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Tomb Raider series:
PC versions or PS1 emulation?
Gamepad or KB+M?
If PC, any mods rec?

Already played TR1 Anniversary and I love Underworld as well. Only played TR2 as a kid but was too difficult for me then.
Can I start with 4 (does it have a tutorial)? I like the Egypt setting.
I'm more interested in puzzles and the Indiana Jones vibe with cool riddles, iconic archeological mythology, complex environment interactions, quiet contemplation and atmosphere, rather than action and traps.

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TombATI/GLRage + John Capon's high resolution textures for TR1:

iOS Textures Mod for TR2:

>inb4 autistic screeching about developer's intent etc

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PC versions, mouse is not usable in these games at all.
TR4 has tutorial, you posted it in op-pic. I'd play them chronologically though.

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how can anyone unironically think this looks good?

>hur dur good graphics is when you don't see pixels/antialiasing

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quiet, you

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>Can I start with 4 (does it have a tutorial)? I like the Egypt setting.
Each TR game adds something new to the game while not changing the core formula. The first three games have Lara's Home which functions as a tutorial area, 4 has it as the first two levels. You're better off playing the earlier ones first as they're great games, and the series escalates in difficulty as it goes on (3 is a real bastard).

Don't bother playing the PS2 remake of 1, it's pretty garbage.

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PC version.
If you can, get the one from Cenega (Polish publisher for TRs). If you can't, get the one from GOG.

As for starting point - any of the first 4 games can be easily your "starter". Personally, I would advise against starting with TR4. It's a great game (probably the best in the entire franchise, all things considered), but it's not exactly newbie friendly. Personally, I would suggest playing TR3 first, then go to TR4, as they are close-enough to give relatable experience and prepare you for the complexity of TR4. TR1 and 2 are lacking in terms of basic movements that create the basis of how to even manouver in TR3 and 4, so they aren't that good if you want to get to TR4 ASAP either.
And unlike what >>5472908 said, I would also discourage from playing chronologically, but that's just my own stance on it. And here's why: first half of TR2 is a god-awful game that then suddenly makes a 180 turn half-way through and turns great. But if you are playing it chronologically, then TR2 is one of your very first impressions of Core-era TR as a whole, which can put a serious damper on things. Then there is the issue of how TR1 aged (not so well).

tl;dr start from TR3 if you don't want to play chronologically, then go directly to TR4. Under any circumstances don't start with TR4, or it might be too hard to be actually enjoyable if your prior experience is only from Anniversary and Underworld.

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How bout no Scott

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>TR4 is not exactly newbie friendly
>I would suggest playing TR3 first

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I only played the first one so far and it was great. I played the PC version patched to look like the PS1 version because I'm autistic. PS1 version has a better save system - you can't save anywhere at any time, which removes any possibility of save scumming and adds more challenge. I'd just emulate the PS1 version.

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>אpril 1st

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>Final version of Croft Manor
>Almost the same set of moves as TR4
>Has vehicle sections that aren't just a gimmick
>Wide variety of enemies and thus teaching you how to kill them
>Traps everywhere, so a nice prep for non-stop traps of TR4
Like I've said, it's a great prep for TLR

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disgusting. rather play at 640x480 even on the worst lcd screen

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I prefer the PC versions because of the save system, particularly in harder games like 2 onwards.
I also have a soft spot for 1 on the N-Gage and Saturn, as shitty as they are, they were impressive for their times.

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I prefer the PC versions because of the save system, particularly in harder games like 2 onwards.
I also have a soft spot for 1 on the N-Gage, as shitty as it is, it was impressive when I played it at the time. Love the Saturn version too.

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I prefer the PC versions because of the save system, particularly in harder games like 2 onwards.
I also have a soft spot for 1 on the N-Gage, as shitty as it is, it was impressive when I played it at the time. Love the Saturn version too.

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Why people doing such mods go over the top with it? I mean there are parts of it that look good and then there are parts that look like shit due to the "upgrade". Just make it to level of TLR or Chronicles, that's all it needs. Instead, almost all people that mod old games to have better textures go overboard with this shit and the whole thing is even more uncanny than the original.

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Not counting obtuse levels of London, TR3 is the perfect balance between puzzles, timed acrobatics, combat and having fun.
Unless, of course, you are insane enough to play the PSX version. Then the whole game is just obtuse nonsense.
But on PC so as long as you push through London once and then just skip-cheat it on every other time you're playing the game, it's great experience fun.

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>Windows XP compatible
... what?
My TRIII runs on Win7 without any issues, so how the hell running on XP is an achievement at all?

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PC versions are perfectly fine. And keyboard controls are more then enough to get you going.

You may definately start with TR 4 - for me it has the best story of them all and some cool levels, but definately check out previous TR games as well. All the stories are self-contained, so you won't spoil yourself by not playing them out of order.
Arguably, my favourite would be TR 3. It feels the most "Tomb Raider" , has some big levels, quite a cozy atmoshpere, it feels challenging and rewarding.

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classic lara best lara

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Was there ever any doubt?

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Do you realize that TR3(1999) was released for win98 in the first place? XP had its problems before SP3.

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Am I only one who doesn't separate classic and lau? Because I like her too.

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Sure, it's pretty much the same Lara - at least in terms of personality, with some backstory differences here and there.

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PC versions all the way. For Tomb Raider 1 you get the ATI 3D Rage patch (no need to play the DOS version anymore). The rest is playable out of the box - just get the GOG versions and apply the widescreen patch (google it).

Use the keyboard, it makes the tank controls more bearable. I can't imagine playing TR with a gamepad. Start with 1 and play them chronological order to appreciate the evolution of the series.

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I don't separate them. At worst I consider them two versions of the same character.
Same with classic comics. It's all Lara.
NuLara is another character with nothing in common (and she sucks).

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>TR3(1999) was released for win98 in the first place
Do you realise it's irrevelant? Or you are too fucking dense to realise it makes no fucking difference for XP?

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>PC version
>If you can, get the one from Cenega (Polish publisher for TRs). If you can't, get the one from GOG.
This, all the way in. It's one of those rare situations where being Polish not only doesn't suck, but actually gives you benefits.

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Never ever emulate games you can just play on PC, unless you like PSX texture warping when you don't have to deal with it.

I actually was using a 360 pad to play TR 2 for a bit, but then just used the keyboard...once you're used to it, it's perfectly fine.

Maybe not recommended mods for the games, but trle.net has tons of fan made levels, so when you're done with the main games you have all that to keep you busy.

TR 2 is great and 3 is good, too, though I haven't finished it...I've never played any of the other Core games, since I'm going in order.

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>Don't bother playing the PS2 remake of 1, it's pretty garbage.

Of course you'd expect this kind of opinion from people who shut out the modern world and regress to their childhood games of safety, damning anything older than 1999 as a rule. No, TR Anniversary is better than the original. Maybe if someone remade the original using the level editor it would be fine, but the whole thing is pretty much a turd in hindsight.

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Where are her tits? Even Nu Lara has a bigger rack than that.

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You can't have both bare skin and tits nowadays.

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Anon... There was a TR1 port on PS2. Anniversary was for PS3. Thanks for telling us you are a scrub that doesn't know shit about the subject in question, while projecting himself as the oracle of knowledge.

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What did he mean by this?

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>Better than TR1
Since when dumbing down levels and streamlining them to the point there is no way but forward is "better"? Or you mean the arena boss fights with QTEs as "improvement"?
Get bend, Anni is nu-Lara tier garbage

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The levels in Anniversary had way more interaction and better design, it's the rest of the game that sucked.

