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This is silent films all over again. Only this time It won't be nitrate film burning down warehouses that wipe everything out. It'll be Shitty capacitors and PSUs burning down hoarder nests and destroying irreplaceable prototypes and undumped games. It'll be lard arses dropping dead and mum tossing their video games in the trash. It'll be bit rot and disc rot.

How do we stop this before it's too late?

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Honestly I've been there, bought multiple games I've never played more than 5 minutes, bought multiplayer games I wasn't interested in just in case a friend stops by, bought whole series of games so I could play in chronological/release order, then I realized how horrible having to move all that shit around when my sister moved out and decided to ditch my collection and moved to flashcarts and emulators. If I lose everything now I'm only down a few hundred bucks and some minutes downloading the no-intro romset.

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I think everything of importance has been dumped by now.

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For prototypes in private collections, there's nothing you can reasonably do. Well you can harass them I guess, since that seems to be your goal for this thread. If you actually cared about games preservation you'd be going after the developers to properly archive that stuff and have those archives preserved for future viewing.

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Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR Don't wish this on LGR

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We're talking about people who destroy prototypes out of spite. They deserve more than harassment.

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Or no nothing kids that get their hands on things they don't understand and destroy them due to their own stupidity. I've heard plenty of stories of people getting prototype cartridges and accidentally erasing them.

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Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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Will anyone really cry if a SMB/Duck Hunt or Sonic 2 cartridge went up in smoke? There's totally only 5 of those in existence, right?

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If they were one off prototype cartridges.

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Please no anon... It still hurts

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Look at the Xbox logo. That's the one Microsoft was using before they changed to the one we officially got. Meaning that thing's probably old enough to have had the 3rd person Halo prototype on it.

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In the year 2030 you'll be able to emulate all consoles before 2020 *flawlessly* on cheap devices. Dump it and throw the cart into a woodchipper for all I give a damn. JK jk. But yeah emulation is going to only get better and for less investment.

When all (original) consoles die, emulation will be fucking eternal, the carrier of a digital legacy of a past long rotted and gone (but by all means, stave off the inevitable for a while, it is as important as any other media).

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>literally tens of thousands of games that you've never played
>that are worth playing
>that you could be playing right now
>instead you make another fucking thread on /vr/ boo-hooing about MUH PRESERVATION
god just fucking shut up already

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Why even reply to the thread if you have no argument and nothing of value to say or contribute? Does the idea of video game preservation just make you THAT angry?

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Nobody has anything of value to say on this topic. It's literally just nothing but "wh-wh-wh-what if i NEVER EVER get to play SOCKS THE CAT ON SNES? i can't sleep at night because of this, hold me bros..."
Meanwhile nobody here actually fucking plays video games, thus there's no discussion of video games on this board except the same rehashed shit eternally and zoomers coming here to post the most recent video from their favorite literal who e-celeb.
People cry about discussion here being "stale" because there's nothing new to talk about and they want newer gens to be allowed, but ultimately the reason there's "nothing to talk about" is because every dweeb here has played maybe .01% of the absolute most basic shit you can find on any "top 10 retro games you HAVE to play!" list that you'd get on google.
In short, this shit is maybe 1% better than going on /v/ and making a thread about how a game dev made a tweet that hurt your feelings.
But you know what the worst part of this shit is? It's the fact that you motherfuckers don't even play the games when they finally do get dumped! I remember so many fucking threads wasted about "MUH NES PORT OF SIMCITY NOOOOO" and when it was finally dumped, there was one thread for it with maybe 20 posts and then radio silence. Because, again, you fucks don't play video games, and you only care about "video game preservation" in the sense that you're collecting roms.

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I made a thread about that NES Barbie game and it got 5 replies total.

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could you link me somewhere I could find the current no-intro romset? Like somewhere that would update it when a new one came out.

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If said Barbie game had been an undumped prototype of a game that never released, people here would be making threads and going "ooh, ahhh, what if we never get to play it bros..." and it would actually be LESS pathetic than the Socks the Cat shit.

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We have threads about retro computers that just turn into America vs Europe flame wars.

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Silent films disappeared do to improper storage. Only a few were ever destroyed purposefully. You're right, but that's not what we're talking about here.

