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Post ps1 games.

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Does anybody have a gif of tifa's boobs going up after a battle is won

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Crash prob looks the best.

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>No pic at native resolution or at the very least an integer scale

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Post it then with ctr.

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I like 2D PS1 games.

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integer scaling is for brainlets who don't know signal processing

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You fags have no taste.

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Robocop of the polygon dimension.

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Too bad there weren't more of them.

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Gunners Heaven

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Brown: the game

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what a beautiful system. what beautiful games.

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Why are PS visuals still so aesthetic while most N64 games look like crap by now?

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It's just in your head.

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Don't tell lies on the internet.

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Do you even think before you type?

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Most PS1 games look like shit though.
N64 has better 3D, Saturn has better 2D.

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More attention to detail, greater artistic ambition, less pressure to comply with a certain "look"...the list goes on.

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For every great looking PS1 game there are 10 that looked like complete ass, even when they just came out.

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I remember buying and playing this game before I even knew what dragon ball was

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That game needs to be sped up 2x

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did anyone else name him "Crawd"? That's how the game says his engrish name.

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pic related...sorry

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I broke around 5 controllers with that game.

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For me, it's getting lost in a pre-rendered world

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No, that honor belongs to Doom.

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What fucking abortion of a game is this?

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A Net Yaroze one.

It's still infinitely better than any you'll ever produce.

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What happened to you, Mario?

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nah, ive made better.

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Because 1080p emulator screenshots don't represent what it actually looks like.

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The power of PlayStation's 2D

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Does he want to eat thems

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Is this Final Bout? I remember buying this out of a Wal-Mart bargain bin like 15+ years ago. ...it really deserved to be there, too.

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man those castle levels were bad

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the crash character and level designs are all still really unappealing to me. not comfy.

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It's a fucking 1996 game and the first ever experiment to bring Budoten style games into 3D. For its limited mechanics it's still a decent amount of fun and the music is prime Yamamoto/Kageyama.

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it certainly gives a lot of pleasure

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Man I really miss the sprites of that era. Tales, Atelier etc.

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Well get a PSP, shitter.

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What's this, Einhander?

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Legend of Dragoon

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Is it still worth hundreds of dollars?

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Rage Racer was no 1999-2000 refined PS1 quality but it was such a fucking leap from RRR.

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>Those vertex clouds
Absolutely glorious.

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better texture resolution without absurd amounts of filtering

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higher texture resolution without absurd amounts of filtering

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>better texture resolution
Not really if you look at the specs

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N64 has anti aliasing and z buffering which is better. Less loading times.

PlayStation strength was the sound and CD format for space. They stored better body textures for the playstation Re2.

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Yeah, well, that didn't stop it from sucking.

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The original run was only something like 15k copies. There was a period of time where it was worth like $150... but then they re-released it (different cover art etc) so it's not worth much now.

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>N64 has better 3D
From a technical standpoint only.

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In practice too.
In general, N64's strength was 3D, Saturn's was 2D, and PS1 was FMVs.

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Ps1 is a meme system for fad based games . Love of for cutsences and me sound zoinks yay.

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Hardly. Show me N64 games with art directions as tight as Vagrant Story, MediEvil, Spyro, Mega Man Legends, Tomba 2, Threads of Fate, etc.

>and PS1 was FMVs
FMVs were plentiful on the Saturn as well. Along with all those beautiful... arcade ports. Lol.

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>PS1 was having better games than its competition

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>arcade ports
>a bad thing
In a time before MAME it was great to have a way to play arcade games at home without buying expensive, bulky cabs. Plus some of them had exclusive content not seen on the arcade.

But why am I even bothering responding to a jarpig that likes trash games like Vagrant Story or Megaman Legends.

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Back to your tranny general, faggot.

