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Not really retro so I apologize, is there an emulator for those old Java based mobile games? Some of those looked great and could really benefit from gamepad controls. I can find the downloads, just need an emulator.

Pic related, Java based Doom 2 RPG designed by Carmack himself.

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For Android there is J2ME Loader but I didn't manage to make it work

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Holy fuck can you people use catalog please? There were like 5 doom threads up today that could have been in the general.

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Are you fucking dumb?

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Are you? Please go post this not-even-retro doomshit in the designated general.

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what a retard

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Do you ever read the actual OP posts or are you just so fucking braindead that you simply look at the pictures and jump to your own conclusions about the thread subjects?

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Are you the braindead moron? The question is not retro, and if you can read between the lines, it is clearly for the purpose of playing some shitty doom dungeon crawler, so it could have been posted in the containment general that for some reason isn't in /vg/.

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FFA remake translation never ever.

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theres KEmulator what i use, i dont know much about it though. i got it from fl1ppy's video about mobile saints row games. he had a link to it already set up in his video

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i had this back in the day, along with doom rpg and that traditional rpg that used the same engine (that also got a ds port)..all great games
mobile general?
remember composer ringtones? keypress tones... just about every magazine had full page ads for the latest mobile games\tones\wallapers and later true-tones

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Why are you such a fag?

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First game that comes to mind when "mobile phone games" is mentioned.

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>There were like 5 doom threads up today
>Not a doom thread
>MFW I have no face

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splinter cell games for java phones were unironically better than some of their big bros

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This is now an N-Gauge thread

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I would play it even untranslated if I COULD.

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don't you just need to buy an old Japanese phone or something?

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just tried it, works great for me. You can even play with the keyboard assuming your phone has one, very nostalgic. Thanks for rec.

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Thanks for the advice on the app. I got the chinese version of Phantasy Star to work.

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>these are the "people" that eventually go on to apply as jannies
You know understand why the moderation on this website is absolutely retarded

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the only game i didnt purchase from the back of a magazine back in the day was wolfenstein..wonder why they never advertised it?
all of the other games were amazing though

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>owl bear
>floating eye with bat wings


Are there a lot of weird ports like this to Asian phones? What makes JP games so hard to emulate anyway?

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Did some digging and found a chinese release of a mobile remake of the first Castlevania, and it seems really weird. It emulates at 30 FPS on my phone, but the game speed seems way too fast, like it's running at twice the speed it should be. The music is fine though. Anybody else that can confirm it is running normally?

Link I found is here: https://mega.nz/#!5htmkKrD!O6HpW53iXFQJzJwLKLlUnwsd0LM7_r3TriyhSfvfd34

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You have issues.

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