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So how do you guys hook up all your systems to one output?

What switch boxes do you guys recommend?

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I just hook up whichever system I'm going to use manually. Not being fat is liberating, you ought to try it.

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That's some spicy bait my dood

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Just imagine all of the calories you're burning kneeling next to your tv.

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I got this cheapass scart switch and aside from only having 3 inputs it's perfect.

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Wii w/ component cable.

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I use the Otaku 6-port SCART switch with the optional Component ports.

All the consoles are RGB-enabled/converted.
Hook all the consoles up to the SCART ports on the switch.
Then the output of the switch comes out of the component RCA ports.
Using RCA to BNC cables, they then hook up to the RGB inputs of the PVM.

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I've done this my whole life. My TV has one S-Video input so I decide what console I want to play, plug it in and sit down. So much hard work, but it's worth it.

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Anyone know where to get a Pelican System selector or a JOYTECH JS965C?

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Question. I have 2 passive switches one hooked in daisy chain. Would this cause S-video to be darker then intended?

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I use this scart switch along with an Yamaha receiver

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It is a mess of wires, but I use the gScartSW JP21 edition and Selecty21 boxes. However, it is more costly to stay in my old ways, as the JP21 was what I knew in the late 90s, but now everyone uses Eurro SCART. I have to start saving to switch over to Euro SCART, so I can get all the SCART cables and regular gSCARTsw, which is the one I recommend.

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Joytech JSC965C. Waiting patiently for superg to open pre-orders for the new 8x2 gCompsw.

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I have a Bandridge SVB7725 and besides a tiny bit of snow that's barely noticeable keeping some distance from the tv (that could be blamed to the shitty scart cable i have going from switch to tv) I've got no complaints. Would be nicer if it had one or two more inputs, but other than that, it performs well.

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Same. I keep each console and it's accessories in plastic storage containers. Only take something out when I want to play it. Everything is organized and keeps the dust off of them. I just have a BNC to female SCART cable.

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what are the rj45-ports for?

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I had one of these but the picture ended up really dark on the screen. Didn't feel like messing with the picture settings so I sold it.

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Depending on the console I use an RGB encoder and/or RF modulator to combine the signals on to a single cable and use the dial to select the console I want to use.

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I used to do this when I was a kid, but eventually the wear from plugging in and unplugging different cords for consoles so many times eventually made the picture and sound harder to show up. The cords had to be sitting a very certain way or I had to wedge something between the inputs for it to stay. Glad I eventually got a switch box.

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It's an Ethernet hub, though I would not under any circumstance use it for that purpose.

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Christ, man. Do you have an addiction to buying the most expensive solution for every problem?

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switches are for plebs

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the power of tax returns

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My man I got the same one

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I have a HDMI switch box thing for gen 7-9 consoles. Everything else is emulated so it only uses 1 port.

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Top fucking kek man. Sometime you really do need to show your real consoles. I'm not buying that you only have clones, but it's a good troll.

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How did you hook up your system to it? S-video?

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Anon has several mentlal issues. I'm sure addition is one of them.

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My trinitron has two scart inputs and I only have a PS1 and a PS2. Older consoles are unplayable garbage anyway and anything newer is cancer so I'm pretty much set.

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Please don't reply to text-on-paper-on-marble-countertop-fag.


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I always feel like this is a joke, but I'm not sure because I can definitely imagine that some of you faggots would be autistic enough to do this.

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I bought one of those stupid expensive, custom-built, automatic SCART switchers with my tax refund a few years back. Before that, I used to switch manually, but I like not having to fiddle around behind my setup anymore, especially since I hop between systems a lot while playing.

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I just use one of these passive splitters. Mainly because it was cheap. Of course can't turn on more than one system at a time, but honestly don't really think that is issue for me at this point.

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lol wow.
getting a good used switch can't cost much more than that crap.

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Are you really fat and careless?

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How is it autism to store away what isn't currently in use? Are you an ESL student?