Maybe? We might be living in the golden age of information sharing. In a decade it's possible corporations will have successfully implemented laws that limit what information can be shared. Internet standards may change to where all your data is screened before you get to see it. And anything that they don't want you seeing is blocked from your eyes. Illegal torrents of games or any content? That's easy to justify blocking. It happens today. A company whose only goal in life is to generate revenue, has no incentive to care about preservation. Why build emulators for something nobody can get? What we have now might be the best we get, an imperfect replica.

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Zelda and FF? Been there, done that. Play some Deathlord and get back to me.

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There was no concept of re-releasing back then so a lot of films were melted down for the silver nitrate, which was seen as more valuable than the film itself.

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Buster Keaton was bewildered at why anyone would want to preserve his old films.

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Back then, they probably thought that as technology improved, quality would naturally increase. People know better than that now, though.

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I'm welling up just looking at it. Damn.

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What exactly got destroyed? If it's just cartridges/discs, not a problem; it's just data. If actual consoles with irreplaceable parts were trashed, that's kind of bad.

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>We're talking about people who destroy prototypes out of spite. They deserve more than harassment.
You do realize that this probably wasn't even a real copy of BFA, right?

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If your house burns down and the biggest loss is some game carts and cds then its good it happened to you and not someone else.

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The hoarder as a custodian of plastic and digital legacy is sort of nauseating (and was the low-key tone I sensed at first glance also), but I still hope some organization or something collects one-offs and preserves them like any other artistic medium. Even the shitty games/consoles. Bullshit aside, you're a lot right, can't deny that.

Who can say, I was trying to look on the bright side of things re: sharing. But unless they can quantum-crack strong encryption there will always be a way to share. The hydra finds a way (so far). But I get your point.

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I recall a few months ago when the mortal combat 3 source code was leaked on /vr/ and the first several posts were just "who fucking cares" and "lmao what a shit game". It wasn't until a bit later that a few people got interested, and even then it was a brief flash of interest then forgotten about. Yeah, i agree with you anon.

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>it's another "Anonymous poster on 4chan talks shit about 4chan like it's meaningful contribution"
Face it. You're the idiot if you expected quality out of 4chan.

It never once lends to the suggestion that it would ever produce it or have anything to do with it.

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Just get the smokemonster packs bruh

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Why do you write like you felt really targeted?

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Electronics can be fixed and maintained; resoldering, replacing capacitors and connector pins, replacing batteries, etc.

Discrot can, short of some bad production runs, be avoided basically indefinitely, as long as you have a good storage solutions.
Floppy diskettes are another thing, I suppose.

At any rate, I advocate dumping any roms, but as said, pretty much everything of value has been dumped already, short of some prototypes.

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If you don't like it here, then fuck off.

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fires are so last millennium

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Anon could have been talking about the house as well, faggot. Assume nothing, spastic.

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If the film reels are lost then the original portrayal is lost even if a digital copy exists, but if something digital is lost then it still exists as long as another digital copy exists.

A rom file and a cartridge have the exact same data.

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This guy gets it.

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You know that Pokemon Gold and Silver beta? I combed through that for weeks exploring every nook and cranny looking for differences. If it was translated I'd still be messing around with debug features like the battle sim.

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"the internet is serious business"

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Can poorfags die from seething to much?

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It's one thing to not expect the most serious and on topic results from the average 4chan anon but that doesn't mean there can't be ANY on-topic or actual discussion. Neither does that negate any criticism or general feedback from other users about how to improve this board. It wasn't always as bad as this 5 years ago and it should be possible to at least regain some of that quality if the rest cares about it enough even if some newer visitors don't care about the local etiquette. If that makes me or other non-shitposters an idiot then so be it.

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If you're looking for good retro game discussion, your best bet is Facebook groups. This board is a shitshow.

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The thing is that like 99% of games actually are digitally persevered so a fire or capacitors dying isnt going to affect anything besides some rare games that only have novelty

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Fucking based. Zoomers dont know what it means that things are only as good as you make them. They constantly shit on everything and then wonder why everything is so shitty.

