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Are there any RPGs with party members that you would consider redundant?

I feel like Poo is redundant in Earthbound. He doesn't really do very much that the other characters can't do. His physical stats don't compare to Ness's, he can't really even out-damage Jeff either and that's not even considering Jeff has Bottle Rockets and the Heavy Bazooka which eclipse everything Poo can do short of Starstorm. Paula has better level up PSI moves and gets better shields. Poo's Brainshock isn't very useful and PSI Thunder Gamma (the only "normal" PSI attack Paula doesn't get) is garbage that's not worth using.
His PP pool is also bad and he is reliant on water for replenishing it, which is kind of a poor gimmick. Mirror is also a bad gimmick move and it isn't useful even to a really bad player. He also has the food gimmick which is weird, because by the time you'll get him in the game healing PSI is vastly superior to most food items.

And a minor personal complaint for me is that with the rolling HP meter, having another character menu is a huge pain in the ass to click through. And especially when this comes after having only Ness, Paula and Jeff for so long.

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He has a mix of Ness and Paula's PSI abilities.
Like Ness doesn't have any other offensive psi attack other than PK rockin' and Flash, but has life up.
Poo has PK startstorm, his signature move, and the other PK attack moves Paula has, and also has life up, healing, etc like Ness.
Maybe he is a bit redundant, but he's a good helping hand in the end game.

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On the topic of EarthBound, I find Teddy to be completely pointless. He's an optional party member that replaces Lloyd (if you also have Ana) for the span of one dungeon, and when he leaves the party, you have to do said dungeon all over again. The only way he can be useful is if you skip him, get far enough for Lloyd to repair the boat to reach EVE up until the last melodies, then go back and get Teddy to join for the rest of the game (getting around the R7038 event). By that point, you're at the end of the game, so this is only worth it if you've skipped a few melodies and want to go back and get them more easily. Better to just skip him entirely.

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I sort of agree. Functionally, teddy helps players up to mt. Itoi. Kind of a built in grinding enabler. Letting the player grind on the mountain until they hit a level they're comfortable with before finishing the story.
I think teddy was also designed with the intention of showing players that you can't actually beat the final boss through force. Iirc he even says something tantamount to this. And I suppose it's worth saying that if the player was allowed to keep teddy he would easily be the best character in the game.

What really is annoying though is that the player is forced to scale mt. Itoi more than once.

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Pippifag from the last two threads. 35 more levels. Pippi has reached 262 Offense and 390 health.

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I kind of just end up using Poo as a HP restoring battery since you can at least use PSI magnet to restore PP. I am a sucker for gimmicks like the "Transform into an enemy" thing, but it happens so rarely and the effect isn't even better than just having him punch stuff (and that's without even mentioning how much PP he can waste as some enemies). I find it weird how much of a deal they make it for Poo to join your team, only for him to be completely underlevelled and pretty useless.

It's a shame because Teddy is such a cool character (as far as Mother protagonists go) yet he's barely in the game before Lloyd replaces him.

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What level is she now

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He's not as unique but not redundant either, his versatility helps a lot. He can be another healer which helps during battles where enemies can easily KO Paula, or if he doesn't need to heal then his extra bit of damage is sometimes enough to finish an enemy off without going another round. I find him pretty useful.

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Kain in FF4 is pretty much "Great Value Cecil" being pretty much worse in every aspect, albeit only slightly

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Level 66.

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Lakilester in paper mario is redundant. His overworld ability is nearly the same as parakarry's and in battle he has shit damage and his moves are effectively the same as parakarry and sushie's

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Uh excuse me sir his name is Spike.

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You realize she just has the same stats as Teddy right? She isn't anything particularly special.

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I always try have redundant healing. Don't want to get decimated because my healer got paralyzed.

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And I completely forgot that they remove Poo from your party after they pyramid and for all of Deep Darkness for no reason.

Why would the devs do that? Make that stretch of the game harder? Just felt like cutting an already brief character out of the game even more?

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Honestly, the endgame of earthbound is so inherently broken by Jeff and his bottle rockets it makes very little difference anyway.

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