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General thread for Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior and more games running in the Build Engine.

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File: 2.91 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_01.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_02.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.92 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_03.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Finally beat the last episode of Blood. Had to savescum and cheat a bit at the end, but I think it was fair.

The mountain backgrounds in level 1 look so fucking cool. It looks like a real sense of adventure that is not present in almost any game.

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File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_04.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.89 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_05.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I started playing on Well Done and had to change it to Lightly Broiled because the Cultists are insane.
They always react the frame they see you and deplete your HP literally in a second. Besides most enemies felt like bullet sponges and it's kinda boring to use more than one flare to ignite enemies.
I'm having way more fun in Lightly Broiled.

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When the hell is Blood EX coming out

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Never, too busy getting sued by warner bros

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Let's get this party starting

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That weapon selection overlay is hideous.

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exactly what is the purpose of that disgusting weapon select overlay? is it a console adaption? it makes zero sense when each weapon is assigned to a key.

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the weakest level in an otherwise near perfect episode

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Needs slow-mo for the complete CoD experience

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Is there a Duke3D port that accurately plays the Atomic Edition demos? The earliest one I'm aware of is Icculus', but that desyncs in demo2.dmo.

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Is it me or does BloodGDX change the music for some stages?
I'm pretty sure the music in the Carnival stage is different.

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May this be better than both Chocolate Duke, Nblood, and maybe also Rednukem.

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Disney and Sony are worse imho when it comes to copyright bitching.

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Redneck Rampage and Blood but the enemies are real 3d models.

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Go ahead.

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why would I? you're 100% correct.

25-30 fps also makes it look more like a movie, which is nice.

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Outlaw by Lucas arts was amazing, not sure what engine that was

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Try xDuke, IIRC it's the most vanilla Windows port, pretty much identical to the DOS version.

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It sure was.
It's on Jedi Engine though.

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The Gaza Pyramids level in AMC TC is one of the best levels that I've played in a long time, but I cant revisit it due to a bug with the hub: https://youtu.be/tzAR2Cso-I4

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If you're using BloodGDX, you can customize the difficulty to have different levels of enemy health, damage, and amount. I like Well Done enemy count with Lightly Broiled damage & health.

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Can you change the difficulty like that in the middle of an episode?
Right now I'm on map 3 of the 2nd episode.

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I think it's bugged.
It makes me start the next map with just the pitchfork and shotgun.

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Best usermods for SW, Duke and Blood? Preferably stuff with an overarching narrative and aesthetic than a bunch of maps.

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t. never played quakeworld

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Quakeworld is a website, not a game.

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Very odd - I take it you played as Micky the first time? It looks like the hub status is not getting reset but this is the first time it's cropped up. If you restart the episode it should fix it (you won't lose your mission progress or any of your research)

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500IQ post

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Quakeworld is the online component of Quake, you taffer

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>BloodGDX's custom difficulty
>doesn't carry over items and weapons obtained

Nice quality control there, yeah, I'm using NBlood.

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I'd much rather either wait for BloodEX or stick to RedNukem.

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What? You must've accidentally checked pitchfork start mode. It doesn't do that normally.

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Oh I'm a retard.

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For SW: Last Warrior TC
for Blood: Death Wish

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RedNukem can play AE demos without desynch

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If they release it on console, I'll be ok with the weapon selection overlay.

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oh my god guise.

It just hit me

Duke nukem

Duke, nuke 'em


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Son are you retarded? Next you're going to tell me you figured out Duke is not only a name but also a high ranking government official and slang for the act of fighting.

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BuildGDX 1.0 has been released if anyone cares. Currently only uncludes TekWar and Witchaven with many fixes like sound in cutscenes support.


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Can you turn off The Ghost?
Also Ion Maiden support fukken when?

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>Can you turn off The Ghost?
Why? Too spooky for you?

>Also Ion Maiden support fukken when?
Never. But just imagine the salt.

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After everything m210 had to take, it would literally be the perfect payback.

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Blood > Duke 3D > Powerslave > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage > WW2 GI > Witchaven > Tek War > Witchaven 2 > Nam.

Ion Maiden is unfinished so it doesn't get a rating.

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Reminder to ignore the opinion of bloodfags.

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>t. dukefag

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After examining Powerslave levels I was interested in, 02, 03, 06, 12, 14, 17 and 19, again and again, I have to finally admit that by and large they simply don't add up. It appers I have fucked up to some extent while guessing on the authorship. I will try reexamining at least what I previously called "spaghetti" levels (01, 05, 07, 09, 11, 15, 18) , this time - from "pistolstart" (warping myself via dehacker to the appropriate level, giving myself appropriate weapons, zero ammo artifact and magic, and two lives). It will remain to be seen, whether or not this will allow me to make more sense out of Powerslave's leveldesign, than I am currently able to.