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The idea that no one cares about the game after it gets preserved is retarded. Preservation isn't about allowing people to play great old games for free, it's about archiving everything. And even if no one cares, who's to say at least one guy won't get enjoyment out of a game? The whole Japanese PC game Mega folder leak from a year back was just because some autist wanted to play a specific game in there (Zeddas 3), which he enjoyed a lot and had to finish without any walkthroughs or anything for the puzzles, and decided that other people should be allowed to play the game too. But I doubt there's even one person who's downloaded it and enjoyed it other than him, and no one has probably done more than start up and play 10 minutes of any of the other leaked games.

So another man's trash is another man's treasure I guess. And we should archive the trash, because why not? Besides, hoarding something that's impossible to buy is a pretty dick move anyway. I feel bad for the creators of those games, barred from having their work appreciated by others.

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Doesn't the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress?

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>We are mad because people have things that were never intended for the general public.
>t. overly concerned autist

I have never once seen a single person asking for formulas for WD-1 through 39.

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I agree. I posted about Wendy: Every Witch Way (devolved into a fuck-fest) and The Lost Vikings (not sure if anyone replied) somewhat recently. When a thread about ROMs is more important then the actual games, it makes me wonder why we even bother with this shithole of a board.

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Shut the fuck up you zoomer cunt.

No stopping it now. Collectorfags are truly subhuman.

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>bit rot
you whole post immediately get thrown in the garbage now.

Bit rot only happens when you copy and paste a file from one location to another enough times.

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pro tip: you don’t


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Everything is life is ephemeral.

Putting the carts into envelopes and regularly shipping them across the country isn’t going to preserve them any more in the long run. Nor is playing them, as read/writing slowly destroys them. Everything physical will disappear and everything digital will eventually be forgotten and no longer archived.

I understand the concern about hoarding but it supports preservation more than a constant changing of hands.

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Unironically this. Prototypes and stuff are nice to have out of historical curiosity but if everything that is yet to be dumped were to be lost forever nobody's lives would be affected in the slightest.

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I want shit lreserves because I don’t have time to play it all right now, dumbass

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ahahaahah what a fuckin loser. RIP MUH PRECIOUS COLLECTION

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I tried looking up "Lost Games", but I found were lost prototypes and such. How many games have been lost to history that were commercially released?

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People sometimes confuse autistic hoarding with historical preservation, even actual historians know that not every old document is worth archiving and irreplaceable shit gets thrown out to clear room all the time.

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Why are poor people always seething? Is it a mental illness?

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A lot. Random shit surfaces all the time. Some of it completed and ready to ship and just not released because of market reasons.

>> No.5467191

This has nothing to do with money. This is about preserving what will eventually die out over time. At least with ROM’s, they will always be there in the digital space no matter what. The same can’t be said for physical media. Don’t start crying because OP exposed your lard ass.

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did anything come of the guy who found the Starcraft source code?

>> No.5467224

No, he gave it back to blizzard

>> No.5467229

My gut says that it was a staged publicity stunt.

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A lot of Japanese PC games
Many are still missing

>> No.5467261

U cnt replace pr0prietary ICs.

>> No.5467263

Eh, who cares.

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Well I'm glad he does.

>> No.5467419

They do for audio CDs and film. They also spend lots of time figuring out ideal preservation methods. Would like to see similar treatment for video games.


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>irreplaceable prototypes and undumped games.
Nothing in that pic is undumped.

>> No.5467617

That we know of. Now we'll never know.

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i have 10 times that many games on 1 usb drive. hardly a loss.

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Meh. SNES Emulation in the late 90's/early 00's was good enough for most. Yet we still spent the last 2 decades "perfecting" it. Why? Because of resolution, rame rate, "muh accuracy", smart phones and tablets became a thing, the list goes on. All new things to do the same old thing on, but needing totally new software every time.

Almost 20 years, just redoing the same things we had already accomplished in the fucking 90's. Instead of getting Saturn emulation up and running years ago, as just one example. And how much else hasn't been touched in all that time, because 90% of the scene's talent wasted years making SNES emulators and front ends?

By 2030, your smart fridge will be able to play PSP games, but have no delusions about "perfecting" anything. It'll be exactly like PSP emulation on a phone today, which is exactly like PSP emulation on a PC 6 years ago.
On the other side of that, a top of the line PC in 2030 still won't be able to emulate PS1 without plugins, amd Saturn emulation will still be a novelty that barely runs.

