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DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>5432195

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom, Quake, Duke, Marathon, or Thief:
-Album of infographics with setup information and user-made content recommendations

Same thing, but in video format:

IWADs and more (>3 GB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47V8l2eVZKxRU82S3JkZkdBRXM
PortaDOOM: https://github.com/Kroc/PortaDOOM/releases
Quake pastebin (2016-06-22): http://pastebin.com/XjBHDRFw
Downloads for various /vr/ shooters. (Includes Duke Nukem, Doom, Blood, and Quake.)

Doom RPG series

Launchers for Build Engine games



Vanilla/Boom: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/4-wads-mods/
ZDoom: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=19
/idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/








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=== NEWS ===

[3-16] WitchavenGDX & TekwarGDX updated as part of beta BuildGDX multilauncher

[3-14] Google announces id software's presence at GDC, Possibly DOOM related

[3-12] Trailer released for DOOM ANNIHILATION, another live-action Doom movie

[3-9] Zanieon releases MMDCXIV, feature one large map with three more to come

[3-9] DoomRL Arsenal finaly gets a new update, adding in the new PDA, HUD, and some new monsters

[3-7] 3D Realms announces Wrath, a new game made on Darkplaces

[3-7] SM193 for Quake released, themed on white castls

[3-7] AMC TC Episode 3 released

[3-7] Author of gameplay mod Hell Caliber looking for playtesting and feedback

[3-5] TNT 2: Devilution is almost done

[2-26] Dimension of the Boomed sequel 'Realm of Z-Magic' teaser demo relesed

[2-24] Chex Quest HD trailer

[2-22] Powerslave EX mouse fix for Windows 10

=== PREVIOUS ===


=== PROTIP ===

To submit news, please reply and anchor it to this post.

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what happened?

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Ah, that feels much better.
Hey, who has the Screenshot Saturday image? I have something I wanna show off.

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jannies being a massive fag

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Are you sure? Seems more like they did what they were supposed to for once.

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What happened that made the thread deletion-worthy?

I mean more so than normal?

>> No.5441083 [DELETED] 

Troll OP and it devolved from there.

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File: 239 KB, 800x600, 1470520955626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have at it boys

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Thank you baste jannies for protecting our innocent eyes from that horrible nasty troll

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nigger only had delete certain posts, not the whole thread. that's some /v/tardation class shit

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>> No.5441109


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He didn't even get most of the basic looks right like how some pick ups look like.

>> No.5441114

Never forget... Daisy died for our sins.

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Fuck it, I'll repost, have shitty skeleton doomslayer mimic and actual successful shadow clone doomslayer.



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Holy shit that HUD, those weapons and the fucking MAP.
This is hilarious.

>> No.5441129

Given the amount of patience on display, I'm not even surprised it looks garbage.

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File: 736 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190316_210433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remaking map 2 of Zombie TC remake.

I'll never be done...

>> No.5441137

Looking kinda nice. Texturing and lighting still makes it look like a classic GoldSrc mod.
Makes me wanna go back and play some of those.

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Ejection port on the left side of the gun bothers me a bit, but that's a matter of whether or not you're interested in realism. Left handed shotguns do exist, if anything.

>> No.5441186


Gotta say I dont know shit about guns, they're sprites I pilfered from "super shooter" which, I believe, uses screencaps from call of duty or some kind of "modern" shooter.

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>tried doom as a kid at friends place
>after 20 years buy the game on gog and try it the second time

Im having more fun with this game than new games. That cant be pure nostalgia. What is it that makes it so enjoyable even in 2019 anno domini?

>> No.5441234

The gameplay just works on all fundamental levels, and the overall design is part of how the game plays.

The second really fun part about Doom is that it's been very easy to mod, and that over the years, a lot of people have made a lot of stuff for the game. Most are level packs (some which are even better than the original game's levels), some are more ambitious projects.

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Only the parts necessary for enjoyable shooting and level navigating are there. Every part that matters is well made.
And there is nothing extra added on top.
This experience is pure.

Prior shooters did not have the architectural capabilities for truly unique and enjoyable levels.
Later shooters tended to add unnecesary things on top.
The necessity of a true 3rd dimension that Quake has added is arguable and subjective, most people can enjoy a shooter without it just as much .

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File: 601 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20190315_091720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eviternity is sooo pretty

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File: 516 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20190315_104617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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to the guy who was asking about quake bunnyhopping in the deleted thread, I'll explain how it works.

the principle from which bunnyhopping (and strafejumping in later quake games) comes from is this: when you try to move in a certain direction, the game only cares how fast you're moving in that direction when it comes to capping speed. if you're moving at a billion miles per hour forward and start strafing right, since you aren't moving to the right at all, you'll accelerate sideways as if you were standing perfectly still, up until you hit your speed cap, at which point you stop moving right.

so when you're bunnyhopping while holding D, you're moving forward at whatever speed, and to the right at 30 u/s. as you turn to the right, your movement is now pointing more forward, and the game sees you're moving slower than 30 u/s to the right, so you accelerate to the right, resulting in a net increase of speed. and that's bunnyhopping.

same deal with circlejumping. by turning semi-quickly while holding W+A (or W+D), you keep turning away from the direction you're moving, and the game sees you as no longer moving at 320 u/s in the direction you're moving, causing acceleration. however, there's friction here too, so the trick is turning at the right speed to maximize your speed gains before you jump.

and it's also why wallrunning works in quake. when moving into the wall, your movement vector is made parallel with the wall, reducing your speed somewhat, but reducing your speed in the direction you're moving by a whole lot more. the acceleration from movement outpaces the deceleration from hitting the wall, resulting in a net gain of speed.

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I'm surprised this isn't even a D4T addon.

>> No.5441385

Probably the one acceptable use of bloom.

>> No.5441398

>The thumbnail alone


>> No.5441415

QUMP but its for Strife aka SUMP.

>> No.5441420

Bloom is nice when you make it subtle, and it only comes out from really bright objects/colors.

>> No.5441458

I just remembered that JPF had dog allies.

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ZDoom was made by a trannie (so is GZDoom, Zandronum, ZDaemon). You can't deny it. Just accept it.

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>> No.5441496

Kinsie should make a seperate mod out of the dogs and make it compatible with other mods.

>> No.5441497 [DELETED] 

i fap to trannies so it's ok.

>> No.5441504 [DELETED] 

Mad that your shitthread got deleted?

>> No.5441513 [DELETED] 

Just report

>> No.5441516 [DELETED] 

It wasn't mine. I respect trans rights. I mean trans people are the best coders in Doom community. 3DGE was also made by a trans-woman.

>> No.5441518

>Mimic uses a shitty version of the old doom slrlrr helmet
Well, at least it didn't get wasted.

>> No.5441520

when do these show up anyway?
in what mode?

>> No.5441524 [DELETED] 

>respect trans rights
>unironically uses "tranny"
When will you start making sense?

>> No.5441525

I was thinking of you when I added it and started denting it in, I thought it was both funny and fitting.
We'll probably be the only two who find it this funny.

The plan will be for Knightmare mode the shadow clones will 100% replace wolfensteinSS, though I'm thinking about making it so there's a chance higher tier monsters have a chance to be replaced with a shadow clone too.

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File: 474 KB, 2762x1500, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't think It's a bad word. Ok I got a new pic.

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The big 4:

Metallica - Doom
Megadeth - Wolfenstein
Slayer - Duke Nukem
Anthrax - blood

>> No.5441569

>Gotta say I dont know shit about guns,
why not learn

>> No.5441581

>Megadeth - Wolfenstein
>Slayer - Duke Nukem

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File: 220 KB, 1269x722, 6464646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The previous OP thread was deleted. Here's his comments.

>> No.5441584

not in terms of when they came out. In terms of popularity

>> No.5441592 [DELETED] 

This >>5441582 to that >>5441063

>> No.5441620

no anon

>> No.5441637

For me, its like this:
Slayer: Doom
Metallica: Wolfenstein
Megadeth: Duke Nukem 3D
Anthrax: Quake
Other bands of note-
ZZTop: Redneck Rampage
Black Sabbath: Blood
Rainbow: Chex Quest
Iron Maiden: Powerslave
Deep Purple: Behind the Iron Gate
Behemoth: Hexen
Heart: Heretic
Blue Oyster Cult: Strife

>> No.5441640

>being any band but NIN in any list ever
You should know better than this. What's wrong with you? I'm not even reading the rest of your list.

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File: 1.08 MB, 750x750, 1534967093314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tap firing the chaingun is so strong, holy shit. I've been playing Doom wrong my whole life

>> No.5441647

The best part is tapfiring shoots two perfectly accurate rounds each time so it becomes an amazing sniping weapon and makes the pistol 100% pointless

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File: 63 KB, 1344x864, 10to1a11o001001p011000i11az111t0001100z001100r10i01yp0a000r00pu1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've had to see this so now you have to too

>> No.5441657

these hdoom redesigns are getting lazy

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File: 954 KB, 375x211, 24d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.52 MB, 1247x1920, slash_default__by_psycho_o_aciid_dd29ux8 .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, I hate it. Here's some fresh Quake waifu art I found instead.

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File: 785 KB, 1280x343, Far-Cry-New-Dawn-Preview-Header-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any DOOM mods that basically just remix the color palette? I'm getting really sick of the ugly brown/grey color scheme. Maybe not as drastically different as pic related, but 'something' different would be nice.

>> No.5441703

Yep: Here: https://pastebin.com/JidjeRM7

>> No.5441704

wew lad

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File: 50 KB, 646x378, The UAC didn't train me for this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Call me paranoid but something seems real shady about that link

>> No.5441717

What? It's Yandex Disk cloud storage.

>> No.5441728

what'd you got for witchaven?

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File: 167 KB, 400x359, spherical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5441730

I'd like a pallette swap too, but I'm not gonna trust Russian Dropbox.

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File: 211 KB, 1920x1080, 242424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can be changed. But it would look worse.

>> No.5441740

Are you retarded?

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File: 672 KB, 625x262, Pump Action 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He could if he's interested, but if he doesn't consider important for his vision on gameplay, it kind of isn't.

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File: 162 KB, 1920x1080, 2322225667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's more closer scheme.

>> No.5441754

That looks like Doomguy dropped some very suspicious acid.

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File: 187 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_001440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just used this mod >>5441703
Edited lut.png in which I added this pic >>5441682

That's how it was made.

>> No.5441769


>> No.5441773

Witchraven: Judas Priest
TekWar: Rammstein
Marathon: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Half-Life 1: Skrillex
Heretic 2: Flogging Molly
SS1: Daft Punk
Shadow Warrior: Devo
UT99: Prince

>> No.5441779

Also I tried acid and it doesn't distort colours.

>> No.5441780

FIREBLU, not even once!

>> No.5441782

Hence suspicious, like acid wasn't all that was in that compound.

>> No.5441783

>Half-Life 1: Skrillex

Fuck off. Half-Life is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67E_CP4uJXI

Some tracks in soundtrack even remind this.

>> No.5441789


>> No.5441802


Cool. This needs to be added into vasyanmod.

>> No.5441805
File: 1.11 MB, 1600x900, Screenshot_Doom_20190316_172609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone mind explaining why stair physics suck?

>> No.5441832

Because u playing it wrong CYKA.

>> No.5441847

That's actually a pretty neat tool.

>> No.5441852

oh great, the enb/reshade trash filters are making their way into native gzdoom shader mods.

>> No.5441854

Where's link to the mod CYKA? I don't need a twitter fart without a link.

>> No.5441858

They already made their way. Didn't you make one?

>> No.5441860

Yes but I'm the only one who's ever made a decent ENB preset so I don't count. :^)

>> No.5441873

Make fucking bright textures to project dynamic lights. You said you can make it.

>> No.5441878

knock it off with the roleplaying.

the twitter post says its still in development.

>> No.5441879

I definitely can. That's for sure.

>> No.5441885

Then make it. I'm sure community will appreciate it.

Just look at 2003 port https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARttNLzyDeg

It was already made for an old port, but it's still not in GZDoom.

>> No.5441889

no, vasyan, you fucking mong

>> No.5441892

Don't worry. GZDoom will become Unreal Engine someday.

>> No.5441897


the hell is that gif from

>> No.5441898
File: 182 KB, 715x452, qbrJL6H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm sure community will appreciate it.

>> No.5441907

>blood not type o negative

>> No.5441910 [DELETED] 

wow, you managed to outreddit the resident shitposter in a single image, good job

>> No.5441926

Cool song. Never heard it. Now listening to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD5No_JRrZw

>> No.5441928

It's 2 AM and I don't feel like following some random anon's orders.

>> No.5441936

I don't order. I'm asking please make it. PLEASE MAKE IT!

>> No.5441947

Is there a script to start and progress level to level randomly ?

>> No.5441954

Do you want it to work only with vanilla maps or also with slopes, 3d floors, portals, etc.

The former may take weeks, the latter could take months.

>> No.5441964

Just vanilla maps and freedoom.

>> No.5441968

good, you save me a horrendous amount of work on the math involved for handling all of that mess.

>> No.5442029

Well, shit's working so far, but it's going to be really time consuming to make a table of lights for every potential light emitting texture.

>> No.5442031
File: 1.29 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_025951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking captchas distracted me and I forgot to post pic.

>> No.5442042

Bruh, that's fucking cool that it actually works.
Once you're done with doom.wad, will you post a template for how it works so people can make it for other wads?

>> No.5442047

lookin breddy gud

>> No.5442051

I think there's actually not all THAT many in the original Doom, all things considered.
You could compare to brightmaps to see just how many there actually would be.

>> No.5442073
File: 67 KB, 520x544, explosive dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice map pack
Except requiring gz3.5 of all things also carries the low framerates of the retro game with it.
> wtf in it really requires 3.5 or higher... geez

>> No.5442096

The shotgun shells remind me of red crayons.

>> No.5442128

They are fun to paint with.

>> No.5442217

Whos everyones favourite level designers of Doom?
mine are

>> No.5442229
File: 1.00 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20190316_234845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5442263

> Xaser that far down

>> No.5442269

What are some good modern co-op .wads for Doom 1/2?

>> No.5442274

In no real order (I'm bad at ranking favorites against each other):
>Casali, Casali, and some of Team TNT
>that guy who made Scrap
>Sverre Kvernmo

>> No.5442290

I listed them alphabetically.

>> No.5442317

ok when

>> No.5442358

trying to install Quake 2 from Quake 2 disc on windows 10

> cannot load q2bpn.dll or some shit

what do? I mowed like 10 lawns for the money to buy this shit 20 years ago, I don't wanna buy this shit again on steam.

>> No.5442370

you probably don't need to bother with the installer
can you see a baseq2 folder on the CD? if so, download yamagi quake 2, install it somewhere, and copy that baseq2 folder (the folder itself, not just its contents) to the same place

>> No.5442371

just follow the pastebin in the OP

>> No.5442383
File: 380 KB, 1670x1046, q2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im able to play it from that, im assuming that Yamagi is a patched version so ill look into it, but this is kinda cute lol

>> No.5442419

oh yeah, copy the rogue (ground zero) and xatrix (the reckoning) folders over too

>> No.5442456
File: 24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do I go back to playing any gameplay style but High Noon Drifter? I can't break away. It's so fucking fun.

>> No.5442463
File: 855 KB, 1845x1485, 1508358893765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder that that tiny silhouette on the right is a chaingunner

>> No.5442492

Not any kind of gun nut I guess, but you know, I've already changed the shotgun sprite twice so who knows what may happen.

>> No.5442515


>> No.5442523
File: 2.42 MB, 640x360, hellshots.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The true golfing experience

>> No.5442535

God help us all.

>> No.5442550

What game would Atari Teenage Riot be?