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>Anniversary was for PS3

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More interaction - yes.
Better design? Who are you fucking kidding here? Literally THE ONLY time where Anni has better design than the ancient TR1 is the "Fire Columns" room. Everything else is streamlined, which is an achievement all by itself, considering how uninteractive and limited TR1 engine and thus design capacity was

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You can fuck off along with them

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t.Anniversary fag

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Tomb Raider 1's levels were linear as fuck outside of St. Francis' Folly which was more a vertical corridor with some minor paths to the side.

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Tell us where exactly TR1 does level design better then, incel.

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>Tell anons to go fuck themselves with Anni
>Get called Anni-fag

He's not me, but since we reached the level of incels already, I will just agree with him:

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I kinda liked Tomb Raider when I was young. Now as an Adult I think these games are complete and utter shit.

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Adults cant have shit taste too

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Adults can have shit taste too

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When was the last time you've played those games?

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TR1 is better on PS1, for the rest go with PC.

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But Anniversary IS garbage. Takes to be a literal zoomer who started around LAU times to have anything, but contempt toward it. Game was flat-out bad and bugged, while in the same time heralding nu-Lara games with the attitude of the new dev toward "improving" "origin story"

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Except it was Toby Gard who made changes? Comparing lau and nuLara is just silly.

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About a year ago I tried the first two again.

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Opposite here. Couldn't be bothered with em when I was young other than for titties, but played 1 and 2 recently and thought they were good shit.

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I only got into TR because of Lara.

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No he didn't. Have you even bothered to listen to the audio track prepared by him? But then again, if you did, we wouldn't have this conversation right now.

Different anon, but why TR2 in particular? If I were to go back to any of those games after a long break, it would definitely be TR3, the most "Tomb Raidery" of them all.

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What track, you mean commentary? I only played it once.

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Once you finish the game, you unlock an option to have audio commentary on replays. So there are an "audio crystals" on your path through the level and once you run into them, you have an audio prepared by Gard and Jason Botta (creative director from Crystal Dynamics), comparing original game, Gard's ideas and what the Crystal's team(s) came up when working on the game. Essentially, the bottom line is Gard was basically a PR stunt with close to no impact on making of Anniversary as such and only could "help as a consultant" once the basic design was finished. So the levels were already made when he became "involved" and his involvement boiled down to comments on concept arts (levels already made, remember) and providing the commentary to the finished game.
tl;dr Gard did shit on Anni and once his contract-based gag requirement was over, he went very open he only took the job, because they've paid him handsomly for just sitting in a chair and he REALLY needed that money.

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What was his actual involvement in the rest of the trilogy? I think I've seen somewhere(maybe on his linekedin) that he staged cutscenes.

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Why? What's good about the Polish version and where can I get it?

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>you will never put your head up to Lara's belly and listen to her intestines whine softly

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Aside from the fact that you get all pre-2013 TR games in one package (TR1-5, AoD, LAU) Cenega version is more stable than the GOG version, has built-in widescreen fix for the older versions, doesn't have musical glitches that show up in the GOG version has and most importantly, has built-in expansions for TR1-3 - something that GOG doesn't have in their offer. And good luck trying to get The Last Artifact from anywhere else.

And TR:AoD comes with the fanpatch that fixes a lot of bullshit bugs by default, if I remember correctly. And beyond that, there are soundtracks, concept arts, movies, trailers and that sorta shit on a bonus discs.
And back in the day it was dirt-cheap. We are talking maybe 15 bucks for the whole pack.

As though where you can find it - if you are not Polish, try maybe Amazon or Allegro - Polish equivalent of Amazon. I don't guarantee that the price will be as low as it used to be though.

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1. Fully adjusted for 64bit OS, without any hijinks, while easy and full support for mods that are out there
2. Comes with GOLD (GOG version doesn't)
3. And all the extra materials that were ever released for each of Core games and LAU
4. The entire pack costs 65 złotych, which is like 16 euro; even if you include shipping, it's still a steal

The downside is LAU has language settings only for English, Polish, Czech and Hungarian subtitles (and only English audio), so forget about playing it in French, German or Spanish, but other than that, it's the best release out there. And if you are into it solely for Core games, then you couldn't find a better offer.

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Oh, right, I forgot about the patch on AoD, but this is something that's just nautral for me (never played it without the patch), so I tend to forget about it.

Anon, Cenega is still selling it, with brand new copies on the market.

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Zippo. He was credited as obviously "inventor" and they also gave him credit for being a consultant, but from what's known, he did absolutely nothing beyond a handful of phone calls during early stages of development.
Already covered. Supposedly cutscenes are his job, but I doubt that. They are too far away from originals in terms of tone and concept, so go figure. Also, he was brought in relatively late.
He was part of the level design team. The reason why Thailand and Mexico are so fucking great is partially his job, since he was given more or less a free reign on those sections after initial concept for locations was pitched and picked. I repeat, more or less, since it wasn't exactly fully free and he wasn't the only person working on those, but he did leave his inprint nontheless. The big calendar puzzle in Mexico was based on his concepts, or so the word goes.

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Proud of being a Slav.

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Is there any way to torrent this version?

>> No.5479230

I don't think so - it was strictly a physical edition.
If you understand Polish or are willing to apply google translate, you might search for Tomb Raider Ultmate Edition on chomikuj.pl - a Polish filesharing page. Most of the ISO's of this edition were removed, but there are still some that are active.

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I'm currently finishing my tour, I will be home by Monday or maybe even Sunday evening.
Make sure this thread lasts till then and I will throw at you links for the Core games (because those are small enough to fit into zippyshare weight limit)

Chomikuj recently went through another purge. Sorry, those few remaining versions still hidden here and there were removed, too.
Ironically, the fuck-huge library of books I've scanned during my uni years is still up, so I guess piracy is fine as long as it serves educational purposes.

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Okay, thanks.

Well, can someone please explain what's up with controls in the PC versions? If I'm guessing correctly, there is no mouselook and the game uses tank controls without another option? Is the game really annoying to control because of it?

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No, quite the contrary. It works like a set of precision tools. Once the initial "shock" of tank controls wears out (so go for Croft Manor first and finish the training course there or just unravel the puzzles), Core games play like a charm

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Sweet. Any other tips for someone starting out on core games?

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If you never played any Core game, start with TR3. It's the game where they've figured everything out and the engine reached "full 3D". TR1 and 2 had their issues with aging, 2 is frustrating for newcomers (first half, the second one kicks ass, but getting there requires to obviously beat the first half).
Go to Croft Manor first, make sure you understand all the moves (especially side-jumps, rolls and sprinting). Then just go through the game.
Three tips tips:
1) Pick Nevada first when prompted. You will thank me later.
2) That waterfall canyon in Nevada Desert? You can climb out of it. To do it, one of the jump requires from you to NOT push grab (so Ctrl). This way Lara will have slightly longer arc in her jump and reach the ledge, rather than dropping into water. You will understand once being there... Or you know, just reload to the time before you ended up there, unless you really need those 2 shotgun shells that are on the bottom of the canyon.
3) You are allowed to cheat-skip London levels. They're shit, they're long and they are fucking boring, not to mention how annoying the timed bits in the mare, all while being Urban Raider. So no shame in just skipping this crap, because you literally miss nothing of value. They are so bad they don't even fit the narrative of the game as such, which is an achievement all by itself, given the "complexity" of TR3's plot

>> No.5479806

Oh, and one more thing:
Lara can still shoot while doing all the crazy acrobatics. Don't stand still, run and jump. And when facing enemies with firearms, run TO them and PAST them, then roll and put a shot or seven in their back, while they are busy firing in direction where you were second ago. This way you will avoid getting damaged and score easy kills.

