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Does any use the current HG101 site? I hate the layout and theme and everything of the new site, and the archive of the original seems to be somewhat inconsistent and jank. Thoughts? Also how many of us use backloggery?

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not only I use, but I'm also a contributor

and yeah, the new layout sucks, but they had to move on to Wordpress. Managing such a bigass site in pure HTML is a big pain in the ass.

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In what ways do you contribute and in what ways can one tribute?

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I only ever used it to find out basic info on Japanese-only games that I might be interested in trying.

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Nope. It was nice 10+ years ago, though.

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That's made up bullshit because they don't actually know Japanese.

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writin' articles (reviews)

>and in what ways can one tribute
you've got everything you need here

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God no. They don't even know elementary school level grammar yet alone how to structure an article correctly.

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>"yet alone"
>not "let alone"

see who's talking

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The articles were always shit. Only reason to look at them was when you just wanted to know what some obscure game even was.

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Yeah, I read a few articles for games that I actually know a decent amount about (mostly based on actually playing them, and reading manuals) and they get even basic things wrong.

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>open article about an arcade game
>author never even cleared it on one credit and hasn't got a clue what he's talking about

Every. Single. Time.

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No. The layout is shit now, old articles are broken and the site creator is an insufferable beta.

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I just use a web archive mirror, spring 2016 is right before they switched over.

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They switched over somewhere in 2017 AFAIR.

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Used to be one of my main places to learn about retro games but many of their articles are ultimately shallow and so I feel like I simply outgrew it at some point, I still use it pretty often though.

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So ulillillia is the only one that can review Bubsy 3D?

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I don't see the point of reviews. Just get the rom, look at screenshots, watch a youtube video.

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1cc is a pointless waste of time.

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It's no more of a waste than trying to accomplish something in other games. 1CCs are a fun challenge. When you have unlimited credits, you pretty much have to limit yourself to keep it interesting, even if it's more than 1 credit. Some games won't even give you the true ending unless you 1CC them, and if you play games for score you'll have to try to 1CC to get the best scores (usually games reset the score to 0 if you continue, or add something to indicate the number of credits used).

Plus somebody who can 1CC a game probably understands the design on deeper level than somebody who hasn't, which helps when writing about it. Not to say people can't say interesting things about a game they haven't 1CC'd, it would be absurd to say only people who have 1CC'd a game can discuss or review it.

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I stopped reading once they started adding trigger warnings to their articles.

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is that actually a fucking thing?

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What a petty and meaningless thing to get angry over. Sometimes I think I'm pretty jaded, but at least I'm not as big a miserable fuck as you

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Haven't used it much since the redesign. Don't give a shit about their podcast either.

Kurt "closing" the site because he was sad over Trump winning was fucking hilarious though.

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Infrequent reader since ~2012. I check it out if I'm looking for a game series to play.

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do you watch SJW cringe comps too?

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Nah, I just liked reading the articles for insight on obscure series, not sociopolitical complaining.

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> What a petty and meaningless thing to get angry over.
If you would have stopped after that sentence, your post might not have sounded like it was criticizing itself.

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Softcore Gaming 101? No thanks, I only read insomnia.ac.

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Not when you're trying to review a game, genius. Besides these idiots play jrpgs for hundreds of hours, so not like their time is valuable to begin with.

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Why the fuck should I tolerate such garbage if I have the choice not too? If anything, I would prefer to have the site shutdown and its lefty posters kicked in the balls, but you cannot always have what you want.

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Alright, I just tend to not write people off based on their politics. If you do, and have violent fantasies about them, then I just find it weird and juvenile.

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While that particular 1cc isn't needed, an experience of 1cc'ing different games very much is. I mean in theory nothing stops someone from learning every game to a satisfying extent without ever going for a 1cc, but in practice that's not how it goes. The difference in experience is always very clear, which is a big part of the reason why arcade game articles suck and are incomplete. It's similar to mainstream outlet reviews of fighting games, which give only the most shallow review that has next to value to anyone who actually wants to play these games beyond button mashing.

