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surprised /vr/ hasn't been talking more about this game now that the remake is coming soon.

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Probably because it has hideous art style that is overcluttered and broken color pallete.

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even then I haven't seen people discussing the game mechanics and the such or just talking about the original CTR here (besides usual shitposting on MK64/DKR threads).

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Are we talking about CTR or CTR:NF?

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It's an overrated game desu. Literally a nostalgia goggled game. Jak X is the best Naughty Dog game by far.

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There's a thread every couple of weeks or so, lurk more. Also this >>5493756 .. It just sucks so there's nothing to talk about.

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Kill yourself shitter and get some taste

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By far the best scotracer.

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It looks fine, what are you smoking? Do you realize different does not equal bad?

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Too much bloom
Ruined skybox color pallete
No more ice reflection
Too much clutter

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So autism? The clutter excuse is fucking hilarious.

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>Too much bloom
Perhaps. This is the only one of your complaints which is close to valid.
>Ruined skybox color pallete
No, it's just different. They're less bleak and more rich.
>No more ice reflection
I'm looking right at ice reflection in the 4th panel, they just covered a lot of ice with snow,.
>Too much clutter
Totally subjective opinion. The environment looks good to outright great depending on the course.

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Hey Mr art degree let me just say that modern games have more detail. that should be expected from a remake of a 20 year old game

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lemme guess, the increased frame rate upsets you too?

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>not for PC
have fun console cucks

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>Do you realize different does not equal bad?

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So, after seeing this thread the other day, I decided to break out my copy and play a little Crash. It's a really fun and solid game, especially in multiplayer, but there's a couple hangups I have regarding the game's single player content.

1. The Battle with Oxide is complete bullshit. I understand that he's supposed to be a cheatyface villain, but it's to a point where it's not even fun. It took me quite a few tries to beat him without using the track jump cheat.

2. I have no proof of this, but I think the game has a sort of "easy mode" mechanic set in place. If you failed any level a couple times in a row, you'll notice you suddenly start getting much better items from the ? Crates. I think the game eventually takes it easy on you and starts handing out better power ups in order for you to get past the level.

None of this is a problem in the multiplayer, however. My kids and I had a blast racing and blowing each other up in the battle mode. And each character's stats are different enough that they actually have different paths that are optimal through each level, which is always good in a kart racing game.

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>totally subjective opinion
Yes, the entire post you're replying to is a subjective opinion. Nobody is trying to pull the wool over your eyes here retard.

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Crash did lower the difficulty if you lost too many lives, so I guess CTR does as well.

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I love the original Crash trilogy but I never liked CTR. I'd much rather play even the first Mario Kart or heck F-Zero (a launch title!) than it.

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I actually liked CTR, but I feel like Mario Kart ends up winning out as the better part racer series, and F-Zero is really interesting in comparison.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think the best single player Kart Racing experience is Mario Kart Advanced with the Gamecube adapter, so that you can play it on a TV.

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its a hideous, dull kart racer with no sense of identity which it takes everything from much better games. why the fuck would you ever play this when you have diddy kong racing? the only "people" who care about this game were kids who settled for this because their parents couldn't afford a real game.

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GIt gud nintyfaggots

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>The Battle with Oxide is complete bullshit.
Lol, git gud, faggot. It's not hard at all. The bosses in CTR are all a joke.

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What the fuck? Shut up, bitch.

I bet you don't even know what the oxide race entails.

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>Literally a nostalgia goggled game
thats the point of a remake

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Imagine being such a little whiny bitch that thinks oxide is hard

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>people whining about oxide as a boss
>nobody mentions oxide as a ghost
Oxide is piss easy in comparison of that abomination
t. completed all the ghost runs

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You're a faggot

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>completed all the ghost runs
How the fuck did you do it? I beat all the n trophy ghosts but only like 2 or 3 oxides.

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>People having THIS much trouble 100% the game
You babbies make me laugh

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Man, you're blind.

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>babby whining because he couldn't 101% the game
Get a load of this faggot

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I beat him when I was 5. Fuck off scrub.

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