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I guess learn the controls, try to understand how the "grid" works (you'll notice that Lara moves on a sorta "grid", one step - one tile) - it's not necessary, but will make your life easier if you wish to assess if you can make that one jump, don't get discouraged by spikes in difficulty, explore everything, conserve resources and keep in mind that the combat can be bullshit sometimes - especially against ranged enemies due to Lara having slow reaction times and looooong recovery animations. The games can be overwhelming - especially TR3. I was notoriously lost in that game. I guess TR1 is the easiest, while TR3/4 are the hardest. Also few tips - walking (not running) towards the ledge makes Lara stop right at end of the ledge, useful for making sure you won't accidenty fall down and die. Also walking on spikes doesn't hurt Lara. Surprising, how many people forget that.

>> No.5479832

Semi-related, but very poignant about control scheme:
Unerstanding the grid and how your moves affect the distance you travel is extremely important, because knowing how and when to move, while keeping your head cool is like half of the challenge and most of the fun.

Speaking about spikes:
You can safely crouch in them, too. Which might be needed few times, at least with barbed wire.

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Tomb Raider 3 is probably the hardest old school TR game, it is in no way welcoming to beginners,
I'd recommend either the original or The Last Revelation for newcomers.

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File: 288 KB, 771x1037, tomb_raider_iii__20_years_of_tomb_raider_by_keithbyrne_dam8by0-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, I started the series with TR3. It felt a bit overwhelming at times, but nothing you can't handle. And by getting Lara killed, you learn new things. India gives off a very good first impression - levels are large and sprawling and you feel the scale of it all. And all the cute outfits Lara gets to wear are a nice bonus.

Just for the love of God - pay attention right from the start. You can easily die in literally first few seconds of the game if you haven't figured out how to jump properly yet. This "beginner slide" is a nice introduction to the game.

>> No.5480676

>TR3 is hard
>I recommend TLR instead
Do you want to traumatise anon for life with Temple of Karnak or something? There is no fucking way a complete greenhorn will grasp those levels, especially considering they are interlinked, rather than stand-alone. They are hard with a walkthrough. And then, once you are done with those, there are the two following levels with Semerkhet tombs, so even if anon would somehow survive Karnak, those two are easily going to chew him and spit out. TLR is hard all by itself. When it's your first game, you might have problem to even find a way to turn the game off.
And just like the other anon, I've "started" with 3 too and it was perfectly fine. By "started" I mean "the first TR that roped me in and in the same time didn't threw out due to boredom (TR2) or difficulty (TLR)". Meanwhile, India is fucking fantastic and then, as long as you don't go for London, everything is perfectly fine. Fuck London.

>> No.5480684

TR3 is hard only and only if you play the PSX version, due to severe lack of save points. On PC, it's the most player-friendly TR from Core.

>> No.5480734

I have Anniversary on the PS2 along with Legend, maybe you need to actually do some googling before you decide that I don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm 33.

I played the original game on my uncle's PC back when it came out, then a demo for Chronicles I think it was that was on the Tomb Raider movie DVD...never really cared much for them at those times. I rented Anniversary on the PS2 because I had a free rental coupon at Blockbuster so I figured I try it out and liked it, so I bought it and Legend, then picked up Underworld later as well. I got Nu Raider for free on 360, beat it, never touched it again...it feels nothing like how Tomb Raider should.

I think you're one of those people too stuck in the past who think everything has to stay the same or it's shit...guess what? the first Tomb Raider reboot series was good, because it still felt like Tomb Raider, just like how the new Resident Evil 2 is also good, despite not sticking strictly to the old ways of doing RE.

>> No.5480739

>When it's your first game, you might have problem to even find a way to turn the game off.
Well, obviously, you bring up Menu options by pressing "P" instead of Esc like in previous games. Even recently, this had me stumped. I had a lengthy break from TR series and forgot about this interface clusterfuck. So, I just kept hitting Alt+F4, confused why I can't simply go from inventory to options menu like in previous games and how the fuck do I quit the game.

>> No.5480747

>I have Anniversary on the PS2 along with Legend
Yeah, I remember Legend being released on both PS3 and PS2 simultainously. It apparently ran and looked like shit on PS2, but it had it's release there.

And I personally don't mind LAU games. I don't like them nearly as much as the originals, the mechanics were much different, but the fun, colorful feel of the Core games was there and that series had some potential. I would definately take them over the nu-TR. I actually hope that TR series someday returns to that style of game over this drab and sad Uncharted clone, maybe with some improved platforming. Something like PoP:SoT or Mirror's Edge parkour would be cool.

>> No.5480751

>body of 33
>mind of 13

>> No.5480752

Sums up this whole board

>> No.5480843

But this board is past 40 and has a mind of a 5 yo as a whole, anon.

>> No.5480848

>Mirror's Edge parkour would be cool.
In TPP, sure.
In FPP, it's a confusing mess that literally demands to have points of interests and reachable areas marked in bright colour, or you will never know if you can make it, since measuring distance in FPP is oftentimes impossible.

>> No.5480851

>if you don't share my opinion, you're %insult_name%
You're childish here.

>> No.5480856

Yeah, I was actually thinking TPP as befits Tomb Raider. If there is one thing that sucks the most in nu-TR it is the platforming. Lara moves like a slippery slug. Core Lara was also a bit weird to steer because of tank controls, but the controls themselves were very tight and precise.

>> No.5480893

It has nothing about sharing or not your opinion. It's you getting aggitated about a 12 year old game, itself a remake of a 23 year old game. So while (supposedly) being 33, you act like a teenager, overzealously talking about something utterly insignificant and a non-issue, then getting defensive about your stance on said non-issue.
Bottom line is: grow up.

Oh, and take into account 4chan is more than just one person. At this age, you should be well-aware of that, even if you are on mental level of a teen.

nu-Lara has auto-acceleration and automated movement. So while she herself moves in more fluid way, her interaction with environment is even more mechanical and "stiff" than in TR1. I find it ironic, especially given the obsessive "this is realism now" marketing nu-Lara receives.

>> No.5480912

>It has nothing about sharing or not your opinion
It was exactly about sharing opinions, autistic screech comes always from core purists.
>Oh, and take into account 4chan is more than just one person. At this age, you should be well-aware of that, even if you are on mental level of a teen.
Yeah, this is exactly applies to you, I'm not the original poster. You think everybody shares your opinion on this /vr/ echo-chamber.

>> No.5481317

>nu-Lara has auto-acceleration and automated movement.
LAU has more or less the same. The acceleration is semi-auto, but for the most part, you don't really need a run-up. The actual difference comes with how the movement is handled itself. nu-Lara can do Mario jumps, changing her direction mid-air. And we are talking about complete change of direction, so you can jump off a cliff and then mid-air just change the angle of your "move", to take a turn mid air, basically flying. Certain moments instead demand from you outright performing double jump, so you get a momentum mid-air, jumping higher. Like what the fuck?!
The automatisation of movement is especially annoying in the latest one, where you have entire sequences that are extremely linear "move forward", while the game changes into a semi-interactive cutsece (where your only impact is pressing forward). So it's not even a QTE, but neither it's a regular gameplay or a cutscene. There is a moment very early on where you are running away from flashflood and the entire corridor gets covered in water. It's presented as the SUPER intense moment, with bombastic music in the background and all sort of scary animation...
... but it's a walking simulator. You can only walk forward and then swim forward.
But personally,. I think nu-Lara managed to top everything in the '13 game. Very early on, like 5 minutes in, after you leave the first cave you wake up in and the title screen shows up, you have to traverse a ravine on a log. Thing is - you can't fall off. You just can't. There is no fucking way to lose your balance (despite the game giving you "off balance" animation) and you can't jump off it, either.
And all nu-Lara games are like that. Absolutely fake tension about something that just can't fail and only requires from you to have your forward button pushed.

