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Still one of the most unique aesthetics ever

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I still think it looks like ass

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wank then, wank now

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I unironically wanted to get into the game industry as a teen then because I liked seeing how creative I could be making real world objects out of triangles and squares in my pirated copies of 3ds max.

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t.4th gen babby

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try 3rd you kiddie faggot

thanks for not doing so

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seethe harder 2dfag

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I'm fine with the low poly of some games - platformers, fps, unrealistic sports, unrealistic racers, even preferring that look sometiems.

But there is something that bugs me a little about low polygons in realistic racers. It's not a huge deal or anything, I have/do/will enjoy 5th gen racers. But it's just that it seems a bit of a shame they can't be just that bit crisper like in 6th gen. I might also be conflating the framerate and draw distance which are just that bit better in 6th gen that they make it legitimately better for me.

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I'm 45. I just don't like early 3D and wish 5th gen still focused on 2D when none of the sysyems could do 3D justice yet.

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oh and oldfag with shit taste ok
arent you a bit old to still post here?

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fuck off you senile cunt

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Why does 5th gen trigger both boomers and zoomers so?

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Where else is there for us to go? This is the last stop on the internet.

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Why shouldn't he post here?

Have you been eating those Chinese crayons again?

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Shut the fuck up Zoomer cunt and get me my coffee.

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>thread about graphics devolves into juvenoia
Never change /vr/.

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Post more.

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>I'm 45.
Opinion discarded

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>I'm 45
Holy shit.

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Kiddies can't handle Gen-X chads

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Sega Saturn.

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wut game?

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looks like vagrant story

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Is it just me who thinks up-rendering low poly graphics in emulators usually looks awful? I always play in native res, even on a flat screen, it just looks better.

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post beergut and receding hairline you oldfaggot

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Lol. So to recap, if you're too young then opinion discarded. Too old, opinion discarded and if you're the same age and don't agree, opinion discarded then too. Top quality /vr/ discussion!

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I'm hitting the gym since I'm 18. 25 years now, little Zoomer. I'll snap your S 0 Y chicken neck with one hand.

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Prove it or cope elsewhere you larping fatfuck. You're culturally irrelevant, but you had a good run.

You should never really be upscaling anything.

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It's only "unique" to you because you weren't around when it was the standard for like half a decade.

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I fully agree.

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This looks PERFECT.

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Will always be the GOAT

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When I was a kid I never liked 5th gen graphics, but now I find them so alive and colorful, they are really nice.

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The Playstation's colour ramps are boosted in the low-range. This means that the colour it produces moves out of darker colours into brighter colours much quicker than normal RGB colour-space. This was done to combat excess darkness on CRTs, it also gives the PSX a saturated, and colourful graphical style

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is there any hentais with kasumi?

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I'm still not a big fan of the jiggle effect on PS1 models. It's a shame, because I think the textures look cleaner and nicer in PS1 than N64 in stills, but the jiggle leaves me preferring N64 when in motion.

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Use an emulator with PGXP, it gets rid off the warped textures and jiggly vertexes

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Console peasants are truly the lowest of the low, only surpassed by bottom-feeding mobile "gamers". While the plebeians drooled over jittery PS1 and blurry N64 wank in 1996, I enjoyed 3D accelerated high-res goodness on my highend gaming PC.

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pick one

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They are so cute when they desperately C O P E

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Why are you posting cartoon pictures of girls like a small child?

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Kasumi rebirth. I actually played this hentai game way before I even knew what dead or alive was

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>getting into arguments on a Bangladeshi kite testing forum

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going from custom arcade hardware to this shit-tier level quality at home was fucking depressing at the time. there's no aesthetics for those that know how these games are supposed to look and feel like. it's was more like:
> oh, i am impressed this runs on a home console but it still looks like a diarrhoea explosion

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arcade games are not relevant

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shut up, faggot. pc 3d hardware was just as cancerous as console hardware during the 90s. stop compulsive lying.

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> arcade games not relevant
> most games on ps1/ps2 era consoles were arcade ports
shut the fuck up, faggot.

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Can we please ban 4th gen babbies?

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>most unique
I'm going to ignore your bad syntax so I can comment on how ass 5th gen 3D looks. I guess it was a unique aesthetic in how bad it looked. I was disappointed by 5th gen as I lived through it, and I still prefer 4th gen over all.
However, the PC had excellent 3D during Voodoo 2 cards and beyond, so 5th gen wasn't a total waste.
6th gen is when 3D actually started looking good.

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Whatever console babby, pass the salt

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>ban everyone who doesn't share my subjective opinion
No wonder this board is such shit now

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I like how they weren't ashamed of using sprites.

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Tenchu might have it's flaws, some clunky character models and whatnot. But man it's got a solid art direction.

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As opposed to 5th gen high poly?

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They had no other option
hardware power was too limited for full polygonal crowd

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...and if the camera does one orbit move in that environment, it jitters so much, you get an instantaneous stroke.

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It's a shame. But I still like it.

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Hey! ^_^ I found this REALLY FUNNI video about how epic PC is haha, it's what made me sell my 360! Check it out fellow PCer! Haha! Epic TIME!


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You're 45 and you still haven't figured out that people don't give a shit about whether you like something or not?