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post lesser known shooters

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>18 years old
>not old as fuck

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read the rules in pinned post:
Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier.

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arbitary as fuck, how is one year making a difference?

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is this from the game in the op?

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No, it's from Chasm The Rift. Weird russian Quake Wannabe with almost Wolf3D-tier level design. Pretty cool looking, tho.

>it's one the arbitrarian faggots sucking mods off again
Passage of time must be accounted for. Fuck you.

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don't ask me
ask the mods

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just looked it up on youtub, very cool graphics

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>arbitary as fuck, how is one year making a difference?
Changing the year from the sticky would be arbitrary too. Go back to /v/.

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01 game using technology from 1998, unreal 1 engine.

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why have a hard cutoff-year when that kind of mental gymnastics is enough to bypass it?

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Say what you like about this game, it still has THE coolest "starting out room" in gaming history.

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rules are for losers

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Mega Man, Quake, Goldeneye

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life is full of rules.
even games have rules.

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go to /v/ then

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Mortyr 2093-1944

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>on platforms launched in 1999 or earlier
If the game ran on Win 98, why isn't it retro?

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Lifeforce: Tenka (A.K.A. Codename: Tenka)

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Sprite hand on modeled weapons, huh never seen that before, curious how that looks in motion

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Hey my favorite horror game. The setting and enemies are perfect.

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>"Fuck the board's rules, this board is mine now.

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Getting banned is also for losers then son of a bitch. Get out of this board.

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Irrelevant. The platform is windows 9x, which was pre-2000.

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It's Chasm: The Rift. Game has some pretty cool art & animations (including a dismemberment system), but the engine and level design are Wolfenstein-like and horrible.

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>Chasm The Rift
It doesn't look too bad but the playerheight is all fucked. He's like a toddler

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Oh man! I remember this one, couldn't get it to run properly on win7 so I dropped it.

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>he thinks compatible operating system is the platform
Game engine was made after the cutoff, it’s not retro.

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not how it works zoomie. go shit up /v/

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But muh rules!!! What do you get from sucking the cock of arbitrary authority exactly?

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Gonna need to know more, "dust" does not seem to give me anything.

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Kill yourself fucking kid.

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this game used to scare me when i was a kid. I don't know what version i played but if you stayed idle for a moment a fucking big ass skull would jumpscare you.

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Hey faggot, try reading the rules you posted
>on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier
>on platforms
Next you'll be saying each PC game is its own platform but console games for n64 released this year are totally on topic.

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Oh for fucks sake you damn kid, next you're gonna say DMC V is retro because PC exist since the 80's.

Kill yourself retard, mods delete this thread please.

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its real name is pyl and its in polish or some slav language only.

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The cusp of modern gaming started around the PS2 launch. Pretty simple when you think about it. You should gb2 >>>/v/

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"but muh rules." fuck it it's Unreal Engine 1, I say that counts.

>post lesser known shooters

go check out "Kiss: Psycho Circus"; it's honestly a whole fucksight better than a deeply Todd MacFarlane lithtech engine game based on a garbage-dick dadrock band IP has any right being.

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>"hey guys new n64 game this year, wow 40 winks fuck i love retro console games"
>"wow slow down there kids you're posting a PC game that runs on win98 but it came out in 2001 guy you kids are faggots guys youre breaking the rules zoomer guys why dont you care about the rules you guys are just zoomer faggots, grow up kids and stop posting off topic rule breaking threads about PC games that are only 18 years old that run on a 21 year old platform because kids zoomers faggots kids, guys."

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>it’s not retro.
We appreciate your opinion, even if it is incorrect.

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>next you're gonna say DMC V is retro because PC exist since the 80's.
Does it run on windows 9x?

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>Mortyr isn't the worst game ever made, it just seems that way while you're "playing" it. Maybe that isn't clear enough: Don't buy Mortyr. If someone offers to give it to you for free, it's a trick and you should run. To put things in perspective: As released, S.I.N. was a huge ripoff due to an amazingly thorough set of game-killing bugs. But later, at a bargain-bin price and after a few heroic patches, S.I.N. got a little itty bitty bit better. This same thing is not going to happen to Mortyr, because its awfulness runs deeper than just bugs. Instead of following the industry standard of half-creating a game then releasing it with a bunch of crippling errors, the visionaries at Mirage Media have made Mortyr one giant, non-specific bug. If you see Mortyr running on your PC, you should consider your system crashed on general principle - as designed, the entire package is misguided and bad.

- Old Man Murray, January 28, 2000

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>In every review of KISS: Psycho Circus that I've read, the author makes a point of distancing himself from KISS. Everybody's too cool for KISS. Where was all the disaffected hipness when these same jackasses were praising Goldeneye, a game that forces you to pretend you're Mrs. Doubtfire's Pierce Brosnan? I say, if you're going to go through all the trouble of hiring a lawyer to license KISS, you might as well suck it up, act like a fucking man for once in your life, and put KISS in the game. Instead, all Psycho Circus contains are lots of itty-bitty coy references to KISS. Trouble is, (1) the word "KISS" is in the title, and (2) the box has a picture of KISS on it. In other words, the man wearing the cat makeup is out of the bag. The time for being bashful about actually putting KISS in the game is totally and completely over. Trust me when I say that nobody who pays money for a game called KISS is going to be upset when it turns out to feature a lot of KISS. And if they are upset, well, I'm speechless - after I call them a retard.

