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>do it fast
>git gud

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Well, there are several.
One is to buffer the command by doing something else first. The easiest way is to just jump, do the 360 motion, and press the punch button when you land. But this is just a crutch, and won't work against human opponents (although it is part of high-level play, you just can't keep using it as the only means of using the SPD).
Another way, and the most used by pros, is to buffer it with a punch, usually medium punch, since is has good range and it isn't that slow. Really, you can buffer the command with anything, even other special attacks. A favorite is doing the Green Hand, calculating the distance so it hits just short of the opponent's guard (don't hit him, or you'll push him back), and then using the SPD right as it ends, to catch the opponent unaware.

The other trick I know of, and I don't know if it works in every SF version, is that you only need to input 270º, not the full 360º. At least that's how it works in SF Alpha 3. So, instead of doing a full circle, you start from BACK or FRONT, and circle it all the way to UP. If you do it quickly enough, the character won't jump.

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>only need to input 270º,
This works in pretty much every SF game requiring a 360, yes.

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>playing Gief in ST

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Sadly seems to not work in SF3. I've noticed the ol 270 doesnt work with Hugo or Alex. You need to get it to almost or at 360 for it to register.

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Just look at him

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Speaking of doing it fast, I hate how the way they remedy this for console ports is by making the input windows longer. What I want is to make the moves come out quickly and on a whim, not slower.

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Easier even, just do a half circle back/forth then straight UP+Punch/Kick

and the input registers as a 360

Works from anything between Alpha, EX, III, CvS1 and 2 etc

The only series I haven't been able to do this on is the OG II series, World Warrior to Super Turbo

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Either buffer it in with an attack animation or do it really fast.

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standing 720 is something all gamers should be required to learn

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No one in this thread can gets dinner tonight until they can replicate this.

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