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General thread for Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior and more games running in the Build Engine.

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File: 2.91 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_01.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_02.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.92 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_03.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Finally beat the last episode of Blood. Had to savescum and cheat a bit at the end, but I think it was fair.

The mountain backgrounds in level 1 look so fucking cool. It looks like a real sense of adventure that is not present in almost any game.

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File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_04.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.89 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_05.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I started playing on Well Done and had to change it to Lightly Broiled because the Cultists are insane.
They always react the frame they see you and deplete your HP literally in a second. Besides most enemies felt like bullet sponges and it's kinda boring to use more than one flare to ignite enemies.
I'm having way more fun in Lightly Broiled.

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When the hell is Blood EX coming out

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Never, too busy getting sued by warner bros

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Let's get this party starting

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That weapon selection overlay is hideous.

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exactly what is the purpose of that disgusting weapon select overlay? is it a console adaption? it makes zero sense when each weapon is assigned to a key.

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the weakest level in an otherwise near perfect episode

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Needs slow-mo for the complete CoD experience

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Is there a Duke3D port that accurately plays the Atomic Edition demos? The earliest one I'm aware of is Icculus', but that desyncs in demo2.dmo.

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Is it me or does BloodGDX change the music for some stages?
I'm pretty sure the music in the Carnival stage is different.

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May this be better than both Chocolate Duke, Nblood, and maybe also Rednukem.

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Disney and Sony are worse imho when it comes to copyright bitching.

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Redneck Rampage and Blood but the enemies are real 3d models.

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Go ahead.

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why would I? you're 100% correct.

25-30 fps also makes it look more like a movie, which is nice.

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Outlaw by Lucas arts was amazing, not sure what engine that was

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Try xDuke, IIRC it's the most vanilla Windows port, pretty much identical to the DOS version.

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It sure was.
It's on Jedi Engine though.

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The Gaza Pyramids level in AMC TC is one of the best levels that I've played in a long time, but I cant revisit it due to a bug with the hub: https://youtu.be/tzAR2Cso-I4

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If you're using BloodGDX, you can customize the difficulty to have different levels of enemy health, damage, and amount. I like Well Done enemy count with Lightly Broiled damage & health.

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Can you change the difficulty like that in the middle of an episode?
Right now I'm on map 3 of the 2nd episode.

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I think it's bugged.
It makes me start the next map with just the pitchfork and shotgun.

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Best usermods for SW, Duke and Blood? Preferably stuff with an overarching narrative and aesthetic than a bunch of maps.

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t. never played quakeworld

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Quakeworld is a website, not a game.

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Very odd - I take it you played as Micky the first time? It looks like the hub status is not getting reset but this is the first time it's cropped up. If you restart the episode it should fix it (you won't lose your mission progress or any of your research)

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500IQ post

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Quakeworld is the online component of Quake, you taffer

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>BloodGDX's custom difficulty
>doesn't carry over items and weapons obtained

Nice quality control there, yeah, I'm using NBlood.

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I'd much rather either wait for BloodEX or stick to RedNukem.

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What? You must've accidentally checked pitchfork start mode. It doesn't do that normally.

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Oh I'm a retard.

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For SW: Last Warrior TC
for Blood: Death Wish

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RedNukem can play AE demos without desynch

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If they release it on console, I'll be ok with the weapon selection overlay.

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oh my god guise.

It just hit me

Duke nukem

Duke, nuke 'em


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Son are you retarded? Next you're going to tell me you figured out Duke is not only a name but also a high ranking government official and slang for the act of fighting.

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BuildGDX 1.0 has been released if anyone cares. Currently only uncludes TekWar and Witchaven with many fixes like sound in cutscenes support.


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Can you turn off The Ghost?
Also Ion Maiden support fukken when?

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>Can you turn off The Ghost?
Why? Too spooky for you?

>Also Ion Maiden support fukken when?
Never. But just imagine the salt.

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After everything m210 had to take, it would literally be the perfect payback.

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Blood > Duke 3D > Powerslave > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage > WW2 GI > Witchaven > Tek War > Witchaven 2 > Nam.

Ion Maiden is unfinished so it doesn't get a rating.

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Reminder to ignore the opinion of bloodfags.

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>t. dukefag

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After examining Powerslave levels I was interested in, 02, 03, 06, 12, 14, 17 and 19, again and again, I have to finally admit that by and large they simply don't add up. It appers I have fucked up to some extent while guessing on the authorship. I will try reexamining at least what I previously called "spaghetti" levels (01, 05, 07, 09, 11, 15, 18) , this time - from "pistolstart" (warping myself via dehacker to the appropriate level, giving myself appropriate weapons, zero ammo artifact and magic, and two lives). It will remain to be seen, whether or not this will allow me to make more sense out of Powerslave's leveldesign, than I am currently able to.

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>Shadow Warrior is above both Witchraven games and Redneck Rampage.

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> It appers I have fucked up to some extent while guessing on the authorship.

What a surprise

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For some reason WitchavenGDX feels ten times more difficult than DOS. I still recommend EGWhitchaven for anyone interested in playing.