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Show me an example because I haven't seen anything like that so far, seriously.

Say WHAT!? Any source on that? I know he's all like "fuck droompf" and shit, but to this degree? Shit...

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I remember reading their Valis article and it was alright I suppose until they talked about Valis X where they went all blue check-mark autist and complained about a fucking porn game being sexist, haven't bothered with them since.

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look up the archive of the pre-redesign site, should be there near the top of the news

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Is there something wrong with this logic? Yes, I would like a person reviewing a video game to have as much information on it as possible, no fucking shit. If they possess ulillillia-level understanding of its code that's even better.

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I appreciate the site because it has a lot of leftists and resists the boring and retarded reactionary politics that i find in retrogaming spaces

For the guy being triggered above, I think he would like to know that several article writers are full communists, I know them.

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The Valis article is even more pathetic in that it used to be gushing about the titties and fanservice.
There are also articles submitted by external writers that were rewritten by the "editors" with the sociopolitical drivel shoved in.

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1cc's are basic proficiency in the vast majority of games. They are by no means advanced, especially not 1 loop ones. And yes I do ask reviewers to have basic proficiency otherwise they are less valuable than the posts of random fans.

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Can we have our beloved vidya politics-free? It's not that hard, honestly. I'm more right-leaning, but that doesn't mean I gotta push my political beliefs through my writing, geez.

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>I appreciate the site because it has a lot of leftists and resists the boring and retarded reactionary politics that i find in retrogaming spaces
Hi, resetera.

Your folk already are the watchdog ideologues censoring games at Sony and Nintendo and game journalists who call for problematic retro games to be purged. You are no brave "resistance". You are the authoritarian censorious soccer mom mob du-jour.

HG101 is the website that says fandoms hating on she-devils in square jrpgs that happen to be cunts with a cunt (like the princess who caused the big bad of live a live to snap, or the NTR heroine in bahamut lagoon) is an act of mysoginy committed by the developers, the fandom and even the fan translator of the game, which it implies it exported a sexist campaign to the anglosphere singlehandedly and needs to account for it.

You don't get to call your exercices of authority "resisting".
You don't get to call your crusade on the concept of escapism a fight against "boring" enemies.
You don't get to lump everyone opposing or mocking your shit or pet crusades under the same umbrella of so-and-so "politics" because they don't join your "resistance" and by default become the "enemy" or "reactionary forces" of the "status-quo" (such a mcCarthy-esque thing to say)

Not a very leftist thing to say, xer excellence watchdog and vanguard of the furthering of the political cause in retrogaming spaces.

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Video games are political spaces and sites of struggle, we were made aware of this with the reactionary shitstorm that was GamerGate and the ensuing embarrassment of anyone associated with gaming. For reasonable people, the medium is now associated with privileged manchildren who can't see further than their own nose. Thanks for that.

But continue to live in your fantasy where media is apolitical because it agrees with your worldview. I'm going to support my own comrades because your kind disgusts me.

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>>>/v/ is this way

>> No.5474625

You don't belong here

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May you have ill luck in your book burning endeavors and find somewhere else to unload your baggage of hatred towards a medium over your twitter wars with the right.
May apolitical gaming that places gameplay first, fun stories second, and propaganda of all kinds last, thrive well and good, and may you live with its uselessness as a political tool to get back at your internet enemies or punish the "gaming community" over YOUR embarassment it's not the fifth column you wish it was so that your political masters pat your back.
Long live Tetris, escapism, fantasy, the male desire, the beauty of the human form, and the innocent art... no matter how much grief this may cause you.

The saying that "the worst enemy of extremists of both sides is moderates" never rang so true.

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>Thanks for that.

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You meant resetera

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Nobody had a problem with politics in games before a bunch of reactionary idiots started whining about it online lmao.

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>full communists
>Spending life obsessing over "bourgeois" entertainment their own sick ideology actively opposes and would restrict

>> No.5474662


fuck off back to resetera tranny

>> No.5474664

How does that even work?