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>Show me N64 games with art directions as tight as Vagrant Story, MediEvil, Spyro, Mega Man Legends, Tomba 2, Threads of Fate, etc.
Art direction? I always liked the art direction of the Goemon games a lot. Anyway we were talking about 3D capabilities.
To be honest, I think Vagrant Story's art direction to be kinda overrated. Yes they did some cool tricks with the textures, but it's all so brown... I dunno, maybe it's just me.
Megaman Legends 1 was on N64.
>FMVs were plentiful on the Saturn as well
Yeah but at worse quality, you needed an extra peripheral to get good FMVs on Saturn, PlayStation had a very good video codec.
Eh, 5th gen in general was a bit weak IMO. I find myself going back to N64 and Saturn more than PS nowadays, but I did play a lot back in the day.

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>Anyway we were talking about 3D capabilities
This whole discussion started with an anon asking why PS1 games are more aesthetic. Stop shifting the topic to suit your argument.

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Well, okay, I think "aesthetic" depends on the game, not the console.
Some PS games look good, but a lot of them suffer from incorrect perspective and shifting textures.

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Why does the user of a shitty scaling filter need to know signal processing?

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Still one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.

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What game is this?

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Breath of Fire 4

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Kuma is a cute

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>PS1 had bad 2-

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That port had to cut not only frames but entirely disable the tag-team mechanic.

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Street fighter 2 collection had terrible loading times.

>> No.5455447

still looks amazing 60fps with great fx

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And alot of N64 games suffer and are just asking to be put out of their misery. What's your point?

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All n64 games are masterpieces.

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Now can anyone help me open my bottle of Onions?

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Bah, you just seem like a thristy console warrior.
My point was that it greatly depends on the game/devs, not the system. But if we want to discuss system capabilities/features, again, PS only really excel at FMVs compared to Saturn and N64

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I think that's sony bros.

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No, many N64 games did often have lower resolution textures. The best games like Conker though had better texturing than anything on PS1.

Art directions is a bit of a subjective thing, but yeah I’ll agree that they were often better on PS1. But that’s purely a result of how N64 had very few Japanese developed titles.

The other thing is that because PS1 had so many games, it’s easier to go through the library and cherrypick the games which had good art direction.

Sure but the same could be said for many PS1. Look outside of the top games, and your typical game for the machine is a warpy pixelated low framerate mess, arguably much less appealing to look at and play than N64 jank.

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I agree btw did anyone else enjoy watching their wife getting fucked

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too subtle

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Crash 3 is very uncomfy to me, but the first one has god tier atmosphere and the second one isn't as moody but still feels good.

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File: 2.75 MB, 1278x974, gits ps1 (3).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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n64 had better 3d by virtue of an aa pass and non constantly moveing 3d, however n64 3d looked like fucking garbage and the games that looked good ran like shit,

lets take megaman legends as an example.
runs great on ps1, n64 it looks significantly better, but runs so fucking bad due to an aa pass

n64 at its best, was better then ps1 at its best, but general ps1 looked better then general n64 at least in my opinion, then you had more 3d games and rpgs going to ps1 so that only added to the good looking game library.

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n64 had games that defined for generations how 3d is done right
ps1... not so much.

n64 had arguably several of the best games ever made, while ps1 had contenders for the top 20

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but they do show what could have been, and there is a solid argument to be made ps1 had better aesthetic games.

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z buffering yes, AA no, n64 has some cross platforms that just play like fucking garbage due to AA, I take jaggie but fast over smooth but slow any day.

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>lets take megaman legends as an example.
That was a shitty port anon. Capcom nonchalantly shat it out like 3 years after the PS1 version.

N64 developers had the choice of turning AA off but pretty much none of them did. On the other hand, pretty much no developers had the choice of turning z-buffer off because the default provided microcode doesn’t work without it.

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Why the fuck play the slower Playstation port with no character swapping, cut frames and bad loading times? What are you, Brazilian?

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Alien Resurrection looks fantastic.

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You shouldn't try being funny, dude. It's sad.

>> No.5455986 [DELETED] 

Based, but Saturn was better than PSX at FMV too.

PSX's strength was hardware failure such as overheating and not reading the discs right which could only be fixed by setting the console upside-down.

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Hunter has microcephaly.

>> No.5456003

Of you genuenly believe that, then I feel sorry for you.

PS1 has more games of individual genres than N64 or Saturn have games, period. More genres, more experimemtation and innovation happened in the PS1 library amd 9 out of 10 games that were either genre defining or generation definjng were either playstation exclusive, or were ported from it.