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>Shadow Warrior is above both Witchraven games and Redneck Rampage.

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> It appers I have fucked up to some extent while guessing on the authorship.

What a surprise

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For some reason WitchavenGDX feels ten times more difficult than DOS. I still recommend EGWhitchaven for anyone interested in playing.

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>ywn be working at an add-on developer studios in the mid 90s, taking a shareware success and customising it, having death match games at lunch inbetween discussions of what is the best color for a Hawaiian shirt sprite and then heading to the Mexican joint next door to the office because it's the first Friday of the month

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First correction: 02 - thrown out of the list of what is of interest to me, to the "water" levels (the likes of 05). 01 - _possibly_, in, for a THOROUGH re-examination.

Basically, the way I CURRENTLY see it, there are "water" levels (bullshitting), "lava" levels (gitgudding) and levels I might just as well call "sphinx" levels (something connected to irrevesibility, hard to tell as of now).

There is definitely something else out of place though, I'll keep looking.

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overall redpilled, but RR and SW are equal in terms of gameplay, sound and writing. however, RR has a superior art direction and should thus be above SW in the ranking.

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RR's Cuss Pack is equal to SW in writing, rather.

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This is bait, right?

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Unlike Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior has an actual story.

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Redneck Rampage has more than just humor and Guns of different kinds. There is a story in Redneck Rampage; one that centers around alien abduction and experiments by said alien creatures, which Leonard is set on stopping.

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Played the first Blood a lot (only beat it twice when younger, had the patience to finish recently again).

I never finished Blood II though. I got about 2/3 of the way done, way back. Is it worth finishing?

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The cuss pack was amazing.

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No. GT Interactive decided to release a version of Blood 2 that was still being worked on at the time. It's an unfinished mess of a game.

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Was going to say to put Powerslave above Duke Nukem, but then I remembered I'm thinking of the console version which isn't Build Engine.

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yeah the enemies seem to hit you way too often compared how you hit them, and you only start with a dagger too

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The Build PowerSlave isn't even good, dude.

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Fucking pleb opinion. PC PS is the best Build game after the holy trinity.

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Levels 02 and 07 both have rats scouring underwater, at the bottoms of the pools. I wonder, whether this is a "telling" kind of a detail.

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That's about Powerslave/Exhumed PC, sorry.

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level 02 ~ 07?
05 ~15?
09 ~ 18 (haven't replayed it yet though)?
11~ 14?

You know what? I am starting to think this game was leveldesigned not by three mappers, not by the Majestic UberKnutzen with Humble McNeely The Henchman, but by a fucking zoo in that that "design team", from the manual, with like seven people in it? I am starting to think those were actual layout/encounter designers, and "stage design" referred to dressers/polishers.

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Level 18 also has underwater rats, so I'll try lumping it with 02 and 07 (instead of 09) for the time being, see whether that will lead me anywhere.

Also, on a sidenote, you absolutely can machete the spider boss on level 15, crouching in front of her. Doesn't even take that much time. It's not a perfect tactic, as the boss will still occasionally try to shoot you, dishing damage to you that way, but it happens fairly rarely, and I managed to down the boss that way on my first try on a single life (but wasting like 80/100hp).

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What about Legend of the Seven Paladins or Extreme Paintbrawl? Redneck Rampage 2?

>> No.5449163

Thoughs on NBlood?

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>Had to savescum and cheat a bit at the end, but I think it was fair.

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He'll learn.

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I don't see the point of any game needing to go past 60fps aside from dick measuring.

>> No.5449452

Where would you put Paintbrawl?

>> No.5449460

I'm really into it, but I hate that you have to do some launch shortcut buggery to play expansions while gdx just has it on the front menu from the start.

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I rike bump, dat's a personar weapon.

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You now remember the genesis port

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I'd Much rather play the N64 or Saturn Version.

>> No.5451137

Well yeah, the N64 version is actually good.

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Duke Nukem 3D versions:
PC MS-DOS>Macintosh>PS1>Saturn>>>N64>>>>>Sega Genesis.

>> No.5451159

I can't speak for Mac or Saturn but N64 should be above PS1.

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I recently beat redneck rampage probably the weakest build game but it's got some cool stuff in there and so far rides again is a lot better.

>> No.5451257

Shadow Warrior and Paintbrawl are weaker.

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Duke Nukem 2 and 3D but on the 3DO.