>> No.5481319

> OpenLara
> zero hits

is it shit?
is it not authentic enough to be /vr/ material?

I've tried it and found it pretty much feature-complete

I was not able to set up the ogg/mp3 red book audio, though..

>> No.5481321

Not even part of your discussion, but thanks fucker for getting this thread auto-saged with your drama. Congrats. So much for me delivering Core games for another anon.

So as you might notice, the thread is already on auto-sage due to some overdramatic cunt that doesn't know how anonymous imageboards work. I will instead make a new TR turn by Sunday/Monday or post the links in any other TR thread that will be set up by then. If none, then I will just make one.

>> No.5481325

It's not bad, but it has so many issues, no fucking point playing it. As in - really, no fucking point playing it, because you can just boot with ease Core games and have none of the bugs that are in OpenLara.
Most importantly, OpenLara brings nothing new on the table. TRLE does the same shit for literally 20 years and is just plain better. Core games work just fine on their own. This ultimately makes OpenLara pointless.

>> No.5481326

>the thread is already on auto-sage due to some overdramatic cunt that doesn't know how anonymous imageboards work.
no, it's not.

>> No.5481798

As the other anon said - no real point playing it. It's completely superflous

>> No.5481808

FOR THOSE asking about a Good, fixed and STABLE TR download
why not create a fucking mega or gdrive with it like what /vr/ did to preserve Legacy of Kain?

Save all versions in it and share here.
At this rate its good to preserve all of those versions in case of Emergency.

>> No.5481819

I played the classics on retroarch
Using savestates really made the experience more pleasant, since you skip the 2 minutes of reloading a save when you fuck up.
>Strictly not savescamming.
>Savestates in 3?? PC allowed save wherever on PC, so yes.
Also play them on a 1:1 resolution and use a nice CRT/NTSC filter

>> No.5483382

sounds too good to be true tbqhfampai

>> No.5485493
File: 33 KB, 304x408, completelyerect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5485496

please post it anon, i'd be indebted with your life

>> No.5485573

>That open lara you can play in fps
Can I play tr3 in fps?

Inbox why would you want this?
>Because I do

>> No.5486068

I've tried in the past and the mega folder with TR1-5 got purged.

>> No.5486136

ANON for the love of god, find a way to upload this one

even on gdrive

>> No.5486483

why the hate for TR2? I thought Barkhang Monastery onward was great

>> No.5486498

>Fuck London

Fuck everything about London. A walkthrough is like 45 minutes for one level, but a first time playthrough is 45 days.

>> No.5486524

Posting mega links on 4chan in general is a good way to get them taken down. All it takes is one guy to report it to whoever can send a DMCA, and it's gone. I remember a lot of great /co/-related megas got killed thanks to people having a mega link thread.

>> No.5486561

It's not a bad game. It's just uneven. And it just takes forever to get to the good stuff.
The Great Wall is really fun. But afterwards you are stuck in modern Italy - which are rather boring, visually drab city levels. Oil rig is not interesting at all and Maria Doria is a long, confusing area that goes on for too long. But after you hit Tibet, the game finds its footing and becomes really good.

>> No.5486820

Nobody hates it.
But the problem is, it's two games mashed into single title. First half is fucking horrible, with all the city raiding and the shipwreck levels dragging forever. Comes second part, starting from Tibet and it's a completely different game that's fun to play. So pretty much what >>5486561 already said. On my replays, I always just grab saves from Tibet and ignore all the Venice, oil rig and Maria Doria levels.
In fact, those levels are the reason why I discourage newfags from playing TRs chronologically. Because if their 2nd game in the row is TR2, then chances are they will drop it either during oil rig or shipwreck levels. And thus never continue with the rest of the series, or the game itself when it finally gets good

>> No.5486832

To be honest, I finished London only once and solely for the completion's sake. That was during my... I think it was 5th time I was going through TR3. All the previous times I just cheat-skip levels from it (or the entire thing), because there is a limit how many times one can run back and forth through a drab warehouse or the same corridor of metro. The less said about Lud's Gate, the better. London feels like something designed by a sadist.

>> No.5486894

this needs to be uploaded doods.

>> No.5486973

I never played the PS3 version of Legend, but the 360 version has all this bullshit shading and bloom that makes it look way worse than the PS2 version to me. Like someone took a PS2 game and added one of those realistic Minecraft shaders to it and called it a day.

>> No.5486978

>overzealously talking about something utterly insignificant and a non-issue, then getting defensive about your stance on said non-issue

But...isn't that literally what your post is also doing? You're not free of autism just because you're opinion is yours. You're free to not like something, but if you want to be a cunt about it and declare how loudly you don't like something, then be prepared to receive a rebuttal in the same vein.

>> No.5486985

The anon announced to post it in the evening, it's barely morning.

Different anon, but most people ITT are interested in getting GOLD games and/or talking why TR2 is getting flak, despite being (in relative values) best rated and selling TR to date.

>> No.5487023

Looks stale, lifeless, and completely incompatible with the initial presentation value. Looks like some kid's shitty source mod. I literally played this for the first time 2 days ago on ps1 and I was in love with what I saw. This looks like something I wouldn't even glance at on steam.

>> No.5487041
File: 972 KB, 2042x768, hautbig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but the 360 version has all this bullshit shading and bloom that makes it look way worse than the PS2 version to me. Like someone took a PS2 game and added one of those realistic Minecraft shaders to it and called it a day.
Yep, it pretty much was like this. "next-gen" ps3/xb360 graphics was clearly half-assed.

>> No.5487050

>mfw Legend came with "Next-Gen" graphics setting and my video card back then was too weak to turn it on

>> No.5487194

I kinda like it. A little bit of boob texture shading goes a long long way. Her face looks wrong though

>> No.5487264
File: 243 KB, 797x1243, Here I am, rock you like a hurricane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this work?
It's just TR1 and the installer is obviously in Polish, but I need to know if it works. If so, I will start setting up the rest

>> No.5487285

Not the anon interested, but I checked if how the installer works. Works fine.

>> No.5487286

Depends on location, really. Nepal looks MUCH better in next-gen, for example.

>> No.5487289

Ok, so let's go with the rest of it. I will stick to zippyshare, since... well, zippyshare. GOD Games is dead for few months now, yet all their zippy links are still up.

>> No.5487301

Ok, so it's already uploading, TR2-5 + TR2 Gold and TR3 Lost Artifact. Will be ready in about 12 minutes.
AoD is almost 2 GB, so I would rather know if I need to even bother with it, since it takes about 20 minutes to upload with my crappy net.

>> No.5487316
File: 44 KB, 700x1040, Aragorn protects.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, to keep track of it all
>TR1 + GOLD (Unfinished Business)

>TR2 + GOLD (The Golden Mask)


>TR3 GOLD (The Lost Artifact)

>TR: The Last Revelation (TR4)
You need both, since zippyshare had 500 MB limit and the full installer weights 577 MB

>TR: Chronicles (TR5)

>> No.5487321

>Pice related
I knew this fucking pointless statue will find some use eventually.