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Probably, but don't see any reason to get one over that at this point. Picture quality is fine since it's just traces connecting the male plug to female ports.

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How the fuck is that autistic? Seems the opposite to me. I keep all my shit in the closet. Take out something, play it, put it back. Guess having a normal clean and organized house is autistic? Lol. Im not gonna knock people that put all there's out or display them either, just not my style.

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A cheap Pelican switch. I only use it for audio, since it diminishes S-Video quality and I don't use component. I've been thinking about springing for an Extron switch since I use a PVM.

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If it's not being used, why the utter fuck would you leave it lying around?! Oh, thats right because all your shit was bought by your parents because you're a 14 year old faggot.

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>my parents have no child rearing skills and our house is a pig sty

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I figured these fuck up the s-video because I bought mine new back in the day and the s-vid cable it came with was wired improperly

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>medical PVM
>composite nes
>s video n64
>component wii
>rgb snes
>switchbox for stereo audio

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And Jesus wept.

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Yeah s-video

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Back in the late 90s, I only knew about JP21, and the only switch was the Selecty21 boxes. When the gSCARTsw was announced, everyone was getting rid of their Selecty21 to upgrade and the 4 I had ranges from $15 to $40USD so they were not expensive when everyone decided to transition to Euro SCART for the device and its wonderful features. Later the gSCARTsw was tried in a JP21 edition, and it finally gave me a 2nd option, but now it is outdated since modern gSCARTsw (standard Euro versions) has way more features like sync regeneration and passthroughs which is why I recommend it to OP.. It is just cheaper to go Euro SCART and based on my experience with the gSCARTsw [JP21] I am sure the standard version will fit OP's needs.

I know, daisy chaining Selecty21s sounds silly, but since they are the only JP21 switch boxes and they only have a meager 3 inputs and 1 output, it is just hilarity the level of toggles on these mechanical switch boxes to get a signal through. Like those cheap component and HDMI switch boxes pictured, they are mechanical, and I thought it would be nice that they take in no external power for electronical noise. However, I have not attempted the absurdity of hooking up the Selecty21s to the gSCARTsw JP21 edition but that would be even funnier. Maybe one day. For now, it is nice for me that the Super Retro Trio does combine SNES, SFC, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, MD, Master System,, and NES,for a singular output wire.

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Half of the generic S-Video cables I own output a signal that's indistinguishable from composite. For whatever reason, a lot of them are complete shit.
I own a PVM and would probably do the same if I ever got an NES/Famicom. I don't necessarily believe that you shouldn't use RGB with consoles that weren't designed to support it, but I do think it'd be more trouble than it's worth to do RGB mods.

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Pvm still have high quality tubes even with composite. Obviously it's not using the display to it's full potential, but composite on a good tube is better than composite on a shitty one.

I have an nesrgb but I legitimately think composite looks better on a pvm. Rgb for 8 bit is too sharp and sterile looking for me personally.

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Did you daisy chain it with any other switches? Passive switches that do S-video to composite and vise versa usually have a resistor that makes S-video output darker then it needs to be.

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Watching an attention whore talk to itself is prime kek

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Found this at a thrift store last year, and it's been pretty good

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I'm more inclined to believe that's just a melamine countertop with marble-like design

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I used a Radio Shack-branded 5x1 composite switcher I got in the early 2000s. Recently picked up a Philips 4x1 switcher that does composite, s-video and component.

From what I understand I can only have one type of signal connected to it at a time. I can't seem to connect it to the TVs component and then have my systems use s-video, or composite.

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>From what I understand I can only have one type of signal connected to it at a time. I can't seem to connect it to the TVs component and then have my systems use s-video, or composite.
well, it IS a switch, not a converter.

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I have a component, AV, S Video and HDMI plug on my TV. I use those
Wii isn't retro

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Not the same guy

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>not readingcomprehension

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fair enough.

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They all are emulated through my Wii :^)
I do have a component switch box, though these days only the Wii and PS2 are hooked up to it.

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