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I'm putting together an A/V setup that I need some help with. I don't really want to mess with switches, so I want to be able to swap between systems as fast as possible. I made an image of what I'm currently planning on doing, but I'm not sure if it's the optimal setup.

I'm worried about the male to male connection between the 2 RCA couplers because I know individual male to male adapters will come loose. I couldn't find a similar style male to male coupler. I want them in a set so I can quickly unplug it without messing with individual adapters.

no bully because I spent a long time on this.

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Why don't you want to use switches? By all the trouble you're going through, I think the cost of using switches would be worth it.

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because there's always some shit wrong with them unless you get high end ones that used to go for tons of money that have long since been bought up.

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Get a SCART to YUV/Component box and RGB cables for each system. You're gonna save a lot of money and the PQ might even be better than the retrojew cables.

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rgb cables aren't any cheaper

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If you spent half as much time thinking it out as you did drawing it out you wouldn't need to ask for help

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Maybe the case with SCART but literally everything else is readily available and cheap. SCART is a very flawed connector and if you're in Ameriland avoiding it saves a lot of trouble. If I read that mess of a visual explanation right, you're using HDRetrovision YPbPr cables. A quick search brings up 3 way switchers as low as $16.

>don't want to mess with swtichers
>want to be able to swap between systems as fast as possible
choose one.

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>Maybe the case with SCART but literally everything else is readily available and cheap. SCART is a very flawed connector
Hello, Voultar.

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Ah. Well I hope you find your solution. Mine is buying old games on newer systems and buying those analogue clones. I've abandoned CRT gaming cause that shit is a money sink if you're going for best picture.

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Upset that he's one hundred percent correct, anon?
Also OP is being dumb, there's essentially nothing that can go wrong with a well-made passive component video switch. You would be more likely to introduce problems through the wear and tear of constantly swapping cables.

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>Upset that he's one hundred percent correct, anon?
100% correct at being totally wrong.

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it's not for a crt.

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>wear and tear of constantly swapping cables
which is exactly why I'm using 30 cent monoprice shit for the swapping

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>SCART is a very flawed connector
Only if you buy cheap garbage - same as any connector.

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Just get a switch, everybody uses switches and you don't need a pro grade swich.
$20, does exactly what you want, no need to futz about with couplers and unplugging, ect.
Got $40? Buy this one and you get a remote:

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yes everyone uses them because they don't care about quality degradation. Unless I get a huge ass extron crosspoint there's pretty much no telling if its shit or not

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Just use your eyes! Try it and see. I use switches and I give lots of shit about visual quality, and own several high end crts. If you aren't using RGB don't bother with matrix switchers, just use one of many component switches on the market.

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>Just use your eyes!
yes that's the problem. No one else gives a shit so I get stuck with some shit I have to return.

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No, you have to operate under the assumption that it'll work. If you decide it won't before you try, you just create a bigger problem for yourself, where you start futzing around with couplers which aren't going to help with signal quality at all. Try it, test it. I use a consumer Philips-branded component switch, and it works perfectly. I can swap between Wii, PS3, and TV with a button press and the visual quality is the same as plugged directly in the tv.

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>couplers which aren't going to help with signal quality at all
why would a coupler do anything with the signal?

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I dunno Einstein, what would a coupler do with the signal?

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>getting reasonably priced component-switchers in yurop is almost impossible

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Nah. Everyone uses them because they're a good solution and are only hated on by retarded youtube autists who are too stupid to plug a cable in and too poor to afford something not assembled by shaved apes and held together with chewing gum. AKA (You)s.

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This shit is so cringy and outs you as an underage

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