FPS scene still hasn't "evolved" much past the mid 90's yet. I can't wait until we reach the late 90s and early 2000s. I think it hasn't happened yet because there isn't entirely a clear game from the 2000s for FPS to use as a basis, whereas Doom is the trusted foundations. I can't wait to see future FPS games eventually try and be more of their own thing.

>> No.5511314

What do you mean? We have a lot of FPS games that aren't like that, but that style of FPS is traditional what FPS is

>> No.5511382

>We have a lot of FPS games that aren't like that
Yes, but a lot of them are just plain inferior as a singleplayer shooting experience, and I'm not exaggerating.

Post Half-Life 1 every FPS started to become more hitscan-focused to the point where enemy design greatly suffered since there isn't much variation you can have in attacks when it comes to hitscan, and level design became more setpiece-oriented with epic cinematic moments and constant shifts in gameplay because the devs lacked confidence in their core gameplay. That's why every shooter around '05 or so had an obligatory stealth sequence, a turret sequence, a vehicle sequence, an underwater sequence, a sniper sequence, and so on. Then the consolization simplified everything further by turning levels into corridors and using regen health as a crutch. The only exception in this regard is FEAR because it made good use of hitscan enemies through smart enemy AI and level design that supported it, except nobody noticed what made FEAR work.

People had to start mixing first-person shooters with other genres like RPGs or open world sandboxes or stealth games in order to keep 'innovating', to limited success. Simple shooting gameplay where it's just about moving and shooting became a rarity, that's why everyone hailed games like Titanfall 2 and Doom (2016) in 2016.

It's true that there are many forgotten subgenres, like 6DoF shooters, tactical shooters, first-person mech games, and so on, but ultimately the first thing that will come to mind when most people think of a good FPS is Doom (the OG).

Unfortunately not many can really think outside of Doom yet, so it's going to take a while until people get tired of these retro shooters until someone dares to do something new while still making a FPS about moving and shooting. Imagine what this genre would have looked like if the nips made some first-person shooters (not counting lightgun games). Maybe we would have gotten good boss fights in a FPS by now.

>> No.5511387
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didnt blood had a cgi cutscene unless you do have a pirated rip version

that dusk trash after menu that straight out of postal 2 just logos some rendered text out of art direction

>> No.5511402

You can give strippers money in real life too

>> No.5511404

Waste of money

>> No.5511409

Ion Maiden really surprised me.
Best fps experience I've had since...I've fucking forgotten it has been this long we had an actual good fps game.
The only thing I disliked about it so far was the melee weapon.
If they can keep the level of quality regarding level design, attention to detail, secrets, easter eggs enemy placement and design plus the game being as long as Duke 3D/Shadow Warrior/Blood were, this will be the best thing since probably NOLF 1.

>> No.5511440 [DELETED] 

Wish it didn't, those cutscenes are awful

>> No.5511503

I doubt they can. They still not even fixed the multiple renderer glitches.