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Extra Crispy mod makes it better. Not great, but more enjoyable.

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Is there an EDuke32 equivalent for Shadow Warrior?

>> No.5451671


there's some SW code in the eduke32 tree but it doesn't run

>> No.5451680

How come there's no ports

>> No.5451764

how is BuildGDX?

>> No.5451768

It only plays 2 games currently Tekwar and Witchaven. It's the best way to play tekwar but witchaven is currently fucked up.

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File: 266 KB, 1003x1151, 1487977868311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tekwar and Witchaven

>> No.5451873

Don't worry, he's gonna add the rest of the games over time.

>> No.5451931

Tekwar is indeed wonky, but I had a great time with Witchaven and even the broken Witchaven II. So much that I can pretty much breeze through it in 30 minutes.

>> No.5452149

I assume you mean good ports. Nobody cares enough.

>> No.5452274

Neither game is that bad.

>> No.5452287

I didn't like a single aspect about TekWar, not even the FMV scenes with Shatner.

>> No.5452335

I like the setting, the feel of it, speedrun strafing and even multiplayer.
Not sure how it's possible to not like the FMV scenes regardless of how you feel about the rest of the game.
It's far from being good, but it's not completely bad either.

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>play custom level set
>doesnt let you know if pistol start was accounted for
um buildbabs?

>> No.5452787

generally it's pretty simple:
if it's a collection of single maps, it's accounted ofr. Otherwise you can assume it's not unless said otherwise.
Although pistol Start is possible in Metropolitan Mayhem though I don't remember if it's mentionned.

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Damn. Dosbox it is.

>> No.5453338

How did 3D Realms die so hard after the Build era? Were they seriously understaffed, or something? Monolith lasted way longer.

>> No.5453345

Redux Classic is fine. May not have all the features we expect from sourceports, but it's much better than dosbox.

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File: 367 KB, 555x555, 930bc00d3b5ab5b874364a98d575ca20ffb5769951441e47c7939bbf14107d44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CripsyDuke, CrispyShadowDuke, and BuildGDX(a multifaceted Build Sourceport that is compatible with every Build engine game in one way or another) NEED TO HAPPEN!

>> No.5453393

Duke Nukem Forever

>> No.5453806

SWP is ok. It has everything you'd expect from a source port. Redux is trash though.

>> No.5454602

How did Frederik Schreiber get so big in the industry? Was it all based on a few usermaps of Duke3D in the unreal engine?

>> No.5454605

He also had money.

>> No.5454829

Remind me what's wrong with this?


>> No.5455063

I have been able to get Rednukem to play Redneck Rampage, but not Duke Nukem 3D. I extracted the files from the Zip into a new folder within the Redukem folder, but still, Rednukem won't recognize DN3D.

>> No.5455090

Hasn't been updated since 2005.

>> No.5455223


>> No.5455248

Different guy, but if a sourceport hasn't been updated in that long, it suggests to me that maybe it will run like shit on systems from like 14 years into the future.

>> No.5455282

You know, some time ago, we had a lively discussion on Powerslave/Exhumed PC's level 4, the one with with lava maze.

I just want to state the following. There are two ways to fail that maze, both of which are tied to the very beginning of the level. Both those ways to seriously fuck yourself up involve not doing something seemingly optional and inconsequential. Since I cannot be assed to replay the level and take like 10 screenshots, I will try to describe the locales to the best of my ability.

1) Over the course of the lava maze, you HAVE to jump through non-transparent lava "waterfall". This is the first waterfall in the game you have the ability to pass through. Keep in mind, that while in a maze, you are on a tight timer, with maybe checking solid-looking dead ends not being all that good idea.
Or, rather, it's a second "waterfall" you can pass through.
You see, there is a big secret area right in the beginning of the game, to the left of the starting point. That secret area has three access points. Leftmost-lowest, center-middle, rightmost-high. Rightmost-high access point is a plain ordinary door, there is one Anubis, it gives you an idea there is a secret area around there, an overview of what artifacts you can get there, but you can't actually do anything from there, other than to drop to death lava pit.
Anyway, middle-center access point is a slight protrusion in the first large area with intersecting corridors. At the ends of the two corridors at the same side, there are identical looking explosive barrels with identical looking ammo belts before them. However, one of them is a solid wall and one of them is retractable wall. That wall that is solid is closer to the starting point.
Anyway, you open it, there a jumping puzzle area with fireballs being shot past you, two enemies and three artifacts to collect. And six mana refills. If you carefully look from one of the edges to where the fireballs are being shot from, you see a platform there, with...

