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fired this one up last night, what an awesome game. i've figured out the basics of trading and have a good route going from Timbuktu to Northern Europe in gold, bought some super-expensive armor and swords for fighting b/c i've been curbstomped twice by pirates and had to fleet from another. going to get even tonight

what an awesome game. discuss Uncharted Waters 2 ITT

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One of the deepest games of the entire 4th console generation.

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One of the series giving me a reason to learn japanese with 3, Gaiden, Porto Estado and Rota Nova all untranslated.
I need to play New Horizons again, there's still one or two stories I never finished. (doesn't hurt that it has a bitching OST)

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Is it possible to get into the game without spending one afternoon reading a manual? I never feel satisfied with micromanagement as I never know how to optimize it and end up doing fruitless work.

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Does anyone feel like upselling it? I love me some SNES but I've never played or even seen or heard of this one.
Which is funny, I love SNES era Koei.

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That's the great thing about it, you can choose what kind of gameplay you want; you can be a
treasure hunter
fleet admiral
or nothin specific

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What a uptick in quality this game was from the first one. The card based dueling system is tons of fun. The fact you can optimize your fleet for combat or trade is great.

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>Does anyone feel like upselling it?
me me i do

at first i was kind of put off by it, but really it's just a massive improvement on the first one, with all kinds of little tweaks and other things to make it more enjoyable. it's a basically perfect vintage SNES-style game, i'm utterly hooked now. if you like SNES-era KOEI you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of what they do imho.

meh the manual isn't all that necessary once you get the feel of the game. i'm about a third of the way through Joao's storyline and they've set it up well, b/c if you start with him you'll pretty much encounter all of the major things you do along the way. then the other characters seem to focus on various other aspects- making a huge map, combat, trade, all of that. which you may well want to do if you want more of what the game has to offer. some of the mechanics and things are a bit confusing at first but i've found it very accessible.

yep i agree. and pretty conveniently too, you can remodel ships more or less on the fly as required.

bumping with improved artwork also. i just played this for about three hours and i'm looking forward already to diving in tomorrow again, then moving on to Catalina's story afterwards. such a terrific game, i understand now why it's such a classic.

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>Bitchin OST

Yoko Kanno bruh. Can't get much better than that.

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Madeira will start selling gold if you invest in its trading post enough. Gold from Madeira to Silver in Genoa is the best trading route in the game unless you're too poor to get a foothold in after the investments.

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thanks for the tip! i'm flush now, 100+ ingots and i already have Errol's Plate and the Crusader Sword also. i'm going to put some of that into the Hamburg/Bristol dockyards for some better ships, i'll get Madeira up to speed too.

i'm doing Joao's quest and even after navigating most of the world i'm still about 2K sky of the 25,000 adventure fame i need for the next story chapter. so trying to track down a few more rare discoveries will be next also.

this game was just exactly what i was in the mood to play, Koei really smashed it out of the park. i love the trading and even the combat doesn't get on my nerves too much either. i also discovered why it's not a good idea to plunder villages, although i had to do this a couple of times already - once to get the Sabertooth in the early game and once later on when i ran out of food. sorry, Hanoi.

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well, actually it wouldn't be Hanoi, but the village right next to it. which i basically set on fire only to discover that there was a town right next to it.

i haven't been using a map, makes it more exciting that way. running out of food and water really sucks. like when you realize you can't actually eat those 400 lots of Coral or w/ev you are dragging around the South Seas like a moron.

ah, such a fun game.

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This game is honestly better on the PC.

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that's a great review, thanks for sharing that. i do kind of enjoy the first game too for what it is, but UW2 is way better.

question: i lost George Eggel to the Bermuda Triangle - i think. all i saw was the first mate telling me my ship was gone, and that was that. i'm guessing i have no way of recovering him now? he was my first hire...*sniff*

follow-up question: i think before the quest is done i should woo one of the waitresses and pointlessly throw expensive treasures at her for role-playing reasons, whatever. are there any benefits that come from doing this, or is it just a vanity thing? do they give you intel?

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Clearly, better interface, better graphics.

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is this, dare I say it, a hidden gem?

