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I just installed Thief: Gold (from gog), what do I do next?

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Play it

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I keep seeing things about some other stuff you should install

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Next time just Google it.

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The GOG version comes with the better (minimal) version of the patch in >>5478761
Don't bother with anything beyond that.

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Nay, disregard. Play!

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Don't install anything beyond what GOG has pre-installed. Rebind the keys IF you aren't comfortable with how they're already setup. Then play it.

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You should just send me your computer, Ill play it for you, and then Ill tell you how you should feel about it.

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>what do I do next?
You create a thread on /vr/ and ask whether you should skip it.

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Pic related, obviously

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this picture should be updated to T2FIX

and thankfully it has the option to install nothing but basic newdark cause the modder isnt a ego-driven fucktard like TFIX.

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Get the GOG uninstaller from GOG, then uninstall Thief: Gold (the GOG version). Get the installer from GOG, then install Thief Gold from GOG, the one without the semicolon. Then delete Thief Gold.

Then go on Torrentz and look for Thief: The Dark Project. Get the original release, the British release, 1.33, and Thief Gold. True Thief fans steal the game. You aren't a true Thief fan if you aren't a thief in real life.

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Akchually it's Thief™ Gold

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Get a fan mission loader and try Endless Rain and Rowena's Curse

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Place a pair of shoes on top of a skyscraper? Draw weaboo shit?

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>GOG uninstaller

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the game is in a dark fantasy setting?

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Uninstall it
Reinstall it
Go to bed
Repeat the first two steps

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pisspoor bait