These people are not commies, they are delusional. Well-fed upper middle class busybodies roleplaying because of boredom, probably never worked a real job in their miserable life. I guarantee that these people absolutely despise the working class or the proletariate.

A good dose of reality or a beating straightens that out.

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I really wonder how communism is still a thing. It should have been buried along with nazism long time ago.

But but... but it wasn't real...

And honestly, I don't give a fucking crap about all that Gamergate scandal, because it doesn't affects me as a retrogamer.

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Fascism will rise again in Europe and it's beautiful

>> No.5474672

It will be as beautiful as October Revolution, same shit, different slogans. There's literally no difference between Hitler and commie leaders.

Oh, and /pol/ is that way >>>

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>Nobody had a problem with politics in games before
Wrath of the Black Manta
Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
Contra > Protectobor
"Winners don't use drugs"
Pyongyang Racer

Propaganda games were rightfully mocked, and not because it wasn't the "correct" kind of propaganda. Politicians trying to call for developers to insert real life political propaganda were even more relentlessly mocked. YOUR attempt isn't special.

>> No.5474704

Contra censorship was due to muh hoomanz killin' each other rather than politics. It was Super Contra that had it's title reduced to Super C due to Iran-Contra affair but that's pretty much it.

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Is that so?

I remember the article reviewing Strikers 1945 and how it mentioned the fanservice bonus (get a high score and you see the pilots almost naked) in a joking matter.

Going back to that article again recently and it regards that fanservice bonus as creepy.

Not to mention their Hunniepop review article saying in so many unnecessery words about how bad and offensive it is and you should feel bad about it.

>> No.5474737

And it's all because muh dolan drumpf won or what?

>> No.5474924

I used to like it, but it's become too unfocused on the fucking games over the past few years.

>> No.5474938

I agree. A review from someone who knows the mechanics and how to play the game well is going to be more valuable to people interested in playing it seriously, and the difference is obvious. I just meant people who don't understand the game on that level can still offer their perspective, which could be interesting in its own way as the impressions of a casual player, or they could discuss things like art and music without problems. But yeah, even though they could review it, I'd be more interested in a review from somebody with a decent understanding of the game. It does get frustrating seeing "professional" reviews where the author clearly doesn't know what they're talking about.

Maybe it would help if reviewers noted their level of experience with the game they're reviewing, so the reader knows where they're coming from.<div class="like-perk-cnt">🐱</div>

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Every board is eventually destined/doomed to become either /pol/ or /b/

>> No.5474964

Basically what >>5474689 is saying.

It's reasonable to be against hamfisted, poorly written politics in games. I understand people getting annoyed with shallow politics, especially if that becomes the focus of the game. Obviously it's subjective to an extent whether or not something is shallow, and how a game is viewed will be influenced by the player's politics.

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Explains why so many of the articles suck honestly. That said, I enjoy reading the site occasionally.

>> No.5474984

They’re new layout is trash and a little confusing for games that used to be part of a series.

I also think they don’t have articles anymore on their old Konami arcade games like Thunder Cross and MX5000 since those are in their book

>> No.5474990

You're not wrong.

>> No.5474995

Good lord lad, listen to yourself for a moment.

>> No.5475000

It's sad how I can't tell whether or not he's serious. There are people who actually talk like that.

>> No.5475182

TIL that you can use emojis on 4chan

>> No.5475193

Just for April Fools

>> No.5475495

I haven't had an issue with SJW nonsense on the site for the most part, except for the Catherine article. Article literally spends almost the entirety complaining about how sexist the game is.

>> No.5475503

>too gay for conservatives, too sexist for liberals
I love Japan, they just don't get along with american sensibilities.

>> No.5475510

nah, back then it wasn't a thing in the West either, we live in pussified times nowadays, where everything might be seen as racist/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic or otherwise offensive, even if creators back then didn't even intend their works to be as such

>> No.5475559


If he's on here it's probably just bait. most real lefty faggots would be too triggered to ever come here

>> No.5475626

I'm a "real lefty faggot", this is just one of the remaining somewhat salvageable boards, though it doesn't escape reactionary discourse. When I find a communist retro gaming space, I'll stop browsing by all means, but most retro forums suck in general.