If you think otherwise, you're too young to know any better. And that's that.

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>a wild collectorfag appeared
Tldr delusional crybaby

>> No.5467856

Undumped games and prototypes are mostly shit though.

Maybe if someone found an N64 version of RE0 or a PS1 version of Onimusha, I'd take notice. But the reality is that most of these things are just very slightly different versions of products we already have.
Or in most cases, they are the exact retail game, but say "prototype, do not distribute" on a sticker on the back of the cart.

Worthwhile protos are rarer than gold cat shit.

Get a fucking life.

>> No.5467869

but bro its about the nostalgia...........

>> No.5467917

That's just the nature of most stuff nowadays, as long as there's still room for small improvements in easy issues the hard stuff gets postponed, you see this everywhere not just emulation. It's also the reason you keep seeing translation patches for bottom of the barrel SNES games coming out all the time while several big ticket games from the PS1/Saturn/etc. are still untranslated.

>> No.5467946

5th gen games don't get translated because it's a _lot_ more difficult from a technical POV especially due to how graphics work and are stored.

>> No.5467952

>SNES Emulation in the late 90's/early 00's was good enough for most
This is a troll, right? Emulation at that time was a complete joke.

>> No.5467956

Exactly, that's the point, as long as there are still games to translate in systems that are easier to translate for people will keep translating for those systems rather than more complicated systems.

>> No.5467959


>> No.5467960

Nonetheless overdone because it's so easy now. Nobody dares to perfect Saturn emulation because there are probably 10 people on the planet of doing so. Devs this days suck ass through a straw.

>> No.5467963

8/16-bit games have tile graphics and store characters as a single byte which makes them easy to change out or modify. When you get into 3D stuff, everything is stored as polygonal textures, which is far more difficult to modify.

>> No.5467969

Saturn games including all the RPGs run in 2D mode though, it shouldn't be a big problem to translate them. The PS1 doesn't have a true 2D mode, so translations for it might be an issue.

>> No.5467973

*Most Saturn games I mean.

>> No.5467975

it's super comfy to walk over to a bookshelf and pull off a game and fire it up on the original hardware, and I think that collecting games is a valid hobby, just like vinyl records, but if you truly love retro gaming then emulating should be good enough. if some 20 year old in 2050 wants to start playing through the SNES catalog I don't think his experience will be "ruined" because the game isn't on the original cartridge.

as the OP even pointed out, this isn't an issue exclusive to retro games, it's just an inescapable fact of life. LUCKILY for these games, they are merely a series of 0's and 1's that can be replicated with a high degree of accuracy to the original experience. for instance, it would be fascinating to watch led zeppelin perform live in the 1970's, or the sports that became soccer or american football, or see a gladiatorial contest. we should all be grateful that games can and will be preserved in some capacity at all.

>> No.5467981

Right. So they should be getting off their asses and translating Saturn RPGs, it probably isn't much harder than SNES ones. I grant you PS1 RPGs would be tough to modify and that's too bad because the console has about 80% of all 5th gen RPGs.

>> No.5467998

>So they should be getting off their asses and translating Saturn RPGs

Get off your own arse and learn the language.

>> No.5468004

Mediocre uggu kawaii shit like this will get translated before any Saturn stuff does.


>> No.5468049

Excessive seething is one of the primary symptoms of poorosis. Another is delusions of grandeur where the subject convinces himself that by playing old games for free he's doing a great service to humanity and preserving important historical culture and art.

>> No.5468051

You're saying Mahou no Princess Minky Momo isn't a priceless work of art up there with Raphael and Van Gogh?

>> No.5468070 [DELETED] 

No but I unwisely searched it in Bing with Safe Search turned off.

>> No.5468073

Fuck off retard

>> No.5468118

This. It's like people who make backlogs of 1000+ games. It's stupid. Game preservation is a good thing. History preservation is a good thing, and games are part of it, even the shitty ones. But to go
>wh-wh-wh-what if i NEVER EVER get to play SOCKS THE CAT ON SNES?
is stupid because not even history cares about literally everything, e.g. history doesn't care about how often does Donald Trump go take a dump in the White House, and neither does a serious game historian worth his salt care about the most trivial and shitty of games.

