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What patches need to be made for which games? Discuss basic changes that would improve retro games for the better.

For example, consider SNES F-Zero. Easy patches would be
>assign cancel to B in grand prix menu
>enable all tracks in practice mode
Harder patches would be
>disable opponent machines when they fall off track
>fix drawing errors at corners of screen
Difficult patches that have little chance of being made would be
>make 2 player

Mechanically, most games are fine, so try to concentrate on small annoyances for seasoned players.

The more simple and practical the patch, the more likely we can figure out how to do it in this thread. Think of this as both a discussion/request thread and a rom hacking thread.

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Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (the American version). My main changes would be:

>Basic decensoring and dialogue-updating
>Change the damage values to that of the Japan version (each enemy does a certain amount of damage and not a single flat amount)
>Make it so Grant starts every life with the knife sub-weapon equipped, as a compromise for losing his infinite knife-throwing from the Japan version

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The nice thing about the NES is that the graphics are easy to patch because they exist uncompressed in CHR-ROM (maybe their is an advanced memory mapper that can decompress, but I don't know of one). Dialog may be a lot more difficult.

If variable damage existed in the Japanese version, it probably exists dummied out in the American version. It may be easy to restore.

Making Grant always start with a knife should be really easy. I'll play around with it when I get a moment.

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mario world
>make the feather hurt the player upon touching it

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I'll settle for just the last two, though I can't imagine it hard to take the fan-translation from the Japan version and putting it in the US one, outside of maybe asking the original patch-maker for the assets.

I just really would like to be rid of that childish dialogue with lines like "a bad world filled with evil".

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Or alternately, a patch for the Japan version that just gives Grant the melee knife and also the throwing knife for a sub-weapon, but I'm not sure how that would work out.

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>Here's some points of discussion:

>1.) Project showoffs
>2.) Hacking help
>3.) ROM hack recommendations

Doesn't say anything about being allowed to make requests for new patches.

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Are there any good updates for college basketball?

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>Here's some points of discussion

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