>> No.5442603
File: 325 KB, 1858x1058, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_082843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the most tasteful angle of this utter degeneracy I could manage to find.

>> No.5442613

The fuck is that shit even supposed to be?

>> No.5442624

A filthy furfag.

>> No.5442626

It's a typical user wad. Fancy colors, sprawling but irrelevant layouts akin to Unreal, lot's of revenants, chaingunners. Why can't they make something like No rest for the living?

Sigil really can't come soon enough.

>> No.5442675

Looks like a sexy Mewtwo to me

>> No.5442736

Can you make something that will just analyze brightmaps and generate lights where they should be for any kind of texture, provided it has brightmaps (or maybe make an utility that does this)

>> No.5442738

post front (on /trash/ and link it here)

>> No.5442756

Let's play a game /DooM/
You give me sprites/Name of weapons (preferably centered) and i try and make a frankensprite!

>> No.5442775

Welcome to H.A.L.F-L.I.F.E

>> No.5442815

Rifle from the alpha and super shotgun

>> No.5442819

Plasma gun and chaingun

>> No.5442820

If you watched some of Sigils streams you would know Romero thinks props blocking projectiles is a thing in vanilla Doom, meaning he doesn't remember much about how vanilla Doom plays and Sigil is technically made with GZDoom in mind

>> No.5442821

Combined Arms sucks

>> No.5442828

is there a way to disable that in GZDoom?

>> No.5442834

>dude Doom is so hardcore not like the modern games!
>most enemies can be stomped with a basic shotgun you find on the first level
woah so this is the power of Doom

>> No.5442835

Worst case it can be done in decorate.

>> No.5442838


Right then,, gonna begin working on it!

>> No.5442839

The original doom games are pretty easy, I don't think anyone denies that.

>> No.5442842

Brutal Doom is the apex of Doom

>> No.5442857


That, I can do.


>> No.5442882

remove futa

>> No.5442889


>> No.5442904

BEPIS BAD :(((((((

>> No.5442908

Nice feet

>> No.5442913

Pretty good thanks for sharing

>> No.5442915

you sound gay

>> No.5442927

Hi Marisa, I'm the goy who concerned about gzdoom on Linux.
I've fixed it by playing on a separate Xorg session. I was using XFCE as DE.

>> No.5442930

You know you could have used BUN as a pun for the OP

>> No.5442934

The base game was always easy, even on UV. It only gets really hard on Nightmare! difficulty.
Ultimate Doom adds a fourth episode, which starts with a hard couple of levels, and Doom 2 plays a little bit harder, but if you want a serious challenge, what you're looking for is Plutonia, play that one on UV.
If Plutonia on UV isn't hard enough for you, then do Nightmare! mode.

>> No.5442936

Doesn't some of the props block projectiles, or is my menory just that bad?

>> No.5442937

Does Quake III require any source ports or does the GOG release do the trick just fine?

>> No.5442939


>> No.5442943

GOG usually releases games either with a preset Dosbox for Dos games, or with a compatibility patch/frontend for later ones which wouldn't otherwise work.

>> No.5442961

are you the buff hyena guy? thats...interesting

>> No.5442970
File: 9 KB, 157x67, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here you go!

i'm sorta unhappy with the chaingun plasmarifle but im quite happy for it nontheless!

>> No.5442975
File: 11 KB, 161x85, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the Pickup sprites

>> No.5442983

I need some help. I have a map that I just use to fuck around with GZDoom features, and I can't seem to make interactive sector portals work, they just behave like a pure visual portal.

>> No.5442995

Do you have enough space behind the line so the player can go through it ?

>> No.5442997

I'm talking about sector portals, not line portals

>> No.5443000

Download link if anyone needs it

>> No.5443002

Oh sorry

>> No.5443009

You cant have both sectors linked like that. Try removing a step of the stairs and you'll see the portal works.

>> No.5443014
File: 421 KB, 1297x786, MAGIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You could just use a line portal to link the two sectors if you want to achieve the mindfuck effect.

I dunno if you se what I mean, I had plenty to drink today, sorry/

>> No.5443019

Those sure are some HL2 assets.

>> No.5443024

I actually did just that after you told me about the separate sectors thing.
Works perfectly BTW, thanks.

>> No.5443072

> DRLA + LegenDoom Lite
> Scythe 1
> adaptive difficulty
> ironman
after 3 days i finally succeeded
took like 4 hours
if you don't have good armor, you get completely shit on
Mother-In-Law is a must-have
sacrifice garbage unique weapons for exotic modpacks
flamethrower strong and will carry far even after master assemblies
friendship ended with AMR, gauss rifle is my new best friend
equip the cybernetic armor
you can't take it off, but you won't die either
use a nano mod on it for health regen
use your nuke launcher in map27 to kill your framerate and everything else
gauss rifle double taps bosses, and multi kills while doing so
phase devices are trash
skulls save lives

>> No.5443107

Fuck you Blaster Master Mk II is one of the best weapon sets out there.

>> No.5443118

Don't make me do more work.
Well that sounds like a royal mess.

>> No.5443204

Dude, you post in every Doom thread just to make the same comments:

>Plutonia, NRFTL, Sigil best ever
>Back To Saturn X, Eviternity, Ancient Aliens and all other modern fanmade wads are colorvomit slaughtershit and bad wads

You know Plutonia also lots of revenants, and No Rest For The Living had few slaughtery (but fun) moments. Unless you played on skill levels 1-2 with reduced monsters. Also Sigil isn't even out yet, and only reason you are hyped for it is the fact, that it's made by John Romero and not by the fanbase, that you utterly despise.

>> No.5443249

I keep reading the thread subject as ICON OF RAISY as in the Quake player instead of Daisy as in Doomguy's dead pet.

>> No.5443294

Good for you.

>> No.5443296
File: 1.41 MB, 1366x768, doommod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watch some doom mod reviews
>see one called "juvenile power fantasy"
>says its fun
>try it out
>its not

No offense, but for a mod that calls itself a "Juvenile Power Fantasy", the weapons are not really powerful or fantastic.

It feels more like a beta.

I really can't get into this.

>> No.5443298
File: 152 KB, 830x597, 1511975659737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5443301


>> No.5443315

It's definitely not one of Kinsie's strongest works

>> No.5443316

>It feels more like a beta.
isnt it though?

>> No.5443341

It was his having a go with zscript and seeing what he could get out of it.

Still has some neat ideas but it's not nearly as fleshed out as his other mods.

>> No.5443350
File: 424 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_141125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I picked up 44 empty 4.26mm mags off of some ledge in MAP20 of TNT. A single 4.26mm mag holds 50 rounds. 2200 rounds were potentially fired at me.

>> No.5443356

Thoughts on Arcane Dimensions? Playing through it right now and it's extremely solid. Feels like an official work from the quality and gameplay. It looks absolutely gorgeous too.

>> No.5443359
File: 82 KB, 800x800, dead red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That SSG rifle looks pretty sick, you should try to expand on it.

>> No.5443364

It's good and all but some of the maps are just too darn big for their own good and people really need to play some other fucking mods because there's 20 years of stuff going ignored.

>> No.5443368
File: 550 KB, 1600x900, 0_uPd-ETzy9mi5LhlG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5443374


>> No.5443378

You could make one pretty easily. SLADE will let you do it.

>> No.5443385
File: 981 KB, 1920x2545, magdalena-radziej-hunter-10b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know quake 3 is not retro by /vr/ rules, but you're probably only people who played it compared to /v/.
Are bots on high difficutly(hardcore/nightmare) playable or they're basically cheating "aimbots"? Also I can't aim with lighting gun for shit because that ray obscures all the vision, is it normal?

>> No.5443386

It's really good. New weapons are fun, new monsters really spice up the old roster and the maps themselves are both fun to play and look great.

>> No.5443389

>I know quake 3 is not retro by /vr/ rules
It came out in 1999, it's fine.

>> No.5443392
File: 96 KB, 640x400, if only you knew hexen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> quake 3 isnt retro
> it came out in 1999

>> No.5443397

I thought it's 2001, apparently confused it with Team Arena.

>> No.5443412

I wish to god that the chaingun from team arena had been in og quake 3 though.
Where I was team arena was useless. Even back then there was no DSL in the area. Team arena was one of the first multiplay games to not have bots or single player capacity.

>> No.5443418
File: 940 KB, 627x502, desire to know more.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any good way to search up what kinds of maps/mappacks these guys have made?
Ive seen their names on a couple wads before but id like to know more.
> I wanna make sure im playing quality and not trash

>> No.5443423
File: 474 KB, 619x889, 1513674748165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are bots on high difficutly(hardcore/nightmare) playable or they're basically cheating "aimbots"?
Depends on the bots. Each bot in the game has different accuracy, reaction times, field of view, aggressiveness, etc. and each of those is different depending on difficulty level, getting closer to inhuman level ability as you reach the higher tiers of difficulty. In general though they're perfectly killable even when they cheat, as rarely will you find a bot that has the "perfect trifecta" of perfect accuracy, zero reaction time, and 360 field of view (100% awareness). On Nightmare, a few bots have perfect reaction time, others have closer to perfect accuracy, some have near-perfect accuracy (i.e. Major has 100% aim skill, but a slight reduction in individual weapon accuracy) AND perfect awareness, but IIRC, the only bot to have all three along with maximum aggression, item timing, etc. is the tutorial bot, Crash- who is only held back because she's set up to always use the Super Shotgun as soon as she finds it, which heavily limits her range and effectiveness on every map other than q3dm0.

>> No.5443426

>Behemoth: Hexen
yeah I feel screaming trying to solve Hexen puzzles

which is why Deathkings expansion is superior because it's more like doom with hubs rather than switch hunting experience

>> No.5443428

yes, between that highhorse "my posts are better than yours but i will shit up the thread anyway" fag, vasyan, the essayfag, and the expats who post in the thread just to link on discord how much cooler they are, /doom/ has been in the darkest ages lately

>> No.5443430
File: 161 KB, 918x685, art.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And while I think it's that one guy from before, I can understand people not liking it.
It fucks with Doom balance in an uncomfortable way with the crate weapons, the blastmaster set is bit on the weird gimmick side, and the standard set had the particle smasher as an SSG for awhile, which that upset a lot of people.

Can't win them all.

>> No.5443431

Crash for some reason don't run, just walk in my game. On the other hand that fucker in the end insta-rail me on hardcore, I didn't even try the last difficulty.

>> No.5443441

> mfw I find that the BFG10K is the most effective weapon against xaero
one armor shard... one... thats all it takes to keep you alive

>> No.5443448

and infinite ammo pistols and the default's chainsaw is kind of OP too.

Also he can tear his hands off and throw them too.

>> No.5443450

Her running animation doesn't look too different from her walking animation. Make sure you're playing on nightmare, the line in her file (CHARACTERISTIC_WALKER = 1.0) that makes her always walk instead of run is present in every lower difficulty.

>> No.5443454
File: 93 KB, 551x587, window shopping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can actually disable the infinite ammo on the pistol, and I should probably nerf the axe a little more in the future.
and yes, I need to add a "secret" action to the Blastmaster set and all other sets going forward too

>> No.5443461

Ah, I only played hardcore so far.

>> No.5443464

>the only bot to have all three along with maximum aggression, item timing, etc. is the tutorial bot, Crash
is crash stronger than doomguy? why has no one mentioned this?

>> No.5443475

shh, don't raise your voice too much, it might minimize.

>> No.5443482

The homing on the axe is a bit bonkers for how little it needs, given how you can safely be round the corner as it Krulls the shit out of things.

I dunno, maybe you could have it only gain charge on kills or something to offset that.

>> No.5443486

I could just removing the homing effect, give it a different altfire entirely

>> No.5443493

>smol huh

>> No.5443494

>I could just removing the homing effect, give it a different altfire entirely
i loved that...
oh well, rip

>> No.5443495

just search their name on the idgames archive or doomworld downloads section?

>> No.5443505

Mind you this is all just brainstorming at the moment, I don't really want to do gain energy on kill, because I feel making it only gain energy on kills with the axe would put it in a more specific niche, and making it give the player the energy would require a bit of ACS dickery seeing as Combined_Arms could be played with vanilla monsters, its own monsters, or any other monster set that's out there.

>> No.5443514

thanks man, had overlooked that function there before

>> No.5443554

zandronum supports KILL scripts

>> No.5443557

The other problem comes from feeling obligated to constantly try landing killing blows with the axe to get more energy, I've never been fond of micro-managment mechanics like that.

Could always just making the homing axe shot just require a full charge so the player could whip it out, fire it off and then go back to shooting shit.

>> No.5443559

What wads have the best midi music?

>> No.5443564

Make it so that landing any hit with an axe makes the monster give you energy on kill.
Then go for the next logical step and add "quick axe" button.

>> No.5443572

I'm not adding more buttons man, and landing axe blows to "mark" enemies would just bring up more weirdness and questions when you start mixing in other players.

>> No.5443574

>and add "quick axe" button.
Would mean 2/3s of the people who played the mod would neglect to ever bind the fucker.

>> No.5443579

wasn't there a mod that lets you see enemies' names and health and works with like every mod?

>> No.5443583

JP Hud healthbars, Enemy Scouter, Damnums, a fuckton of others, take your pick.

>> No.5443589

what's the one in this video?

>> No.5443596

Target Spy, says so in the description.

>> No.5443603

thanks, guess i'm a dumb fool again

>> No.5443606

> JP Hud
It's good, but it doesn't show healthbars of invisible enemies, like Spectres.
And some modded enemies also not always work.

>> No.5443732

Huh? Team Arena had bots.

>> No.5443742
File: 40 KB, 640x480, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didnt know that at the time though
The outside of the box said that internet connection was "required" which implied that it Did Not. Quake 3 itself only said it was recommended I think.
- So I didnt buy it, and I havent played it or any other iterations of team fortress to this day

>> No.5443748
File: 474 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_183607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More maps with this feel?
Feels weirdly cozy.

>> No.5443749

what mapset is that?

>> No.5443758
File: 708 KB, 1163x617, WeAllHonkDownHere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except for being able to install Quake 2 at the college computer lab and play it there, I hadnt played any multiplayer fps game experiences. And I had a rough time for the next several years and couldn't get back to any online fps until 2011.
> back then I did pretty well in Q2 deathmatch, usually within the top 5 in kills, but it really depended on which maps I was playing.
> I think the more menacing statistic is the KDR and you usually didnt know how many deaths someone had, I tended to not die all that often.
> I was a butcher in Lost Halls, even if the bfg was removed.
Never really bothered to play Q3 multiplayer, or UT multiplayer either. Back then it just seemed Q2 was tight for me.
And I didnt even know how to get Q1 working for multiplayer then.
Ive literally Never played Quake 1 multiplayer before. And ive beaten the single player dozens of times.

>> No.5443779

eg, my KDR is high but usually id only finish with about 75% of the fraglimit
> you can shove your damn railguns right up your ass, I get my kills with hand grenades

>> No.5443793

This looks like the PSX exclusive level The Mansion.

>> No.5443797

it has room-over room elements, so it must be made for GZDoom.

>> No.5443842
File: 23 KB, 640x356, let the game begin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> implying that room-over-room is exclusive to GZdoom

>> No.5443846

find the wad
link to it
I'm sure GZDoom will be in its description

>> No.5443874

Anon, GZDoom is all people use for gameplay mods and maps with stuff like 3D floors and slopes.
Nobody gives a fuck about Edge or Eternity.