>> No.5468151

This is true, however you are discarding the fact that there's several potentially good games out there that are as of yet almost completely undiscovered. The Japanese retro PC game library that has been mentioned in this thread is still relatively unexplored by almost everyone, for example.

>> No.5468152

Honest question

Why don't hoarders dump their games? I hear that some of them feel that it "ruins the value" or some shit like that, but they can still have the value in the fact that it's rare as fuck and it is a physical copy. Do they actually think that their $50,000 game somehow goes down to $4,000 just because there is a dump of it online?

Also, I fucking hate them.

>> No.5468169 [DELETED] 

Because they themselves are inherently worthless The only thing that gives their lives any sort of significance is owning things of worth. Without hoarded games they go back to having nothing.

>> No.5468175 [DELETED] 

Because they themselves are insignificant.You'll notice when hoarders die no one gives the slightest fuck about them, just the games they were holding hostage. One of them died of cancer last year and I can't for the life of me remember his name.

>> No.5468180

Because they themselves are insignificant.You'll notice when hoarders die no one gives the slightest fuck about them, just the games they were holding hostage. One of them died of cancer last year and I can't for the life of me remember his name.

>> No.5468185

I thinks it's the neckbeard equivalent of boring, no personality women dying their hair and getting tattoos.

>I'm not interesting, but I can at least try and make myself LOOK interesting
>I'm inherently worthless as a human being, but If I hoard things of worth that means I have worth

>> No.5468187

Holy shit, do people really think this was still a real thing? I figured people would care more about Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill being hoarded by one guy.

>> No.5468191

Wow, I genuinely did not realize that Socks the Cat was fucking still a point of controversy. Didn't the guy say he preserved it, though?

>> No.5468195

i thought a rom was released?

>> No.5468201

It was. At least a year ago.

>> No.5468210


Beatifuly preserved with an intro and everything.

>> No.5468217

Op sounds like he thinks he would take better care of the worlds stuff. Like he lives in some impervious unburnable, unfloodable structure, free from natural disaster.
Youre an idiot , OP.

>> No.5468227

Trivial information accumulating at an alarming rate.

>> No.5468234

>Youre an idiot

Good lord.

>> No.5468237

basically just dox anyone who has unreleased prototypes they refuse to dump

>> No.5468239

How would you be able to know people have unreleased prototypes? Wait, are there people out there who brag about withholding unreleased prototypes?

>> No.5468248

Beavis and Butthead arcade

>> No.5468252

Particularly since they would release the remaster weeks later

>> No.5468259

Oh I have a victim complex.

Tons, and it can depend on what you want to mean by commercially released. If you mean games that had a sizable amount of advertising and made it to retail shelves. Then most of that is probably preserved. There was/is an large amount of games released publicly through hobby magazines, BBS/forums, or physical/digital shareware. Those are lost because the original hosts of that data are gone. Most of that stuff is gone forever probably, but it's a bit unknowable as far as how much is out there.

If I had to put my money on what the next big medium that we risk losing. It's flash games and videos. There's just tons of that shit that is going to be lost in the next few years. and it's not like /f/ or sfwchan has them all.

>> No.5468260

yeah lots of people like to brag about this kind of thing on fourms

>> No.5468428

Good Lord, what a bunch of faggots.

>> No.5468464

And what's really funny is that they call people who ask for prototypes "freetards". Is it really that hard for them to throw their selfish hoarding habits away and care about preservation? Speaking as someone who recently released a prototype this is pretty ridiculous and childish

>> No.5468482

exactly it was pretty fun someone arranged a craigslist gang bang at one of the guys houses he deleted everything after that

>> No.5468502

>If I had to put my money on what the next big medium that we risk losing. It's flash games and videos.
>tfw superdeepthroat barely works now
Like there's a lot of flash garbage which I won't lose any sleep over, but there's enough stuff that someone put actual good work into that I would genuinely miss if it was lost forever.

What will replace flash?

>> No.5468527

Nothing will. It was supposed to be html5. But you can see how that turned out. We lost out on having a community built around sharing creations that were decentralized from corporate control. In favor of using streaming services where the content gets to be controlled by giant conglomerates.