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Man those character stories sound so cool

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They're gone for good.

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>deepest game
>You can win any naval combat by re-arranging all your crew to fight 1 tile before engaging and then focusing flagman

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any newbies might want to check out
on the downloads section is the official game manual which Im hoping will help me
I did manage to flip a profit selling wool to the dutch but im not sure why I ended up with just over 2k when I asked the bank for an 11k loan...
this may take some getting used to

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ok this game is pissing me off
Ive been playing it for hours and I have no fucking clue what I should be doing
is there a particular character I should choose as a beginner?

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Computer strategy games rarely translate well to consoles.

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Just emulate for 20 minutes and see if you like it

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Except it's a little hard to get used to because it runs in VGA 640x480x16 mode which PC games rarely use, probably because the graphics were copypasted from NEC machines. I mean, when you play a DOS game you're used to expecting Mode 13.

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take Joao and follow a character walkthrough, they're easy to find. basically it's an open-world game but certain story events only trigger after you accumulate enough fame in one of the three areas - trade, piracy or adventure. Joao's quest will give you a little of all three of these and it's a good introduction to the basic mechanics of the rest of the game.

it looks confusing at first but it really isn't, then it's just addictive.

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I just beat Joao's scenario. Was fun. I had more fun just exploring over trying to figure out what I needed to do. Once I looked at a guide the magic kind of disappeared. I might be a pirate next. How's everyone elses experience?

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>Just emulate

Burn the heretic

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It is an incredible game.

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ok, question:

so i'm doing Joao's quest and i'm at 31K adventure fame. apparently i need 40K to get to the next story event and i'm wondering if i've screwed myself here. the King is asking for more discoveries and i think i've basically found them all at this point, as well as all of the ports and villages and cities. how do i get the extra 9K adventure points? just by mapping out the entire world? it seems kind of tedious but i don't know what else to do.

thanks all. still enjoying the game immensely

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my problem i think is that i reported all of the discoveries possible to Mondes, which means i can't take any missions with the guild unless i renege on the King, and that cuts my adventure fame in half. and now the king wants (another) discovery. i was hoping that the Stellar Sea Cow would get me out of this, but he wants more...ugh.

have i trapped myself? i suspect so. unfortunately neither the Moai nor the Dodo appeared in this game either, which strikes me as being a bit of bad luck. i've been using a map to hunt for these but nothing has turned up.

apparently the Giant Ground Sloth is located at 25S, 60W, does anyone want to give me a ballpark figure as to where that is?


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I f you join a cartographers guild and then map out the black areas left on the map, that should get you some adventure fame.

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i'm still kind of confused on this. i bought cartography from somewhere, i think in Amsterdam? and does it update adventure fame automatically, or do i have to turn it in somehow like a discovery?

there's a pretty big chunk along the South Pole, basically, and the Indian Ocean, but is that enough for 8K fame points? seems tedious, but if i have to, well.

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well RIP game, i found my problem. i bought the skill but didn't sign the contract, so now that i have explored the entire world...

damn. well, i guess i had to learn this one the hard way.

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that's brutal tho, i have the entire map and i can't do anything with it! because i didn't sign the contract...


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>go to istanbul
>buy carpets (luxury type), price of luxury increases
>go to genoa
>sell carpets, price of luxury decreases
>buy cheap arts (also luxury type), price of luxury increases
>back to step 1, rinse and repeat
genoa <-> istanbul is the shortest and easiest trade route. both products are luxury type so you can manipulate the price to sell high, buy low.
beware of the pirates. it's near algiers, home of the mediterranian pirates.

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happened in my first play too. when you play as adventurers (joao, ernest and pietro), you've got to sign with cartographers before exploring the world. it's a nightmare if you are already explored half of the world before joining one. i played in pc, so i hexedit joao's adventure point. i didn't want to restart my game.

