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Today was Mana-sama's birthday.
What LCD handheld game did you play in his honor?

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I don't think the average person here is going to know who Mana is, or about Malice Mizer, so I'm sorry anon.

The only lcd game I have is pic, but I give it a go for Mana.

also I want to f**k gackt

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Who is this person and how are they related to LCD/LSI games?

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Mana-sama was a guitarist in the visual-kei band Malice Mizer, and his clothing line also kicked off the whole Lolita fashion thing in japan.

Ive never seen op pic before, but I'm guessing he collected them.

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Oh, cool beans. I think LCD games own.

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He's actually a huge collector of vr games in general. Probably has a better collection than most here.

A translation of his game collection columns:

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>Malice Mizer
Is it true that this song is a Castlevania reference? I remember I first heard of this band when I was doing a bit of research on Castlevania in the first place.

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that's awesome! I definitely did not know that, my appreciation for mana grows.

I have no idea honestly, but considering this new info, it doesn't seem entirely impossible. Do you remember where you read that?

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The title of that song, "Gekka no yasoukyoku" (Nocturne in moonlight) is the same as the japanese title of Symphony of the Night.
Also Mana did actually collaborate with Konami for Harmony of Dissonance, he composed a ringtone released exclusively for japanese cell phones, called "La nuit blance", as a promotion for the game. Sadly, that ringtone seems to be lost forever now.

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Ain't this the person who did that 'sega is the best in the universe' album?

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No, that was Pinokiwo

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How many Japanese man women are there?

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holy shit the cringe is unreal. i didnt know sonic autism existed outside of western countries

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These are just guys though. If you see a woman, that's on you.
He's actually just a big Sega fan, not really a sonic fan in the western sense.

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Here's a picture of Mana with the developer of Darwin 4078.

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I didnt even know the guy from Guniw Tools worked on a game. I figure it must be some pretentious artsy non-game anyway

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I jumped too conclusions too fast and assumed he got involved because of his music career but I guess it was prior to that. It's a great bit of trivia nonetheless

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it's a shmup, released by Data East.
It's from 1986, before he did any music afaik.

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As far as people know, from interviews with him, Mana is straight, he likes girls.
Although most likely he's in love with himself.

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He must really love portables, bet he is a huge fan of stuff like the vita and 3DS with how powerful they are

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>he likes girls.

He is a lesbian who happens to apreciate sonic the hedgehog.

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you're thinking of Uyuni from Pinokiwo: >>5450520

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>it likes to dress like a girl

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Yes but... imagine their feminine penisses touching for a moment.

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thats one ugly bitch (with a shit game collection)

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That's not a woman, and that collection is actually cool.

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if youre a fuckn idiot who doesnt know garbage when you see it.

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Ah, wait. Your bad grammar just convinced me. Yeah they're all shit, I was a fool to think otherwise. Thanks anon.

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youre welcome dipshit

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Imagine his FEMININE penis being inserted into your round, fat cave of love.

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>thats one ugly bitch (with a shit game collection)
Too stupid to read about his collection in >>5449645 huh? The Mana collection likely outstrips everyone here in it's scope.

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Oh i know about this crossdressing faggot. not too impressed by his collection. buncha garbage

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>crossdressing faggot
Mana has slept with more women than you could imagine. Visit /cgl/ and see what the lolitas think of him. But then, an uptight homo like you would not know that glam rockstars from Alice Cooper to Marilyn Manson dress up as part of the act and it has no necessary bearing on their sexuality.

>buncha garbage
Someone be jelly of the pile of games he has.

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I imagined it. Was just disgusting. Like some fag on the internet.

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dis dood a faggot

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lel, QED.

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>newfags that don't know about mana
You have to go back

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You need to go back

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Why are you angry?

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>Why am i such a cocksucker?
Probably years of abuse as a child (Now)

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Stop being mad. Mana's one of us. He likes the retro vidya.

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Not mad and not one of "us"

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>huge vidya enthusiast since very young age
>has an admirable collection
>has released a book about games
>collaborated with konami for castlevania, it being his favorite series
I'd say he's one of us

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Is it gay if I want to fuck Mana?

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>very young age
The only part "us" (You) fit

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Mana is like 50 now.

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Are you 12 years old? Sure sounds like it. Go back to playing fortnite, then KYS.

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Mana's sister is a qt though.

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>my iq is like 50 now

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>the shrill squeals of a nu-male
A whole load of yiikes and yowzers for you. You sad sad little thing

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why are you so angry?

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>why am a so gay?

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>can't even spell right
go to bed anon, you're angry

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lol imagine actually being a fan of crossdressing faggots like this and having the confidence to admit it on the internet

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>OMG a typo! By the rules of facebook i win
It's probably not even a typo, faggot. And I mean that literally. You're a boy who's in love with a drag queen.

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idk what your problem is i hate trannies and cross dressing faggots as much as the next guy but all of mana sama's projects have been excellent plus he likes retro games and horror movies... just like me! haha

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Wtf i love mama sama now

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I miss the early 2000s and late 90s

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are those your pics anon? do you own ma cherie issues?

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Happy birthday Mana!

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yeah i got a couple

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Neat, I only got some Madousho issues.
Got any other rare pics with Mana and the retro vidya?

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What's Mana up to these days anyway? Is Moi Dix Mois still going? Really not keen on that band.

Klaha > Gackt

Thanks for the images btw. fukkin saved

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Moi dix Mois is still going, they've been playing new songs just a few days ago. The new album is supposed to be on its way.
Also, last year at the Deep sanctuary event, Mana, Kozi and Yu-ki reunited once again, this time pairing with Kamijo and Hitomi doing vocal duties and did a Malice Mizer live, which is going to be released on DVD soon.
>Klaha > Gackt
Based, also Tetsu>all.

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all I see Gackt doing now is tasting expensive wine on new year shows....

does he still have his winning streak at that show?

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No idea, but recently Gackt was the embassador of some crypto coin company and it seems it it didn't went so well.
By the way, Gackt also had his own GameCenter CX-ish show some years ago
He sucks so bad.

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