>> No.5475650

>communist retro gaming space
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIlL0T2yTss<div class="like-perk-cnt">🐶</div>

>> No.5475710

why do commies always speak about "reactionaries"? this reeks of Stalin

>> No.5475714

how the fuck do i do it

>> No.5475727

It should say perks next to the options field. Click on that to get all the options. Like you get a dog emoji if you type "dog" in options. You unlock perks by getting likes. Might not show up if you're using something other than the main site to view 4chan, or if you're on mobile.

>> No.5475762

Exactly, there are too many people on here frothing at the mouth over bullshit. Wanting to kick strangers from le bideogame site you don't like is needlessly childish

>> No.5475797

Anyway, fuck niggers.

>> No.5475808

I'm reactionary god save the kaiser

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Not a fan of the website revamp, division of content for monetization (a necessary evil I suppose), and the realization that the rest of their articles weren't exactly up to par after actually getting into some of the games they covered.

I mostly liked HG101 for introducing legitimately esoteric stuff to me that I wouldn't have found on my own, but boards like this do a better job of that now after a minute of wading through the catalog. Their coverage of Korean gaming was their peak to me and its clear they're not going to reach that level again

>> No.5476118

Why is Kurt such a SJW faggot and why doesn't he just fuck off and give the site to Xerxes?<div class="like-perk-cnt">🌈</div>

>> No.5476598

resetera does frequently.
Over many months, too well timed reposts between both sites (complete with arguments started on one and completed in the other site, and would you know, they complain directly about the EXISTENCE of people who hold opposite opinions than theirs on /vr/)
There's that suspicious rise in indie self-promotion.

There's that increasingly aggressive shilling for the opinion nineties game censorship is actually good.
That policy is universally mocked, even by nintendo themselves when the policy was in full swing ("You k-k-destroyed my brother!!") , except... for resetera, the only website in existence that other than calling for modern game censorship, feature topics like "what's your favorite case of game localization cuts" (and to a lesser degree the hg101 forums but they're a neofag/resetera spinoff often with the same thread titles and same users, it's somewhat pathetic)

Kurt decided a few years ago to shift the focus of the website to, in his words, "radical feminist retrogaming", which should tell you all what you need to know.
He took #metoo'ing /vr/ vidya a bit too seriously, there was an article about a famitsu hoax article about a fake nude code in a 1986 famicon game where he was all like "I WANT NAMES" which veteran developer had the idea to make that sacrilegious joke.

>> No.5476612

I don't like the new zoomer look and I find most of the new articles less focused than the oldies.

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File: 466 KB, 608x416, 1546477075787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean.. I just saw the new Goemon series entry and it's just 4 fucking games with shallow reviews.
Where is the old entry with all those weird Goemon JP-only games?

>> No.5476617

why does this site trigger so many snowflakes on here?

>> No.5476619

>>5476617<div class="like-perk-cnt">💢</div>

>> No.5476767

#metoo (among other lefty garbage) is a cancer that infects people and drives them to do insane things. Just look at what's going on in the anime industry (Vic Mignogna scandal - SJW mob blamed him for "muh sexual harrasment" that didn't happen).

>> No.5476812

Easiest way of outing ResetEra tards is discussing game preservation.
They all love the idea of old games being outright destroyed or only available at inflated prices.

>> No.5476816

No, I don't use it. But I remember the thousands of working class white children getting raped by Muslims in Britain for years and how HCG101 contributors probably think those kids deserved it for being white.

>> No.5476825

Now now, resetera may be retards and intersect heavily with the group you described, but you just described faggot collectors obsessed about the market value of their plastic toys or gatekeeping stuff, which is a different kind of evil
I say fuck them both personally, but that's besides the point.