>> No.5455297

...three more mana refill you probably don't really need right now - which you can't get to from anywhere accessible from middle-center access point, meaning there is more to this secret.
And THEN there is yet another access point, the leftmost-lowest one, to that platform with useless mana refills. You guessed it. Through the "lavafall". By the way, that thing that spits fireballs? It's a metal-textured rectangle protrusion in the wall, you can thus examine up close and get enough of an idea you probably weren't initially meant to examine it from up close, it looks so lame. Anyway, you are meant to find that leftmost access point and get the idea that "lavafalls" are sometimes "passable through".

Now to the second potential fuckup. How to describe it without images...

>> No.5455331

>Anyway, you are meant to find that leftmost access point and get the idea that "lavafalls" are sometimes "passable through".
In other words, a secret you know for sure at the time you are meant to find it, contains something completely useless for you right now, is actually mandatory to find.
Oh, and by the way, lava maze has another non-transparent "lavafall" in a dead-end-with-fairly-long-corridor-leading-to-it in it (it's situated in the second half of the maze, once you've already jumped through That One Mandatory "lavafall"). This one? Nah, this one is impassable and is there purely to waste your precious seconds your invulnerability is still on.


2) Suppose you successfully jumped through the first half of the maze to the second half of the maze through that "lavafall". You get closer to the exit! There are last seconds of your invulnerability ticking down OR maybe even last health points that are burning away with each jump you make off lava. The end is in sight! You found it. And right at the edge, separating solid ground from lava, there is a welcoming committee of three Anubises. And you won't get off the lava, until you killed them.

Why? Because right at the beginning of the level, you unwittingly, while duking it out with Bastets, aggroed to Anubises in an inaccessible area Over Yonder, and they then relocated to welcome you arrival from the lava maze.

Suppose you know about them. First, you have to have enough ammo, so that to kill them quickly with machinegun. Which you have to collect without crossing to the area where they can see you OR immediately go just to them with 51 ammo the game bestows upon you on "pistolstart", also works. Anyway, you run there, you target the left one of those fuckers, that has the most chance to flee and then become a problem.

And the bullets don't connect.

Why? Because right between you and that enemy, under the staircase, is another Anubis. And its presence is hopelessly fucking up auto-aim...

>> No.5455361

And failing to notice that in time, can give it precious seconds it need in order to out of the zone where you can still get it, and become a subsequent "member of welcoming committee". Or there is also a chance of you running out of machinegun ammo if you immediately went there.

In other words, in that inaccessible area, there are two enemies, left one and right one.
The right one can notice you WAY AFAR before you even know it's a thing, and by the time you get to where you could target it from, relocate to the exit from the maze.
The left one only notices you once you enter the room you can target it from, but there is a hidden third enemy, fucking up your auto-aim, and that particular (The Left One, not The Hidden One) enemy only needs a couple of steps to flee to where you can't target it - and then it subsequently goes to the end of the maze.

Without the those two as "welcoming committee" you only have one un-aggroed (if it didn't see you while you were scouring around the maze, that is - it can, there even is a bait in a form of a spare invulnerability right at the window through which it can see you) enemy at the end of the maze, that is a couple of steps from the edge, that is, allows you to STEP OFF THE FUCKING LAVA. The difference is, needless to say, quite palpable.

>> No.5455370

Now, I dunno, whether it was UberKnutzen or some other Professional Level Designer Who Knew What He Was Doing, but, well maybe, it's all in my head, and simply my individual impressions, but from setup described above, I gotta say, I sense quite a bit of malicious intent over yonder. And I am really interested in whether anyone could provide any explanation to how come that level is made that particular way, that differs from "Well, maybe its level-designer was utter fucking cunt".

>> No.5455378

Because you don't use that for Duke Nukem, dummy

>> No.5455380


>> No.5455402

Also, I mean, I sure agree he seemingly knew what he was doing. Doesn't mean I LIKE what he was seemingly doing.

>> No.5455508

Its called that because its based on eduke32

>> No.5455593

Do you still use 15 year old software?

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File: 18 KB, 311x400, Aaron-Carlson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have the midis from the 1996 Blood Alpha?
I know recordings of them exist on Transfusion and the VGMPF wiki, but I'd still like to listen to them in the original format.

>> No.5455949

Just download alpha and get midis from there.

>> No.5456063

Hilariously, it's often the opposite. Lack of bloat > unoptimized code for modern systems.

>> No.5457854

DNF or Blood 2?