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>ywn be working at an add-on developer studios in the mid 90s, taking a shareware success and customising it, having death match games at lunch inbetween discussions of what is the best color for a Hawaiian shirt sprite and then heading to the Mexican joint next door to the office because it's the first Friday of the month

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First correction: 02 - thrown out of the list of what is of interest to me, to the "water" levels (the likes of 05). 01 - _possibly_, in, for a THOROUGH re-examination.

Basically, the way I CURRENTLY see it, there are "water" levels (bullshitting), "lava" levels (gitgudding) and levels I might just as well call "sphinx" levels (something connected to irrevesibility, hard to tell as of now).

There is definitely something else out of place though, I'll keep looking.

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overall redpilled, but RR and SW are equal in terms of gameplay, sound and writing. however, RR has a superior art direction and should thus be above SW in the ranking.

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RR's Cuss Pack is equal to SW in writing, rather.

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This is bait, right?

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Unlike Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior has an actual story.

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Redneck Rampage has more than just humor and Guns of different kinds. There is a story in Redneck Rampage; one that centers around alien abduction and experiments by said alien creatures, which Leonard is set on stopping.

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Played the first Blood a lot (only beat it twice when younger, had the patience to finish recently again).

I never finished Blood II though. I got about 2/3 of the way done, way back. Is it worth finishing?

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The cuss pack was amazing.

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No. GT Interactive decided to release a version of Blood 2 that was still being worked on at the time. It's an unfinished mess of a game.

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Was going to say to put Powerslave above Duke Nukem, but then I remembered I'm thinking of the console version which isn't Build Engine.

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yeah the enemies seem to hit you way too often compared how you hit them, and you only start with a dagger too

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The Build PowerSlave isn't even good, dude.

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Fucking pleb opinion. PC PS is the best Build game after the holy trinity.

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Levels 02 and 07 both have rats scouring underwater, at the bottoms of the pools. I wonder, whether this is a "telling" kind of a detail.

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That's about Powerslave/Exhumed PC, sorry.

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level 02 ~ 07?
05 ~15?
09 ~ 18 (haven't replayed it yet though)?
11~ 14?

You know what? I am starting to think this game was leveldesigned not by three mappers, not by the Majestic UberKnutzen with Humble McNeely The Henchman, but by a fucking zoo in that that "design team", from the manual, with like seven people in it? I am starting to think those were actual layout/encounter designers, and "stage design" referred to dressers/polishers.

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Level 18 also has underwater rats, so I'll try lumping it with 02 and 07 (instead of 09) for the time being, see whether that will lead me anywhere.

Also, on a sidenote, you absolutely can machete the spider boss on level 15, crouching in front of her. Doesn't even take that much time. It's not a perfect tactic, as the boss will still occasionally try to shoot you, dishing damage to you that way, but it happens fairly rarely, and I managed to down the boss that way on my first try on a single life (but wasting like 80/100hp).

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What about Legend of the Seven Paladins or Extreme Paintbrawl? Redneck Rampage 2?

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Thoughs on NBlood?

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>Had to savescum and cheat a bit at the end, but I think it was fair.

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He'll learn.

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I don't see the point of any game needing to go past 60fps aside from dick measuring.

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Where would you put Paintbrawl?

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I'm really into it, but I hate that you have to do some launch shortcut buggery to play expansions while gdx just has it on the front menu from the start.

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I rike bump, dat's a personar weapon.

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You now remember the genesis port

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I'd Much rather play the N64 or Saturn Version.

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Well yeah, the N64 version is actually good.

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Duke Nukem 3D versions:
PC MS-DOS>Macintosh>PS1>Saturn>>>N64>>>>>Sega Genesis.

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I can't speak for Mac or Saturn but N64 should be above PS1.

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I recently beat redneck rampage probably the weakest build game but it's got some cool stuff in there and so far rides again is a lot better.

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Shadow Warrior and Paintbrawl are weaker.

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Duke Nukem 2 and 3D but on the 3DO.

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Extra Crispy mod makes it better. Not great, but more enjoyable.

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Is there an EDuke32 equivalent for Shadow Warrior?

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there's some SW code in the eduke32 tree but it doesn't run

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How come there's no ports

>> No.5451764

how is BuildGDX?

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It only plays 2 games currently Tekwar and Witchaven. It's the best way to play tekwar but witchaven is currently fucked up.

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>Tekwar and Witchaven

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Don't worry, he's gonna add the rest of the games over time.

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Tekwar is indeed wonky, but I had a great time with Witchaven and even the broken Witchaven II. So much that I can pretty much breeze through it in 30 minutes.

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I assume you mean good ports. Nobody cares enough.

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Neither game is that bad.

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I didn't like a single aspect about TekWar, not even the FMV scenes with Shatner.

>> No.5452335

I like the setting, the feel of it, speedrun strafing and even multiplayer.
Not sure how it's possible to not like the FMV scenes regardless of how you feel about the rest of the game.
It's far from being good, but it's not completely bad either.

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>play custom level set
>doesnt let you know if pistol start was accounted for
um buildbabs?

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generally it's pretty simple:
if it's a collection of single maps, it's accounted ofr. Otherwise you can assume it's not unless said otherwise.
Although pistol Start is possible in Metropolitan Mayhem though I don't remember if it's mentionned.

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Damn. Dosbox it is.

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