>> No.5443882

just saiyan

>> No.5443953
File: 324 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_160925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5443963
File: 265 KB, 650x562, Koume Nyan Pet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love brightmaps so much

>> No.5444002


>> No.5444009

fukken magic

>> No.5444017

Sad thing is brightmaps are a technology that could have been implemented a very long time ago. I think they did exist in og quake 1.
But it could've been done even back in the original doom days as a high end feature (there were a number of folks on workstations and mainframes playing games like doom back then).

I had a very simple idea for how it might've been done that wouldnt even require a full sprite double for it. Abit like the alpha edges of the tank cannon shots in the first command&conquer game.

A few Circles of different sizes with some colors on them that are pre-mapped to a brightness function which alters the brightness of the sprite in those areas. With the positioning set for it on sprite frames that have them so that the effect is pasted on it at the right location.
Overrides full brightness sprite frame bit so you get the selective brightness on areas like muzzle flashes and the shine from them.

But we're talking 90s tech here.

>> No.5444020

>I think they did exist in og quake 1.
Do you mean fullbright pixels in textures? Yes, those were in Q1, and no, there's no reason they would be noticeably more taxing performance-wise than not using them.

>> No.5444025
File: 277 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_Doom_20190318_001202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>are you the buff hyena guy?

Guilty as charged.

>> No.5444028
File: 772 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_161522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5444060

I think that it's just that ID didn't think about it at the time.
As for your idea, I think that's how Duke Nukem 3D did it, hence why you see the eyes of some enemies in the dark, etc.

>> No.5444076
File: 5 KB, 309x149, zombie brightmap pasties.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

simple photoshop mockup I did
made up of 5 zones (3 different shapes) meant to keep the eyes glowing, provide some shine, and simulate a part of the sprite which is a light source

>> No.5444084

You could always implement it into a crispy or chocolate fork... Something like chocolate with smoothdooms sprites, and minor graphical features might be fun. Retro doom changes are neat, but just a tad off in some areas for me.

>> No.5444092

Brightmaps would be a neat addition to CrispyDoom, that's already just Vanilla but with some extra.

>> No.5444148

where can i get info about complex clusterfuck?

>> No.5444156

Do you think DOOM and Quake custom maps/areas that are mostly, if not entirely, asymmetrical can be good. I for one, do.

>> No.5444184

That's really cool

>> No.5444197

symmetry is rarely good outside of specific setpieces/areas

>> No.5444209
File: 628 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_161137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you like the feature of ambient occlusion

>> No.5444218

> jumps back and fires a couple rockets at the ceiling

>> No.5444226

Yeah, looks really nice

>> No.5444232
File: 40 KB, 500x456, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5444235

Nah, doesn't fit in with the sector lighting

>> No.5444242

What's so special about it

>> No.5444248

>It doesn't fit with the sector lighting
Boohoo Terminus.

>> No.5444257


>> No.5444260
File: 119 KB, 276x330, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5444263

You're saying that the AO doesn't fit in with the sector lighting well boohoo.

>> No.5444264

So, now that the DRLA chaingun only differs from the battle rifle in higher ammo capacity and lesser accuracy, what's the point of making a bulletstorm chaingun? Wouldn't it just be a version of the bulletstorm rifle with crappy accuracy?

>> No.5444265

Sector lighting is outdated.

>> No.5444271

And it's overrated.

>> No.5444272


>> No.5444273 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 400x300, 1502721550814.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5444275
File: 171 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot_Square_20190317_190231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, I love how every single room in this level is filled with enemies in every direction, all placed perfectly to slow the player down as much as possible, so you have to peak in and out of cover in an extremely tedious manner. And there's only 200 of 500 enemies to go! But it looks good, so the gameplay couldn't possibly be anything but perfect, right?

>> No.5444279

Lower the skill level.

>> No.5444290

This gives off a Chex quest vibe for me.

>> No.5444297
File: 33 KB, 353x400, why not BOTH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as usual like the seashell on the beach
one must combine the tough with the hard
> sector lighting complimenting dynamic lighting

>> No.5444307

I'm only on HMP. And it's not even too hard, it's just tedious how long it takes to clear every room out. And you can't even go in guns ablazin' since there's hitscanners in episode 2.
It's Adventures Of Square episode 2.

>> No.5444331

Psst, Anon.. ZDoom has had 3D floors for 8 years now

>> No.5444332

what info do you want?

>> No.5444337

>But it looks good

>> No.5444354 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 600x338, the high ground.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> only EIGHT years?
> when there are other ports that have had it since the early 00's
this is the kind of damage Graf has done

>> No.5444358 [DELETED] 



>> No.5444365

okay but what does terminus have to do with this or anything at all

or did you just want to shitpost

>> No.5444367 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 500x750, Damage-Control_500x750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omg that instant damage control

>> No.5444380

It leads to weird artifacts at the edges of the screen and sight-blocking walls due to being screen-based AO, sadly.

>> No.5444382

How do you get the other runes?

>> No.5444395

drops from legendary monsters.

>> No.5444397

i wanna say barneyfag since he's supposed be a doom speedrunner last time i checked but he usually keeps his autism in /co/.

>> No.5444404

back to saturn X has some good stuff
im also partial to some of the plutonia 2 stuff

>> No.5444409

i always just go by a rule of thumb in any game with bots (not necessarily just quake) to assume that they cheat on the the highest difficulty.

>> No.5444413

I need some help.
I've been using Zandronum to run Doom in my newer computer and I've decided to play some mods with it.
But I've noticed that the game runs with it's default MIDI soundtrack instead of the mod's songs.
Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.5444414
File: 835 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190317_173502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5444424

>It leads to weird artifacts at the edges of the screen and sight-blocking walls due to being screen-based AO, sadly.
explain please i like these insights from sourceport to sourceport

>> No.5444431
File: 53 KB, 670x531, archvillle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh hey look, it's [REDACTED]

>> No.5444452 [DELETED] 
File: 612 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190315_181814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5444456
File: 122 KB, 216x211, 1494300492958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arcane Dimensions:
>great enemy design
>great great style
>great weapon add ons
>level design that ranges from meh to maybe 3 that are good
I wanna like this but getting spam fucked by ogres or those enemy spawning minotaurs you couldn't know about and lack of ammo that turns into trial and error isn't fun. The 2017 and 2018 XMas Jams have far superior level design.

>> No.5444463


>> No.5444470

marifx on zdoom forums lets you switch the color pallette to heretic/hexen/strife and the hexen and heretic ones make it very colorful

>> No.5444524

It might look nice, but in GZDoom it bogs down my performance quite a lot, so I don't use it.

>> No.5444529


>> No.5444531

Plutonia 2
TNT Revilution
Crucified Dreams
Double Impact

>> No.5444545

Shadowmaps look nice. I don't know why we can't get baked shadowmaps, my craptop with integrated graphics runs dynamic shadowmaps just fine.

>> No.5444671

So I finally played brutal doom
map02 and there's no super shotgun here
did i miss something

>> No.5444693

Well your first problem is playing brutal doom

>> No.5444695
File: 235 KB, 848x807, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idolmaster doom shibuya rin gets fucking pissed
page 4: she gets fuckin pissed.

>> No.5444708

yeah, no shit
the whole point of doom 2 is the super shotgun
why take it out?

>> No.5444712

Really? It took 4 pages?

>> No.5444713
File: 1.08 MB, 2018x2730, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair Shibuya Rin?

>> No.5444716

She brought Hell on Earth.

>> No.5444717

Why is there a picture of Jim Morrison with....? What?

>> No.5444725

any good mod combinations?

>> No.5444726
File: 851 KB, 1000x707, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How pissed are we talking? Is she just slightly pissed or is she pissed to the point where she could rip and tear someone's huge guts?

>> No.5444753

Brutal Doom Monsters with High Noon Drifter.
Just save often in case it crashes, though. Specially before using the holster thing.

>> No.5444763
File: 27 KB, 512x512, 1499069735174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did id decide to drop RNG damage for Quake?

>> No.5444783
File: 66 KB, 746x439, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to code for doom wads??

>> No.5444794
File: 498 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot_Doom_20190318_021123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, after a lot of thinking it over, I finally did it.

>> No.5444801

spicy boys?

>> No.5444802

Did what?

>> No.5444809

The pistol uses ammo now.

>> No.5444820

Oh, doesn't sound that bad, considering Doom Slayer has infinite bombs and daggers

>> No.5444875

3? Its been a year since i played AD, but i recall lots of really great levels and just a few that threw unfun spam at me. I'm not even that good and i play on normal, so it can't just be that i wanted a huge challenge.
Also, if i'm playing a user map and i run out of ammo i'll think whether i've wasted it and should re-play, or, if i havent wasted it i'll
>give shells 100
No point to hold yourself to arbitrary restrictions the mapper imposed without good reason, eg, you want to spend a while causing monster infights to conserve ammo.

>> No.5444896
File: 288 KB, 840x897, sorlag cartoony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Quake's gameplay actually benefits from monster closets and other trap rooms. The worst shit in Quake is having some fucking ogre spamming grenades from an unreachable place in a cramped corridor. It's not particularly challenging situation, just annoying. Also, shamblers aren't really that fun to fight against. They should be used very sparingly.

>> No.5444897

Probably from their Discord

>> No.5444909

I don't completely disagree, but i find very few user maps i play have truely awful ogre or shambler placement. The only enemy i regularly think is placed badly is the blue spawn.

>> No.5444941
File: 187 KB, 640x640, picard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the way it's implemented at the moment. It's that stupidly flawed and inaccurate screen space AO...and it's also very error-prone when it comes to vertically moving sectors.

Also, the effect does not work like that in RL.

>> No.5444948

You need to rewrite the map format for that or come up with some external form of cache for the maps. Probably breaks compatibility with shit. Also, dynamic SM are the way to go, not pre-baked nonsense. Upgrade your crap rig.

>> No.5444950

So long as the dagger activates switches and shit.

>> No.5444952
File: 183 KB, 500x250, maximun_triggering.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5444983

It does, plus you can still dryfire the pistol to shoot the same harmless invisible hitscan puff to flick switches, almost all weapons do that

>> No.5445000

Because RNG damage is the most annoying thing to ever exist. It's not fun when your rocket does 40 damage and theirs does 120.

>> No.5445006

idk, it could be an external lump only GZDoom uses. Just tie certain maps to certain IDs, and there you go. It even allows people to reuse maps, in case you want to bake it onto a generic light that GZDoom automatically puts on certain props.

>> No.5445009

All I want want is for my voxel lamps to have proper shading. And this would do that.

>> No.5445043

so is it going to be like HDoom where you dont actually kill anything?

feels a bit weird to kill shit you are supposed to be masturbating to

>> No.5445046

Was there ever a Mega pack made for Redneck Rampage and it's addons? I wanna give that a shot with Rednukem.

>> No.5445093
File: 69 KB, 640x628, 1473773095503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw live in Australia
>my braindead government wants to ban 4chan because it's the internet hate machine full of hackers on steroids

I just want to play doom with the boys.

"just get a VPN"

They'll go after that too, any Russians here know a satellite internet provider in their country?

>> No.5445103

Ancient Aliens

>> No.5445110


>> No.5445113

>"just get a VPN"
And 4chan does not allow posting from VPN. I tried several and none of them worked.

I don't know about TOR though, you might want to try that.

>> No.5445154

Why did Zandronum's playerbase shrink so much in the past few years?

>> No.5445192

4chan blocks tor
firsthand experience

>> No.5445196

It has always been the same though, never above 200, most players play in the afternoon-night EST time. Hell it has more players than the skulltag days.

>> No.5445234

I guess I'll check again later tonight but I don't recall it being much different. The variety in WADs being consistently played isn't so great these days either IMO (I'm pretty sure the smaller playerbase is to blame for that, less people, less variety) and I don't even remember the last time I played Zandronum as a result.

>Hell it has more players than the skulltag days.
I played Skulltag from April 2009 up until June 2012 when Zandronum replaced it, and I honestly don't recall it being anywhere near this bad, even during this time of day.

I think people are just losing interest. Wonder if Zandronum 3.0 will change anything. Probably not.

>> No.5445235

you mean 4.0, right

>> No.5445236

Right, my bad. Guess It's been so long since I last played that I forgot what the current version even was.

>> No.5445247

I'd say it depends on how zandronum ends up extending zscript to handle the client and server doing different things, and if anyone in the zandronum modding community actually bothers learning zscript
I imagine it'll end up looking a lot like how unrealscript does it, considering how similar zscript is to unrealscript, so I'm not worried about the first part. I'm not convinced zandronum modders as a whole have enough brain cells to rub together to figure it out, however.

>> No.5445268

FBI honeypot confirmed.

>> No.5445293

lol at least it's not the uk, where you'll need a license to post
desu at this point i don't think i'd be sad if 4chan just disappeared one day

>> No.5445295

It's a fanfic that tries to surpass the original by means of appearing being actual, up to date, and painting the original Quake as obsolete.
One could say it's something like Zoomercore Quake.

>> No.5445320

But this isn't 4chan anymore. It's 4channel.

>> No.5445379

Just finished Arcane Dimensions, or, as much as I could anyway. Any recommendations for other Quake mapsets?

>> No.5445384
File: 3 KB, 70x100, here2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, can you try and make a 3D model of that one fem!Heresiarch spritesheet? (preferably without a dick)

>> No.5445391

Looks like shit. Learn to fucking model.

>> No.5445394

wtf is this garbage

>> No.5445407 [DELETED] 

Can the furries please sod off. There is no need do defile everything with your degeneracy.

>> No.5445435

Who made this?

>> No.5445441

Someone at a spriting carnival of zdoom forums

>> No.5445442

just check the quake pastebin or the "so you wanna play quake?" image file.

quaddicted.com is a great resource as well.

>> No.5445450

Personally, I found adventures of square's enemy placements to be shit as well. I agree, damn it.

>> No.5445504

Now that's a thought I hadn't considered. What if the player needs to hit a shootable switch, but they ain't got no ammo?
Usually this would fall on the design of the level itself, but I wonder if I should implement a solution for that

>> No.5445515

I've never played AD, but that sounds grotesquely cynical.

>> No.5445518
File: 266 KB, 800x600, hellrevealed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the most influential PWAD ever? I lost count of how much stuff took ideas or was even directly inspired by this.

>> No.5445523

if it was influential then all wads would suck ass with its atrocious level design, even the sequel is better.

>> No.5445530
File: 28 KB, 600x200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5445538

>atrocious level design
Most levels didn't age well, indeed, but there's still very good levels in the package.

>even the sequel is better
lol, no

>> No.5445542

It's just a fucking mod calm down you autist

>> No.5445579

Hell Revealed

>> No.5445597
File: 33 KB, 125x60, 1534688444922.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somewhat influential, but the sequel does a lot of things much better. I wouldn't say that it sucks, but some of the levels are actually really bad.

>> No.5445607

The frames with alternating shots actually would make for a pretty rad chaingun replacement.

Wasn't a lot of it lifted from Rise Of The Triad? I agree.

>> No.5445648

didn't some later updates fucked up with item placement?
i remember a screenshot where the rocket launcher in map 1 is gone

>> No.5445679

so what happened to the space station 13 mod?

>> No.5445683
File: 94 KB, 722x725, 8A079448-84B7-433E-8949-33BA7BB87926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, she trained doomguy so, yeah.

>> No.5445689

dead, like 90% of mods in development

>> No.5445710

fucking hideous destructor keeps crashing at random whenever there's faggots bitchslapping one another someplace in the current map

>> No.5445737

What version of GZDOOM are you using? I Personally prefer to use Zandronum 3.0 for Hideous Destructor btw.

>> No.5445741

Sorlag game when?

>> No.5445748

When The Quake modding community gets out of the slump its been in since 2006-2007.

>> No.5445752

But there are more Q1 maps being made every year, and a number of mods as well. Granted, it's not Doom level modding, but it's something.