>> No.5487332

You would be amazed how much money it generated as a tourist trap, pilgrimage destination and thanks to all those idiots doing "ironic" tourism there. The deal with internet provider is just for the maintenance of the statue itself, making money all year round regardless of tourism and pilgrims.
Best Aragorn statue ever build.

Also, working on AoD just in case

>> No.5487353
File: 11 KB, 512x448, ng-finally... some good fucking cunny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you based anon. Doing god's work. I have TR 1-5 on PS1 physical and everything on GOG but it's such a pain to get the expansions running properly and the PS1 versions have no expansion capability

>> No.5487359
File: 178 KB, 1080x1080, 1552429228295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking BASED

>> No.5487371
File: 468 KB, 1880x2700, The only playable version of AoD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TR: Angel of Darkness (TR6)

>> No.5487381

Aren't there any share threads on /vr/, similar to the one from /tg/?

>> No.5487392

*tips fedora*

>> No.5487430


>> No.5487493

Jesus, I already have them on Steam but this is amazing. Thanks a lot, anon.

>> No.5487525
File: 1.81 MB, 541x346, tumblr_o5ghrtLWNl1uyhz1po2_1280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5487574

they're all coming up as 403:forbidden

>> No.5487580

They work for me.

>> No.5487584

zippyshare is now banned in uk apparently, managed to get them by switching vpn on

>> No.5487604

HAIL Article 13...

>> No.5487621

My condolences

>> No.5487701

The actual joke is: Brits are leaving EU and are the only country where zippy got banned

>> No.5487704

blessed post

>> No.5487731

hmm only the left analog stick on a 360 controller works, none of the other buttons. the readme says to look at manual but all the manuals are in polish

>> No.5487734

Which game? Maybe I will be able to fish it out for you.
And honestly - why not keyboard?

>> No.5487740

tried 1 and 2 so far. I grew up playing it with a controller plus i have problems with the joints in my fingers, it's a lot less painful to use a controller lol

>> No.5487747

Can't you customize your controller input in menu options? You can defibately rebind your keyboard inputs, so I assume this will be also the case with a controller.

>> No.5487764

yeah been trying to but it keeps scrolling through everything super fast and locking all the inputs to joy1

>> No.5487770

I'm sorry to inform, but the instruction (paperback) is entirely about keyboard and only mentions briefly you can use controller instead, along with how to switch to controller (but that's something you can do without the instruction, just by entering in-game options)
Sorry, can't help you. Have you tried other controller?

>> No.5487772

i only have a 360 one, but thanks for trying to help anon

>> No.5487782

And the only controller I've got at hand to test is a joystick for airplane games, so not exactly capable to recreate your issue, either.
The only thing I can advise is to try following:
1) Windows-calibrate your controller (yes, I know this is ancient, but so is the game)
2) Disconnect the controller
3) Run the game with keyboard
4) Go to control settings in-game and access User Keys
5) Hook up the controller
6) Try to set up User Keys using the controller instead
That's the only thing that comes to mind, but there is absolutely zero guarantee it will actually work.

>> No.5487791

i'll give it a bash in the morning, always wanted to play the expansions but couldn't get them on ps1 obviously. thanks for the help bud :)

>> No.5487803
File: 207 KB, 500x909, jackpot-29194105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, he actually delivered!

>> No.5487816

I have a challenge to EIDOS. In the next Tomb Raider, create a storyline in which Lara gets breast cancer. Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Lara Croft still persisting on her worldly adventures despite her illness. It needs fleshing out, no pun intended, but I guarantee the gaming world would be shocked, stunned, and moved by the effort to make Lara's character more meaningful.

>> No.5487818

I've send it over to a friend with entire drawer full of controllers. From his experience, you have to set up the options using keyboard and only when asked for new key in User Keys, providing imput with controller, all the way until you set up all the buttons from the controller. He tried it on two random controllers, a joystick and a PS3 controller. Still, no 360 controller was involved, so hard to tell if this will work.
Hope either of those will work for you.

>mfw Yahtzee's joke premise is a better pitch than 3 nu-Lara games

>> No.5487834

That's not Yahtzee, anon.

>> No.5487839

Didn't he reuse the joke from Gaming in Clinton Years? The version by Woods was strictly about premise of TR3, since, you know, predating the game.

>> No.5487940
File: 170 KB, 494x419, jtight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5487974

He had an episode for... I think it was Anni, where he was making a metric fuckload of jokes about huge tits. And there were various game pitches about tits, too. But he didn't referece Wood's pitch.

Guy did a Painkiller review. Suddenly half of Poland was watching him. And most of those people stayed.

>> No.5488342

DId someoene tried to run the polish TR1 with the win patch?

the dosbox package that comes with the game is sluggish as fuck, even with tweaks

>> No.5488612

...And then he kept on shitting on Witcher games until W3.
Still, despite him being sometimes a contrarian for the sake of it, I find myself agreeing with him more often than not. Like with him having the balls to call out TLoU weak premise and pretentiousness. At the same time he praised Bioshock Infinite that was even more pretentious and dumb IMO.

>> No.5488620

I think it should work. Although, I never had any problems with DosBox version myself.

>> No.5488678

Which OS do you have? It should be working fine even without the patch.

I stayed around solely because he did TR reviews and he more or less voiced my issues with Anni and Underworld. Ultimately his contrarian nature is what made me stick - because if he praises something, then either it's great or he's trolling everyone hard. And then there is nu-Lara with him, where he was too one of few people that had balls to call it out from the stare on being shit-tier

Witcher 1 is bad, Witcher 2 is half-baked. Saying it aloud in Poland is equal with calling Gothic shit

>> No.5488701

I prefer Witcher 1 to Witcher 2. Sue me.
W1 was a barely-working mess but it was really fun and cozy at the same time. It had a very strong atmosphere and by god, they were trying to make a good game. And it was a turning point for Polish vidya - after W1 they suddenly stopped sucking. Aside from maybe Earth 2140/2150 and Painkiller I can't recall any good Polish videogames before Witcher 1.
W2 was just meh. I didn't like it, I didn't hate it. It was just short and quite boring IMO.

>> No.5488715
File: 128 KB, 800x1008, My first vidya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can't recall any good Polish videogames before Witcher 1
Point & click adventure games from the 90s, anon. A metric-fuckload of Amiga stuff. In other words: retro stuff, that's perfectly fine to talk about on /vr/. It was the rise of PC and especially 3D in games that killed Polish vidya industry, since, duh, not enough skills, manpower and technological capacity to make those, taking a decade to even get remotely close to catching-up.
And if I had to select just one title to talk how great they used to be, then definitely The Prince & The Coward. One of the best p&c adventure games ever made, still holding out more than 20 years after premiere.

>> No.5488727

I still regret I gave away my own copy of this game. Took me forever to find it again in the net. It was THE shit, despite the utter simplicity of it.

>> No.5488739

really? nobody mentioned the PowerVR version yet? it's the only version that runs at 60fps, the others are all locked at 30.

>> No.5488776
File: 28 KB, 387x624, 463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thread has Cenega dump
>Yo guys, PowerVR!

>> No.5488813


ill test the winpatch later

also the trmods website still has the tr3-4 model port mod

>> No.5488846

NGage QD!
I still have mine, but the rubber lining has desintegrated, and half of the keypad no longer works.
I remember playing through TR1 with it in its entirety on my way to college, though I played Doom source port more.

>> No.5488850

W1 is almost an NWN module, made on same engine (aurora) too. If you can look at it like that most of its jankiness becomes forgivable.