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awesome, ty anon. will try this on the next run

>happened in my first play too.
this is my first playthrough so i guess i'm slightly less embarrassed by seeing that it happens to others too. i am using SNES emulator tho so no hexediting for me. i have explored probably 80% of the map now, arrgh. but at least that mystery is cleared up.

i'm okay with it, i know there are a few more battles and endgame things which are disappointing, but overall i've been supremely happy with the game and i finally understand now why there is so much hype around it. it took me a couple of days to get to this point so if i really wanted to be completionist it's not like it would be *so* hard to do again.

also i wouldn't plunder so often either. permanent charm loss sucks.

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you can try using memory editing software like ArtMoney to edit the adventure point. Or read the hexediting savestate of this game in gamefaqs.

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I enjoy exploration.

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My favorite is Coasta Del Sol.

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Full-Rigged ship please.

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My Super Everdrive won't save this game whenever I try to play it.

Has anyone ever figured out the solution to this?

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>Does anyone feel like upselling it?
Its a knock off of Sid Meier's Pirates with weeb graphics.

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It's much more advanced and sprawling than shit meier's game, more fun as well. Stay mad, westcuck.

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Somebody please

I loved the first game and I own the Genesis version of the second but it's not the same

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two different games. UW gives you the whole world, SMP just the Spanish Main. some things in Pirates are more fun (ship-to-ship combat, duelling) and some aren't (dancing). Pirates gets extra credit for having done it first.

but you can't undersell the appeal of having the whole world, or the inter-woven storylines, or being able to kit out an entire fleet of ships for trade, adventure, or piracy, or recruiting different mates, things like this. Pirates is obviously a classic game, there's no argument about that. it rules. but UW is more than just a knock off, it's Koei doing its thing with a trading/sailing simulator that adds combat too.

there are some things that could be improved on. the cities are all functional and even have the local color and flavor, but they're otherwise basically identical. the duelling system is kind of weird, and while i'm glad it's there once you get the good sword and armor there's no need to bother with guns or things at all. there are other things to be nit-picky about if you want.

but i don't want to be nit-picky, and i'm the guy who just blew his entire game because he forgot to sign the damn contract with the cartographers' guild. i still think it's an awesome game, i just haven't figured out who i want to play as next. probably the pirate girl.

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are you the same anon as >>4027786 ?

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ucw2 #1fav game of all time. never see it on /vr/ OMG I'm in love.

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if it's a clean verified dump and the snes-ed works in other games, pester krikzz about it. bit weird that you're the only one with that problem with that game.

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Damn its nice to see a thread on this game. Quick story, when i was playing this game 10 years ago as Catalina, I was screwing around the capital towns to see what would happen if i messed with the kings (for context, every country was at least -70 at me). What surprised me was that the Portuguese king gave me an option to swear my loyalty to him, and become loyal to Portugal instead of piracy. I accepted and worked my way to the highest rank (i think its duke) and got a cutscene where Catalina ponders about how she managed to become Portuguese royalty, and her two side characters are like "yeah good job".

Turns out if you do that, you can't continue her story. I tried to find Portuguese fleets to sink to be a pirate again but there were none to be found. I just assumed i sunk them all beforehand and they were gone for good. Didn't beat the game until i started fresh on my Wii's virtual console some years later.

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The reason it's deep is because ALL the ships in the game are produced organically. The kingdoms actually raise money, but ships, and hire the same NPC's you do.

How they got that working on a SNES with its limited RAM is mindblowing sometimes, even though I'm a programmer and I get it.

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The map is basically a Mercator projection right? Just pull out a real atlas and check out where 25S 60W is.

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Incredible gameplay
Swashbuckling adventure!
Incredible OST!

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UW2 built Pirates! coffin.
Costa Del Sol buried it.

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Good game

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wish for English uw games pls

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So, any other games simular to UCW:2 ? I've been unlucky about finding others like it. (retro or not)

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mah jam.... <3

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What's the difference between this and the Gen version? I played through it with Catalina on the Genesis, gotta get those iron hulled ships over in the far East yo!

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Run it through a tool like GoodSnes or NoIntro and tell us the filename, most likely you're using some sort of bad dump/overdump/hack that fucked something up.

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I don't know how but I found this track recently from this game on the SNES and it blew me away. I can't stop listening to it. What exactly is this game like and should I play it?