Unless you mean 'why is no one making total conversions,' and it's probably 'cause now they just make their own actual games.

>> No.5445763 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 236 KB, 532x200, 1552935656488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5445774
File: 55 KB, 680x510, dang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it disheartening that cute buff lizard has to be associated with voreshit

goddam furries, jacking it to animal people is not good enough so you have to keep adding weirder shit into the mix

>> No.5445776

I think the issue with AD maps is that they have a bunch of miniboss-tier monsters, but they're used too frequently. Like those yakmen, they're total bullet sponges and their attack forces you to take cover, but they're used relatively commonly. It makes the gameplay too hard and slow.
Wow, has this artist not ever seen a pair of real boobs?

>> No.5445780
File: 197 KB, 334x453, IMG_20190318_140726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dude check out that prolapsed caco

>> No.5445784

At least we got some official back reference for the Marauder.
Also, i hope we get something in that Google event.
I don't want to wait for another E3 after months of nothing except some skin.

>> No.5445786

Definitely true for Q1 and Q2.

>> No.5445791

i don't know.

why would it be relevant anyway. when people ask about the chrischan of a community, that's proof that they have no legitimate interest in talking about whatever the community is connected to.

don't engage. seriously. it's not worth it.

>> No.5445792
File: 790 KB, 900x864, DV87QnDX4AYXDGy.png orig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has to be associated with voreshit
The very first thing you hear her say in Q:C is, "You look tasty. We'll find out how tasty soon enough," as she spits out Ranger's severed arm. What the hell were you expecting to happen, man? If anything you should be happy Quake is obscure enough that there's only a piece or two of actual vore art anyway.

She is indeed cute and buff, she just happens to also have a really large and suspiciously detailed mouth and throat.

>> No.5445808

is that supposed to be chibi art or just bad perspective?

>> No.5445812

nips poking through the material is hot

>> No.5445816

But theyre way too far apart, and are pointing out from her body

>> No.5445817
File: 204 KB, 660x751, revenant pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut right up, you just shut up.
RNG is fine as long as the spread isnt too much.
Games and combat arent some math equation, its pure chaos. You dont want each attack doing a predictable amount of damage to you.
> 75% to 125% of the average damage is a comfy margin, that way its a ballpark figure
Risk is what makes it fun
> but it will get rid of those really low damage hits like when you take the revenant rocket and only lose 10
> the average on that fucker is 45

Both of the techbase maps are excellent.
Swampy is excellent even if its impossible to get up to the rocket launcher.
There's some windpipe level thats great too (the entrance to it isnt great but the rest of it is).
There are a few other excellent maps (like zendar) that arent my taste, but I have to admit past my bias that they are great.
I dont like Manchester, it can fuck off, but that floating building part at the end of it is surreal.

The snow castle level is fucked though, there's no way to progress.

- Get Slade3
- Check out gzdoom.pk3
- Extract all of the monster/weapon zscript assets into a new folder so that you can look at them
- Goto the zdoom wiki and peruse the Action Functions, also including the depreciated legacy functions to get an understanding of what they do
- Also check out on the zdoom wiki the file format structure so you know how to drop in the code and other entries in the proper way
(Decorate style coding works just fine, but you're going to have to change "Actor" to "Class" at the start of each entry, and you'll have to insert a semicolon at the end of each line)

>> No.5445823

Chibi art. Sorlag is l o n g.

>> No.5445831

reasons why we cant have nice things

>> No.5445835

I feel this topic is prone to kicking someone while they're down but honestly remember that drama about 'Doomguys Warzone Gold'? That author seems like a real oddball. please dont bother him or other doomers compared to chrischan

>> No.5445836

Enemies in Quake still have some random damage variation. One big example is the Shambler, whose two-arm melee attack can sometimes do enough damage to immediately kill an unarmored player (100+) but isn't guaranteed to do so. The player's own weapons don't have random damage and instead varying damage is applied through falloff and spread (shotguns) or distance from center of explosion (GL/RL).

>> No.5445841

>I dont like Manchester, it can fuck off, but that floating building part at the end of it is surreal.
I don't remember an AD map named Manchester? Do you mean Manchester's Leftovers, which was part of QUMP?

>> No.5445849
File: 123 KB, 828x991, femheresiarch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No her boobs are magnificent and they are old fashioned, they move and they poke just like large breasts used to do.
> her tits dont sag, so thats what's messing with you
Something about her robe is pushing them slightly to the side and this is accurate too.
I didnt know the sprite sheet had a dick though, and even if Heres was a bisex she'd want to keep that shit tucked in because having it shorn off by a mage's frost shards doesnt sound all that fun.
this is good stuff
who's the chick in blue?
the machinegun from Blake Stone was a two barrel reciprocating weapon, and in reality there is a soviet assault rifle with two barrels that works like that and with a gritty used future look seems like a good candidate for a game gun
(Nikonov machinegun, double barreled 5.45mm assault rifle, it has a rate of fire of 3000/minute, though because its mag fed running out of ammo would keep the heat buildup manageable)

Yeah but it should also extend to ranged attacks too. I was never really aware of the melee variation because I hardly EVER get melee swiped by monsters. Though I have noticed sometimes the Fiends will outright kill you on a lunge and I figured it was a bug because the ranged attacks dont have random damage.
I noted that the chainsaw and sword attacks can be random but its only random byproxy because if you pull away fast enough you wont take the full swing (ogre chainsaws do up to 55 points right?).

I believe im alone in this idea but I think in all FPS games shotgun attacks should be counted as a single hit no matter how many pellets hit the target.
And the amount of damage they cause should be a product of how many hit. You can set a higher minimum total even if they only get hit once, and you can cap the maximum.
> and you can keep the blast from overpenetrating too, obviously

Yeah, thanks for the correction, I was getting those mixed up.

>> No.5445856

Are there any mods that make doom more difficult while keeping the same pace as vanilla? (Burl tumd does a decent job, but its not that exciting)

Complex makes the game either a jiggle peek shooter, or just a nausea inducing cluster fuck with LA

Meta doom (havent given it a fair try, but it seemed to make the game alot easier, and kind of bloated)

Brutal (bloated as fuck)

>> No.5445860

>just like large breasts used to do
Large breasts never did what those are doing, I have no idea wtf you're talking about.

>> No.5445861
File: 315 KB, 841x808, lusty sorg maid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorlag is a nice thing, you jerk.

>Yeah but it should also extend to ranged attacks too.
There's really no reason for it to. Some ranged attacks already have variation, either intended or through the same methods as the player (Grunt shotguns, Ogre and Vore explosions).
>Though I have noticed sometimes the Fiends will outright kill you on a lunge and I figured it was a bug because the ranged attacks dont have random damage.
Yeah, that's a known bug. What happens is if a Fiend lands on top of the player's hitbox (because all enemies and players have square, map-axis aligned hitboxes), it'll deal lunge damage repeatedly every few tics or faster, which will cause it to do several hundred damage in a split second until the player moves or dies- enough to instagib someone with 200 red armor and 100 health easily.

You also mentioned a snow castle that's broken and I think you might've just missed something.

>> No.5445864
File: 26 KB, 601x346, Nikonov-High-Rate-of-Fire-Machine-Gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just imagine man
And as usual with no foresight committee fails at its job
("its rpm is too high, we need to conserve ammo" - not knowing that the inventor probably knew of ways to reduce the total rpm easily, but nope since this model isnt a Good Presentation of that they assume it cant be changed)
I know you dont.
Women dont have torpedo breasts like they used to.
These are large torpedo breasts.
> its before your time

>> No.5445873


I mean anon, its cool to know these facts and all but what are you trying to get here?

im sorta confused

>> No.5445876

>before your time
There's a pretty good chance I'm older than you.
If you're talking about fake tits, then good. I'm glad they're gone. It's either that or you're confused about physics.

>> No.5445889

the purpose of randomizing is specifically so you cant run the numbers in your head and say "each of these death knight fireballs does 9 damage" or
"each of these nail shooters will hit me for 9" or
"the shambler will do up to 30, in multiples of 10"
No, just no.
And the lower the damage is and the more hits are expected for it the more random it should probably be, like 4-14 for the death knight fireballs.

Part of it is you dont want to be able to predict how much the other guy is going to be able to take if there's infighting. The intended target could die sooner than you expect, or it could actually win and still be much tougher than you expected to still deal with. Predictability removes Surprise, its more fun this way.

For the other examples id say something like 6-12 for nails and scrag projectiles, 12-18 for blaster bolts, and 7-13 per shambler lighting damage call (21-39 final).
I forget how much Vore firepods do whether its 20 or 40 damage points but those should be random too just because its a magic spell and already inherently variable. Like 16-24 if the og value was 20.
Player nails should do 7-11 and silver nails should do two damage calls of 6-12 twice.
Im trying to get a woman with titays like that, thats what im getting at .

>> No.5445893

what is up with that caco pussy?

>> No.5445896
File: 66 KB, 620x349, jmod20181113220548-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unrelated to this
What is everyone's opinion of
QUAKE 1.5?

>> No.5445904
File: 494 KB, 1000x1000, hunter_from_quake_iii_arena___by_excrem_by_excrem-dc5cxyd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No, just no.
That's not a very good argument. Running numbers in your head on the fly is as much a skill as dodging to not get hit in the first place; enormous parts of Quake MP is based entirely on that aspect, whether it be timing items, gauging opponent health and armor, delaying pickup spawns, etc. Knowing exactly how much damage the player will give or take allows players to be that much more daring in their gameplay; they can no longer say, "Well, if I die, the RNG just fucked me! If I live after I mess up, I got lucky!" Instead, if they fuck up and die, it's entirely their fault, and if they succeed by the skin of their teeth, there was no random number generator deciding they were going to take 15 damage instead of 25.

RNG can work in other games, but Quake in particular is an extremely mechanical game where there's no reason for it to be a prominent factor in the gameplay.

>Im trying to get a woman with titays like that, thats what im getting at .
I wasn't part of that discussion, but at least that's a goal we can agree on.

>> No.5445908

Why do you autists have to always bring your disgusting and weird fetishes with you? All I wanted was playing Doom, not learn about shit like furries, lizards with dicks and vore shit. :/

>> No.5445913

we don't talk about quake 0.15

>> No.5445918

>i'm totally interested in the thread subject because I keep bringing up the things I don't like, you see! i'm also very not mad on the internet!

>> No.5445919

you are the worst fucking poster

>> No.5445920

>that face

>> No.5445923
File: 205 KB, 796x760, 1520044804597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a scaly household, son. That conversation's already over anyway, unless you count breasts as a disgusting and weird fetish.

>> No.5445924

Don't project your degeneracy on me :(

>> No.5445930

You are obviously not untalented when it comes to editing, but I fail to see the appeal in this t h b

>> No.5445932

wth is wrong with you?

>> No.5445935
File: 50 KB, 700x239, Kustom Shoota.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to go deeper.

>> No.5445936 [DELETED] 

>i'm definitely on the right board by the way! and old enough to browse 4chan at that!

>> No.5445938

This is a blue board, mind your manners.

>> No.5445952

>if you don't want to see furry posting you must be mad and underage
wew lad
maybe people just dont want to see your fetish shit on a board about video games?

>> No.5445954

Why would there be something wrong with me? Go take a nap, anon, you're getting cranky.

>> No.5445958

Never reply to furfags just report and ignore

>> No.5445963

I'm not annoyed by it, and in some way think it's even amusing. but thanks for your concern.

why are the most obscure weapons in history the coolest?

>> No.5445967

yeah, >>5445849 really needs to fucking leave

>> No.5445968
File: 1.86 MB, 800x450, Doom Hunt.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5445972

> someone calls out furfag for being obnoxious
> 'no im not''
> while continuing to be obnoxious

>> No.5445973

are we doing the thing again where we shit up the thread via self-enforced drama?

>> No.5445974

>calls someone obnoxious
>while unironically using the word furfag


>> No.5445976

Because they show us how pragmatism kills ingenuity.

>> No.5445990

did the kids just get out of school? i swear multiple threads i was reading went to shit at exactly the same time.

>> No.5445997

typical /v/igger behavior in full force this thread is just as likely

>> No.5446000

>4chan is a bunch of teenagers perpetuating their own personal blog life
C'mon guys, I know you're calling them out for being new and young but is dumbass retard behavior on 4chan really that new or shocking to you?

>> No.5446004
File: 445 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-08-24-11-52-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5446006

just because it IS common doesnt mean it SHOULD be common
people need to learn how to behave

>> No.5446014
File: 191 KB, 765x790, straya internet workarounds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also look into Tor.

>> No.5446021

Played Turok all the way through for like 8 hours. Fucking awesome game. A little too skimpy with ammo for the later weapons towards the end though.

>> No.5446040

>Peak in out of cover
I never ever bothered to take cover in Square.
Stuff melts so fast with any weapon that I didn't even notice the enemy placement.
Even played on UV.

>> No.5446069

Any predictions for Eternal?

>> No.5446087

I dont think youll be able to post from TOR but you might be able to View, and for boards like this half of the usefulness is being able to save the images and follow the links.
It wont go back to doom's roots.
Thats all that matters, and thats my prediction.
I never could beat it. I got to maybe 1 or 2 levels past where the guys show up with the blowdart guns (lots of platforming involved) and couldnt find my way to the exit.

>> No.5446094

The map overlay is real fucking handy in the huge maps. Anywhere that the wireframe isn't drawn out yet you haven't been. Helped me get unstuck quite a few times today

>> No.5446095

Portugal doesn't ban 4chan but bans a bunch of piracy sites. Literally just change your dns server, it's like nothing changed, it's not like a VPN or a proxy where your whole traffic is going to another server, it's literally just using another DNS server so it redirects the 4chan dns to the proper IP.

>> No.5446096

>It wont go back to doom's roots.
This, it'll superficially resemble it a bit more and they'll ride the shit out of that in the marketing but it'll mostly be the same as the last game.

>> No.5446110

What should they do, make a 1:1 remake of the original game?

>> No.5446124

dang, turns out it's not the exact same game. 0/10 do not buy.

>> No.5446127
File: 996 KB, 1024x768, mce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any /quaddicted/ fags here?
It might not look like it, but this is the most brainfucked map ever.
Involves finding 4 well (and I mean WELL) hidden keys and placing them on a pedestal.
After you (finally) find them, the shitshow on the roof and the yard begins (even on easy skill).

>> No.5446130
File: 475 KB, 645x360, screw your optics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wont go back to doom's roots for a few reasons which ill list out:
--- Fast RunNGun with horde or slaughtermaps requires alot of enemies on the screen and if they're drawing everything in HD quality then it doesnt matter what kind of computer you've got it will be taxed out quickly (even 2 orders of magnitude isnt enough).
You need to be able to display at least 2000 enemies AND have their actions all cared for, and that's a CPU bottleneck right there which.
This could be achieved by being very careful with texturing, baking shaders into the textures so you dont have extra ones being processed, and lowering the polycount but artfully placing the lowpoly parts of the model in places where people are less likely to notice (kinda like sweeping dirt under a rug).
But artists and that goes for iD's artists these days are NOT trained in efficiency.

--- Nintendo Hard needs to be a thing too. Which means the big fireballs dont do 10 or 20 damage they do up to half your health (eat the noble fireball for 64 damage).
And rockets dont smack you for 20 or 40 they can blow your ass to pieces in one shot unless you're powered up.
And archviles dont just send a snake of fire across the floor they make you spontaneously combust and die.
You wont be able to do this because people have gotten too soft and that includes the kiddies, so the kiddies will cry and put the controller down and play something else - because something else is such an easy option these days.
Youll never see another Nintendo Hard doom game again (which is why I personally wont buy one).
The precident of games like Dark Souls you'd think would open this door again. But I can almost guarantee you it will not be done with D55M.