>> No.5488862

My main issue is the """""plot""""" of it, not how the game looks or plays. It's like something from a really, really bad fan-fic.

>> No.5488871

back, it works perfectly.

because old games tends to HATE modern screen resolutions, thank jewvidia for pushing that, hence why you don't see 640x480 anymore at any screen, and if you play Windowed, it looks "small".

hence why there's always a need to fix those problems.
DFRetro touched on that matter when they did the TR1 video.

im even playing C&C1 using borderless setting 640x480 and it fits the entire screen with no black bars due to the scaling options.
I wish there it was a law that forces gaming companies to release their codes to the public after 5 or 10 years for archiving and general public use, it would save many people from headaches.

>> No.5488878

Here is a solution, mate:
Get an older screen from a flea market or any other place.
No, not the CRT bullshit /vr/ meme. Just a 15'' LCD screen.
Suddenly everything works just fine and hooking one takes 30 seconds.
Wow, soooo hard, better just make ridiculous mod reskinning all textures and make them "hyper-realistic" while keeping the original structure of the game itself untouched!

tl;dr your problem can be solved for literal 5 bucks, instead some moron spend 5 months (or years) delivering a mod that's screaming "uncanny valley" and didn't solve the problem

>> No.5488892

Anon, those Screens tends to die at the 1st power outage, i had those.
Fortunately, there's dgvoodoo or other wrappers that fixes those problems.

now e we need a program that converts or emulates 16bit exe's instead of using virtual machines or retroCpu's

>> No.5488896

What the other anon already said: instead of using panoramic 4k display, get yourself a monitor from 10-15 years ago. Works perfectly fine with all retro games, no bullshit attatched, no convoluted coding mess or rescalling, just playing the game on a cheap-ass clunker monitor.
But better whine and cry how the evil corporations aren't allowing you to play 20+ games on modern rig and hardware that's literally unable to do so, because it wasn't made with that intention (why should it even be!?)

>> No.5488901

Not him, I've got mine since I bought it in 2004. Works just fine. Maybe stop being a crying bitch and use actual solutions, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel? You make a perfect fodder for companies like Ubisoft, that can re-sell ancient shit at full price, because they've made it "HD" and "4k compatible".

>> No.5488903

And fixing one costs a buck. Or buying another for another five.
Or you gonna now tell us you are so fucking poor you can't spend a single dollar on gaming rig. Especially considering the stuff we are talking about here is often discarded for free by offices and corps when they upgrade their work stations, so you can get entire slew of those for free.

>> No.5488915

No him buit i rather be a sheep for those companies

>> No.5488916

>discarded for free by offices and corps
This reminds me when my Thomson died. The guy in the repair shop told me he will nedd 4 days to get the part for replacement, because he just had a deal with local library to fix their old displays. I've asked IT guys in my office if I can get screen from the storage, because I need it to continue my work from home. So I ended up with Samsung monitor that's exactly like mine Thomson, but different brand.
The repair eventually took entire week. I retrived my own monitor on the way to office and then the IT guy asked how's the repair going. Turns out they needed ad-hoc that monitor from storage, so I gave them my Thomson.
Over weekend the manager made a decision to upgrade all displays to panoramic ones. I was left with office's Samsung and nobody wanted it back.
And when it died few years later, I brought it to a Samsung repair service, where I got it fixed free of charge within 30 minutes.
Thank you for reading my blogpost.

>> No.5488920
File: 862 KB, 240x228, gnitsugsiD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Giving publisher money for a game they didn't help to develop or deliver originally and just gained rights to it thanks to handful of mergers over the years
The entire HoMM community is giving you this look now.

>> No.5488924

Settlers community is joining up. And so does the TR one.

>> No.5488940

what? it's still 30fps dosbox shit.

>> No.5489063

Oh shit nigga, I remember that game. It was the perfect balance between simplicity and providing fodder for imagination. so you had twice as good experience in your head than the game really was.

>> No.5489078

Cry more fgt

>> No.5489120

Do you guys think I would be able to play the ports on linux via wine?

>> No.5489143

I started with 4. As I got good in 4 the others were easier. Don't forget 3 jungle is amazing!

>> No.5489182

Man I remember when 4 came out and how big thing it was they finally had lips movement... "Lips" "movement".
And I would argue TR3 has the best "blood in water" effects to this fucking day, despite being 21 year old clunker from 3 generations ago

>> No.5489764
File: 1.30 MB, 500x375, ovauvlvgVo1w75yxgo1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked FMVs in that game.

>> No.5489823

I also remember how impressive it was to have this specific moment:
That fingerprint on the sights was mind-blowing back in the day and the whole cutscene was top-notch. It even managed to age quite well, which can't be said about filtered FMVs from TR1-3

>> No.5490430

I always found them creepy.

>> No.5490535

Well, it's the usual 3D Studio boogaloo, but it does the job. Not even sophisticated for the year, but then again most rendered cut scenes for games weren't because of time and budget constrains. If you wanted top of the line stuff you needed to go see a movie.

>> No.5490716

Do things get better after TR2 because I'm really struggling to push myself through that game?

Playing through the games chronologically. I really liked TR1 BTW.

>> No.5490729

TR3 will be even worse, but you'll probably like TLR.

>> No.5490749

>upgrade graphics to LE EPIC 4K
>everything is still all blocky
Just remake the game in unity or something if the game's original graphics annoy you that much.

>> No.5491074

Unironically get yourself a save-state or cheat your way to Tibetan Foothills in TR2 and pretend there is nothing between 1st and 11th level.
The first half (Venice, oil rig, Maria Doria) of TR2 is fucking horrible. Ignore it and go directly where the fun begins, just watch the handful of cutscenes for shit that happend in-between and you are good to go for Tibet.

And the other anon is lying through his teeth, since TR3 is an improvement in all directions. Including the fact that only London is crap (so just 3 levels, instead of 9). Skip it just like you're supposed to skip shitty bits of TR2.

>> No.5491094

It exists, but Crystal Dynamics is still seething that their SJW pet Project failed and this one aka the 2nd series, is still better.

>> No.5491226

>It exists, but bunch of execs still can't wrap their heads why their marketing department was wrong when betting on SJW angle and why people either lost interest or focus on older games in the franchise.
Because you probably don't know that almost EVERYONE in Crystal Dynamics that worked on LAU either left or got fired between 2009 and 2012, so the only "quality" staying behind nu-Lara was literally company's name.
On related note, Squenix cock-blocked Nicobass' TR2 remake on Unreal Engine, simply because they became paranoid it might attract people away from incoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider premiere. Now Shadow is out, bombed horribly anyway and Nicobass still can't make the game, because they told him demo is all he can do, unless he wants to get his ass sued.

>> No.5491234

and what is the problem on doing the project behind their backs and claim that someone here at 4chins released it?
FO4CW did the same and now they are back

>> No.5491261

>and what is the problem on doing the project behind their backs and claim that someone here at 4chins released it?
It's called "copyright infringement lawsuit", anon. A possibility of serving a jailtime between half a year and 15 years, depending on country, along with being fined through the noose, so your grand-kids will be rainsing their grand-kids to pay the debt.

>> No.5491262

And before you start typing a reply - we are talking Squenix here. They are paranoid about copyright stuff.

>> No.5492030

A lot of those people might have left, but it seems the sentiment of having a hate boner for Core, their games and it's fans is still prevalent.

>> No.5492058

Kind of hard to sue someone if they don't even know who you are or where you released your project...

>> No.5492084

What hate are you talking about in LAU?