Is it arguably the worst hardware of the 3? Sure, in certain technical ways. But it was the middle ground between it's competition, and it attracted devs like honey attracts bears.

I would take a PS1 and 100 games over the same deal with either competitor, because I'd have more variety and more genuenly great games. And I don't think Saturn actually had 100 good games, to be frank...

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seething nintencel lmao.

>> No.5456223

That's fine, to each their own. I don't find many PS worth going back in 2019, whereas there are still some games I keep going back on N64 and Saturn.
Not much though, 5th gen in general was kinda wack, but yeah.

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Beautiful game.

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What game?

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Would it be possible to 100% accurately recreate those smooth PS1 CGI cutscene models with modern-day 3D software? Achieving the exact kind of look human models in Resident Evil and Silent Hill had?

I don't know anything about 3D modelling, but I get the feeling that creating your own models and just lowering the amount of polygons wouldn't cut it, meaning you'd have to intentionally put a lot of effort into imitating old models, working with references and everything.
What I'm trying to get at though is that old CGI models from Capcom and Konami games for example all had that same kind of unique style to them, meaning it has to be a -> natural and automatic trait <- of the way or software people used to create models in back then, rather than manually working to achieve that effect.
Am I making sense to anyone?

So if that is true, then my thinking now is that with modern software, that natural trait has completely disappeared due to the advanced technology. Unless of course it is possible to obtain the exact same software people used to use back then?

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File: 1.52 MB, 1280x720, drakengard-3-412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am i doing it right?

>> No.5456434

Those late-90s/early-2000s 3D can be achieved if you disable all of the new features such as ambient-occlusion, global-illumination, etc. Do not use any PBR materials.

Those models were done ages before digital 3D sculpting was even a thing. Learn Box model and exploit the subsurf modifier, do not touch any sculpting tool. I'm not sure about nip-specific stuff try looking at model rips from an early 2000's game.

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Hairy Pooter.
Very nice Cloud standing up for the disabled.

>> No.5456490

I wish there was a FUNi dub of this.

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File: 59 KB, 720x480, MV5BNzYwOTk3NzAtNTI0NS00ZWU0LTliNWUtMjJmZGFjZDEwMmQyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjg1NDkzODA@._V1_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gon fighting.

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>and the games that looked good ran like shit
I don't remember Conker running like shit.

>> No.5457469

you can call it a shitty port, I look at it and see AA enabled and have kind of a no shit that's why it runs so bad response.

>> No.5457474

The textures. When displayed on a high-fidelity screen, and especially when rendered at a high-fidelity resolution, the smeared-out, low-res textures of the N64 often don't look good. At their original resolutions, though, I really don't think the PS1's increased storage for textures makes as big of a difference.

>> No.5457489

Now move the camera around on that image and watch the textures wobble all over

>> No.5457503

Does this impact the CD laser at all?

>> No.5457803

It’s nothing to do with AA. The N64 version of Megaman Legends uses textures which are one quarter the size of the PS1 version’s textures.

>> No.5457948

textures have near 0 impact on frame rate, if the texture is loadable, it plays as good loaded as one that is smaller would play, so in my case of playability, n64 ruined the game due to aa, a process intensive effect, while ps1 played so much better because it lacked that bullshit.

>> No.5457975

This scene blew my fucking mind when I first saw it, I've never seen pre-rendered graphics used in such a way before. Goddamn Square...

>> No.5458145

>textures have near 0 impact on frame rate
Haha, holy shit. Textures have to be streamed into the GPU via the texture cache over the memory bus. A texture four times the size of a smaller one uses up four times more memory bandwidth.

>> No.5458290

95% of all /vr/ posters are technologically inept asshats

>> No.5458382

>textures have near 0 impact on frame rate, if the texture is loadable, it plays as good loaded as one that is smaller would play
never programmed anything in his life

>> No.5458395

It happened before every game was brown. That makes it an innovator.

>> No.5458401

I had one of the originals, my dad got it used for 400 bucks as a christmas gift. He stayed on ebay for three days to make sure he got it.

>> No.5458404

Just remember his special move was Gon with the wind.

