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Whenever a friend says to me they really liked a game, but I find out they played it on an emulator, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't played it."

And they haven't. They've played some artificial code which tries to replicate what the game is.

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I would like to think that this is bait but I am responding anyway, because I know there are people out there who really are this pretentious and elitist.

I own hundreds of retro game cartridges and discs. I love collecting, repairing and restoring vintage consoles and computers, too. However, I also think emulation is an excellent way to enjoy retro gaming and as for many people, it's the best option. Not everyone has the disposable income or shelf space for political retro games, and prices are not getting lower. How many people would pay $50, $60, $80 or more for a game they have not even tried? Not to mention games like Panzer Dragoon Saga and Snatcher that cost hundreds of dollars and are extremely rare. The means of using retro hardware is not always viable for people either.

Emulation keeps improving, and so does the vintage hardware scene. Both can coexist just fine and I am very happy about that. To me the most imporant thing is that people keep discovering, playing, and appreciation classic games, and that the vintage hardware and media is being taken good care of. These are not competing objectives. You can play retro games any way you want now and that's great.

The only way to play retro games that is objectively bad is with touch screen controls. Fortunately we have a plethora or Bluetooth retro game pads now so there's no excuse not to have one.

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Liking games is for chumps anyway. It's either a scam pushed by collectors who make money from inflated ebay prices on rare games, or a scam pushed by desperate manufacturers shilling their knock-off controllers and raspberrypi copyright infringement boxes.

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Wrong. The code of the games themselves are unchanged, it's the emulators code that is simulating the hardware. Also you're an autistic fuck, I play on real hardware but I wouldn't want to with you if that's your attitude.

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Whenever a woman says to me they really like my company, but they say so over a phone call, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you like my company? You haven't even spoken to me."

And they haven't. They've heard some artificial code which tries to replicate what my voice sounds like.

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Keep telling yourself that. All the games you think you like? I'm here playing the real thing. You're basically a cuck.

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OP, how can you possibly be this mentally challenged? Tell me your secrets.

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great reading comprehension there friend

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Bored with the Sega System trolling, sweetie?

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14 year old white girl facebook deep post but this time about videogames

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he's not wrong, the code is unchanged it's the execution that's off

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lot of people mad about the truth.

Let's say you play an emulator.
>Do you get the feel of the game?
>Do you get the smell of the game?
>Do you get the real experience of the game?
>Have you really played the game at all?

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That's gatekeeping. Instead of being a negative cunt, why don't you explain to them the advantages of original hardware? You know they are marginal at best, so stop doing this.

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Having basic standards isn't gatekeeping, anon. If you do not have respect for retro games, why should I have respect for you?

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>Having basic standards isn't gatekeeping, anon. If you do not have respect for retro games, why should I have respect for you?

Listen, I too prefer original hardware. I can feel the difference. But I don't try to inflate it, I know it's marginal. You can have a lot of enjoyment emulating.

This is analogous to wine snobs, for example. They gatekeep cheap wine drinkers telling they don't know the real experience with expensive wine. Guess what? They are full of shit cunts, trying to be superior.

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this x100. OP is an insufferable cunt who needs to ruin other people's enjoyment to feel better about himself. Of course real hardware is better, you don't have to be an elitist asshole about it. If you're honestly being serious OP, you need to get outside more, socialize a bit, realize there's more to life than this.

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What do games smell like?

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If you played games as the makers intended, you'd know.

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I have a 36 inch Sony XRB crt for my retro consoles, and for light gun games it's untouchable. Anymore though for 240p games I prefer 9x intergal scaling in an emulator on my 4k OLED. I think it just looks better. If a decent light gun solution comes out for flat screen TVs I can see myself selling all my rear hardwear.

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Get a load of this guy.

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In OPs case, spaghettios

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There's something to what OP is saying but it really only matters in intensive games. A turn-based game will have the same mechanics whether on an emulator or real hardware, there's literally no difference.

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How do you know you have friends? You haven't interacted with anyone in person, you're just reading some artificial code that tries to replicate what a person actually is.

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>They've played some artificial code which successfully replicates what the game is.

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Most huge retro collectors I know use everdrives and emulation anyhow. They just want legal copies to backup in case something goes wrong in the future. People like OP don't understand that people preserving the past will do anything to not wear down the copies they obtain. The whole point is to take care of your system and games so you have it there 20-40 years down the road. It's like talking shit to a book collector that isn't reading their 16th century copy of a novel. It's always the best choice to use modern solutions while preserving the old just in case.

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I own lots of games I still play them. Corrosion and disc / bit rot are much bigger threats to vintage games than wear and tear from playing them.

Flash drives are great but I haven't started investing in them yet, because that would mean spending a lot less on buying legit copies of games. I think they are an excellent option for people who want to play on real hardware and want to save shelf space and money though.

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I would like to point out before I sage that FPGAs will make this a moot point.

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You'll likely end up like the huge collectors in the near future. It's hard to find people with 1000+ games that doesn't primarily play on a flash storage mod/hack on their consoles.

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Aren't store-sold copies of a game just artificial replications of the original master version developed in the studio? Better bait would be to say that the emulator is the artificial part, not the game.

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Bait harder, autismo.

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You forgot to qualify your statement, let me fix it for you.
>FPGAs may make this a moot point.

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I carefully chose 'will', and it is the correct word. cycle perfect emulation of retro systems is possible with FPGAs. it is only a matter of time before they are commonplace (intel is wanting to put them next to CPU cores), and people have written up the HDL for wateva.

The only conceivable point of contention would be hardware bugs (such as a certain revision of the hardware suffering from noise on the system bus if memory is accessed in a particular pattern) but "features" like those are out of spec, and are defects that aren't programmed against but avoided. And I can't think of a single example of this in the wild either.

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>imperfect clocks and synchronization
>incomplete specs
>questionable market
that someone with the skill and time will make a "perfect" replica of an n64 is by no means certain, and you're a cretin to assert it is. look at the quality and quantity of devs in the emulation scene and try extrapolating that. It *may* happen, one day

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These low IQ bait threads are ruining this board.

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Well... your respect for another individual isnt even on the same level as anyones respect for a real game as opposed to emulation.
You quit makin sense to me right there.

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Which mean, of course (as they intended) that you put the game to your face rather than inside the console.

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That brand new plastic smell like when you walk into a Blockbuster Video circa 1994. Also cat litter and your cousin’s basement.

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Ok, aspies.

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Whenever a friend says to me they really like Shakespeare, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't seen it."

And they haven't. They've watched some artificial reproduction which tries to replicate what Shakespeare is.

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Next you'll be telling that Steam games are not "real thing"?

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liar, you have no friends.

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Most retarded post of the month.

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Game makers develop for a medium. They are acutely aware of how we interact with their creations. In this case, they made games for the original hardware and software.

They did not make games for emulators. If you play on an emulator, you just aren't getting the experience that the original developer wanted.

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So how can devs plan for this and deal with it?

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This is true, but of course, the original shakespeare isn't available to us any more. The original games, on the other hand, are.

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Not to me, though, not anymore.

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banning emulators would be a start

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.........do you really think they never tried that??

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