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Does this game still hold up? Gameplay wise. is it still fun to play?

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This game feels like shit Sega would crap. Big sprite and barely any room to maneuver. Not even whimsical

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SM sucks. don't fall for the meme.

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How did this even become a big classic in the first place? The combat isn't good. The platforming isn't good. The exploration isn't good. I literally don't get it.

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The truth is, OP, it's shit. I hate it. It's bad because I don't like it.

The truth is, OP, it's great. I love it. It's good because I like it.

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“Fuck you I liked it”

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One time, my brother had direct skin contact with a Super Metroid cartridge, and he got cancer :(

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It's still the best 2D Metroid game. The only thing that I'd say hasn't aged well is that some movement mechanics take some getting used to, the wall jump in particular can feel a bit whimsical. Other than minor gripes like that it's simply one of the best games of it's era.

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Fun is an artificial construct.
It isn't real. Do not fall for the delusion.

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I still like to play through it about once a year, followed by metroid fusion. I think the best thing about SM is how unique it is, there's really no other game experience like it

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All of your opinions are wrong. It's a testiment to game design possibilities

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Shit controls, too many fucking buttons that are required at all times, making it a chore to play with a controller and unplayable on a keyboard.

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Fusion is good but horribly linear and full of dialog every 10 minutes. Zero replay value.

Metroid 1 is and always was garbage, but add the mOTHER and the +99 hacks and you get pretty good NES game.

Metroid Zero Mission is damn good and I like it a lot.

Super Metroid is good in theory, but its controls are shittier and stink more than Samus' human asshole she poops from just like every other human in the galaxy. The controls are LITERAL ass.

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>and unplayable on a keyboard
you can't fucking make this shit up, folks.

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What's so bad about it?

Keyboard users have a bad reputation because of WASD faggots who use the SPACE BAR for jumping and shit.

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You're really gonna ask someone on /vr/ what's bad about playing a fucking SNES game with a keyboard?
Complaining about a console game playing poorly without the use of a gamepad is like complaining about not liking a book because you didn't like the reader's voice in the audiobook version. It doesn't make any fucking sense and has nothing to do with the actual substance, and also what the fuck are you even doing to begin with?

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I'm not shitting on the game or saying that it doesn't deserve praise.

I'm just saying that I personally don't enjoy it because it forces me to buy a fucking controller and plug it in, while every single NES game and most SNES games are perfectly playable with a regular keyboard (and play much better too).

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This is a troll thread, right? Yeah it still holds up. One of the few goat games we have in this world

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Controls are still garbage even with a SNES controller. What were they thinking?

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It's entertaining, but goddamn it's clunky.

Back when I was at school, I have played like several hundred of J2ME games on my phone. Like, fully completed, I very rarely dropped games.

During that time, 2003-2007, outside of pretty much only Gameloft, J2ME scene was amateurland. There was Rovio, there was Macrospace/Glu, but they were experimenting as much as little guys were, they earned their goodwill and their reputation with efforts to make genuinely catchy and playable games.

Those times have irredeemably spoiled me in regard to older console games. Even while playing mobile, I've noticed that straight console ports, like there was Impossible Mission, R-Type port by the guys who did Ixion and GridRacer3D, probably something else too - SUCKED MAJOR ASS compared even to the original games made by the same companies who did the port. Like, I would absolutely take Ixion over R-Type any time of day.

What I mean to say, is that playing 2D Nintendo games after my J2ME phase was an absolute torture, and so far SuperMetroid remains the only game of theirs, I have genuinely fully (95%, lightbugs glitch, fuck off) completed, meaning, didn't drop 3 hours in. Zero Mission I ALMOST did, even completed that sneaking mission, but somehow didn't follow up on it until the very end.

I would honestly rate Super as C+, and that much only because the challenge courses integrated in its world were numerous, varied and entertaining. The kinesthetics of movement, the FIELD OF VIEW, everything combat related, were solid, rock-bottom shit. I literally wondered why the hell I am playing through this turd as I was playing through it. LttP I dropped altogether, as I've said, three hours in.

It's interesting, I think, to note, that I managed to complete - and enjoyed immensely, by the way - PC versions of Ecco the Dolphin 1 and Blood Omen 1 just fine.

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Every thread is a troll thread

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With many simultaneous keypresses, many keyboard start dropping input. This is especially an issue with laptops which don't have dedicated numpads.

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The problem is that you can't just assign shoot to X, jump to Z, menu shit to A and weapon switching to C. Because of the way the controls are designed, you need to assign like four more buttons to keyboard keys, and you have to use all of them constantly. It's so fucking awkward.

Why two different buttons to shoot? Why a button to cancel the sub-weapon and another to scroll between them? It's so unnecessarily complicated. The GBA games did it much better.