>> No.5457858

what a sad cope
imagine being such a poorfag you cant afford a CRT for 120Hz

>> No.5458396

Blood 2. Its not as bad

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Greeing my fellow Friend! A pack of feral wataaj is resurrecting each other without a rest. What is you DO??


b) dun dun-dun






c) fssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-shuu SONUVABITCH fshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh well, was meaning to shave anyway.

d) Can't my pet sushi handle this?

>> No.5459086

I started playing RedneckGDX, is it intentional that the revolver is extremely accurate with autoaim on, but with it off it can't hit anything past a certain range?
I usually play with mouseaim on/autoaim off and I forgot the game defaults to on, played through the first two levels using it as a sniping weapon before I realized the goof and I had to change my entire strategy. I thought autoaim was only meant for lack of vertical aim but it seems to be affecting the spread too.
The Alien Arm weapon also seems to hit to the right of the crosshair instead of on it, and I seem to have to shoot dogs at their legs to hit them. Was it like this in DOS?

>> No.5459101

Tried playing Duke Nukem 3D with the old disk and EDuke32 (in the DN3DINST folder). The game runs but there's no video, just a black screen.

>> No.5459134
File: 204 KB, 900x973, 1467925310377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW no 3DO or 32X Witchraven 1 or Duke Nukem 3D EVER

>> No.5459238
File: 124 KB, 800x600, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing eduke32
>colors look like an acid trip on fullscreen
>looks fine windowed
what the fuck, how do I fix this?

>> No.5459314

wear glasses

>> No.5459334

Check every .CON file, and toggle polymer off. Try it.

>> No.5459351

Kill explorer.exe

>> No.5459354

BTW the way the colors look like something from a ZX Spectrum or early 8-bit Apple ][ game.

>> No.5459389

Ok. Maybe its your rig?

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File: 10 KB, 259x194, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you know Shadow Warrior only had voxels for only the most important things in the games (weapons, keys, items, switches etc) the rest only had sprites. Well some awesome voxels designers of the late 90s/early 00s made some voxels for some of the other non-interactive elements of the game.

Using a special program I decided to extract all of them and let them available to anyone while I made the rest. Here´s pic of some of them:


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File: 100 KB, 639x361, a5456cf6eb53efcdc9017dd4787cad870479772597c94fd85cb3ff423959b0f9_product_card_v2_mobile_slider_639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playable for over a year
>Already in Q2 of 2019 for the last few days
>Still no release date

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File: 538 KB, 320x240, doomguy thumbs up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5460207

What version of Windows are you using? And what version of EDuke32 are you using? It's quite obvious you're using the 8bit software renderer, but I didn't think it would have this kind on conflict on other ports. You should report this.

>> No.5460272

you do NOT want to play RR with autoaim off.

>> No.5460450

DESU I believe they should just take their time and polish it as much as they can. It's the first build game being released in a very long time and I want it to be as good as it can get.

>> No.5460639

That bad?
Also how do I revolver start?

>> No.5460776

Kill yourself

>> No.5460779

That forces me to load a save in GDX unless you mean as an insult then fuck you

>> No.5460817


and there is no setting to turn that off? Then use rednukem instead. You can't even cheat to restart/go to a level on higher difficulties on RR

>> No.5460867

Return to Ruins level 2.

Two motives that are not readily recognizable in author's playthrough of his level, and stand out much more explicitly when you play the level yourself. As far as I am aware, barring level 20, which I haven't played through yet, none of the Powerslave level did either of those, nor did El-Gizah.

1) Some of the locations you have already visited are disfigured in ways that makes them ALMOST unrecognizable. On some occasions, it is genuinely surprising to connect the dots and discover yourself in the middle of that place you have already visited once, now having visited it for the second time, without even a hint of realizations it was, in fact, the same place.

2) This level's punchline, I believe. In one of the final rooms, the one with the blocks you manually move, one of the three blocks, the usage of which is mandatory to progress is different from the other two in that it's slightly stretched to be a bit taller, while looking the same. This is a reversal of the previous motif. That time around, the place was the same, the looks varied radically. This time around, it's the other way around, the item itself is qualitatively different, while the looks are almost the same.

The bottom line, I think, is, that looks are inherently misleading, that you don't judge book by its cover, and that the form doesn't matter, material does. To put it shortly, diamond in the rough.

>> No.5460951

>while looking ALMOST the same
important fix.

>> No.5461160

WHen is Blood remaster coming out?

>> No.5461169

the dev tweeted april but then deleted it

>> No.5461284

Should we be concerned?
+ will the remaster be, once it comes out, the absolute best way to play Blood, or is there any chance GDX/NBlood will still be better?

>> No.5461514

Duke Nukem meets Ranger From Quake 1. What Do?