- Ammo commonality and making the Plasma Gun do heinous badass damage like it did in OG are necessary too. Pooled ammunition for some weapons.
Pistol/Machinegun casless ammo.
Cells for energy weapons.
Rockets are Grenades like quake 1.
...logistics difficulties...

>> No.5446136

well call me a weirdo but I only care if the game delivers on the fun department and they introduce new mechanics to toy with. the designs harkening back to former ones is just complimentary and it works. we know for a fact it's not going to be a 1:1 reproduction of the game from yesteryear.

>> No.5446141

enemy attacks and rocket self damage on nightmare difficulty are precisely what you talk about. did you even play the game?

>> No.5446146

>You need to be able to display at least 2000 enemies
Why? The original Doom and Doom 2 never go in those territories.
Plutonia at the best puts on some *mild* slaughter.

Moreover, it's not the same game, it's not trying to be the original games.

>> No.5446150
File: 25 KB, 1271x173, enemydoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree on some of this and the fact that they cut off the Revenant's homing rockets and how the Manc's regular fire actually works.
Although, i fucking hate when people discuss Doom's enemy count situation by using slaughtermaps as an example, when it's more of a fanbase thing (Specially from people who bring up Brutal Doom inspiration and talk about the game being more about Doom's identity in pop culture).
It makes people forget about smart enemy placement and that you can do a lot more with that, than just spamming 200 Revenants in a big room and expect you to go Serious Sam/Touhou on their asses.
Like some anon here once said:
Old school enemies in Doom felt like obstacles, while in new Doom they felt more like "points", which means you'd rarely get a chance to beat a level after skipping most kills.

>> No.5446164

i tried playing this map but couldnt find where the fuck to go

>> No.5446168
File: 30 KB, 256x264, caco laughing crying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You need to be able to display at least 2000 enemies

>> No.5446173

none of what you list off applies to classic doom either.

>> No.5446175
File: 42 KB, 488x519, fresh cup of ultra violence.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well in terms of 1:1 I would like to imagine it like this...
What if in 1992 we had computers like we do now. But for one reason or another FPS as a genre had almost nothing awesome or nobody had dared to make something more than a de-facto simulator.
- Enter in iD software who has the balls to throw players into the pits of hell.
- Part of the reason the game was called DOOM is because its assumed the player character is Going To Die and they're just going out with a bang. It is supposed to be a gritty hard game that kills the player often. The only real winning move is not to play, but thats no fun.
And lets say they still want to throw this meatgrinder at players like they did but they have the technology to go about making it like some VR fantasy.
So I think its plausible to make the game in a 3d environment and be roughly about like the originals were. Except without the ambiguous level structuring, with more functionality, being able to rely on falling, ladders vs lifts, pulling up to a ledge instead of jumping.
Like pottery
Every time the solution is the Seashell argument
- combine the tough and the hard together.
Give them better AI and make the move
Give them interesting abilities at the same time
Heck give them attacks that differ based on distance... arcing fireballs that do more damage, and faster ones that dont drop that do less far away. Mancubus lighting you up with deadly flamethrower action up close.

Im also pretty sick of this points/pips mechanic where killing monsters gives you immediate +2 or +5 bits of health or whatever.
Make the damn health RARE and an item you have to Reach, to make you appreciate it more, and deeply desire to avoid BEING HIT AT ALL.
> like final doom's Berserker packs, which replaced what might have been multiple medi-kits more evenly distributed
> its not the same, its not trying to be
Thats the debate and the criticism.
I have never played D44M or QC or anything post-2007 really.

>> No.5446179

>I have never played D44M or QC or anything post-2007 really.

>> No.5446180

>I have never played D44M or QC or anything post-2007 really.


>> No.5446189

>It wont go back to doom's roots.

I only really care if they expand the modding cpabilities enough so we could have proper quality custom campaigns, because then community will be able to pick some of the slack developers take.

It's not necessary to even mention slaughter maps. The fact that nuDoom just can not have persistent placed enemies is a very big level design issue.
In e1m3 you can have as much as 21 enemy actively pursuing the player right away if you rush past some of them.
In non-slaughter user maps encounters with 20-30 strategically placed enemies are not uncommon at all.

nuDoom despawns any enemy not currently in the encounter if you run past them - for example run through the zombie cave where you get first Praetorian chip down to the low level and awaken some imp spawns there, then run past the upgrade drone into a Spawn-in encounter.
Encounter goes up to 12 monster limit, and all those awakened zombies and imps simply get despawned, disappearing forever.

In Doom you could get back and pick off the remaining stragglers, in nuDoom you can't and I don't thing you will be able to in the DoomE, which is really friggin sad.

>> No.5446190


>> No.5446193
File: 357 KB, 800x655, c kid 19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5446201

>I have never played D44M or QC or anything post-2007 really.

>> No.5446214

reason is to prevent slowdowns no matter what gets thrown at the player
modern games arent supposed to have limits, its a travesty
some of the action I saw for D44M on youtube basically had the player going back and forth in an area riptearing monsters but they only filtered in once others were already killed
It reminds me of the same cheesy action as some old school arcade fighter games I remember like Double Dragon and TMNT and that scripted/structured approach is NOT DESIRED in this game.

The monsters are there, you have to deal with them, or get creative and not get as many kills. And ammo availability is important for that. Melee should be last resort, even if you have berserk, because your health is a vital resource.
There is a survival horror element to this game which was brought to a fever pitch in expansions like final doom. And thats missing.
Again thats deeply troubling and im guessing the despawning has to do with performance and game resources.
Crysis runs at like 15-20fps, so I know my machine cant handle anything modern really.
Thats all I could get for a couple hundred.
I did play COD Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 on someone else's XB but I wouldnt say that really counts.

Now that you mention it I never beat Doom3 and I might try and load that up because I can play that now. I wasnt too happy with it though.
I have 0 interest in D44M from what ive heard from it. Also I HATE the way the gauss cannon looks and I would avoid using it any more than I absolutely had to.

Im not interested in QC because I dont play multiplayer. Other that better graphics it doesnt seem (much) different than Quake 3. I get the feeling I would get bored playing the bots after a few hours and not care about it anymore.
> better graphics doesnt mean shit to me
The weapon designs look... interesting... but im not paying for microtransactions, so there's that.
This is /vr/, do you know where you are?

>> No.5446215

you wouldn't need to do it at all in classic doom because you'd be more focused trying to aggro them before they ever got a fair chance at a strike, or blasted them away with a single rocket/SSG blast.

like it's perfectly fair to pick up on things that the new games don't do, what I can't fathom is this romanticizing and engrossing of the more superfluous aspects of Doom's gameplay style such as having to trek back just to pick off a lone monster or pick up an item. you wouldn't be doing any of those things realistically to boot once you're done wiping out an area, you move on to the next. there's rarely ever much else to it.

>> No.5446219

There might be some hints here:

>> No.5446225


>> No.5446228

SG has a 1/3 chance to not one-shot imps, SSG can deal 100/200/300, RL can do 20-160, BFG does 600-4800.
Doom's damage rng is genuinely braindead broken.

>> No.5446239

>/vg/ autism on my /vr/

>> No.5446240

>or anything post-2007

>> No.5446248
File: 64 KB, 248x287, ahahaha faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5446256

I don't romanticize anything. I am pointing out that Doom WAS capable of making complex encounters with 40+ enemies at once without divulging to slaughter.
It didn't do that, sure, but usermade maps sure as hell did.
The thing about persistent enemies was just there to point it out properly.
nuDoom can't do that since the maximum simultaneous monster count is not nearly enough for it.

Another thing is that you just won't be able to completely and properly remake a Doom 1 level in nuDoom even if you had all the required room assets and ability to create geometry proper.

>> No.5446270

>you just won't be able to completely and properly remake a Doom 1 level in nuDoom even if you had all the required room assets and ability to create geometry proper.
So what?

>> No.5446272

>no +40 braindead enemies walking toward you while occasionally throwing a fireball in your general direction
it really takes my sleep away.

>> No.5446325
File: 386 KB, 949x649, 041b4b00ef7d4d0a0c3b1d9a03fa208d47d9aff5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something i'm surprised they haven't done in new Doom yet is a horde/survival mode.
Not only was it popular in SnapMap, we've also had mods based off similar concepts like Reelism.
And the series having a history of big arsenals and bestiaries plus arenas in the SP and the possible salvation of the multiplayer's assets could make it somehow work.

>> No.5446341
File: 128 KB, 490x286, SchoolLunchPic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at this age the schoolyard stuff doesnt get to me anymore
> you have to be at least 18 to post here.gif
Did your dad pack you a lunch in a brown paper bag like my daddy did back then?
Yknow when I went to school we had computers, but they were from a company called apple, and they used floppy disks.
Also they could whip you if you were bad, the principal had a paddle in his office and he could whip your ass with it and send you back to class and everyone knew what happened to you.

> SSG does 100/200/300, RL does 20-160, BFG numbers
patently false, because of how the RNG picks numbers. And heck a single SSG blast will blow through almost a quarter of the indexes on the list.
It would be a crazy math class probability project to work on to find out what the actual minimum damage would be for the SSG in doom 2 but for practicality sake you're looking at like 180-220.
- Same goes for the BFG, each of the spray damage traces rolls 15 dice and adds them together (that is you take 15 damage calls for 1-8 points each, which is very heavily weighted towards the mid-60s). Though the number of sprays you get hit with all depends on aim. Im not too happy with the bfg ball only doing 100-800, but if you use the weapon right then it wont matter too much. I think every time I have used the BFG at point blank range against a Baron it has destroyed it and fried other things too.

Unless you're a Cyberdemon or Spiderdemon the rocket launcher (from you, or the cyber) will cause 148-288 damage on a direct hit. Because you take the 20 projectile dice worth of damage but being hit directly DOES NOT exclude you from being hit with the 128 points of Splash Damage that comes with it.
I mean its still like Diablo 2 levels of randomness but unless im down to 6 rockets and im facing a Baron im okay with it.
> 1/3 chance to not one-shot an Imp
Shot placement is a bitch. But during the chaos of a fight you cant always aim. So there's always that 1/3 chance.

>> No.5446351

>I only really care if they expand the modding cpabilities enough so we could have proper quality custom campaigns, because then community will be able to pick some of the slack developers take.
I don't think we'll get much more than snapmap-alike stuff, all we've really seen with regards to modding is vague half-promises and a lot of people piling their hopes and dreams onto that.

>> No.5446362


>> No.5446365

>It would be a crazy math class probability project to work on to find out what the actual minimum damage would be for the SSG in doom 2
You're just taking the lowest possible values of twenty pellets doing 5 x 1D3 each.

So, you know, 20 x 5.

>> No.5446369

From the ZDoom wiki:
>Performs Doom's super shotgun attack, firing 20 pellets dealing 5 * 1d3 damage each.
Google + basic math = facts

>> No.5446370

That's ACS Arcade, it's kind of a novelty map that didn't take off even though it did some neat shit.

>> No.5446375

Also, the 1/3 chance comes from the fact that the shotgun fires 7 5*1d3 dmg pellets
Imps have 60 health

>> No.5446376

I'm stunned by your capability to not just throw an opinion but a STATEMENT with 'this structure/approach is NOT DESIRED in this game', which is demonstrably false by the number of people who actually enjoy it. takes a very specific level of intelligence to talk like that about a game you haven't played.

>> No.5446378

Anon, you get 2 out of 10 for math.
At least you know numbers.

>> No.5446379

Just played through all of the main popular mods, and jesus christ how the fuck do people actually play these for more than 10 minutes.

>complex doom
Without LCA its fucking boring and too easy, WITH LCA jesus christ after you finally kill the legendary after 12 attempts because they just one hit you, you get all their OP gear and the game is even easier untill the next bullshit legendary

>brutal doom
Need I say more?

>meta doom
Probably the most bloated out of the three, it's an eye sore and has no direction whatsoever.

Jesus is vanilla really that much better? It seems like the only way to go, you'd think after 20 years someone would have come up with something to beat vanilla.

>> No.5446390

More than I can really say for the anon that tried to tell me SSG does 180 min

>> No.5446401

It does not roll the dice once then multiplies, you mong
it rolls the dice separately for each individual pellet, and due to how sude-RNG in Doom works it can never hit higher than 230 under any circumstances, and usually does 170-200 dmg, extremely rarely going as low as 150 but thats the minimum you will hit about 1-2% of the times at worst.

>> No.5446402
File: 915 KB, 514x448, 1488331534225.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doom wad where it's like H.E.R.O.

>> No.5446403

>and jesus christ how the fuck do people actually play these for more than 10 minutes.
because those people don't share your opinion.

>> No.5446407

Who is this old fuck who is completely out of touch with 4chan?

>> No.5446410

>Probably the most bloated out of the three
It's still somewhat "map friendlier" than some other mods it lets you turn off SS/Keen/prop reps depending on what map you play
>it's an eye sore
Is it because of the sprites?
I agree the feedback is kinda weeak, tho
>and has no direction whatsoever.
Whole point is to combine elements and concepts from the entire Doom series and make it worse to the point you even get interesting easter eggs and little details
How the fuck did you put MetaDoom in the same spot as Complex/Brutal Doom is beyond me
Almost everything in the mod is a subtle reference to Doom related shit, half the enemies are named after Doom RPG names

>> No.5446412

That's something that'll never happen in vanilla Doom. The pseudo-RNG table never let the same number continually come up. Same reason that despite the BFG having the theoretical ability to do more than 4000 damage, it will never kill a cyberdemon in one shot. The vanilla pRNG won't let the game roll high that many times in a row.

>> No.5446415
File: 36 KB, 489x244, tank fire scared.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah but do you know how the RNG actually works?
the way its not actually a seed driven random number generator?
The random number generator in doom has a table of 256 values that have been pre-determined by the creators. Each time the generator is called it cycles the index up by one, and when it overflows it goes back to index 0.
hate to burst your balloon kid, but the random number generator isnt actually random, I could provide a video link about this but I think its better if you just look it up on youtube yourself (doom RNG).

thats why in zdoom, which faithfully recreates this procedure, if you save your game right before a revenant fireball smacks you for 70 or 80 damage, it will still smack you for 70 or 80 when you reload. There is no savescumming with this sorta feature.
(though if you want to change the values I think doing a few more random calls like firing a pistol or shotgun may advance the index enough to hurt you with something different)
The part im fuzzy on is whether the damage values from monsters are linked to the same damage calls your own weapons are. Because if they are separate then a monster would have to cause damage to something else for it to be altered before the revenant fireball hit you. But - if they are linked, then you could change the current index by shooting a hitscan gun.

the 1/3 chance comes from the fact that you could end up with 7 hits on the imp and only end up doing 55 damage with it, which is just 5 points shy.

Also your simple math is overlooking another issue
There are as many damage calls as there are pellets that strike. And the more damage calls you have the higher the chance the value will be average. So for the shotgun this is the actual amount its doing, not even withstanding that the RNG doesnt provide consistent results for any stretch of its indexes...
5* (1d3 + 1d3 + 1d3 + 1d3 + 1d3 + 1d3 +1d3)

ie, it is not a simple multiplier, its heavily weighted

>> No.5446419


>> No.5446426

My problem with meta doom, is my problem with every other mod. Getting the next weapon feels like an upgrade as opposed to the next piece to your arsenal. In vanilla it feels like a puzzle, weapons for the most part aren't "stronger" than other weapons, they each have their purpose and you utilize ALL weapons in vanilla
sniping stragler imps after a fight to conserve shells
when you don't know whats coming up next, your safeguard from hitscan enemies
>rocket launcher
large clusters of enemies
Arguably more uses than the other guns, but falls short in ambushes/traps
>plasma gun
Carving out a path in tight spaces when trapped

The other mods, you literally just get better guns and stop using half your insanely gigantic arsenal.

