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Play OoT, give androgynous Link a girl's name to have le sexy lesbian adventure.

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discord ejcUEKP

pref out

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Play BotW and dress in the Gerudo clothing the whole game.

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I don't have it, so..yeah. Is it worth buying?

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It is an excellent game. I couldn't recommend it enough. Don't actually dress in the Geurdo clothing the whole game - it provides no armor.

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Did I accidentally click on /v/?

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Discord raid?

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And that is bad why exactly?
Rynn is a qt.

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Not retro.

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Man I loved that game.
I wish they'd make more third person action games with permanent durability loss for the equipment and limited inventory space, so that you get to manage your stuff a bit rather than just keep upgrading.
For PC.

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I agree. Not Lara Croft is hot.

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It's pretty fucking inexcusable that GOG still doesn't have this game in its library.
Is it a matter of it being in legal limbo, like Blood Omen and No One Lives Forever, or what?

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>Oh my God it's making me play as a girl

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Anyone else here used to post on surreal news?

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Draken was cool.

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I dont wanna play as a stupid girl!

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we at /vr/ learned that cooties wasn't a thing back in the 90s, meanwhile /v/ thinks digital cooties is the biggest threat to their lives

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Tomb Raider

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Hey assho...I mean anon, remember a time when this wasn't an issue and people focused ON THE ACTUAL FUCKING GAME AND NOT WHAT'S BETWEEN PEOPLES' LEGS? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Now back to /v/ with your underage ass.

A shame they did rush the ending

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GOG doesn't keep silent about owners of the game.
If you read their faq you can see that most of the time they don't know who holds the rights until a fan tell thems. Other times the owner doesn't care/doesn't need the money so they don't sell the rights.

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I guess I like Rynn a bit more overall as a character. She had more personality compared to Lara who always was a bit of a cypher.
Rynn was just a pleasant girl, with some nice sarcastic streak. Shame, the game never rose beyond a cult-classic.

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>Shame, the game never rose beyond a cult-classic.
It had a sequel, I'm sure it sold well.

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