Adobe did create a standalone program to run the flash files that will get support. The flash player projector. It even still gets updates. But web browsers will stop supporting installing flash at all eventually, and then people will eventually stop hosting the files. Grab what you want now. Who knows when it will be gone.

>> No.5468551

Something has to.

>> No.5469085

The problem with HTML5 is that trying to do something more interactive than a "click link to go to another page or play video" is a pain wrapped in library hell with WebGL being the biggest sticking point. WebGL support is spotty on some browsers and video cards. Flash just werks, even with it's garbage performance you have no need to wrap up a bunch of libs for even basic-bitch functionality that may or may not work on some chump's browser.

>> No.5469958

Every retro flash game worth saving has been saved. And many that aren't as well. Edge was the direct replacement for flash.

>The problem with HTML5 is that i suck at it
First, that's sad because it's really easy. But that's not really a problem with HTML is it? Millions of other people use it to create all kinds of stuff. Half the "apps" on your phone are just HTML5 in a wrapper. Apply yourself.

>> No.5469982

>Beavis and Butthead arcade
Galloping Ghost dumped it. The dump isn't public and only exists as a backup, but there's no risk of the game getting lost because of hardware failure.

>> No.5471109

Go back to /v/

>> No.5472386

>The dump isn't public and only exists as a backup, but there's no risk of the game getting lost because of hardware failure.
If it isn't available on archive.org as a download, it is at risk and is not really preserved. Some cuck with a "backup" sitting on the shelf next to the original doesn't count - without real archiving methodology (i.e. geographically separate redundant copies, regular backup and migration to new media, and other archival best practices) it's just glorified rom hoarding with the same risks.

>> No.5472406

is this a vidya gore thread?

>> No.5472409

Preservation gore thread.

>> No.5472446

Can I get a link to this story? Google didn’t help.

>> No.5472501

Yeah, it's not like we have digital preservation or something.

Let's try an exercise OP: name ONE game in that melted down collection that hasn't been ripped and saved to the Internet. One game that's so impossibly rare that now it's forever lost because of this accident. Don't even begin to compare this to silent films. Everyone and their mother can download a rom of Nintendo World Championships at any given point while King Kong's spider pit scene is legitimately lost forever.

>> No.5472503

>name ONE game in that melted down collection that hasn't been ripped and saved to the Internet

We'll never know.

>> No.5472505

Horse shit. Collectors always brag about their rarest games. Ain't a damn thing lost that isn't publicly available online.

>> No.5472539

>lard arses
Why can't bongs write like a normal person

>> No.5472543

Cool brag but I have no idea what compelled you to post it

>> No.5472843

>We'll never know.
I know. The pile of melted crap is mass produced carts and discs all long since dumped, with nothing of value lost. If it had been a proto collector AND rom hoarder collection burned up with no dumps, well that would be different. Even then, there's usually a reason why protos stayed protos, and what's being lost is not on par with the film situation.

The Fox vault fire in the 30s wiped out virtually the entire output of Theda Bara. London After Midnight was a major silent of which there is nothing left. The Japanese silent era had horrible survival rates. Nitrate film decomposes in an auto-catalytic process culminating is spectacular fire/explosion which cannot be extinguished (it makes it's own oxygen) - games don't kamikaze like that.

>> No.5472868

or maybe no one is interested?

>> No.5472870

It's the classic people who play games vs people who talk about games.

>> No.5472979

Galloping Ghost isn't "some cuck", it's the world's biggest arcade. The guys running it have enough sense to understand how valuable their unreleased prototype machines are, so there are PLENTY of precautions taken to make sure the backup dump isn't lost. Given how many ways it's being stored right now, there's no reasonable way it'll be lost before the original hardware breaks down and they decide to just release it to the public.

>> No.5473012

More like nobody is good enough to take up the gauntlet

>> No.5473031

>bit rot
>disc rot
Literally memes. These do not happen unless you're storing on magnetic media or old CDs from the 80s with bad lacquer. Quit being a FUD spreading faggot.
Explains everything about you.

>> No.5473070

>world's biggest arcade
I believe Funspot holds that title.