>> No.5446445

At least, unlike most mods, the arsenal feels a bit more diverse, so there's still a bit more stuff you'd use in some scenarios
Having too many weapons is kind of an obvious side effect and i agree you can be a bit strong at times
The mod introduces stronger enemies afterwards, so it expects you to use stuff like the Soulcube and Tesla rocket to handle the Fiends (Doom 4 Revenants) and Imp lords (Doom 4 imps)
You'll still use the basic arsenal (as in shotgun, SSG, Doom 3 machinegun, RL, Plasma etc) because the other weapons are just too different from the traditional Doom arsenal so you use the Grenade Launcher in more specific situations
But it sucks when the BFG and Chainsaw don't show up first in their slots, specially for a mod that tries to be closer to "traditional Doom's core gameplay" than most randomizer mods

>> No.5446446

>plays 3 mods out of hundreds
>>wtf you guys havent come up with anything good??

>> No.5446449

>I have never played [videogame], but I have a lot of opinions about it
lol fuck off

>> No.5446456

Guess I never got far enough into it for it to get interesting, (which can definitely be another criticism)

>> No.5446458

The mod has some codex if you press N so that could help
Otherwise, this could too >>5446419

>> No.5446462

Hmm, so this is what common core does to people. And these people are actually graduating from school at this time, since nobody under 18 can post here.

Assuming that the number of pellets that hits the target act as a simple multiplier for damage, instead of having a damage roll for every single one of them which inflicts damage instantly, and can even kill the critter, and then blow through that target and start hitting other enemies who arent dead and do damage to each of those individually on a per-pellet basis too.
I mean how the hell else do you expect Shotguns and BFG Spray to be able to hit a bunch of enemies if a bunch of them are blocking the path for others.

MAP03 in vanilla doom2, if you have a SSG you can blow through almost the entire crowd of zombie troopers just before you get to the lift. Because all 20 pellets do their damage individually and if the zombie dies, they arent blocking anymore and the remaining shots can target other zombies
> I dont really like this mechanic but its the one we've been stuck with since the 90s
> in Duke3d, different game I know, but if you shoot a guy with the shotgun and it does overkill the extra shots are blocked by the dude.
> same story in Quake1, if you have a crowd of guys and kill someone with the double barrel, even if its quad damage, that guy will take all the pellets and you dont get to spread the damage out much. This is of course the way you destroy the game's undead zombies.
Personally id rather the doom shotguns didnt blow through enemies, and instead made them gib and splatter a huge amount of blood all over the place. It would nerf the shotguns a little and make weapon choice against low end mooks more important.
Well shit, technically D44M and Eternal are /v/ and /vg topics, they might be doom related but they dont belong here.

>> No.5446463

I honestly can see why brutal doom would become a big thing for some people but I can't imagine how they manage to get get bored of it for long. like the novelty wears off just incredibly quickly.

>> No.5446465

The mod also has its balance feeling awkwardly design, so it took like 7 rockets to kill a Cybie for example.
Don't even get me started on the code.

>> No.5446470

>>criticizes/analyzes doom 4
>someone points out you havent even played it
>>well its not even on topic anyway, lets stop discussing it

>> No.5446472

It's stayed popular for a very long time so people love it and continue to play it, in other words the outlier is you.

>> No.5446474

it probably uses the same scripts, but that map isn't ACS arcade, it's that one skulltag/zandorum HUB map with a bunch of cool stuff in it
i know it has a dojo to summon monsters, a zelda3 secret and starts in a subway, but i can't remember the title

>> No.5446475

all of which are technically true

>> No.5446480
File: 8 KB, 336x251, graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok then, this calls for some slightly more advanced math.
After fucking around trying to get Wolfram alpha to actually interpret my input, it gives my this:https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=P(7+3-sided+dice+less+than+12)&wal=header
Not nearly as high as I first stated, but its still enough that you either get forced into doubling the number of shells you use, or take a minor gamble with every shot.
It's still annoying, especially when you're already low on ammo. If it were up to me, the rng would be on top of a reliable base damage, enough so that low level enemies are predictable, but the higher level ones might let you save a rocket on occasion.

>> No.5446495

yeah, and I'm asking what prompts them to keep at it. every update release feels like polishing a turd. it's shallow as fuck.

>> No.5446498

and you're technically a fucking scoundrel.

>> No.5446503
File: 1.38 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do I change the scope zoom level in hideous destructor?

>> No.5446512

Because they don't think it's a turd, anon. Grow up and learn to respect other people's opinions.
>it's shallow as fuck.
Doom isn't exactly deep, you're saying vanilla is bad too?

>> No.5446513

The thought of removing the blow through would definitely be good. Maybe if I ever get around to nerfing rng, I could put in an extra tic in which the dying monster still has collision so that the pellets get absorbed or something like that. idk, I'm clearly not an expert on the doom engine, and it'd be a little more effort into figuring out what causes that to happen.

>> No.5446515

Primary fire and altfire while holding zoom

>> No.5446518

Id be okay with a system where it just tacked on 1-8 damage to everything, including bullets. And you set the damage value so that the average of that die roll gives you the average you're looking for.
(eg, bullets for 5+1d8, plasma for 18+1d8, noble fireballs for 32+1d8)
For shotguns delivering damage on a pellet by pellet basis you still end up with alot of variation.
But thats when you use Damage Types and give a favorable multiplier against certain enemies that you want to press-fit into the conditions you want. For zombies you could leave it like it is, but for Imps you would do some extra so that they would rarely or just plain not survive a single full blast from a single barrel shotgun.
The more agonizing thing is when the Chaingunner doesnt die from a single full blast. But I think that was done on purpose to make them more dangerous.

>> No.5446526

that's my exact point. brutal doom shoots to be "an overhaul mod" according to people I've spoken to, and yet it's the exact same shit as vanilla doom only with iron sights and increased gain sound effects.

goddamn does it sound like you're peeved.

>> No.5446527

>so this is what common core does to people
I'm 27 you autistic old fuckwit.

>> No.5446534

we're past the point of criticizing brutal doom for being the lackluster, overrated light show it is. that only leaves you with people trying to fend for it.

you don't need validation for anything. if you think it's trash I'm glad to inform you that you're not in the minority. that's all there's to it.

didn't recent updates change that?

>> No.5446536

This isnt possible in Zdoom though, at least as far as I know. I guess it could be tallied up with some kind of complicated zscript stuff but its beyond me to figure out how to actually do it in the game.

Either, you would have to be able to make sure the monster does not immediately die no matter how much damage it takes, but then check every tic if the current health is less than a certain amount, and kill the monster if its below the intended health. (checking it every game tic is whats really hard to do)
- Or write another hitscan function which delivers all of the hits, then rolls damage and adds that up after the hits are delivered, then rolls painchance to retrieve a boolean yes/no on whether its been put into painstate.

>> No.5446539

It did? I gotta be using an old version.

>> No.5446540

fair enough.

>> No.5446551

Anon in your bias you didn't realize how you're shitting on vanilla as well as other common aesthetic mods like Smooth Doom and Beautiful Doom which do far less changes than Brutal Doom. It just shows you're being dishonest and don't care about having a fair discussion, on top of you pretending like BD is just "iron sights and increased gain sound effects". You very well know there's more to it than that.
>goddamn does it sound like you're peeved.
Other way around, you're the one using arguments that could apply to vanilla and other perfectly find mods that people use here like Smooth Doom, which obviously you don't want to shit on. You wanted to find any reason to shit on BD and didn't realize you were shitting on vanilla as well. Now you're desperately trying to change it to "w-w-well people i met said it was an overhaul!" as if I'm not going to see through that and not remember what the original argument was about or that anecdotal nonsense means anything here. Congratulations on destroying your credibility, showing your hypocrisy and how you don't care about arguing honestly, you already have an opinion planted in your mind and no amount of arguing will change that it seems, how childish.

>> No.5446557

I guess the general idea would be to give everything that can take damage buddha status, and kill it should it reach 1 health.

>> No.5446559

>if you think it's trash I'm glad to inform you that you're not in the minority

Lol, yes he is. On 4chan no, but in general yes. Could you stop spewing nonsense and think before you fucking post? Thanks hun.

>> No.5446567
File: 1.09 MB, 498x278, blood_moon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was another guy who worked up a simple script to use a custom bullet puff which gave a token to the target, and then damaged them. The hitscans themselves doing no damage, but because of the way the bullet puff damaged them the damage would accumulate before any status change happened on the monster.
When I tried doing it and following their exact instructions it didnt work though.
It was really groovy and berserk inducing to watch a Zombieman get splattered with 7 or 20 blood splatters. But it wasnt doing the damage as prescribed.
I think at this point the zscript option of rewriting the standard hitscan code is whats going to have to happen. But I dont even know how that code works even when looking at it, im not the one to actually recode it.

>> No.5446587

it's been a long time since I've seen a post that read like someone had a deep scowl on their face as they were making it.

>> No.5446591

Buddha is something that can be given via actor flag, I could simply copy/paste a simple anonymous function into the spawn state of every single monster, as well as the basic player class and explosive barrels.
After that, I could have the player class spawn an invisible collisionless actor that checks for any actors with 1 health and kills them.
The exact details would need some work, as they always do with programming, but this is a start.

>> No.5446608

Anything JPF attempts, BURL TUMD does better.

>> No.5446625

No because then you have to replace monsters and thats not going to work when it comes to using this in conjunction with other mods, which people will definitely want to do.
> another fuckup that Graf made, actually needing to replace things even when you just want to modify them a little bit

>> No.5446626


>> No.5446635

>It was his having a go with zscript and seeing what he could get out of it.
Eh, not really an excuse. High Noon Drifter was pretty much the same thing for Term and it turned out fantastic.

>> No.5446643

What other N64/ps1 era FPS deserves a refresh and polish like Perfect Dark and Turok?

>> No.5446650

Kinsie has excellent presentation and style, but his gameplay has always been lackluster

>> No.5446676

I didn't even formally reply to your question "are you saying vanilla is bad" and you're putting words in my mouth. but since you're bringing up smooth doom I'll admit to find it leagues ahead of brutal doom because it just keeps doom the way it is with some added frames for everything. there's not even a solid point to draw a comparison with BD. there are mods that I like better than others, I take no issue with that. I just so happen to think brutal doom is mediocre because it implements no good substantial changes and yet people like to act like it's the definitive way of playing. what little it DOES change, it's for the worse.

brutal doom's shallowness lies on using its overblown gore as a selling point, and it gets tiresome after a while. the guns are kept in the same style as OG Doom except they sound grating. nearly every enemy is broken damage wise. my "original argument that you remember" was literally about what makes it so great and how people don't get burned out on it. every update people act like it's a gift from god and that it keeps the gameplay fresh when it changes literally nothing save for a couple sprites for the weapons. you trying to discredit me for saying what I heard from others is absolutely nil and doesn't affect me.

this wasn't even an argument. but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that debating ideas with someone who likes to fake victory in a big wall of text accusing me of things he "can see right through me" sounds pretty shitty. you sound like the kind of angry donkey who would try to drown the adversary with snorts and whines.

>> No.5446684

Wouldn't a much simpler solution would be to simply make the monster's first frame of death animation "solid"? I know it is possible to have solid corpses, so maybe keep the corpse solid for 1 frame so the pellets dont get through then make it intangible again.

>> No.5446697

I don't think that'd work. Looking at the base ZombieMan class, it's made intangible after 10 tics, meaning that what you want to do is the default behavior.

>> No.5446704

Maybe spawn an object that occupies same space as it dies?

>> No.5446709

They're different developers, also High Noon Drifter was a lot less complex than what Kinsie was attempting, it doesn't even touch the monster behavior.

>> No.5446717
File: 45 KB, 960x600, some green meanies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should try it and see if it works, though one hopeful result of it will be to make monsters get gibbed if they take too much damage
(shotgun to the zombieman should splatter him as well as block the shots too)
Yeah thats what im talking about.
Thats why I think its going to have to target the basic zscript process for generating hitscans in the first place.
The function you will have to update/replace is LINEATTACK wherever the hell it is in the standard code.
Which can mean modifying the way the basic one works, or copying it and then tweaking it as required
Is it even possible to overwrite pre-established functions with new ones so that it affects everything based on them?

>> No.5446724

It could be possible. If so, then that'd be amazing, since it wouldn't break compatibility.

>> No.5446757
File: 526 KB, 160x99, mcdonalds man eats too much ketchup.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After that, to complete the effect all that any modder would have to do is put in a damage type for shotguns and add XDeath states for that damage type that has the monster having its head blown off and it would be at its theatrical mastery.

SSG to an Imp would eat all 20 and also blow it backwards with the momentum of twenty hits, and it would go to XDeath because its over 120 damage, and then display their head being blown off too
Heck there could even be three state levels of it like for zombies in that XDeath state if their health is below a certain amount it gets worse and it blows their ribcage in half too (then to get fancy check if the damage is truly epic, as in a quad damage powerup is being used by another mod - now we can gib him and blow all sorts of chunks around like its quake or rise of the triad)

I mean those aspects would require altering the monsters, or having modders go back into their mods to make a change for that. But since it wouldnt break compatibility those changes would only be optional, and seeing things gib from being blasted with shotguns is still delightfully enjoyable.

Its taken 25 years to get to this point.
Its time for it I think.

>> No.5446778

I can't believe that multiplayer in doom is fucking dead

>> No.5446786

Ok, looks like this lineattack function is buried pretty good, looks like this alone might take a while. Don't expect results to be posted in this thread.

>> No.5446794

Hang on, I don't have to rewrite hitscan itself, just the codepointers that the shotguns use. That'll be easier, those commands are pretty much guaranteed to be in the doom directory.

>> No.5446806

2016? Thats because of hackers. Original doom? what the fuck are you smoking, there's alot of people on z& and a few others

>> No.5446807

Even if its not possible to overwrite the functions a Hack can be done with an executable level .DLL file, ive seen people make mods for games by tweaking stuff like the directx dll file in the main game folder. Would take some actual programming and hacking but I guess it could be done, acting upon the actual gzdoom sourcecode, and altering the way this works at a level below zscript, which might even be versionproof as long as it wasnt
(the worry id have in this case, or with modifying the standard way hitscans are done - is if this would affect the BFG Spray mechanics and make that unable to penetrate too)
Im not sure how BFG Sprays work but everyone describes them as hitscans, so logic suggests that a change to standard line attacks is going to affect the BFG byproxy. I think preserving the behavior of BFGs is important though because thats even more iconic than the shotguns.

Ive wanted to be able to make a BFG that only hits things once with the sprays. Some hefty amount of damage likely to kill even a revenant if it gets caught at all. But not stack up the damage if you have a big tough target in front of you like a boss. Most of the damage being on the main projectile. But that would be a private mod
(the way im seeing that little project as doable is probably with railgun trails that give monsters a token, but leave the token as having a max capacity of 1, and then damage all the monsters who have the token... but I dont know how to make them take the token from the railgun damage nor how to do a radius damage based on whether they have a token or not)

> shotgun code pointers
That would work for the vanilla attack code but this should apply to the A_Firebullets and the one associated with monster attacks too. These customizeable actions are used by virtually every mod out there for all the various funky shotguns that have been made.

>> No.5446808

If you use PRBOOM, PRBOOM+ and Odamex, sure.