>> No.5476829

Nah they genuinely hate old games and conflate preservation, even from accredited orgs in japan, with piracy.
Any answer pointing out availability or disk rot is just responded with "lol just buy it".

They're fucking morons essentially.

>> No.5476836

Contributor here, as I mentioned somewhere in the thread, I'm a centrist with a little dose of right-wing and rape is rape - it's bad regardless who does it. I wonder if fellow contributors see me as a HITLER because of my stance on this problem. There's lots of people who don't want multiculturalism forced upon them for a reason, and forcing it will only cause more support for radical anti-immigration groups, which in turn will lead to big social unrest. If anyone's to blame for that, it's radical leftism, but they're gonna blame regular white heterosexual guys like me. And that's why I'm centrist, because far-right is equally dumb.

Oh, and by the way - I browsed through ResetEra for a while and found this:


Well cry me a fuckin' river! But when leftie trolls cause removal of right-wing content it's all fucking right? RIGHT? Hypocrisy at its best.

>> No.5476863

It's rather hilarious how Muslims got LGBT education stopped in Britain.

>> No.5476865

>Kurt decided a few years ago to shift the focus of the website to, in his words, "radical feminist retrogaming"

that's bullshit but I believe it

>> No.5476868

>Their coverage of Korean gaming was their peak to me and its clear they're not going to reach that level again

The Rarest Gamer on yt taught me everything I should know about Korean games

>> No.5477009

Never knew there was this much potential pol autism attached to that site. In any case, I used the site years back as a source for discovering obscure games. Seems like some others also noticed that the articles don't usually have much depth to them, they're best used as verbose introductions I guess. At some point I also found the tone of articles starting to drift and lack of new interesting ones, the Korean retro gaming articles >>5476109 reminded me of was probably the last interesting one I skimmed through. Haven't checked on the site in a long time now, I may have actually missed the revamp too. It used to be a pretty comfy place to just read an article or two when looking for something interesting.<div class="like-perk-cnt">♨️</div>

>> No.5477029

I used to read it ten years ago, but it's been a piece of shit joke lately.

>> No.5477059

I just wanna say fuck Jonathan Kaharl. Fucker keeps cluttering the page with is inane reviews of pretentious indieshit no one gives a crap about. He also did the gone home review where he dismisses every criticism of the game as homophobic reactionary alt-right trolls.

>> No.5477087

>I mean.. I just saw the new Goemon series entry and it's just 4 fucking games with shallow reviews.
Let me guess, it's only the ones that were released outside japan right?

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File: 27 KB, 550x550, pp,550x550.u1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man way to take a videogame this seriously. What a fucking elitist.

>> No.5477092

Oh no the 1CC elitists ruin another thread once again!

>> No.5477103

Rich White people tend to fall for that brain disease, very often. They live such shielded lives and have no connection with actual suffering in life so they can see the world through the lenses provided to them by college professors and the media.

>> No.5477160 [DELETED] 

You can still get to the old site by clicking at the top right at least. Though the formatting seems to be messed up.

>> No.5477163

Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Goemon’s Great Adventure
It's the ones release outside Japan besides the Game Boy game, and Ganbare Goemon 2. I'm guessing they'll add more later.
You can still get to the old site by clicking at the top right at least. Though the formatting seems to be messed up.

>> No.5477167

>Though the formatting seems to be messed up.
yeah good luck reading that shit without it blinding you

>> No.5477172

Yep, they're still in the process of transferring old articles or rewriting them.

>> No.5477178

I’m curious who this is.

Anyway, people need to stop doing these threads; if you hate something, don’t bring attention to it.

>> No.5477182

>Contributor here
>that's why I'm centrist
yeah something doesn't add up. One thing they hate more than alt-right is centrists.

>> No.5477198

I'm not flaunting my political beliefs because I think it's pointless on a gaming site, of all places. And didn't I mention that I don't give a single fuck about that whole Gamergate thing? I barely even noticed this happened.