>> No.5473071

redpill me on spontaneous console combustion. if i leave them unplugged are they safe?

>> No.5473118

It's better for your consoles' power supplies to leave them unplugged when you're not using them.

>> No.5473215

>he doesn’t own a fire extinguisher
oof and yikes and kek

>> No.5473218

Funspot isn't what it used to be. It's kind of sad to see how much it's downsized in the last two years.

>> No.5473263

>This is silent films all over again
Wrong. Video games are nothing but toys meanwhile silent films were lost works of art. To even think they're remotely comparable is pathetic on your end.

>> No.5473270

Meanwhile those who dump and preserve are lauded as heroes and bros, many of which I can remember on a first name basis since I frequently check if they've found something new.

>> No.5473278
File: 966 KB, 993x1391, box_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll have you know I played the ever loving shit out of the Sim City prototype when it came out, then listened to the music on my headphones at work. I wanted a reproduction, but I heard someone was doing a big bugfix for it, so I figured I'd wait on that. I fucking fully celebrated that release and the only reason I wasn't talking about it was because I was busy playing it.

>> No.5473320

Who are you trying to impress? He’s making te comparison about lost media. Nowhere did he say they’re equal in regards to artistic merit you fucking spastic.

>> No.5473324

Wasn't talking to you dude leave me alone and learn to mind your own fucking business you eavesdropping cunt.

>> No.5473336 [DELETED] 
File: 254 KB, 625x830, 1444959690304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5473340

Straight outta reddit.

>> No.5473352

Do you even know how this site works you faggot? This isn’t a private chat.

>> No.5473360

not him, but that was really rude.

>> No.5473365

And he wasn’t?
>not him, but
shut up you faggot

>> No.5473475

Some cuck lost his hoarding of videogames due to fire? Lemme drink to that.

>> No.5474639

It's all regularly available shit.
Even if it was something rare and sought after like Little Samson, that game exists digitally.

>> No.5474642

Who dug up Roger Ebert?

>> No.5474669
File: 18 KB, 264x264, 1456904462343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, though on the other hand you're a bit deluded if you think this board is anything other than the nostalgia and gossip board for old vidya.
You want actual, honest discussion? On retro vidya no less? Better find some pals willing to get an IRC room or something, 4chan ain't for that, and it will never be, this place has long stopped being a website for genuine enthusiasts.

>> No.5474739

The only thing close is the Game Preservation Society in Japan. They work to preserve all of the games before the year 2000, because the Japanese government decided to preserve all games made from 2000 to later.

If you like, you can donate to the Game Preservation Society. They are always looking for money and people to help keep their work going.

>> No.5474741


>> No.5474759

I am concerned about how modern stuff is preserved but I'm not all that worried about it in all honesty. Retro games and consoles will be well documented by the time the last surviving unit dies. There's no actual sense in hoarding physical games when piracy is easily done on just about every console nowadays. Piracy is just an inherent thing that will always exist as long as some kind of *net exists, whether it be inter- or sneaker-.
I've come to terms with my own mortality and realize nothing has to last, in all reality, more than my lifetime because I'll be dead by then, and literally won't be able to care at that point. I'm not saying to give up on preservation efforts, but to not get so stressed about it if some obscure prototype of a German mahjong 3DO game gets lost.

I wish the US would fund projects like this instead of pumping tax dollars to the army. Too bad the house is a bunch of boomers who don't give a fuck about anything other than fucking everyone over.

>> No.5474773

The fact that the Spyro 1 beta rom hasn't been released still pisses me off to this very day.
Instead of releasing it to the public so that people could analyze what hidden content it could have, the bastard instead decided to make a shitty, uninteresting video series where it only shows minimal differences between it and the final, all sparkled with cringeworthy crappy annotations, and the person even cowardly says "B-BUT I DON'T ACTUALLY OWN IT, I HAEV TO GIVE IT BACK TO THE OWNER" in the description without having the balls to dump it privately before giving it back to whatever collectorfag owned it firsthand.
At the very least the Crash community didn't get cucked like the Spyro one and actually got the prototypes of their games released to the public.

>> No.5474814

not to get political, but pretty much everything in America is designed around getting richer. If anything, congress is just encouraged to push it along by the people who make the money.