>> No.5446813
File: 467 KB, 1480x720, penis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoughts on MMDCXIV?
it looks pretty schway

>> No.5446823

>I didn't even formally reply to your question "are you saying vanilla is bad" and you're putting words in my mouth.
I didn't put anything in your mouth, you yourself made claims about BD that also apply to vanilla and mods like Smooth Doom like the fact that it's shallow, even though vanilla is much shallower than BD. Obviously you don't want to shit on vanilla, meaning your criticisms are dishonest and biased. Again, you pretended like BD only has sound effects and ironsights when you very well know it has more than that like body aim mechanics, dual wielding, revenant cannons, bfg10k, grenade launcher, railgun with zoom, melee attacks like dash kicks, environment interaction like blasting lava with a weapon so that it falls on enemies, tanks, reworked chainsaw, mancubus cannons, enemy used as shields, enemy attacks changed like pinkies having lunge attacks, hitscan reworked, fatalities, reworked icon of sin and more.
>my "original argument that you remember" was literally about what makes it so great and how people don't get burned out on it.
Don't be dishonest, that's different from your later statement ("people told me it was an overhaul") which is the one I pointed out in the previous post, the one you did to make your criticism of BD being shallow not seem hypocritical since it also applied to vanilla and lesser mods. You're only making yourself look more and more dishonest.
>brutal doom's shallowness lies on using its overblown gore as a selling point
That's not what shallowness means nor is BD only just a gore mod, or are you saying you also hate all the other gore mods that people here happily use like ketchup which are also far more shallow than BD? Man you are on a roll here trying to shit on as many people as possible, first vanilla players for having playing the shallowest way of playing Doom and now people who like gore? Geez.

>> No.5446830

daily reminder to literally ****** N E V E R ****** engage brudditors

>> No.5446835

>you trying to discredit me for saying what I heard from others is absolutely nil and doesn't affect me.
It's a good thing you brought it up, it sure proves that.
>every update people act like it's a gift from god and that it keeps the gameplay fresh when it changes literally nothing save for a couple sprites for the weapons
Even more proof of your dishonesty, read the previous post and you'll realize the changes involve more than just "couple sprites for the weapons" at this point, come on now.
>someone who likes to fake victory in a big wall of text accusing me of things he "can see right through me" sounds pretty shitty. you sound like the kind of angry donkey who would try to drown the adversary with snorts and whines.
Not sure why you're attacking "big walls of text", especially when you yourself are doing one. And by "seeing right through you" I'm only pointing out how your later words don't match your previous ones and how you're indirectly shitting on many more things than just BD. I'm not seeing through you, I'm pointing out things you said. I didn't make anything up. You on the other hand claim I'm "faking victory", whatever that means.

>> No.5446851

my god are you pedantic, presumptuous, big on reaching and really, really bored. here I was hoping you'd keep to your word and maybe go do something else with your time and yet here you are putting in way more energy into something I have never really cared for than I ever did. this stupid attempt of yours at changing the subject to "you hate EVERYTHING THEN" is sad and really only proves your sass and smugness are a cover-up for your low irritability and your desire to incorrectly deconstruct and dissect every sentence you read.

first you go "I'm not going to change your mind" and yet here you are senselessly talking yourself dry. honestly, just piss off. nobody's going to care for your ramblings.

>> No.5446853

shut the fuck up

>> No.5446874


>> No.5446880

I can't find the definition for A_FireBullets, so I'm going to settle for rewriting it from scratch with LineAttack.
On a tangentially related note: guess who found an undocumented datatype and function? This is fun.

>> No.5446884

>here I was hoping you'd keep to your word and maybe go do something else with your time
When did I say that?
>to "you hate EVERYTHING THEN" is sad and really only proves your sass and smugness are a cover-up for your low irritability and your desire to incorrectly deconstruct and dissect every sentence you read.
I'm only pointing out your dishonesty. Your reasons for hating BD apply to vanilla as well as gore mods. Sorry that pointing this out irks you, but you only have yourself to blame, you should've come with more constructive, believable reasons. You can't pretend like me pointing things out doesn't count just because you don't like it, have an actual counter-argument.
>first you go "I'm not going to change your mind"
You seem to have misread. Read where I said it again and you'll notice that I was pointing out your arrogance, not that I'm not going to change your mind. Which actually isn't false since it is true that nothing is going to penetrate that arrogant head of yours, but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna point things out as I see fit. Because if people stopped posting for that reason then nobody would argue on this site, even though people know they're unlikely to convince the other person.

By the way, none of my posts are saying that BD is good or that thinking it's bad is wrong. I don't even like BD. But it doesn't mean I'm not gonna call out posts as I see fit. If you had just said "I don't like BD" I would have never even replied, especially considering how common that opinion is around here. Difference is, other people tend to be much more honest with their reasons which I agree with.

>> No.5446906

>why do people like thing
>it seems shallow
>it's supposed to be really complex according to some people but it's average at best, and what little it does change isn't good or warrants it being held at such high regard
absolutely scandalous and warrants at least four posts exposing absolutely fucking nothing over and over

fuck off

>> No.5446910 [DELETED] 


>> No.5446916

I'd believe you if this were done with Id tech 2 or 3, But Id tech 1!? The city looks too bulgy and a tad too finely detailed to be possible on Idtech1 to me.

>> No.5446919 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 425x282, Boy crying on parent's shoulder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5446931

yeah that's more accurate

>> No.5446934

> still the same guy
> doing this since last week
> random image avatar fagging
> can't take a hint
> can't use greentext

>> No.5446939

Isn't it great how you can pretend like nothing that I called you out on actually happened? Makes things much easier for you, right? Nothing about how you changed the argument mid-way through to "some people told me they said it's an overhaul" in response to me pointing out how your criticism of it being shallow applies to vanilla, which the fact that you had to defend yourself on that regard just shows that you were indeed being dishonest and do want to defend vanilla even though you indirectly attacked it. You also attacked it for "having gore as its selling point", even though it does much, much more than that and the fact that much simpler gore mods are played with around here all the time, which you were also indirectly shitting on in your attempts to sound legitimate.
>what little it does change
I take it you completely ignored >>5446823 which called you out on this? Otherwise you would have left it out of your convenient little summary post that makes you look innocent. The best part is that, not only did you dishonestly change your argument mid-way through to make it seem like you weren't shitting on vanilla with the shallow comment, but the fact is that the people who consider it an overhaul aren't far from the truth considering all the features I mentioned. Your comments about it changing little only goes to show that you don't even know about the mod you're talking shit about, you only know about it on a surface level from an old version that did change little and was just about the gore and ironsights, so why are you arguing and saying dishonest things in the first place?
>four posts
Hey you're the one who kept arguing, don't blame me for responding. If you didn't want four posts you could have stopped posting a while ago.

>> No.5446946

dont reply to me you fucking autist

>> No.5446949

wtf rude

>> No.5446954

Which one do I play, Unloved.wad or the stand alone Steam release?

>> No.5446963
File: 152 KB, 800x600, 1516119502940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

par for the course for the rest of this board really which is sad. worse even is that these threads are slumping over too as of late, used to be that the actual autists would refrain from posting anywhere outside of their dedicated console war threads. now they're all over here too.

>> No.5446976

Avatarfagging where? I hid some posts. Now that I unhid them, is it this >>5446415 >>5446175 guy?

>> No.5446984

I now wonder if the console wars where a thing in the mid-late 1980s. Not just via word of mouth in schools and lunchtime food fights, but also in gaming magazines, phone conversations and C64, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, and Apple ][ BBS networks?

>> No.5446996
File: 16 KB, 415x415, caco cringe hard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No that was Me in those posts, and dont lump me in with that BD bullshit because I honestly dont have an opinion about brutal.
> ive got a whole 4chan folder full of stuff, 3500 pics collected from /pol and just about anywhere on 4c, and I just sorta post pics I think are somewhat relevant, tho I do try to stick to doom memes
I mean I kinda dont like it on principal considering what sg.t mark started doing near the end when he was going off the deep end. But ive never actually played BD and some parts of it look interesting, so im not going to pass judgement on it.

I think you two were arguing in these posts last time you said anything significant, I started thinking about making popcorn at the terms "pedantic, presumptuous"

>> No.5447006

Then what avatarfagging was the post talking about? None of the posts in the BD discussion used any image.

>> No.5447007
File: 467 KB, 800x655, c kid 20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ol c kid new update for doom radys when

>> No.5447024 [DELETED] 

Fucking shota bastard, fuck off.

>> No.5447028 [DELETED] 

It was better when you drew pain elementals not this shota bullshit.

>> No.5447029

nah this guy's new. I'd put him alongside that one verbose dude who inquires people at random in terms of exasperation and lack of self awareness.

>> No.5447036 [DELETED] 

Fucking shota fags.

>> No.5447040
File: 89 KB, 1271x325, ssg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do you recommend I play with hideous destructor tonite

>> No.5447045

What lack of self awareness exactly?

>> No.5447049

is that boom compatible or gzdoom strictly

>> No.5447061

I'm sure you can figure that out by yourself.

>> No.5447062

that he just shat up the thread for the last hour whole blaming someone else for replying to him maybe

>> No.5447069

who even is C Kid?

>> No.5447072

Yes they were, and they were always cancer.

>> No.5447076

How exactly was that shitting up the thread? It wasn't shitposts like those posts that were deleted just now.

>> No.5447078

We had discussed this before, he's the creation of a Japanese guy making a weird but pretty cool Doom mod called Doom Radys. We have one guy here obsessed with him

>> No.5447082
File: 545 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190302_011619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Doom Radys, I just namedropped the wad where he's from but about the character, nobody knows for sure since he is an enigma and his creator has no comment for him so i just roll with the punches
Fortunately he was featured as a playable character in Golf.

>> No.5447094

it was an unwanted argument about a matter nobody likes talking about, and this reinforces why. just in general. which suits me, I hate hearing about it 24/7 on every doom group I frequent.

also helps that both parties (or at least one of the two in particular) were really unpleasant to read out. let's just open a new thread and talk about honest to god doom some more.

>> No.5447104

I'm in for that.

[3-18] System Shock 3 teaser premiered at GDC https://youtu.be/j--cFOyeT7E

>> No.5447116

The standalone game is shit, it just uses the name for publicity
The wad is actually good

>> No.5447119

what the heckarooni is wrong with shodans face

>> No.5447123

Holy shit that looks really graphically/aesthetically cool for a unity game

>> No.5447129

Unity can do some pretty mind-blowing stuff. shame that it's equally capable of some rig-blowing stuff also.

>> No.5447137

Not really, it was a regular heated argument just like it happens in all discussion forums and was perfectly fine until one of the sides gave up and just resorted to insults instead of arguing. The discussion was fair enough that the mods didn't delete it. It was by no means shitting up the thread because no rules were being broken. There's a difference between not liking the topic of discussion and shitting up the thread. You could have just hidden the reply chain if it bothered you.

>> No.5447145

If anything the only posts related to it that were shitting up the threads were these ones: >>5446919
Which were rightfully deleted.

>> No.5447147

Thank you, I will check it out.

>> No.5447153

there was petty shit coming from both of you and you couldn't take the hint that the other party was done flexing. mindless accusations spat out at the drop of a hat, again, from both sides. give it a rest already.

I think shodan would look better motionless.

>> No.5447162

But the argument was about the honesty of one of the posters more than Brutal Doom itself, there were no mindless accusations, it was all quoting and pointing things out based on statements, not baseless fingerpointing. What did happen was insults later on instead of arguments.

Also, arguments are often heated, you can't really prevent that. But it by no means was shitting up the thread, again, no rules were being broken, anyone else could talk about whatever they wanted and you could hide the reply chain if the argument wasn't to your liking. I've hidden stuff before, but I don't consider the posts I'm hiding to be necessarily shitting up the thread.

>> No.5447175
File: 130 KB, 640x960, heretic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is another heretic sequel possible today?

>> No.5447180

but the person you were arguing with had left by the time you posted >>5446884 and >>5446939. if this was truly about the guy's authenticity or whatever then it's even more confusing. what a waste of time for an argument that never went anywhere. you're literally holding it against a person that never did care.

listen you don't need to justify a half hour where all you two did was reading the same points over and over. no matter how you put it was still a ridiculous thing that it happened. nothing was earned.

>> No.5447181

how about that there game uhh quake

>> No.5447189

isn't unity like shitting optimized or something

>> No.5447192

You hold the zoom button and weapon mode button, then you move your mouse forward or backwards.

>> No.5447193

Heretic II makes the direction of a potential sequel a bit muddy.

>> No.5447198

so far I've cleared out
>arcane dimensions
>rubicon rumble pack
any cool mapsets?

>> No.5447203

DoomCenter! All the fun of that map's when teamkill's enabled.

>> No.5447204

>but the person you were arguing with had left by the time you posted >>5446884
But that's not true, after all, the post had a reply, this one: >>5446906, which I also responded to. There's nothing wrong with responding to posts.
>what a waste of time for an argument that never went anywhere.
Arguments rarely go anywhere on this site because of how arrogant people are in general and refuse to change their mind even if they're proven wrong. Doesn't change the fact that this is a discussion board and arguments are part of it. Like I said, the argument didn't break any rules, just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it shat up the thread.
>you're literally holding it against a person that never did care.
If the person didn't care then he wouldn't have replied all those times trying to defend himself, especially not with a wall of text that one time (which ironically enough the post involved looking down on walls of text).
>was reading the same points over and over.
Actually that's not true, later posts revealed more points to address. At first the post was about looking down on Brutal Doom players, then it shifted to something the other person said about shallowness, then to the supposed people the person met and finally the other poster gave up and resorted to insults.
>nothing was earned.
I wouldn't say that's true either. Frankly seeing all the one-sided circlejerk about Brutal Doom around here is pretty tiresome and it's refreshing to see it broken every once in a while, should inspire others who like it despite all the negativity here to speak their minds more and break up the monotony. Just like how there's people ashamed to talk about mods like Complex or Ghouls or MM8DM because of the bad rap they have on these threads. Circlejerks have been broken before after all.

>> No.5447207
File: 55 KB, 669x353, you people think this is a costume, it's a way of life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Late, but I worked on a thing.
It'll basically just be a player 2 skin.

>> No.5447208

yes, that's the one

>> No.5447210

Yeah, you should give Abyss of Pandemonium a look.

>> No.5447216

anyone else here not a fan of gameplay mods and just prefers maps?

>> No.5447221

I'm too bored of vanilla at this point. If it's a new map I'll play the way it was intended to at first, but any playthroughs afterwards will be played with whatever I want. I'm too spoiled by gameplay wads.

>> No.5447225

What about a soft reboot like Doom 4?

>> No.5447231

I'll be blunt with you although I'm sure you've had to sit through this question many times beforehand. do you have nothing else to do with your time beyond trying to justify your actions on an anonymous site? I know it's none of my business. I just want to figure out what prompts your behavior. are you in the spectrum? do you fixate on "shifting" perceived paradigms often or debating people on being dishonest even though they won't care fighting back or really paying you any mind?

and well you can take pride in breaking down any circlejerk (whatever that's supposed to mean and at whatever real level you think you did it) but it just also adds to my first question. I'm sure this isn't the last time brutal doom gets the shaft and people will keep agreeing on the aspects that make it a lackluster mod. so the status quo is in effect. in fact you engaging that person over a matter of whether or not they were being dishonest has little regard with the ultimate quality of brutal doom itself, with which I find myself agreeing with. it has in all fairness transformed into very bland and uninteresting mod that holds little of true importance beyond introducing people to doom.

>> No.5447239

The only time I play vanilla gameplay, it's the iwads.

>> No.5447241

for trailblazer?
also who is the person doing this?

>> No.5447251

Me. Gameplay mods are cool, but they always lose their novelty for me after 30 mins of play. Where as I've been playing standard Doom gameplay for 20 years, and still enjoy it.