>> No.5492457

Thanks anon, I'll probably just push through then and play the rest of the series. I actually just quit at the start of the Tibetan level so its all good

>> No.5493214

Nice projection, anon

Nicobass would still get his ass sued, because even if not him posted the project, the blame would be on him for making it.
I don't know, do you have mental capacity of a 5 year old or something? Or just plain don't understand the concept of copyright infringement?

>> No.5493781

The fuck you are trying to insist on here? What fucking hate boner during LAU you are even talking about?

>> No.5493789

Just beat TR2. Overall, I was disappointed.
I beat TR1 in February for the second time (first time was like 10 years ago, I didn't remember much from it) and I fucking loved it.

Second one was...eh? I hate how much shooting there is and the human enemies are garbage. But by far the worst shit was how most environments weren't tombs or ancient, buried places.
Whoa, Venice. And then a rig. And then a ship etc. Just, not my thing. I wish there was an equivalent to Egypt in TR2.

How's 3? Should I take a break or start it right away?

>> No.5493804

Go right for it in following order: India (duh), Nevada, London (skip-cheat it), South Pacific, finale
This way you are going to get the best experience out of it (you can actually pick London any time you want, since you are skipping it anyway). London is city raider, and pretty bad. But it's just 3 levels, as opposed to 9 levels of this crap in TR2.
India and South Pacific are THE shit. Literally best thing possible. The finale is also good, with some sick ideas thrown in.

And you are another person to confirm that yup, first half of TR2 is fucking shit.

>> No.5493824

You've just finished the most shitty one. It's only better from here. And yeah, all what >>5493804 said already.
After TR3 go right for TR4 and you are going to have a perfect time with it. No city bullshit, just tombs, temples and similar.

>> No.5494770


>> No.5494775

ESL poster

>> No.5494785

faggot poster

>> No.5494787

brainlet attention whore
I command you to give me a free (you)

>> No.5494792

TR2 is the best game, retard

>> No.5494796

Thanks for the free (you) slaveboy

>> No.5494882

... if you skip the first half

>> No.5494910

>waaah waaah
>muh Egypt

>> No.5494982

I would say go for it. It's a bit more "story-heavy" although every "set" of levels feel like a standalone episode to a TV series. At the very least India is a good palette cleanser and India levels are very well done - ut's more in line with classic TR1 than TR2.

As for the other locations: I don't hate London as much as everyone else, it has a rather distinct "noir" atmosphere, something that Venice lacked. Some levels may drag, but I would take it over Italy inTR2. So to each it's own.

Nevada for me is boring though. It's a combat heavy Half-Life level with a lot of gun-toting enemies. Still, I would suggest you beat Nevada first due to it having an obligatory "we stole all your equipment again" level. If you do it last you might be a bit fucked later on.

And South Pacific is pure badass. It's probably the best location in the game.

Antarctica is also pretty fun. Suddenly the games starts ripping off "the Thing" aesthetically, but it's a good and pretty difficult "finale level".

>> No.5495298
File: 2.10 MB, 1200x1800, 54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having an obligatory "we stole all your equipment again" level
Do you think something bad could happen to Lara in situations like this?

>> No.5495702

... what?
No, literally what the fuck. The hell my post has to do with Egypt?

... like getting locked in an American prison?

>> No.5495881
File: 982 KB, 1024x767, tr_iii___nevada_desert_vol2_by_sk8terwawa-d34bynj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Among other things, if you know what I mean.

>> No.5495990

Not getting access to wifi, tv and decent food?
I mean it is bad, but she's been through worse.

Still, the fact that they steal your equipment AGAIN is horrible. How can you be so cruel.

>> No.5496219

TR3 was my first one, so it was "ok, I'm in prison, no gear, fine".
Then I learned people are extremely pissed about lack of ammo and medpacks.
Then I played TR2 and I understood why.

Still, makes sense to me you lose all your shit. They should also take the Infada Stone.

>> No.5496449

TR2 is clearly an attempt to run on the Indiana Jones comparison as you simply swap her out for him and call it an Indiana Jones game with little issue (barring taking the time period back).

I liked the oil rig levels

>> No.5496980

It makes sense. Just change the time period to WWII and swap Bartollis goons for Nazi Germany - they even have their equivalent of swastikas - and you have an Indiana Jones story. Together with the main bad guy getting fucked over by a mcguffin.

>> No.5497556

I'm done with India and Nevada. So far it's much, much better than 2.

>> No.5497763 [DELETED] 

Skip-cheat London, do South Pacific (best part of the game in my book) and go for the finale. Have fun!
Just DON'T play through London, or you're going to get your whole experience ruined.

>> No.5497765

Skip-cheat London, do South Pacific (best part of the game in my book) and go for the finale. Have fun!
Just DON'T play through London, or you're going to get your whole experience ruined.

Sorry for trip-faggotry, running a builder on /qst/

>> No.5497773

Why do you guys like her?

>> No.5497834
File: 25 KB, 320x444, screen80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's perfect without trying hard.

>> No.5497894

I'm still sad Lara has had almost 20 games so far, and poor Indy has only had a hand full, most being either text based or point and click.

>> No.5497897

>US military base
Um no. At worst maybe someone will draw a dick on her face or something.
>Literally any of the other places she goes to
With a body like hers, you'd be pretty naive to think otherwise.

>> No.5497912
File: 470 KB, 1280x720, 7ee1bdbc624dced85c5d8a7d6c905c8dd38e5aa2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>draw a dick on her face or something

>> No.5497917

You genuinely have to be new to the series/too young to be aware of the intense rivalry that existed between Crystal Dynamics and Core Design, that while has abated somewhat is still there. See "waaah Cores games were problematic we need to make Lara more progressive" shtick they were going for with the last three games.
I wasn't referring to him, but anyone in general.
Literally no one, other then crusty kike fucks, cares as long as your not making money off of it. Even then, you could "update" things a bit such as changing her name, hair style, maybe clothes, etc. and there would be jack shit they'd be able to do about it. It wouldn't be the first time a mod became it's own standalone game, or a game got released that was heavily based off of another IP or franchise.

>> No.5498002

She's fun and cool. I like her games.
Which kinda amuses me - the cool, badass and resourceful Lara that kicks all kinds of ass is being considered "sexist".

While the nu-Lara that constantly gets her shit kicked out of her, is shown grossly incompetent and overly-emotional is the "strong and feminist one". Fun times we live in.

>> No.5498008

I would suggest to give the London a chance anyway. If anon doesn't like it, he may always skip it. I know people who like those levels. I myself don't mind them. So who knows.

>> No.5499629

>Good run with a game and enjoying yourself
>Hey anon, you should totally try London!
>You gonna love those drab, dark warehouses with nothing interesting in them and constant back-and-forth!

>> No.5499632

Anon, I'm since this franchise since it started. Like I've said, stop projecting shit, because you somehow managed to mangled fandom relationships with how the company operates, including who was calling shots over making games and pushing retarded boogemen into all of it.
In other words - you ousted yourself as a newfag. Get lost

>> No.5500201

I'm currently playing Underworld again on the PC and was wondering what's the best option to tackle the Xbox-exclusive DLCs in this time and age.

Do I have to buy an Xbox to play them or are there other options?

>> No.5500636

Sorry to inform, but thanks to Squenix taking over, there are no plans to make a PC port - there were plans to it right before they bough Eidos.

>> No.5501067
File: 87 KB, 404x404, -__-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being this fucking dense and in the same time being of legal age and having voting rights

>> No.5501576

What does Toby Gard even do these days?

Anyone getting intense lag in TR2?