The best way to get something like that done in the US is to get a really rich person on it, someone who could potentially give a shit. Alternatively, have someone lead the project themselves.

More curious to me, what would be the logistics? The GPS in Japan says that the most expensive part of preservation is actually climate control, as games need to be preserved at something like 14-16C to prevent issues such as mold growth in floppy disks, and that because it's Japan and it gets hot as fuck in summer, they spend a huge amount of AC. It's a shame they aren't somewhere rural in the US, the cost of a massive warehouse capable of climate-control storage for, say, every arcade game ever made, would be actually somewhat feasible. The only real concern I could think of is natural disaster.

>> No.5474815

What about the need for original physical hardware to play that digital data on.

>> No.5474830

Just build it underground in the midwest. Nice in cool, safe from tornados, and any natural disasters aside from Yellowstone blowing up, but at that point we would have bigger problems than video games.

>> No.5474876

>at that point we would have bigger problems than video games.
Somehow nerds would still find a way to congregate and complain. It is inevitable.

>> No.5474886

retarded japs think stacking discs in a warehouse is preservation, upload that shit

>> No.5475019

actually they do two things, they first preserve the disks in climate-controlled environments, and then they also have a device which they actually developed themselves, which is able to capture not just a simple disk image, but the actual signal of the disk as it ran on its original machine. That means that a floppy disk which acted in a certain way will be captured and act in exactly the same way through this copy. So every game is both physically and digitally preserved in perfect form as it was read from the source.

Now that said, they won't ever dump anything online, because they're a non-profit in Japan, and will get their asses torn in half by lawsuits. That said, you could probably reach out to them about whether or not they do data duplication. I'm not sure myself, but I imagine they must. Typically however, they only send backups to people who send in their original disks for restoration/recovery, the backups are returned to them so that they can run their software again.

I agree that it would be better if we could all get the dumps, but it just isn't that easy sometimes. To make more progress, we would be more productive if we focused more on working to pool resources to convince prototype hoarders to let go of their prizes. At least it has a higher chance of success than asking the GPS to commit suicide in the name of dumping it online.

>> No.5475025

Importance to who?
Me maybe, but not everyone.

>> No.5475031 [DELETED] 
File: 306 KB, 1319x971, connecting playstation to television.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Digital Preservation" snobs are out of this world crazy. Of all the things to give yourself an ulcer about, an unreleased video game should be near the bottom of the list. Your mother will eventually die, possibly in her sleep (unless she has already died). Worrying about that would also be insane, but more reasonable. If you are more worried about an unreleased game than your mother dying in her sleep, you should respond to this post or your mother will die in her sleep.

>> No.5475036
File: 306 KB, 1319x971, connecting playstation to television.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Digital Preservation" snobs are out of this world crazy. Of all the things to give yourself an ulcer about, an unreleased video game should be near the bottom of the list. Your mother will eventually die, possibly in her sleep (unless she has already died). Worrying about that would also be insane, but more reasonable. If you are more worried about an unreleased game then your mother dying in her sleep, you should respond to this post or your mother will die in her sleep.

>> No.5475059


>> No.5475076

you're looking at it all wrong

worrying about video games is a distraction from the true horrors of reality - its the perfect coping mechanism

>> No.5476505

Better be sure.

>> No.5476539
File: 461 KB, 1274x934, Mission Impossible Immigration laws.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its the perfect coping mechanism
I do support the notion of past times and hobbies, but when you are trading real world worries for worries that an alpha build of some game is going to be lost forever, you really aren't doing it right. You are just normalizing fear and paranoia. A hobby/pastime should not be stressful. If you love stress and paranoia, buy the daily paper and read it. You don't need that from a hobby.

>> No.5476613

once ps2/xbox/gc becomes retro (which it already is) then there will be shit to talk about again. There's nothing more to say about any of the current retro shit.

>> No.5478021

Japanese game companies are sitting on a mountain of unreleased material that has never been dumped.

>> No.5479370

this was in like 2005 good luck finding caps of it

>> No.5480925


>> No.5480928

yea and they are all worthless.

>> No.5480929

honestly that shit should be all insured.
also that bottom row look allgood..

>> No.5480937
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>also that bottom row look allgood..

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