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It's a very good game and yes you should definitely play it.
gameplay is.. imagine the art of final fantasy 4 but instead of battling monsters you travel around the world.
so first you pick a character and it shows you who it is and his/her motives for wanting to sail the world.
then you start off slow, and the game will explain how to make money in order to buy better ships.
in the end you find yourself sailing from port to port as the story unravels, fighting the occasional pirate and/or enemies of your country.

there's really nothing better than traveling far away from your home port and getting into storms and barely making it back home, rich as fuck but battered.
then you repair your ship/s and resupply on food/sailors and out you go again!

ship battles are turn based on a zoomed in map, and remember that if you're strong enough or have plenty of men you can try directly challenging the leader of the enemy fleet, when beaten all the ships are yours!

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Open world JRPG/Sailing Sim. It's awesome and infinity replayable.

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I just started up a file on console and I gotta say.. this game is maximum atmosphere so far. I'm having some difficulty understanding what I should be doing first exactly. I picked Catalina because her story sounded a bit more personal . I just sold the gold bars that were aboard my ship and I'm learning tid bits about the game. I'm kind of tempted to look up a few things but I also wanna be immersed in this feeling of a brand new game. Should I be worrying about buying weapons, finding/hiring crew, or dealing with the market/making gold first? I'm kind of confused desu.

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The most efficient way to start playing the game is to look up efficient trade routes. Then get rich, then learn how to play the game, then start a new game and play the game for real once you know how things work.
You really can't do much at the beginning if you have no idea what to do, and can easily get into a situation where you die over and over at first.
I picked Catalina on my first play through too!

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Started playing this because of this thread and /vr/ actually recommended a good one. Koei made addicting games.

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I know lots of people who've played this game and like it but not enough people talking about that soundtrack

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yeah i definitely gotta look up a few tips on how to work this bad boy. i hope i dont catastrophically fail cause this seems next level man. im really psyched to play this. im gonna take a break to play some SD3 right now though. i hope this thread doesn't die anytime soon.

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I don't think you understand JRPGs anon.

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Just go with the flow bro, the game tells you what would be a good thing to do (pretty much telling you were a new story part will trigger) so do that.
if one of your guys says "we should buy cheap carpets in turkey!" then you can bet your ass that if you set sail to Turkey something will trigger a long the way or in Turkey.
Don't forget to visit the bar, that's where most of the story stuff triggers.

Oh god now I'm hearing that bar tune again..

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Sabretooth is such an easy way to make money early on. Gives you a nice little nest egg to begin some serious trading doing the Athens/Istanbul route before getting enough to trade for gold.

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Translation of the 2 Playstation titles when? (2nd one is a side story in the style of New Horizons with 2 more characters)

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yeah im gonna retry cause I already fucked up lol. my first mate said something like lets try attacking merchant fleets since they don't know how to into combat but never saw any to be honest. i kept seeing battle fleets and the battle ended before anything climactic happened (me dying or them losing) because night fall hit and im assuming i couldn't do shit in a ship battle because i had 1 ship versus 6.

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I'm surprised nobody has done this yet considering how popular this game is.

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the arrange ost for the playstation games is comfort made flesh

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>1 ship vs 6
But you need to survive the melee attack by the crew first.

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I just ordered the Super Guide Book recently but don't know what to expect. I also still need to try Gaiden since apparently you can play as Khayr Ad-Din's adopted son in that one.

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Gen looks better

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whats everyone playing this on then?
Im trying it on snes emu on wii but its looking a little fuzzy

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choose Joao and read

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Was so good to see Rocco back in New Horizons, was really a nice touch.

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Sound is the biggest difference but the graphics are a bit different too. I prefer the music in the Genny version because I grew up with it but I think the SNES one has better graphics.

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I should plug in my Genny New Horizons cart sometime, I grew up playing the Snes version at a friend's house (best time of my life sadly enough) and I wonder how the Genesis version's music compares, emulators just don't do the Genesis justice.

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You should.

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And I just did, it was a very interesting experience.
Both games seem to have almost identical music, with the Snes only sounding different due to the soundchip adding some sort of reverb.
Gotta say that Koei/Type2 music engine does a pretty good job.