>> No.5501652

Does is start lagging when you use flares for instance, or there are a lot of lightning effects? Check the compatibility mode. If it runs in Win95 just turn it off. Worked for me.

>> No.5501717

So why did these games get low scores after the second one? Even Chronicles is somewhat fun, at least a 7/10

>> No.5501882

Only when initiating The Gold Mask - takes few seconds to boot. So I expect that must be some programming hijinks to make them install together or something.
No other issues noticed

As for Gard - he made one of the Ninja Gaiden games and then started his company (3rd? 4th?) to make Here They Lie. Let's put it blunt: ever since quitting Core, he didn't made anything that anyone would notice. Think about him more like an Idea Guy that happend to have a competent team when making TR than anything else. Of course, he's not 100% Idea Guy, but pitching concepts is still his strongest side. And those concepts, sans TR, were all pretty much meh

>> No.5501891

Which is about the score it got.
The problem is in over-saturation. Back in the day, TR was Ass Creed of its period: each year another game, almost identical to the previous one, with just minor improvements here and there. So from contemporary perspective, the game got extremely repetitive.
In ironic twist of fate, TR4 was ravaged as "worst game ever in the series" and just few years later is considered the peak of Core games, since, duh. But the original context of decreasing scores and acclaim was the over-saturation. Should they've stick to Core's idea of how to manage this franchise, TR2 wouldn't happen before '98 (or maybe '99) and TR3 would be on PS2 and wouldn't be released prior to '01. By '01 the franchise was on life support thanks to shitting a new title each November for past 5 years. Which was standard policy of Eidos - to shit out as many games within a series (or MAKE a series out of one-shot games) that struck gold. Then discard the company who did those games, especially when said company was working on commission rather than percentage. Which is the reason why Core and LGS went out of business - they've been essentially cucked out of the profit, which Eidos then squandered anyway and spiralled itself into debt by '02

>> No.5501897

So that's why even LAU were released yearly and felt unfinished/ rushed? Because of Eidos?

>> No.5501915

Crystal Dynamics, at least as far as the departments responsible for MAKING games, didn't even want to make Anniversary. It was their management pushing for it and Eidos ultimately decided that yup, it's a great idea to stick all TR games in single studio (which was the argument used by Crystal execs), so what could possible go wrong if we handle 10th anniversary game to studio that's already very busy making next TR (Underworld) and has almost no manpower left to work on the 10th anniversary game.
Ultimately, "B Team" from Crystal and bunch of randos from Buzz Monkey Software (they worked on PSP port of Legend) were the people working on Anniversary, while also sapping some of the manpower from Underworld. They didn't make it with Anni to deliver on the 10th anniversary (almost a year over-time) AND they've had to work on Underworld with less people that they could and should, while also having to rewrite bits of the game to fit the continuum from Anni (since they didn't exactly grasp those games work best when stand-alone). And since Eidos pushed and pushed hard for 2008 release, Underworld ended up unpolished and with the infamously bad camera work.

>> No.5501990
File: 1.12 MB, 2466x3219, lca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, they're even worse than eidos. Lara is unlucky when it comes to publishers.

>> No.5501992

The new games might be mediocre to dogshit but at least Square gives the devs as long as they need to make them.

>> No.5502000

You just can't make movie game in a year.

>> No.5502101

>but at least Square gives the devs as long as they need to make them
... nope
They still give them unrealistic crunch time and even more unrealistic expectations toward the reception. The difference is they expect a 5 year long project to be finished in 3 years, while under Eidos, a 2 year projects were expected to be finished in 11 months.
And considering the extreme mishandling of marketing (which is on Squenix side), they are even worse than Eidos here. I'm not talking "muh bugeyman pandering" bullshit. I'm talking how they are making a triple A game and give it close to no marketing, while it's a clearly hype-driven title at this point, rather than loyality-based one.

>> No.5502334

Thoughts on the expansions? I think Unfinished Business has some of the best TR1 levels. Haven't played Gold Mask. Lost Artifact is bullshit like the rest of TR3 but is has the distinction of being the scariest TR game. Jumpscares out the ass.

He keeps working on big productions (maybe because of his interest in movies and comics) but it seems like he's better with a small team and budget. Dude should go full indie.

>> No.5502515

>Lost Artifact is bullshit like the rest of TR3
PSX player detected

And not the anon you are replying to, but Gard is pretty much indie for the most of the time and then goes "big business" when somone needs his name as a clutch

>> No.5502661

I've always played TR on PC. Even with manual saves it isn't good design to have to save every few seconds to avoid instant death traps.

>> No.5502742
File: 248 KB, 1280x1280, screen202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To me Lost artifact actually was more fun than tr3.

>> No.5503952

Different anon, but the exact same fucking design applies to entire fucking Core run with the series. The only way to make TR3 exceptional in this regard is playing it on Playstation, where the save points are extremely limited.
So either you hate the way how saves are vital for playing the game in all Core games, or you are pulling things from your ass, sonynigger

>> No.5504130

To be frank, Core TR's were nowhere near as bad in terms of sequelitis as Assassin's Creed. And Core themselves were very aware of the player burnout. That's why they tried to shut down the series with TRLR and Lara's death. Then they tried to reinvent the series with AoD and failed spectacularly. Not for the lack of trying though.

>> No.5504163

shit opinion

>> No.5504251
File: 111 KB, 1280x1280, tomb_raider_aod__selfie_time__by_irishhips_dcyp8vs-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like AoD.

>> No.5504390

You know what? I don't hate it. I understand what Core was trying to do, it was definately ambitious and this could've been a good game. It had potential to reinvigorate the series. There was just so much executive bullshit around it that the game tanked. And Eidos never learned their lesson, because they pulled off the same shit with Deus Ex:IW.

>> No.5504393
File: 474 KB, 1641x1200, Tomb Raider AoD - artwork 172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't understand, I like it without excuses. I understand that it could have been even better, but it's still good.

>> No.5504659

TR3 is by far the worst when it comes to sneaky bullshit. Boulders that aren't telegraphed. Spike walls appearing from nowhere. If you think trial-and-error is good design or if you don't think TR3 is the worst when it comes to it then you're a fucking retard.

>> No.5504719

>Then they were forced to first deliver sequelities-tier Chronicles and then find a way to still churm up new games on yearly basis, because turns out Eidos was bankrupt without TR money

What he said - I don't hate it and never really understood the over-the-top reaction upon release (it was bad, but not as bad as everyone reacted).
And yeah, it's the perfect example of game fucked over by board of directors and executive bullshit and then scrape-goated on the developer. Eidos stripping Core out of TR rights was salting the wound.

>> No.5504729

Tbh they NEVER learned their lessons and that ultimately killed them as a company, since they were on a death spiral of debts since '01.
The most ironic fact is they've pulled this entire bullshit with TR under Core, ended up broke and with massive problems caused by their own bullshit management... and then handled the exact same franchise to different studio and started to do the exact same bullshit management decisions right off the bat.
I can somehow understand when publisher doesn't learn lessons from different franchises and series, because, hey, different people calling shots and all that jazz. But when you make the exact same fucking mistakes TWICE within the same franchise and TWICE drive yourself to fucking "do-or-die" situation, you probably shouldn't be in this business in the first place.

>All this shit on TR3
... have you fucking played TLR?
Oh, right, you probably never played any, just watching playthroughs, because like every fucking moron ever harping about Core games in past 10 years, you can't go through tank controls to even try playing.

>> No.5504734

Also, fuck the mods who always auto-sage TR threads around 250 posts.

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