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The worst Nintendo game is Yoshi's Island. It's an actual shit game with overly long levels that feel BORING and EMPTY if you don't care about getting a perfect score and feel like actual torture if you DO try to get a perfect score (levels are full of permanently missable collectibles, points of no return, agonizingly slow auto-scroll sections and there are like 15 minutes between checkpoints, so you can't even muster up the energy to kill yourself after some asshole flew away with the red coin never to return).

It's fucking garbage.

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The fact that you not only played java games on your phone but enjoyed them is enough for me to disregard your opinion on anything.

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So this is the power of nu /vr/?

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What's wrong with Gravity Defied, Bounce/Back, Flexis/Extreme, Phantom Mansion/Origins, Wolf Moon and Darkest Fear 1, Crash'n'Burn/Turbo or BTBiplanes?

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They're phone games

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>the problem is that you'll drop inputs!
The problem is that you fucking retards are trying to play a console game with a keyboard! Holy fucking shit!

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Aged poorly

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Impossible to preserve and will be a pain in the ass to play emulated because of touch control shit.

They will be unplayable one day, so they are not culture. They are not art. They aren't even games. They are time-wasters with zero artistic value and an expiration date. I'd rather not get attached to them.

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>and will be a pain in the ass to play emulated because of touch control shit.
Dude, I was talking about keyboard phones, you know.
And they are perfectly emulatable on PC using, say, KEmulator, for example.

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I can't be comfortable moving a character with the D-pad or an analog stick anymore, after years of playing on emulators. I need the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Same reason I can only use the mouse with my left hand, even though I'm 100% right-handed and the mouse is sitting to my right at this very moment. I still have to use the left hand because it feels natural. I got used to it after decades of watching porn and grabbing the mouse with the left hand. Because jacking off with your non-dominant hand is just kind of impossible.

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Same here.

The weird thing is that I still associate my INDEX finger with clicking shit, even though I use the left hand. So, instead of having a finger on each button of the mouse, I always have both my INDEX and MIDDLE fingers resting on top of the main mouse button and have to manually and temporarily move the INDEX finger to the secondary button so I can copy/paste, save images and shit.

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Basically, I only use the index finger to do anything with the mouse.

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What's gotten into the water around here lately?

Super Metroid is still one of the best games ever made, you'd have to be literally mental incapacitated to not see its brilliance. The level design? Amazing, literally a blueprint that other games in the metroidvania genre have followed for decades. The plot? Well its not stopping you every ten minutes to tell you about the "baby" or "Samus go to this sector because I just unlocked the door." It uses environmental storytelling to a degree that was uncommon for platformers in that era. The atmosphere and soundtrack alone are fantastic for such a dated release. Sure its not a hard game really, I don't think it ever was unless you'd just sat down and started playing it for the first time. Speedrunning wouldn't even BE the same had Super Metroid not been created. You also have the original to thank for opening up a whole new fucking genre to videogames.

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>What's gotten into the water around here lately?
There might be one or two genuine hate posts, but I'm pretty sure this thread just immediately turned into ironic shitposting from the start.

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Keyboard is actually way better than many controllers because their d-pads are unusable for this game. Unless you don't wall jump anyway, then it doesn't matter.
Change your controls layout, I usually have D to jump and S to shoot, and it gets rid of most key ghosting.

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since when is saying something you subjectively disagree with a shitpost, faggot?

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Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

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It's 4chan. Why does everyone act surprised by this fact?

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Yes and yes.

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It's a great game but I wouldn't say it's one of the best games ever. People overrate the level design; it's made of big sparse rooms for the most part. Music is mediocre. Hope you have fun collecting the same 5 items over again apart from the "key" items (which are just that: keys to get to another part of the map). The enemies that are dotted all over the place serve no danger so most of them serve no point in being there. Bosses don't have much strategy to them apart from spamming your strongest weapons at them (except for one but I won't spoil that). People complain about the controls too but I honestly like them, especially wall jumping.
Overall its a neat, polished game, but doesn't do anything clever, except for a few tidbits.

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I guess I should elaborate on my "useless enemies" comment. They do serve a purpose in that you kill them to refill your weapons/energy but they don't serve a challenge which to me takes the point out of having enemies, especially when refill stations exist.

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The small screen is a pain in the ass compared to modern standards, and the controls are a bit dated, but in all other aspects the game holds up extremely well

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I dont like it. I played it and it wasnt fun. Sotn on the other hand...

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I only played it three months ago, so i dont have any nostalgia bias as i didnt played it back then. I thought it was breety gud, no problems for the controls, if you cant handle them you must be shit eating zoomer.

