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How is this game so soulful?

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It had to live up to Mario RPG while also filling in a massive void of RPGs on the N64, so they put a lot of effort into it.

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Best partner and best chapter right here

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Cute, now try describing that without your npc buzzword. Use your brain sweety. Might be hard but you can do it!

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your false disaffection really annoyed me

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Because you were 10 when you played it.

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So you can't describe soul. Convenient deflection though. I'm glad you can comment on something shame it can't be what I asked.

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Not him, but I mean "soul" in this case typically means that you notice a lot of care and dedication was put into the work, as well as love. It doesn't feel like a generic product made simply to sell units. The developers wanted people to feel like it's an special game.

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I think it's the fact it's more "innocent" than the sequel and it feels so much like a normal mario game, with mario characters in a mario world that it fits perfectly. Bowser remains the bad guy and there's no OC shit around, it's really... faithful to itself? Sort of?

TTYD is pretty good, but I feel they break the fourth wall too much, add elements outside of the classic mario world and the overall tone (which I know in part it's due to the localization) differs from the original.

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If you don't understand soul, you don't have one.

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every word of this is a creepy buzzword

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TTYD is still pretty damn good. I have a lot of fond memories of that game, even though that cunt final boss destroyed me.

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I consider the first two games on par with each other but the first is definitely more like a Mario game. I still consider it the most ‘definitive’ game in the Mario series when it comes to tone, setting, world building, characterization, etc. Basically every aspect besides gameplay (which is fun, but not like other Marios at all).

Pretty much the only game that feels like it has a fully realized mushroom kingdom.

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Retro is SOUL so you may as well get used to it zoomer.

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I think this game is much better than the sequel. TTYD has garbage level design and PM64 has a much better OST.

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Yamauchi essentially siphoned his lifeforce into the Nintendo games to enchant them with mystical qualities, hence why he looked like a lifeless corpse most of his life.
Iwata same thing, after all he died very young and suddenly.

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>Iwata same thing

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>it's casual and easy to pick up and play so it defies my hardcore gaemr sensibilities and is thus "soulless"

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post soulful wii games then
I dare you

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I really wish Paper Mario had TTYD's battle system improvements.
Replays of PM easily get much more boring due to the fact that badges are so much more limited and not as ridiculous. Plus partners aren't mechanically as fleshed out.
Other than that it's great. I really appreciate how much effort Intelligent Systems went into the art styles and drawing references from all the recent major Mario games like World, Yoshi's Island and 64.

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you better check yourself before you wreck yourself

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>he didnt danger mario in ttyd

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>npc buzzword
how ironic because npc is also a shitty buzzword

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Bro that's exactly what you did to the OP tho. Rather than contribute to the discussion he is attempting to get going you decided to criticize his choice of words. Good job Jimbo. Can you say "projecting hard" buddy boy?

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Interesting.. I have to agree. Intelligent Systems seems to have given us a more elaborate Mushroom Kingdom than Nintendo has, and yet it rings true with the heart of main series in terms of tone and world-building without any deviation really. They appropriated the Yoshi's Island universe into the Mushroom Kingdom pretty well. The Star Spirits feel right at home in the Mushroom World, and humanizing the goombas, koopa troopas, bob-ombs and other foes traditionally belonging to Bowser's army was done tastefully with great charm and humor. The toads have their own milieu, tending to be painfully naive, which is funny in a dark way.

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Yeah, all the other games in the series feel in general underdeveloped.

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>bzzzz what do you mean by soul? Me don't understand bzzzz
t. Soulless NPC

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Wii was a shovelware console

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>plays everything from 1975-early to late-2000s except Saturn, PS2, and the stupid Jaguar.
Good bait.

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>drawing references from all the recent major Mario games like World, Yoshi's Island and 64.
This is definitely one of the coolest aspects of the games I think. I love how Mario himself is based on the small Mario sprite from Super Mario World.