>> No.5461597
File: 47 KB, 499x375, 4680485623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They kick ass and chew bubble gum together.

>> No.5461607

Why exactly is Extreme paintbrawl hated on more than Witchraven 2, Tekwar, Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage Rides Again?

>> No.5461610

Better question is why do you lump Shadow Warrior in with those?

>> No.5461648

What does Shadow Warrior have over Tekwar besides more visible humor, usable Katanas, and Shuriken?

>> No.5461662

Better everything.

>> No.5461951

I don't even really like SW but it's so obvious that the art, weapons, and level design are leagues better than Tekwar or Witchaven.

>> No.5462276
File: 8 KB, 244x206, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is there no good Shadow Warrior sourceport?

>> No.5462316

The remaster is just a port to their in-house engine, it won't even be a Build game anymore. Pretty much nobody in the community is really excited about it, it's just going to be another way for the right holders to make an extra buck off Blood.

>> No.5462463

They discuss shotguns and rocket launchers.

>> No.5462509

What exactly makes the TNT so fun to use? Is it the nice little smoke effect? Is it the screen shake? Is it the sound effect? Is it the gibs and flying bodies?

>> No.5462514

I love that in a lot of the art of Duke you see he is using guns that look nothing like the ones in the game.

>> No.5462520

Redux seemed fine to me. Except for the invisible mines.

>> No.5462523

All of those, together with the fact that the game gives you a bunch of it and you're meant to use it a lot.
It's practical to use, and fun to use, which is the best thing a vidya weapon can be.

>> No.5462564

> it's just going to be another way for the right holders to make an extra buck off Blood.

You mean it's a way for Atari and ND to make money off Blood without having to pay Silverman and perhaps even the original devs

>> No.5462776
File: 116 KB, 800x400, anime-phone-featured-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>j-just use the sourceports!

or I can just

>download dosbox74-2
>install bmouse
>works perfectly fine and is just like the good old days

You guys should try it, it's great

>> No.5462802

Dosbox doesn't fix the issue with savegame difficulties and severed hands obliterating you in a millisecond.
I've already done that song and dance and can do with some fixes and quality of life improvements.

>> No.5462847
File: 167 KB, 800x958, 523-duke-nukem-3d-dos-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least they're his guns from the box art. And I guess you could argue they gave him those guns in Duke 64 as the Ripper replacements.

>> No.5462969

hmm, seems like you're right, I always play on LB so I never noticed this difficulty issue.

I always assumed the hands were just fucking assholes no matter what, I always hated them when the game first came out.

>> No.5462996

Yeah, you're supposed to be able to pull them off by repeatedly mashing your use key, but since his damage and the timing of this is tied to clock speed in the original .exe, it means that it will just autokill you outside of playing on period correct hardware (and even then, it'd be too fast on some).

>> No.5463014

You can underclock your DOSBox though?

>> No.5463015
File: 188 KB, 1080x1349, 154602698665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm playing this with nBlood. Why doesn't the game starts the next episode and just roll the credits and goes to the main menu? I also noticed that nBlood isn't playing the videos.

>> No.5463082

Primarily two things: the force bar, it's easy to learn, hard to master. It's skill based so when you're good at it and you land a nice blow it's satisfying, much more than if you little to no control over the projectile.
The other thing isn't due to the projectile but the way enemies react, the impact and the way enemies fly off. Duke's explosions in comparison are very flat.

If the hands are glitched in DOSbox, changes are your dosbox CPU clockrate is too high. Try manually changing it.

>> No.5463096

>Why doesn't the game starts the next episode and just roll the credits and goes to the main menu?
Because that's how it always was.
>I also noticed that nBlood isn't playing the videos.
Should be added in the next release.

>> No.5463101

>and the way enemies fly off
Ah yes, nothing like making corpses, let's say, five times lighter than the corresponding enemies. If that's not cheap, I don't know what is.

>> No.5463103

Shh...he's not supposed to know that.

>> No.5463108

And yes, five is probably a gross overestimation, but you get the idea. It's blatant fanservice.

>> No.5463129

How is this bad?

>> No.5463136

It's a tell that internal inconsistency is treated as something normal in this game.

>> No.5463141


>> No.5463153

I see. Does nBlood miss something else?

>> No.5463159

I need to find the way to better formulate my thoughts on this topic, that's what.

Point is, we are supposed to treat the enemy and the dead enemy as different states of the same thing, despite their mass radically differing, as evidenced by ingame physics.
Who knows what else in the game, the player is supposed to treat as the same or roughly the same thing, actually wildly changes back and forth in accordance to the developers' whims, then?