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I really have to disagree with the "overrated level design" idea. The layout of rooms and challenges in Super Metroid is downright genius. I've fucking studied this game, and it blows my mind how well designed the game is, especially on a macro level. Hell, you could name any non-chozo statue-non-suit room in the game and I'd be able to tell you something that makes it special.

The only big flaw is how unexciting the missile packs are to find as rewards, but the other power ups are all cool and serve as more than just keys to new areas.

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Ass is nice

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t. SotNfags

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you like Samus' ass?

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>muh SOTN boogeyman

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I'm more into enormous cowtits, but ass is fine

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>Hell, you could name any non-chozo statue-non-suit room in the game and I'd be able to tell you something that makes it special.
Alright. I circled a portion of the map in this pic. What makes it special?

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i have been really playing it for the first time as of last saturday. ive gotten to the point with powerbombs so im progressing but i dislike how much of the game feels like trying to find secrets in wolfenstein, except that its to progress

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oh but i want to mention that i really, really like how they introduced power jumping and walljumping thus far. they integrated the lessons into the game, like a powerup you learn rather than fucking pick up. its so genius because you realize with at least walljump you must have had it since the very beginning

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it's great

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Perhaps the same could be said of all emotions.

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Alright, let's get autistic up in here. The portion circled is essentially (but not technically) two rooms, so I'll explain both.
The left room challenges the player to navigate around spikes while messing with their momentum with conveyor belts. It's a unique platforming challenge not found anywhere else in the game.

The main shaft (right of circle, extending up and down) ties heavily into the design of the initial stage of the Wrecked Ship as a whole, so will need a bit of explaining. Simply put though, this room and the surrounding rooms are designed to build tension.

Upon first entering the main shaft, the save room is positioned right in front of them. However for the first and only time in the game, the save station is disabled, with a weak enemy even spawning in the usually "always safe" save room to put them on edge. While exploring the shaft, the most striking feature is how little there is there that they can do. The player knows that this is probably where they need to be, as the game has pretty strongly steered them in this direction, yet the game now blocks them off at every turn. They'll probably explore up, feel satisfied when breaking the Really Obvious breakable ceiling, then frustrated when it leads to another locked door.
If the player's paying attention though, they'll notice that the floor at the "bottom" of the room is the same type of tile as the Really Obvious breakable ceiling tiles at the "top" of the room. At this point, quite a lot of tension will have been built, since the player's been exploring for a while, and hasn't been able to save their progress. The tension comes to a head when they unexpectedly find the boss of the area so soon, with the player being terrified of dying after having no chance to save.
Of course, dying to Phantoon here is nowhere near as devastating as it feels, as there's no need to re-explore the dead ends when they return. But to the player, all they'll be thinking is "I haven't saved in ages."

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I would never willingly spoil a blind Super Metroid playthrough, but I will say that you need to give the game a bit more credit.
If it's a required secret, there's always a tell. If it's not required, there's still usually a tell. The game will never ask you to shoot a random roof to find the Ice Beam, Metroid 1 style. Figure out what the designers were trying to communicate, and the rest will follow.

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Sure, it's shit. That's why it spawned the entire genre which is getting more and more popular.

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Nope. Tried it based on a recommendation from a friend. Put it down after an hour and never went back. Without a doubt one of the most boring experiences I've had in gaming.

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>which is getting more and more popular

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>does the best game ever made hold up?
No OP, it doesn't, you're right. Fortnite is where it's at.

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>What's gotten into the water around here lately?

Nothing's going on in modern gaming. No releases, no drama and shit. Look at /v/ it's just waifu-posting and forced /pol/-shitposting for months. So naturally all the fuckheads are leaving their shithole board to invade /vr/

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It's not really as good as they praise it but it's still decent.
The later incarnations radically improved the controls.
The music was bad and I suspect who says otherwise is either trolling or deaf.

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based cope poster

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I've already said it a thousand times and I'm willing to repeat myself ad nauseam until you newfags finally understand it: just because you've heard of a site from your fellow web 2.0 morons that's rumored to be a real shithole doesn't warrant you or other newfags to shit everything up just because you think that's the culture here. Not every board is /v/ or /b/.

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Played it somewhat recently and enjoyed it. I really like how they handle the progression through the upgrades and how the game flows in general, the pacing, I mean.

My only real complain about it is that one part where you literally have to find a secret breakable wall to keep progressing, I understand the metroidvania concept of exploration but forcing you to find a secret wall that doesn't even look different from the rest is too time consuming.

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Which secret wall is this? The one in red tower? The entryway into Kraid's Lair?

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Your words are as empty as your soul

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What the fuck is "whimsical" in SotN you fucking retard? Learn what words mean.

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