>> No.5447254
File: 145 KB, 924x694, tumblr_ofngyhlsnQ1solnq1o5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Immoral Conduct.

I saw Return Of The Living Dead, and I thought Suicide was both a hilarious, pretentious dick, and the coolest fucker ever, so I figured, I should do a player skin based on him.

It's not an exact imitation, because he wears a bunch of chains, a print shirt, and other things which wouldn't be all too easy to replicate on a tiny resolution, but I wanted to replicate the piercing, the haircut, and him being decked in leather.

>> No.5447264

>even though they won't care fighting back
I don't understand why do you keep repeating this considering you've asked it before and I already pointed out that that's not the case, the poster did fight back, multiple times, just like you're doing right now. Quit lying to my face.
>and well you can take pride in breaking down any circlejerk (whatever that's supposed to mean and at whatever real level you think you did it)
> so the status quo is in effect
A while ago complex was never mentioned in anything other than a negative light due to how hated it was but recently more and more people are talking about it without fear, like these posts: >>5444148
It's not so much that the people who hate something stop hating it as much as it is that the people who like it talk about it just like this thread would with anything else, which is something you seem to have misunderstood.

> in fact you engaging that person over a matter of whether or not they were being dishonest has little regard with the ultimate quality of brutal doom itself,
Not true, while the discussion was focused on the dishonesty of the person, this just so happened to also involve discussion of Brutal Doom itself. Including a common lie about how Brutal Doom is just about the gore and ironsights and how it changes the game very little being refuted by pointing out a lot of other gameplay changes that the mod has as well, conveniently the other poster ignored all of this. Instead of the usual circlejerk agreeing with each other about how BD is just about the gore, the fact that someone has pointed out otherwise (without refutation to it at that) has shown that the thread isn't filled with just a one sided hivemind that would look down on the posters who like it should they dare mention it. Again, this site's circlejerks have been broken before and BD doesn't have to be the exception. Like /int/'s anti-germany stance back in 2015 being almost completely destroyed today

>> No.5447276
File: 26 KB, 256x256, 1548244318269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh, so this originally wasn't because you sought to discuss my lack of legitimacy or whatever you perceived. you wanted to jump at me from the first second because I dared put out a question regarding brutal doom's relevancy for some folks and point me out as weird for not liking it, ironic, considering you yourself admit to being in a thread full of other people who also don't like it. you just waned off to whatever I said after the fact because (and here's the big cheese) you wanted a win for you, for "breaking the circlejerk". even though I never really cared what you threw at me at any point and phased straight through it.

that is... sad, dude. like, goddamn.

so are you in the spectrum or not? you can't whine about me ignoring whatever you rambled about and not address a simple question.

>> No.5447279

>Just like how there's people ashamed to talk about mods like Complex or Ghouls or MM8DM because of the bad rap they have on these threads
I have never once been ashamed to talk about MM8BDM and I've enjoyed talking about it here. Don't make up shit to justify your actions.

>> No.5447280
File: 597 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190318_224111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5447282

I was just trying to figure out why you would go through the effort of doing all this. turns out it's some BD turnaround excuse. thanks for wasting my time and your own by not even addressing my question. you are definitely in the spectrum. goodbye.

>> No.5447286

people talk about BD and those other mods you mentioned just fine. the fact that you needed to attain to some dumb investigatory veneer just so you could say
at the end doesn't begin to justify you being an obsessive retard who wants to have the last word on an anonymous website.

>> No.5447296 [SPOILER] 
File: 577 KB, 800x800, 1552974065098.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're an inspiration alright.
an inspiration for birth control.

>> No.5447302

Get off vent or I'll have you bent

>> No.5447304
File: 73 KB, 266x176, 1552451023569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha GOT EM.

>> No.5447308

>oh, so this originally wasn't because you sought to discuss my lack of legitimacy or whatever you perceived
Why do you say that? That is what the discussion is about.
>and point me out as weird for not liking it
Now you're doing strawman? That's not very nice. I said the complete opposite.
>you just waned off to whatever I said after the fact because (and here's the big cheese) you wanted a win for you, for "breaking the circlejerk".
Don't try to reduce the argument to just that. The breaking the circlejerk thing only came up way later. The core of the argument has always been pointing out your dishonesty. Like I said, I don't like BD, I wouldn't have replied to you if you had said just that and had proper reasons instead of those dishonest ones that apply to many things.
>even though I never really cared what you threw at me
You're just gonna keep pretending this is true when, again, you kept replying back in increasingly aggressive manners till you stopped arguing and resorted to just insults?
>you can't whine about me ignoring whatever you rambled about and not address a simple question.
Please stop pretending like an insult is a legitimate query, you might as well have asked "well do you eat shit or not?". How come you didn't bring this up when I ignored all your previous insults?
Bullshit, MM8DM gets shittalked a lot as one of Zandronum's big stinky mods alongside Complex and previously Ghouls vs Humans. Its discussion is almost nonexistent and what little there used to be negative just like Complex. That said, they are nothing in comparison to the hatred BD has.
See above.
You are kidding yourself if you think that. There's absolutely a circlejerk here regarding certain things and BD of all things especially has negative discussions each time it's mentioned. For example you wouldn't talk about reddit in a positive light on this site would you?
>last word
I've addressed all the actual points aimed at me though.

>> No.5447310

do you expect people to take you or anything you say seriously

>> No.5447321

>Bullshit, MM8DM gets shittalked a lot as one of Zandronum's big stinky mods alongside Complex and previously Ghouls vs Humans.
So fucking what?
That doesn't make me ashamed to talk about them or feel like I need to change the status quo or whatever.
Why do you think I give a shit what a bunch of anonymous people on a vietnamese basket-weaving forum think?

>> No.5447325
File: 7 KB, 445x112, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm not that guy. settle down, beavis.

>> No.5447328

Good for you.

>> No.5447331
File: 5 KB, 224x221, an uncanny fellow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nhehehehe fire FIRE

>> No.5447334

>joel browses /doom/

>> No.5447336
File: 627 KB, 477x348, 1528565583379.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you seem completely incapable of comprehending that he never ACTUALLY cared what you laid out because you're quite frankly BORING to sit through. your paragraph-long tirades are yawn-inducing and poorly condensed at best, throwaway at worst. throwing insults your way is the kind of shit you do when you met an actual non-functional adult who can't take the hint that he should wrap it up. whatever he said about the mod has no relevancy. it's more about you and your petty pushy fucking attitude right about now. you're frustrating and tiresome and I have no doubts you've been slapped across the face before.

if he actually bothered talking to you this far into this shit you started then it was because I saw you trying to justify what you did to someone who had nothing to do with the argument and just wanted you to keep quiet. obviously you couldn't, so here you are again. get that through your thick fucking skull.

I would recommend you don't stop by these threads again if you're going to jump out at the first individual who goes "brutal doom is kinda shit you guys", because you're sure to start something else only you will want to end. you're inflammatory as fuck.

>> No.5447341
File: 3.08 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190318_231212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

graf zeppelin vision

>> No.5447346



>> No.5447350

blow it up your ass

>> No.5447353

Do you guys like Wolfendoom?

>> No.5447358

>you seem completely incapable of comprehending that he never ACTUALLY cared what you laid out
Then why would he keep replying? That's the opposite of not caring, anon. Quit trying to grasp at straws.
>throwing insults your way is the kind of shit you do when you met an actual non-functional adult who can't take the hint that he should wrap it up.
Please don't tell me you think that's an actual argument, especially since he tried arguing again after that by summarizing his posts and defending himself later on so your logic falls flat.
>and just wanted you to keep quiet.
If this person wanted that he wouldn't have started arguing and instead said just that. I responded to the argument, then he kept going and so on, simple as that.
>I would recommend you don't stop by these threads again if you're going to jump out at the first individual who goes "brutal doom is kinda shit you guys",
I take it you didn't read the previous post, please read it this time, otherwise you'd know this isn't the case. It isn't the first time I mention that either.

>> No.5447363

No, Heretic is good only in the form of sprite graphics.

>> No.5447364
File: 292 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190318_232423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5447365

I said possible, not whether or not it'd be good.

>> No.5447367
File: 66 KB, 600x623, 1334329164853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>texture smoothing

>> No.5447368

- meaning your points regarding brutal doom, friend.
- is everything just a form of arguing to you? he was trying to understand where you were coming from and hit the nail on the head.
- the whole thread wants you to shut your yapper right now, can you do that?

>> No.5447372

it's graf zeppelin vision

>> No.5447375

oh hey man, it's me again. the "brutal doom" guy? it's me, for real. I swear.

shh. thanks!

>> No.5447381

>- meaning your points regarding brutal doom, friend.
You're saying he didn't care about those? He did though, that's why he defended himself when I pointed out how his comment about BD being shallow also applied to other things.
>- is everything just a form of arguing to you?
Anon I know you really don't want to be wrong and want to paint my opposition as poor innocent people who never argued and never cared about mean old me but, it's not true. There were posts claiming things and I responded to them, we wouldn't be here if that hadn't happened.
>- the whole thread wants you to shut your yapper right now, can you do that?
I don't see any argument here.

>> No.5447389

dude just shut the fuck up already
I don't know what this is about and I'm not going to read your walls of text to find out, just shut the fuck up

>> No.5447390

okay yeah I can jive with that, that's really interesting. heeeere's your last (you).

are your brightmaps/light sectors broken?

>> No.5447391

I don't see any argument here.

>> No.5447401

no just hejl dawson

>> No.5447436
File: 221 KB, 827x691, le clothes girl 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and big ass

>> No.5447438
File: 780 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190227_143653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's one real old gonna draw more big ass

>> No.5447461
File: 148 KB, 800x655, big ass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new big ass

>> No.5447507

jesus its like 2004 all over again

>> No.5447536
File: 702 KB, 1140x700, 1519470057469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I admire your dedication to degeneracy lads

>> No.5447571

Hey Kegan if you want to nerf the axe alt fire, just make it shoot one boomerang axe instead of two
So you dont have to remove it

>> No.5447593

I dunno dude, those look like huge tits to me.

>> No.5447609

A mid-quel abhout his travels in the outer world is definitely possible. Unfortunately - Activision.

>> No.5447643


Guess I should post more then!


>> No.5447664
File: 12 KB, 67x55, wherestheass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5447685

Same poster here.

Since then I've noticed coming to /vr/ isn't banned but /pol/ is and I'm guessing some other boards too.

>> No.5447810

NZ Doom mod when? Unironically want to play that.

>> No.5447825

>Unity can blow rigs up badly
What makes you say that overall?

>> No.5447830

Try either a Dynamic IP or manually connecting to a cable or WiFi provider from another country, like Fiji, Indonesia, The Philippines or Singapore

>> No.5447835

tfw no ban in your country

>> No.5447915

HND had an actual theme.

>> No.5447946

I'm still surprised MetaDoom did not get any addons since the point of the mod seems to be showing how much you can do with Doom stuff, even before Eternal is out.

>> No.5447950

not popular enough.

>> No.5448056

Is there a way to force pistolstarts in gzdoom? I've set a bind for nextmap that I use on the level clear screen but that's kinda inconvenient.

>> No.5448076

Check the news pastebin, there was a pistol start enforcer. It doesn't work with smooth doom, though.

>> No.5448112

h-how did you know I was using smooth doom?

>> No.5448115

You're using GZDoom. All of your personal information is now available to the public.

>> No.5448119

he is the hacker known as four chans.

>> No.5448120

it pains me that gifty got rid of the glove toggle. I liked playing with doom 64 gloves and vanilla weapons.

>> No.5448128
File: 127 KB, 900x563, doom-64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't be the only one who thinks the D64 weapons are really sexy, right?

>> No.5448131

they have like, 3 frames of animation.

>> No.5448135

Yeah, but I think they're styled cooler than the vanilla guns, specially the non-energy ones

>> No.5448237
File: 41 KB, 351x499, the new bread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> those back curves on trash
> the red hair
anyway where's the new bread?

>> No.5448238
File: 435 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20190319_101923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5448243

in terms of zeppelins its quite the Hindenburg

>> No.5448272

it's a reference to the guy who made gzdoom, what's his name graf zeppelin count chocula chicken im not sure myself who needs details

>> No.5448287
File: 167 KB, 1920x1080, my braaaains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's as crazy as sgt. mark at this point, but alot more dangerous because of his hold on the source code
btw where is sgt. mark these days, which lair or dungeon does he live in now?

>> No.5448301
File: 453 KB, 640x480, goddamnbatman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've got Batman Doom a long while ago, but where's the Spider-Man Doom? Now that we have ZScript and there are some mods that allow you to stick to walls and ceilings, as well as rotate the view however you want, I think all the necessary mechanics for a Spider-Man doom can be implemented.

>> No.5448302

twitter and moddb, the only places that can hold him

>> No.5448308

is there any Doom wads that feature CANYON.mid?

>> No.5448309

> twitter
thats quite the prison

>> No.5448313

Facebook is a bigger and worse prison

>> No.5448327

Graf is crazy? Who the what now, what did he do?

>> No.5448373

why is this shit even on by default in most source ports? it's not just doom either

>> No.5448381

>Isolated the fuck away from the community.
>Still the community bogeyman .
>Still has other developers following his every move and bitching about him.
I miss the time back when the community was a whole lot less angry about people and mods, even the ones they didn't like.

>> No.5448391 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 720x480, scorched earth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a time of innocence
It was a time before gamergate
And back then we genuinely felt, that things could only get so bad, before they would get better.
Back then, we were wrong.

>> No.5448404

>>Still has other developers following his every move and bitching about him.
what modders are bitching about him?
the only people i know still get mad at him are people here
most modders seem to ignore him

>> No.5448405


>> No.5448426
File: 30 KB, 187x205, oh you devil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this was the 666th post
which leads me to wonder
if this will be the first doom general thread in years that doesn't have a continuation, because there is no new bread that I can see and its the 9th page

>> No.5448434
File: 334 KB, 611x675, 1263619829458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Numerous developer discord servers I used to be in regularly had nearly day long long bitching sessions about BD/him, it usually turned into auto-fellatio cringefests.

Only dude who came close to that is Kinsie, I don't know what he did but the ZDoom circlejerk clique, but they hate the everliving shit out of him for it and gladly compare hateboners.

Anyway, Doom.

>> No.5448446

Something i noticed about people i know that liked Doom 16 is that they also like character action/hack and slash games and they view the glory kills as the game's equivalent of finisher moves that give you health in games from those genres
It makes me think about the game being compared to Brutal Doom and how many games besides Doom do modders and their mods' players play
Could somewhat explain why people like Terminus and Kegan have a more varied background than SgtMark to the point GMOTA might as well be 2 or more different mods together, considering how different the characters can be

>> No.5448450
File: 1.08 MB, 1200x900, Doom_19e757_6693329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5448467
File: 151 KB, 960x841, explain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is he shooting a chain out of his crotch?
why do the sprites look like they're fresh from mspaint?

>> No.5448474

It's an engine with a low(ish) bar for entry, it helps encourage people to turn up and try something different than what might be expected.

Also different people have different experiences and can have wildly different development philosophies, especially when it comes to making a wonky old engine do shit it was never designed for.

>> No.5448490

New thread!

>> No.5448493

I actually don't like those kinds of games all that much, but I like Doom 4.

>> No.5448496

Mark fell victim to his own cancerous fanbase - if he makes anything non-brutal-doom related, his fans will screech "why is this not brutal doom" (cue canned Brutal Hexen), even his map pack had to be advertised as "Brutal Doom campaign. And he's stuck with it since he made his livelyhood depend on his patreon (he literally said he lived off his patreon bucks), so he can't really distant himself from his fanbase anymore.

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