All in all the Genesis version holds its own and the Snes version is only better by a slight margin imo.

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Is the Genesis version superior?

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Not really, its slightly different.
like, snes has a different intro. with the New Horizons logo coming in all whirly and wavy.
while the Genesis has this thing going on where the intro comes in from the left and right and joins into one image in the middle.

Snes has this weird effect going on between the biographies where it will go all super pixely when its time to display a new bio.

Also Genesis has slightly less colors in the bio pics, and is a bit flatter in color.
Nothing really super noticeable.

Music wise the Genesis has a cleaner sound but the Snes music sounds a bit warmer due to the reverb imo.

I could have sworn that the Genesis version ran ever so slightly faster than the Snes, but that could have been me.

Honestly it looks like *this* version of New Horizons was first conceived on the Snes and then later ported to the Genesis.
I think it even runs in a similar resolution as the Snes, I'd have to look into that.

So no, not superior. but also not inferior.

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3 days have passed and I dont know how...
I just started the game, got a quest from the guild on 5/17, slept through to 8am once, maybe popped into a couple of shops then saved the game and left for work.
Ive come home, loaded the game and its 5/20. WTF is going on and how can I prevent it? Ive got to deliver this damn letter within a month and I cant do it if days are being stolen from right under my nose....

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wrong 154309

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That manual is fucking perfection.

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Turns out that not just Rocco stuck around from the first game.

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Check shops at 2am for special deals.

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Dueling is the quickest and cheapest way to acquire a fleet. Just sail port to port collecting as many mates as you can plus picking up a good weapon/armor then take on one of the better fleet captains and claim their fleet as your own.
I think Khayr Ad-Din has a fleet of Venetian Galleass' is that right?

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Poor Marco.

>> No.5490762


I dunno, dude's like in his late 30s and only has to be a butler for like 3 people.
there are worse jobs to have had in that era.

>> No.5490939

I played it on a glorious 486dx with 8 MEGABYTE of ram.

>> No.5491073


I fucking loved the Snes version and then tried to get into the DOS version years ago but it just felt too akward for me to control.
I'd pay a good penny for a remaster that mixed the pc and console versions together.

Japan's like "you want MMO with pretty boys?"

>> No.5491134

>using a numpad is awkward

I have an opposite problem. I started with PC, and SNES control scheme seems weird to me. Especially when I want to steer a ship diagonally..

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Might as well post some screenshots of that sweet PSX/Saturn version.

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I always really wanted to play that Gaiden side story, sounds so interesting.

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Just missed my first quest from the guild boys
Arrived in Candia on the due date at 8pm
God-damned Greek never gave me a penny

>> No.5491593

beautiful ty anon

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Okay, didn't know this.

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File: 1.06 MB, 2532x1870, map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, the border around the pages looks really cool.

Found it after plugging "french world map 1634" into Google.

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What a comfy game... It's a shame none of the more recent games were translated and Koei never bothered to re-release them.

Unfortunately, there's nothing quite like it.

There's the X series, but it's set in space and has first person space combat... Other games like Tradewinds are too simplistic.

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Hey! It actually works!

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I love Fully- Rigged Ships, matey.

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Use savestates

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It appears this UWs thread is winding down. It's been a pleasure posting with you all. Loser Baynes O U T.

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I’ve been playing for almost a week now thanks to this thread, having a great time so far.
There’s a few things I want to talk about/ask but I dont want to spoil anything.
I’m enjoying the learning curve, I’ve already died before I even gained my first rank, spent a lot of money on wasteful endeavours including a lot of gambling...
Finally got an audience with the king and he won’t even pay me for the cool shit I found in Africa. I asked him for gold but he said I’d be fine on my own.
Maybe he’ll be more helpful later, I don’t want to spend all my best years shifting rock salt.

>> No.5498771

You need more fame to get the king's blessing. Just map more regions or discover more ports/wonders.

>> No.5498779

Also, think about taking out some merchant fleets for easy plunder.

>> No.5498791

Get a job from a collector and sell your discoveries. Make a beeline for the Nile river.