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Is there a list somewhere that chronicles which games were fucked over when importing to the west?

Mostly the gameplay and difficulty changes that was a sort of common practice for a while, translation issues is a whole other can of worms.

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um, sweaty, that's... all.. of them?

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If you don't mind obnoxious talking head youtubers, this guy has a whole series of videos covering this topic, with each video analyzing a different company.


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Sweety? Sweaty is something that can happen when you are doing work.

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idk, tried The Cutting Room Floor?

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Not exactly what I'm asking for.
I'm looking for a concise list of games that were fucked when importing to the west so I know what I should avoid.
That's a site that catalogs cut content

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Have you tried googling names of games you're interested in? Not trying to come across as a smart ass but you really should do individual research.

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And regional differences, don't you know how a wiki works?

TV Tropes has a few pages on that, like Bad Export For You

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Yes I know I can do individual research I'm not a complete bumbling retard, though some will dispute this assertion.
All I'm asking is if someone already made a list for easy access, so I can just have a general impression easily instead of checking individually on every single game in existence. If there isn't that's fine, I can continue as is, just asking if there is one.

>Bad Export For You
Thanks I'll check it out

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Always get the Japanese version, even for games that weren't originally Japanese.

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