>> No.5463176

Another inconsistency I can name off the top of my head is stunlocking. So if you damage an enemy, it loses the ability to move its finger to pull the trigger, but at the same time retains the ability to run in whatever direction as swiftly as he could before? How does that even work?

Tommygun altfire, the spread isn't at all consistent with the current orientation of the guns, the bullets are spread whenever, the guns are swayed whatever, there is simply no link between them.

Are the damage numbers per bullet/pellet/stab even consistent between different modes of tommygun, shotgun and the doll?


>> No.5463181

>per bullet/pellet/whateverthehelldollammois
Not to mention, that primary mode of doll uses unpredictable amounts of ammo on a stab, and stabs take drastically different times to execute.

>> No.5463783

Aren't GDX and NBlood in another engine as well? Basically both are recreated by reverse engineering Blood, which means none of them is completely accurate. WIll the remaster be the most accurate or not?

>> No.5463851

>Aren't GDX and NBlood in another engine as well?

>> No.5463972

>not considering getting either the last official build of PCeM or the more lively 86box

>> No.5464031

do either fix the issues from >>5462802 ?

I doubt it, and 0.74-2 runs like a beauty for me

>> No.5464051

86box has a different dev team.

>> No.5464338


>> No.5464656

Can someone please sum this whole thing up?
Why is the community not excited about the remaster? Doesn't the fact that it's an official remaster mean that it will mostly be way better and more accurate than community made ports?


I just want to play Blood from start to finish as closely to the original experience as possible with modern controls. Should I wait for the remaster or will it really be useless?

>> No.5464681

>Why is the community not excited about the remaster?
Because it's a recreation of the original game on a completely different engine. Blood is always called one of the holy trinity of the Build Engine games, but this remaster won't even be on Build. It's like porting original Doom to Unity and call it a "real experience".
I'm sure it will look and sound like Blood, but I doubt it will keep all the bugs and quirks of the original gameplay, unless Kaiser specifically backport them.
>Doesn't the fact that it's an official remaster mean that it will mostly be way better and more accurate than community made ports?
Kaiser doesn't have access to the source code and uses reverse engineering too.
If you "just want to play Blood from start to finish as closely to the original experience as possible with modern controls" both BloodGDX and NBlood will be better options.

>> No.5464748

>I'm sure it will look and sound like Blood, but I doubt it will keep all the bugs and quirks of the original gameplay, unless Kaiser specifically backport them.
This is why I'm interested in the remaster. I love Blood. The GAMEPLAY of Blood, not the shitty bugs. If we can have gameplay that feels basically the same but more consistent and bugfree, plus more modding possibilites, then that seems like the obvious best option.

>> No.5465138

I must be retarded, how the fuck do I install and run BloodGDX?

>> No.5465178

>I just want to play Blood from start to finish as closely to the original experience as possible with modern controls
Install Windows 98 or XP with VDMSound patches. Congrats, now you can play Blood natively

>> No.5465191

It's not Build. It's running on a random ass engine that started as a Doom engine fork (remember Doom 64 EX? yeah, same dude, same engine). It's not based on the original source code, it's just another autist reverse-engineering Blood, but this time around they're paying him for it. It will also be closed source and eventually stop being relevant as the updates dry up.

Just use nBlood, it's a 99% perfect modern Windows port of Blood, supports both renderers + all OG quirks.

>> No.5465210

>Doesn't the fact that it's an official remaster mean that it will mostly be way better and more accurate than community made ports?
Not at all, it won't even be Build.

>> No.5465238
File: 2.94 MB, 906x360, nblood demo playback fail.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just use nBlood
NBlood is gameplay inaccurate. GDX is gameplay accurate. Go back to sucking dicks on Duke4.
>it's a 99% perfect
Nice bullshit arbitrary number pulled from your ass.

>> No.5465250
File: 47 KB, 1854x192, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doesn't the fact that it's an official remaster mean that it will mostly be way better and more accurate than community made ports?
No. Kaiser already admitted that many behaviours will be empirically estimated and that there will be inherent inconsistencies with the engine he's using. There's no way that thing will even attempt to play demos from Blood 1.21.

>> No.5465335

Nam > blood

>> No.5465384

Copy it to your blood folder and run the jar (Java) file
The same engine also powered his port of Powerslave. I don't know how it works exactly but clearly it's pretty damn flexible, not just a Doom engine.

>> No.5465610

It's most likely fixed in dev version

>> No.5465654

NAM will never be >Blood, but I do agree it should be at least above Tekwar...

