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ITT post cool trans video game characters :3

Pic related is Josephine. She likes cute boys, fun music, dancing, and basically doesn't give a shit what you think of her.

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Oh look, another thinly veiled excuse for you to talk about your life choices.

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Would love to but they all die within 2-3 levels via suicide.

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bro what the fuck is happening to my board

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>uses Go Go Ackman to shitpost
You're dense sometimes, tripfag.

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>implying it's a choice
baby I was born this way
This has always been a trans-friendly board.

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>Go Go Ackman to shitpost
Go Go Backman was unironically one of my favorite games as a kid though.... And yes Josephine is canon trans if you read the manga....

Also this game is great and I literally never hear /vr/ talk about it, wtf?

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>Go Go Backman
woah that was a weird typo... Go Go Ackman

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>I was born this way
The choice is in recognizing that your condition is a mental illness, and to seek help rather than bury yourself in this sad fantasy.

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This has never been a trans friendly board but then again there are no friendly trans on this board just annoying attention seeking ones.

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You're obviously just trying to shitpost and get replies calling you a faggot, etc, etc.
Sometimes, you post on-topic stuff without any /lgbt/ bait and I don't mind you at all, but some other times, you're insufferable.
>Also this game is great and I literally never hear /vr/ talk about it, wtf?
I always try to mention it on SNES/SFC threads
>tfw pic related would probably be considered offensive in the west

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Tripcode users are ubiquitously attention seeking faggots thirsty for making a brand for themselves and being recognised. You should mind them, because every tripcoded post has that off-topic metadata associated with it.

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>This has always been a trans-friendly board.

listen i have no problem or issue with transgender folk, but just because no one here has ever said anything against it doesnt make it "trans friendly"
no one here talks about diarrhea but that doesnt make it a diarrhea friendly board dude

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Like all tripfags, you're kind of annoying, but I love seeing the /pol/tard snowflakes get all riled up.

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>no one here talks about diarrhea but that doesnt make it a diarrhea friendly board dude
Are you kidding? There's a Castlevania thread like every day!

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Based tranny pissing off the seething alt righters, even though my favorite trans character isn't retro I'll post her anyways because retard jannies will inevitably delete this thread

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Reminder to sage, report, and filter tranny tripfaggot threads.

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Birdo is the best

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>you have to beat a transgender person to win the game
Woah, is Toriyama literally hitler or what?

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Birdo is a legendary trans icon.

Actually last week I was at a trans support group and somehow the subject of Nintendo games came up (I think it was somebody mentioning that I look like Samus Aran) and we started talking about how lit a Nintendo-themed drag event would be. And one of my friends (who is FTM transgender as well as a professional drag artist) started talking about Birdo and how the manual says she should be called Birdetta and that when we call her Birdo we're actually deadnaming her, and holy hell it was literally the most Princess Sevenleaf thing I had ever heard someone say in real life.

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Are you guys memeing or do you actually believe everyone who think transgenderism is bad for society is a /pol/ posting alt-righter?

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