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>TTYD has garbage level design
Exaggerated but you're right, it's worse.
>PM64 has a much better OST
Absolutely wrong, get the fuck out of here.

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I always thought he looked more like Mario 3 Mario, but he’s kind of a fusion of both.

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so does my computer
the Wii library is 99% shovelware

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I'll agree with you on the partner.

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is paper mario the comfiest game ever?

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You're acting like shovelware can't have soul.

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TTYD is good, has some nice tracks here and there but PM64 is better melody wise and has more memorable boss themes.

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I feel like all the PM have soul but the tone can be the thing that makes or break it.

PM is like a good storybook. It does what it wants to do, and it does it well. Also it was the first so it set the bar. Has some of the best music.

TTYD tried to be similar, but also a little scarier, like a child’s horror book, a little scary but never truly terrifying. Improves on the gameplay considerably but ends up feeling underwhelming. Gets a bit fourth wall-y but not obnoxious. Has pretty good music.

SPM is like a story aimed at early teens, tries to be hip. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and gets a bit too close to the fourth wall. The actual plot is quite interesting though. Gameplay is pretty awful by PM standards, but a decent platformer if too easy. Music is good but not quite as great as the previous.

SS tries to go back to being a story but ends up too childish. Becomes too simple. Tries to streamline gameplay and can be fun but also very tedious. Some of the best music in the series though.

Haven’t played CS but I hear it’s like TTYD to PM, an incremental improvement but still not as charming at the classic

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Ttyd reminds me more of an action oriented saturday morning cartoon kind of thing. Like the original TMNT or something.

Or maybe more like an early discworld novel, in the sense of being a fantasy-comedy with a healthy dash of ‘epic adventure’.

I honestly wonder how much of an influence it had on modern cartoons. I always got the feeling adventure time writers were kinda influenced by it. Before AT went to shit I mean.

I’ll say this, I think TTYD’s writing is gonna be under heavier scrutiny by people who play it today. Meta jokes and ‘action comedies’ and self parody and all that seem way more common than they used to. Maybe it’s just cause I was young but in 2004 all of that felt so fresh and new, I can’t think of much around that time that was also doing that sort of stuff. It was much more unique and novel back then, and felt much more clever as a result. Today a lot of people seem sick of those ideas cause they’re much more exposed to them.

I will say that I liked how TTYD pushed its E rating. Felt like one of those sequels aimed for the original audience, adapted to how they’ve grown up a bit since the first.

SPM is like some tween’s embarrassing fanfic phase, but with a few quality jokes thrown in.

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any mods?
is Star Rod finished yet?

for anyone that doesn't know, its a hack tool for Paper Mario 64

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Red Steel

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Dunno how star rod editor is going, but I had a fucking fantastic time with the Pro Mode hack like a year ago. Totally brought back the ‘magic feeling’ of a first time playthrough where you actually need to try.

I’ve never done a 10hp run of the original game. There’s no busted danger mario builds like in ttyd as far as I know, so maybe that would be a challenging way to replay the original. Anyone tried that? How’d it go?

Badges and FP can be pretty strong so I’m just wondering how challenging this sort of build would actually be.

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> The actual plot is quite interesting though.
It's the most generic anime shit there is

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Jesus Christ dude if anything it’s Romeo and Juliet, they just add world destruction and tweest jester for ending. But it does the characters well.

Definitely more interesting than collect the 7 things and stop Bowser, collect the 7 and stop an ancient evil, collect the 5 things and stop Bowser mute edition, and (I’m assuming) collect the 5 things and stop Bowser who is possessed by an ancient evil edition.

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>Definitely more interesting than collect the 7 things and stop Bowser
Not that PM ever had a particularly interesting plot (although the writing and characters were interesting), but SPM is both a generic plot and uninteresting characters and writing.

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Maybe you know this already, but in regards of breaking the fourth wall, Super Paper Mario beats them all.
The whole chapter 3 feels like a self insert from your average /v/tard

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>decent platformer
Where's the momentum?

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Gone with the run button