>> No.5465697


>> No.5465868

Thank you all.
One more thing: what are all these bugs and inconsistencies that you are mentioning? And what are demos? So far, I've tried both DOSbox Blood and Blood GDX and all I remember was that DOS didn't have mouselook and GDX's color scheme looked a bit different from DOS + the skybox was fucked up if you looked directly above.
Also, how big are these inaccuracies and estimations? Are these ultra small autistic differences, like an enemy being a milisecond faster or is there anything huge?

What bugs and quirks?

>> No.5465874

>DOS didn't have mouselook
It did

>> No.5465908

Shit, I just went and checked and found out U turns it on. Why is perspective getting all screwed up when I look up or down?
Also, what's wrong with just playing DOSbox, what makes nblood or gdx better?

>> No.5465919

>Why is perspective getting all screwed up when I look up or down?
That's the original rendering for you.
>Also, what's wrong with just playing DOSbox, what makes nblood or gdx better?
Well for one they could fix your perspective issue.

>> No.5465926

>Why is perspective getting all screwed up when I look up or down?
It's the classic software renderer, you can still switch to it in nBlood, but not BloodGDX. Aside from this minor side effect it also prevents enemies looking like cardboard cutouts and the sky never changes its position. Voxels are rendered differently too, and of course since it's software 8-bit (256 colors) there's quite a bit of color banding which plenty of people find charming.

>> No.5465928

I'm actually really curious about the perspective issue, since it's the first time I'm seeing this in a game. Why was it this way?

>Well for one they could fix your perspective issue.
This doesn't really bother me, what are the other reasons not to use dosbox? I've heard about some difficulty bugs, what are they and is there anything else?

>> No.5465940

>I'm actually really curious about the perspective issue, since it's the first time I'm seeing this in a game. Why was it this way?
You can't actually look down, all the walls are always rendered perfectly straight, the game just fakes it a bit by shifting your view down.


Wolf 3D, Doom and Build engine games were all based on this technology as well as many other lesser known 90's shooters.

>> No.5466078

Build engine's way of Ray casting and handling of assets is surely more complex.

>> No.5466125
File: 15 KB, 320x240, Redneck-Rampage-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whatchu testin' boy, whatchu testin' ??

>> No.5466140

No it really isn’t. They just used a lot of clever tricks that were perfectly possible in the marathon and doom engines. Many Doom wads has bridges and pseudo rooms over rooms like the build engine and even had some “infinite hallway” type things. All of it was possible in all these engines by editing the trees manually.

>> No.5466148

Build uses portals instead of BSP to calculate visibility. This way you can actually have X and Z movement (lateral) for sectors without having to rely on hacks like polyobjects.

>> No.5466150

id tech 1 does not support room-over-room. The current implementation is tacked on. ROR does not natively work with BSP.

>> No.5466249

That’s kind of what I said man. It’s hacky implementation in any of those old school raycasting engines. None of them have true ROR support.

>> No.5466285

>What is Idtech 2-4 and Dark Engine

>> No.5466294

Anytime I open the jar it closes instantly. I installed the java shit so idk wtf is going on

Nblood runs perfectly fine but apparently its pretty inaccurate on gameplay. Maybe I should just dosbox

>> No.5466779

Build is NOT ray casting.

>> No.5466851


>> No.5466885
File: 38 KB, 236x193, kermit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people spend so much time arguing about which source port is better as if the original doesn't run perfectly fine in DOSBox

I know you need to lower the cycles a bit so fire damage works properly but other than that I don't get it

>> No.5466928

because playing with nBlood gives constant 240fps at 1080p, widescreen, better mouse aiming

>> No.5466974

>he fell for the 240fps meme

>> No.5466980

Humans can't see past 60fps.

>> No.5467260


>> No.5467441

>4:3, fixed FOV
>choppy framerate
>difficulty bug
>inescapable hands
>>it works perfectly fine!
Have you even actually played the sourceports? The experience is so obviously superior.

>> No.5467568

is this even possible with CON scripting? ZScript seems way more advanced.

>> No.5467837

The hands issue no longer exists in 1.21. Stop playing 1.00

>> No.5468071

Maybe... If not, then the Build community better catch up somehow.

>> No.5468328

i used to play on dosbox but people here sold me on bloodgdx

It's smoother

>> No.5469070

Get arf mah land

>> No.5469978

I want a NEWS posts next thread.

>> No.5470143


>> No.5470152
File: 272 KB, 400x437, deepfried_1553825546039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>an asshat mod auto-saged the Build thread AGAIN

>> No.5470441

Yes it's completely possible, CON code is more advanced than ZScript and Decorate combined

>> No.5470653


>> No.5470742

Ask either in irc.rizon or >>>/qa/

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