>> No.5477203

>don't give a single fuck about that whole Gamergate thing
well you better hope no one from there is reading this.

>> No.5477208

The degree to which some people fret about Gamergate is absurd. I've seen people talk about it like it was a national tragedy or something, rather than internet drama.

>> No.5477219

So what? I don't care about that.

This is what I want to say - both sides of this absurd conflict brag about it to this day, while I just... uh, play games and write about them? This whole "scandal" doesn't bother me much.

>> No.5477224

>So what? I don't care about that.
you don't care about being blacklisted from the retro blogsphere?

>> No.5477237

I don't care about Gamergate and similar dramas since I've got no business in caring about them. I just write reviews, that's about it.

>> No.5477307

Did you miss the part where if you don't care or take a side, then you're a filthy fake centrist enabling the status quo that benefits white supremacy / complascent useful idiot enabling sjws to take over gaming by not joining their side?

Most of this thread is all about whether games, and game discourse, are allowed to be apolitical at all. Shouldn't you have got a clue by now?

>> No.5477357

If I search for a game and they are the only english result, including ancient forum posts, archived vr posts and there is no video after also checking nico THEN I will read hg101. Also all of that only happens if I can not just play the game myself for whatever reason.

>> No.5477670 [DELETED] 

>thread derailed by autistic leftist larpers
lmao just fuck off, leftism can never proliferate on an unmoderated platform

>> No.5477685

Why restrict yourself to English?

>> No.5478174

Japan has always been oversexualized and this pisses the fuck off of americans, both in the left and right.

>> No.5478182

>yet alone
What did he mean by this

>> No.5478224

He means "let alone." "Yet alone" might not be correct technically, but it's a relatively common twist on the phrase I thought.

>> No.5478226

Can you cite one legitimate use of "yet alone"?

>> No.5478227

I didn't mean to say it was legitimate, only that you hear people say it sometimes.

>> No.5478234

I'll take near anything as "legitimate". I think you've never even really heard it.

>> No.5478239

I shouldn't be wasting time on this, yet alone be looking up examples for you. But just search for the phrase on google and you'll see it discussed.

>> No.5478253

You literally posted something auto-translated from fucking Spanish lol.

>> No.5478297

Here's someone using it, then getting called out on it. Do Ctrl-F with the phrase on this page.

I hope this helps.

>> No.5478306

They helped me find more SMT games back in the day after I got the translated version of one off some rom site, so I still appreciate them even though they're worse these days.

>> No.5478324

'reactionary' is simply a Marxist term for anyone who doesn't accept communism.

>> No.5478338

hope i get to see you die, sub human
eat shit

>> No.5478343

fascism is coming back

>> No.5478379

Yeah, I'm grateful for the site introducing me to some great games. I wouldn't have played Popful Mail or Live-a-Live without them.

>> No.5478387

Can you imagine if only people who were experts about the subjects they were writing about wrote articles about those things? That would be amazing for real.

>> No.5478391

Aren't you getting triggered by trigger warnings? It's literally one sentence in an article, if it doesn't apply to you move the fuck on. I agree that it's pretty stupid in pretty much any imaginable case, but god damn do you /pol/tards get upset over the dumbest shit.

>> No.5478398

Is anyone actually calling for these games to be banned? Are these "book burning endeavors" or mere critiques? If the SJWs are wrong then let them be wrong in the free market of ideas, no?

There are surely plenty of games that are apolitical but insisting that every game must be seems like willful self-delusion. I like Tetris as an example of a 'purely apolitical' game for the sake of discussion, but even then I'm tempted to speculate on how it might reflect Soviet-era philosophies on conformity and cooperation.

>> No.5478445

A bold proclamation sir, may you lead us upon your white horse of political justice to a land where Stacey will mate with the superior Gamer gene pool instead of Chad’s inferior ape-like DNA. The gamers SHALL RISE!

>> No.5478483

isn't that domain gone now?

>> No.5478493

My god, I knew HG101 fell to Politically correct bullshit already, but I didn't know it would be that fucking bad

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