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The only only other that looks good is the model 1 Sega Genesis. Every other retro console looks horribly outdated, have weird designs or are giant space-wasters.

>Space Wasters
FM Towns Marty
TurboGrafx 16

>Horribly outdated
Sega Saturn
Neo Geo AES

>Designed weirdly/not aesthetically pleasing
Nintendo 64

I don't care what ANYONE says. The PS2 fat looks God Awful and so does the Gamecube, Xbox and your beloved Sega Dreamcast and Saturn. Interestingly enough I still think the Amiga CD32 looks all right though.

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To begin with, the PC Engine set up you’ve posted is a fucking mess design wise. Second, the NEO•GEO AES is absolutely evergreen, it looks amazing. Clean and solid. But my vote goes to the Super Famicom.

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Right. Forgot to add that one to the "looks like shit" list American and Japanese version

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>But my vote goes to the Super Famicom.
Same with me. That has long been my favorite design.

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>model 1 Sega Genesis
I much prefer model 2 desu.

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Is that really a good design? Or is it just that you are aware of the first design so you think to yourself. “Oh! Cute baby PlayStation.” I’m not being combative, I’m just asking if you think that’s a possibility. Like, if that was the original design would you like it as much?

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I donno. I prefer it to the original PlayStation so I bought one and had it modchipped.

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God tier:

NES - perfection. The colours, the way the controllers match with the system, it's absolutely timeless.

Dreamcast - Cool logo, looks combat but still durable, controller ports fit well wirn the rest, pretty small and comfy and nice. Shit's Hello Kitty version looked so good it brought the console back to life

PS2 slim : No need to say anything here

Gameboy Color

Godawful tier:

Famicom. Just top kek

Original DS


NES toploader version

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gotta say, the playstation "PS" logo is absolutely genius and a timeless classic. it works just as perfectly now as it worked back in 1994.

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European Mega Drive is the best of all the console designs.

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Timeless and A E S T H E T I C:
Neo Geo Pocket Color
NES frontloader
Genesis 1
Master System 1
Any wood grain Atari
N64 funtastics
PS1 (not psone though it's more reliable)
Neo Geo AES
Non retro GB Micro PS2 fat and Purple GC

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Pic related
Yes it's super outdated
Yes it still looks amazing

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Sega saturn is absolutely beautiful. The design just doesnt work in amerifat black.

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The Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing retro consoles to come out of the 90s. Fucking fight me bitch.

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the master system controller oozes AESTHETIC. I can hear the synthesizers and electric drums already.

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The Japanese MegaDrive had the cool space age sounding things written on it so is by default better.

like something from the year 2672

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I've always adored how small the PC-Engine is, it's why the TG-16 and Duo look really ugly in comparison imo. I love the idea of locking on a new piece to make it stronger as well, that attachment honesty looks really nice on it and the CD-Rom in general just looks really cool on it.

The Mega Drive Model 1 looks really cool as well, there's something about the circle on the body, the big "16-Bit", and the buttons and volume control on the left really make it feel like an actual machine that is capable of something more than just gaming.

On the flip side, I've always disliked how the SNES looked, always came off as an ugly looking machine and I could never put my finger on why. Lovely controller though.

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This shits on everything in my book. A thing of beauty.

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>Yare Yare Daze.

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It's interesting the mindset hardware developers had in the 80s and early 90s, that everything needed expansion capabilities.

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Back then people thought the Sega CD """""interactive"""" games were the future. Interesting time to be alive. I think companies realised you didn't have to be Nintendo to be successful and thus tried out a lot of new things. This even lasted into the sixth generation with things like the PS2 Expansion Bay, the Dreamcast Karoke set and Game Boy player for the Gamecube

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I like systems that look like battleships

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pc boy pew pew

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Atari 2600

wood paneling nigga

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Ready to warp onto hyperdrive!

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That looks like a big ass usb thumbdrive

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Judging the various console designs i owned, i would say:

NES 0/10
Master System 7/10
PC Engine 5/10
Mega Drive 10/10
Neo Geo 9/10
Super Famicom 6/10
Amerifat SNES 0/10
Master System II 4/10
3DO 3/10
SEGA Saturn jap 8/10
PSX 7/10
Neo Geo CD 5/10
Dreamcast 5/10
PS2 0/10
NGC 6/10
Xbox hueg 1/10

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It really did what Nintendon't.

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Too bad they all turned yellow

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>the PC Engine set up you’ve posted is a fucking mess design wise.
Because it wasn't designed as one piece. It's literally the first console to get a CD player. It's also why this exists. (pic related)

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the nec duo rx is such a smooth design, I love it.

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NES (toaster or top loader), North American Super Nintendo, most models of the Mega Drive, non-Jr. Atari 2600 models, and pretty much anything else.

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I ised to think the Master System looked weird but I’ve grown to like it’s triangular design and that strange diagram on the front makes it look like a space computer/terminal. Plus not many consoles have red

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Anyway here’s my 2 cents

NES 2/10
Master System 7/10
PC Engine 9/10
Mega Drive 10/10
Neo Geo AES 5/10
TurboGrafx 16 0/10
Super Famicom 5/10
Amerifat SNES 5/10
3DO 0/10
Sega Saturn 4/10
PlayStation 1 5/10
Neo Geo CD 6/10
Famicom -5/10
Dreamcast 4/10
Gamecube 3/10
PS2 fat 0/10
Ps2 slim 8/10
Xbox 2/10
CDi 0/10
PCFX 3/10
FM Towns Marty 4/10

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Those details are charming, but that big 16-BITS golden letters and that red and blue color combinations make the design more busy and probably a bit more childish. The european Mega Drive goes for black and white making it more sleek and elegant without being boring like a modern console.

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>having 2 cents so shitty you'd have to pay someone several bucks to take them

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>buttons I, II, and III are right-to-left
>buttons IV, V, and VI are left-to-right
this stabbed me, with a KNIFE, right in the autism

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Was about to post the MG2 version before I saw that. Why do multiformat versions of existing consoles look so good?

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