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File: 3.00 MB, 480x352, Alien Resurrection (PS1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's quite funny reading the reviews of the game now. The Dual Analog control scheme (which is now the de facto standard) was criticized over great length back then. Well you could also play it via mouse of course.

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File: 2.99 MB, 416x308, AJPW King&#039;s Soul.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The sadly final game by Human Entertainment, also was the best wrestling game not just on the system but of the whole era. From the graphics to the many many animation and the well-thought-out and complex gameplay (timing based just like Fire Pro Wrestling from the same devs). It also has the best roster with lots of true legend either as in-game characters or templates.

I also liked the spiritual successor King of Colosseum (which used the same game engine on PS2), which despite looking rather dated even when released (again it uses the PS1 engine and look and play very similar), IMO again was the best wrestling game of the next era after the PS1.

Too bad, despite Fire Pro Wrestling Word, the genre is dead now... killed by Yuke's and the shitty WWE games.

>> No.5458514

Haha, for real? That's crazy. I really didn't think it was worth the $15 after I played it.

>> No.5458726


>> No.5458876

It's still a bit clunky, especially with how hard the game is. I recently got it and bought a PS mouse specifically for it.
It also has the option to play with only the original digital controller. Imagine that nightmare.

>> No.5458912

>better FMV
that's just flat wrong, largely because the PS1 can decode video frames in hardware, so it's smoother and full-screen
there's an add on card for Saturn, but it's neither widely supported nor widespread

>> No.5458946 [DELETED] 

saturn's sofdec > psx's mdec


>> No.5459017

no, but I watch the impact, as long as you can load a texture, they have near 0 cost till you hit a point you need to keep swapping them in and out, until you hit that point, its more or less free 'make the game look better' settings.

>> No.5459118

Man, there are an awful lot of bizarre things going on in this pic.

>> No.5459132

>don't remember
It definitely had a lot of slowdown in certain places. Like that bossfight with the terminator/haystack dude. Every time he'd fire a rocket the game would drop to like 5 FPS.

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>> No.5459246

Yikes at ps1.

Preferred n64 dreamlike graphics.

>> No.5459335

How did Yuke kill it?

>not just going for the PC version

>> No.5459369 [DELETED] 
File: 2.99 MB, 480x324, NJPW Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 3 (PSX).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like every franchise dies. Endless repetition, annual releases with only minor changes, lazy programming with outdated tech and also added micro transactions or the madness with different roster for different preorders. And on top of that Yuke's didn't make any progress or even acknowledged what other devs did better.

But it's all too late now, there isn't any competition anymore. Only those damn Yuke's WWE games year after year, that I stopped buying altogether during the PS2 era. Yuke's did some fine games too but this was a long while ago. I especially think about Toukon Retsuden, which also was the base for the first Smackdown games (well there were some more stages to that mainly the intermediate game between Toukon and Smackdown - the budget games of Simple 1500 Series The Pro Wrestling, which already toned down the gameplay). But later they took out everything from Toukon Retsuden what made these games special. Smackdown just had beefed up graphics but "arcady" and hollow gameplay.

>> No.5459376
File: 2.99 MB, 480x324, NJPW Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 3 (PSX).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How did Yuke kill it?
Like every franchise dies. Endless repetition, annual releases with only minor changes, lazy programming with outdated tech and also added micro transactions or the madness with different rosters for different preorders. And on top of that Yuke's didn't make any progress or even acknowledged what other devs did better.

But it's all too late now, there isn't any competition anymore. Only those damn Yuke's WWE games year after year, that I stopped buying altogether during the PS2 era. Yuke's did some fine games too but this was a long time ago. I especially think about Toukon Retsuden, which also was the base for the first Smackdown games (well there were some more stages to that mainly an intermediate game between Toukon and Smackdown - the budget games of Simple 1500 Series The Pro Wrestling, which already toned down the gameplay considerably). But later they took out everything from Toukon Retsuden what made these games special. Smackdown just had beefed up graphics but "arcady" and hollow gameplay.

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The smackdown vs raw games were great though.

>> No.5460125

It wasn't, but that was the going price early 2000 years. I never asked for much so when I had shown interest earlier in the year he made it his mission.