- Old Man Murray, August 4, 2000

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apparently Capstone just likes doing this cus witchaven did the same thing

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Unreal Engine was made in '98 (and updated slightly in 99) you mong

I think it would be fair to count "engine" as a platform for PC games - in this case Infinity Engine, Lith Tech 1/2, idTech 3 and Unreal Engine 1 games would count as retro and thats fine by me

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Shogo, kinda

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>hazard stripe on a gun

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This doesn’t seem retro. When was build 420 of unreal engine released? Looks like it used the unreleased unreal engine 2.0 SDK too.

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>I think it would be fair to count "engine" as a platform for PC games
In some cases that may make sense, but it cant be a universal rule because 'engine' is a loosely defined term and engines themselves evolve. Eg, most big games that use an engine modify the engine code to some degree, so how much modification is too much?
People like >>5444841 want to draw lines via builds, but you can even draw lines on the same build used (modified) by different games.
The other side of the coin is that stuff like darkplaces is an entirely new engine compatible with Q1 assets, but its still on-topic here because people use it to approximate a game from '96, but it's also used for new games (eg, wrath aeon of ruin).
There should be more clear rules, but the reason there aren't is probably because it's a hard to come up with a good rule around PC games, and mods just use discretion around what 'feels right' for a particular thread.

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That's still UE1 version that was used in UT'99, UE 2 did not exist in any way until ~2 years later, and definitely did not exist when development of Undying started.

There are very few dedicated game engines that were around at the change of the century, so we can just name them: Infinity Engine, UE1, Quake 3, LithTech 1/2 (barely) and a few others.

DP is a "quake compatible" engine that was entirely made from scratch to comply with GPL, and it was after 2000 so it definitely does not count. A game unrelated to Quake on this engine (like upcoming Wrath) would be completely not retro.

Usually differences between various "patched" versions of the old engine and a completely new version of an engine are fairly easy to spot. UE2, like UE3 has a very particular way of drawing special effects and lightmaps that make it quite distinct.

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>A game unrelated to Quake on this engine (like upcoming Wrath) would be completely not retro.
Yet there have been discussions on it here on /vr/ that mods have seen and ignored, presumably because it fit in with the general theme.
And if you restrict the definition of 'engine' to 'commercial third party engine' youre ignoring all the engines companies made for themselves and used/modified for other projects. Where do you draw the line between what is an "engine" and what is a "basecode" to work from?

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They were in Doom/Quake/RetroFPS thread as part of retro FPS discussions, and mods are fairly lenient for such discussions as long as they are at least somewhat related to retrofps, and there's no dedicated thread created for it.
Like Doom'16 discussion is fine in there, but a Doom'16 thread created as such would get terminated in an instant.

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If Deus Ex is allowed here, your rules mean nothing.

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>not retro
>not obscure

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Fuck you, that's why.

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i like Kiss fuck you

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Wheel of Time. it's an FPS game and kinda looks like the shit you posted.

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Pathways into Darkness (maingame and then Demo2.0).
Cybermage (skip the tutorial).
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (WHDLoad-patched).
Realms of the Haunting (US version due to difficulty options).

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Both use Unreal 1 engine.

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Great game. The jetpack and the vertical maps are ahead of their time.

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All true. Also the guy who made Mortyr was a lead developer of Witcher games but he got fired cause he tried to use mortyr engine. Mortyr was an awful game, like almost all polish games.

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>t. jealous Czech dog

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Violating the rules (regardless of degree... 1 yr, 2 yrs, whatever) is not arbitrary.

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Gradius 4

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Clive Barker's Undying was such a gorgeously atmospheric game, it's gunplay is still a perfect blend of using spells and weapons, too.

Also, I loved how if you summoned the exploding skull, if you summoned other skulls they would start arguing with eachother.

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Rebel Moon Rising

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yet fucking Deus Ex is ok

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I thought this thread should be lesser known shooters not one of the famest shooters ever created

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While I think that the 90s was by far the best decade for FPSes, does anyone else think that the 2000s was a better decade for ultra-obscure FPSes?

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/vr/ - games before 2000, shooters mods and retroclones released two days ago.

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if it's old enough to buy a pack of Newports it's retro at this point.

besides, unless your thread is about jrpgs or Fortskin the mods will probably delete it on /v/ before anyone said anything. /vr/ is the only vg board here that people actually talk about games.

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>stealth ps2 threads as backwards compatibility threads
>pokemon and smash fags can talk about the newer games
those are my favorite

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Man I have been trying to get this to work properly but it just keeps going super fast unlocked making it impossible to even navigate the menu. The supposed fix for modern OSes doesn't even work.

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Yes I'm mad mods don't enforce the rule to allow discussing their favorite modern games.

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>he only wants to discuss doom clones

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I have this game on a dvd from a magazine somewhere, is it any good?

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You gotta count the bad ones too

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That game was so bad it’s good.

>> No.5448316

It's a weird mix of oddly generic and yet somehow interesting. It keeps throwing new enemies at you throughout the whole game to keep it fresh and the enemy damage/gore system is unparalleled. I don't know why I replay it as much as I do. It's easily my favorite obscure FPS but even then I don't know if I would call it good. I just can't stop replaying it.

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Good taste my man. Shame about those sequels that didn't happen, Monolith's engine was clearly good shit because it kept getting used long after Shogo died.

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Mods hard-coded logposting when image posting was down
Expecting literally anything but shit trolling from any place anywhere on 4chan is foolish and you're a fool for believing the mods aren't absolutely in on it.

They hand pick mods and I'd believe it fully that they avoid people they don't think will be 'fun' enough

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aw poor you, your precious board is ruined.
All of you who jump on any occasion to say not retro are pathetic.

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>trying to be a super anal prick about da rulz on 4chan of all places
/vr/ is all about obscure shit nobody plays anymore so if it isnt normalfag shit like Melee and Halo I dont see why they should be ignored.

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