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God damn Granada is so much fun, and good challenge too. Even the Genesis version which I've heard isn't the best. After resetting the first level a ton of times getting used to the map and controls I thought I was getting pretty good bit then died of a time over when I didn't even know there was one. Now I gotta really step up my game, it's exciting!

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Always enjoy seeing some Renovation love, they had some real gems back in the day.

Granada was great fun(another game that my dad and I worked on back and forth). It was a lot of fun to me to figure out how the different 'option' weapons worked, as well as trying to seek and destroy EVERYTHING(not just the targets). Short overall, and as you say not the best, but it's definitely great for a quick sitdown session.

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what the fuck is wrong with you?

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Wolf Team you pleb

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Genesis version plays better than the x68000 one

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Yeah but gamesack made Renovation cult within the retro circles, get with the times gramps.

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How bout you go neck yourself, Sunny Jim

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Renovation/Wolf Team/Telenet was my jam.
Valis 3, Gaiares, Final Zone, Whip Rush, ect. Granada is a damn masterpiece.

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The megadrive version is shit. Play the proper one
Wolf Team made it you idiot.

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>missing a stage
>more slow down
>hitbox issues

Nope, try again.

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Granada is top shelf

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>Play the proper one
What's the proper one?

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>worse pacing
>worse controls
>worse presentation

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How are the controls different?

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I think it looks cool that way.

Megadrive runs well on my psp. It's still fun, meh!

Yeah I'm loving it. Second boss is currently fucking me up, good times!

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Is it Gruh-nod-uh or Gran-ayy-duh?

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I always assumed it was like the city

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Finally getting decent at the second boss and working on stage 3. Every one is cooler.

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>It was a lot of fun to me to figure out how the different 'option' weapons worked

Wait which different weapon options?

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