>> No.5460127

The dude that created the color palette for crash was an asshole.
it's so saturated it becomes annoying in so short.

>> No.5460143

Yeah sure, those parkinson textures look hella modern while you play.
Ps1 3D was complete and I mean complete ass, all those pre-rendered shit and cheap fmv to make you believe that the hardware isn't weak as fuck, all those fake 3d games, those fighting games with no sense of context.

>Muh Genres! (A.k.a. I like faggy japanese rpg's with menu fights)
>Quantity over quality argument
>Innovation of what?.

The whole thread is about graphics buddy, and the ps1 isn't that good on that aspect.

>> No.5460146

Shut the fuck up snoy fag, you clearly know shit about nothing.

>> No.5460426

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.5460510

>retards defending the blur fest that were N64 graphics

Jesus Christ just admit it looks like shit.

>> No.5460669

wow that looks so cool

>> No.5460741

Not even blur.

>> No.5460846

a sad fact that more games play well on playstation then they do on N64, but I do love that buttery smooth single digit frame rate, such cinematic wonders.

>> No.5460890

Any tips on figuring out the timing for this game? As far as I can tell when playing against the CPU grapples are won at random. So it basically becomes a grappling contest. Also how do you reduce the stamina running out which renders your wrestler immobile?

>> No.5461020
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>> No.5461024
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>> No.5461025

Holy shit that is some impressive lighting. Why don't games these days have anything like this? Everything just feels sterile.

>> No.5461029
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>Not using PGXP

>> No.5461227

The timing depends on the typ of grapple you were initiating. Rule of the thump: look for the animation when your wrestler slightly bends his knees to gain momentum, that's the right moment. But again the timing is lightly different with the various grapple types. Just like Fire Pro Wrestling the best method of learning the timing is by selecting Player vs. Player mode and practicing on a defenseless fighter. But I'm not sure if the game already had a tutorial mode.

Also (again just like in Fire Pro Wrestling) you have to breath now and then to avoid running out of stamina quickly. But I'm not sure, which button does this, since I haven't played the game for a while. There are a couple of Guides at GameFAQs

AFAIK in the later games using this engine (King of Colosseum) breathing was one of the shoulder buttons, probably L2 or R2.

>> No.5463264

Best thread, right here.

>> No.5463316

Nah not really. They were adequate at best, especially the PS2 games predating the time when they renamed the series to "Smackdown vs. Raw." were still playable. But the first game of the series with the name "SD vs RAW" was also the last game of that series that I played, because even back then I saw that those games went nowhere. And it got even worse since. The SD vs. RAW games are only good for a quick laugh to create some silly edits and punch each other in multiplayer mode. When SD vs. Raw game out I didn't even bother to unlock shit like I did before.

But you can't say that I didn't give Yuke's a chance. Some people suggested that "Day of Reckoning" and the two Wrestle Kingdom PS2 games that used the same engine as DoR, were better than their usual crap and I fell for it. Some even compared it's gameplay mechanics to Virtual Pro Wrestling/WWE No Mercy, which I call bullshit. Day of Reckoning 2 had loading times from hell and I didn't find the gameplay exiting at all. It felt more like a simple Beat'em'up to me. Wrestle Kingdom only improved slightly but the loading times were equally horrible and the edit mode was pure garbage. Wrestle Kingdom 2 has a kick ass roster with lots of true legends, but I didn't bother importing the game, since that DoR Engine and all it's games are just as lazy as Smackdown/SD vs.Raw/WWE 2Kxx. After all these years the WWE should fire Yuke's (or drop the license deal) for good and start completely new with a new dev team. Yuke's are done.

>> No.5463614
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>> No.5464192

Tenchu looks great but I get the impression that people either excuse or deliberately overlook the fact that the draw distance extends about ten feet in front of your face to allow for it.

>> No.5464202
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It wasn't a technical marvel, it's graphically mediocre, but the art direction is amazing.

>> No.5464382

First time seeing a game from then? They all had shitty draw distances.

>> No.5464454

>when you nut and she still succ

>> No.5464778
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Not all.

>> No.5464867

Meant for: