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So, BuildGDX just launched. A merging of Witchhaven GDX, Tekwar GDX and most importantly Blood GDX.

I like it. Is good.
Better than the half-assed bullshit EDuke keeps pumping out. Really hope M210 launches Duke Nukem GDX just so we can play Multiplayer Duke Nukem.

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>not using the vastly superior NBlood source port to play Blood

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yeah no lol

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really? that's the best you could come up with?
whatever, go play your javashit version then

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The only thing NBlood is better at is multiplayer. And I doubt anyone here but me even plays that. BloodGDX is more accurate and loads user content much more easily.

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really? that's the best you could come up with?
whatever, go play your gameplay inaccurate pile of shit then

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the only thing i'd care for is the software renderer. but i refuse to use it because of hendricks being a cunt

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>trusting russianmade java spyware.

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>so prolapsed he's samefagging

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I am just going to leave this here..

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I am just going to leave this here..

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NukeYKT is also a slav.

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NBlood is also made by a Russian. As is the DeHacker mod for PowerSlave.

Russians are hardcore retro gamers, so many ports and patches and tools for old ass games are all made by them.

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I donnt use source ports, source ports are for faggots, I am a true gamer I use doxbox like a fucking manm.

source ports are the cancer killing retro gamign.

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>I use doxbox
lmao what a loser

Get a REAL DOS capable machine, are you fucking poor or what. Just buy an old PC from some office nearby for like $100.

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I haev a dox machnine but its hdd deid, so I have to wait till my nwe 1 arrives.

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I’d wait till you’re sober too

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fuck you mang I have brain trauma after some demons decided to attacks meh with basefball bats

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>buying an old PC
>not having your own PC hardware from the mid to late '90s
lmao get a load of this /vr/ zoomer memer

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My mom gave my XP box away when I went to college.

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What are you, Down Syndrome?

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Source ports are primarily for having accurate playback on modern machines so demo compatibility us pretty important. Why do you think ZDoom isn't allowed for Doom speedrunning?

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Not accurate, not usable for speedruns

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God you guys are such losers.

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Wasn't Blood supposed to be getting a remaster or something?

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Yeah, likely in the next couple months or so.

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Every thread about Build engine games pretty much turns into an autistic slap fight about Blood.

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