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Were there ANY good games on this thing?

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Mole Mania

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I played it again within the past year and it's still fun

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No, they're all bad, Metal Gougeness Sucks.

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I always try to think of a hand-held game that you would play not out of being inconvenienced in being unable to play your console, but that you would go out of your way to play, and I always come up blank.

Are hand-helds the biggest meme in gaming? Switch doesn't count, since it's not an exclusively hand-held system.

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Of course there's good ones, but there's even better ones here..

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Is this the hot new meme? this thread with almost exact text is popping up repeatedly on multiple boards.

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mario land 2, pokemon gold/silver, ff adventure

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>Were there ANY good games on this thing?
Yes and if you google /v/ recommended you can find them for yourself.

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Link’s Awakening I think is the only GREAT game that actually still deserves to be played in 2019. The rest of it’s library are inferior version of games better played elsewhere.
>inb4 the links awakening remake for Switch
That’s just a graphics/sound update that doesn’t somehow rendet the original obsolete. The original (well, DX) is still worth playing if you find its presentation charming.

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>The rest of it’s library are inferior version of games better played elsewhere.

Someone tuck this zoomer in, it's past his bedtime.

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Quite a few.

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>opinion I don’t like about an old game means anon is a zoomer
This is getting really fucking tiresome. Are you that desperate to fit in, or that unable to articulate your opinion that you have to just fall back on calling the person a zoomer?

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his point still applies. If you think links awakening is the only good gb game you dont know shit, or you're just baiting for replies like everyone is here, which means you're much, much worse than someone who uses the term zoomer to fit in

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In case you are the zoomer, the way you formulate it makes me believe other anons called you out.

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Getting tired of these bait threads.

Honestly their not that good.

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Ok, I'll bite.

Game Boy is the handheld with the longest lifespan and the second best selling handheld of all time. It has more than 1500 games including Tetris, Mario Land 1&2, Wario Land 1-3, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Dr. Mario, Kirby's Dreamland 1&2, Pokemon, Donkey Kong '94, Donkey Kong Land 1-3, MegaMan 1-5, Metroid II, Final Fantasy Legend, Mole Mania, For the Frog the Bell Tolls or Trip World just to name a few.

If you think all GB games are bad you are actually retarded.

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play this. (the first one)
it`s one of the best platformer i`ve ever played

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Rest of the library better played elsewhere?

What? Is this a PC Engine thread?

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I want that game boy so bad now

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It's pretty obvious this is bait, but I'd still agree with your picks anyway. Oracle games are actually gbc, but it doesnt matter, they are my fav games on gbc.

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I prefer to play almost everything in hendheld form, it's one of the main reasons I mostly emulate now.

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Seconded, wonderful game!

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Yep, totally bait but what the hell.

Can't believe nobody mentioned any Pokémon games.

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Only the best version of Tetris, ever. You prick.

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Tetris Worlds

packed with Star Wars the Clone Wars

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Wario Land 1, 2 and 3
any Zelda.
Final Fantasy Legend 1, 2 and 3 (I think)

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I'll never stop liking this gem.
WL2 and 3 were great but didn't have the soul and atmosphere of the first one. they felt watered town against it. WL1 had such riveting mystique about it. WL2 got rid of it. sadly. because WL1 really felt like being a treasure hunter and everything felt like a fated and significant thing to do especially how they utilized all the triggers for the island's terraforming. it was cool exploring the SS Tea Cup too because you knew nothing about these pirates and there was no dialogue either. it was all "show, don't tell". fucking cool game.

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Ghostbusters II

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This is the issue I've always had with handhelds.
They have a little more to offer now that most of them can we used as emulation machines though.

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Small screens are a killer for me. I prefer seeing it projected onto a large screen where I can examine things closer and appreciate the attention to detail.

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Link's Awakening, Donkey Kong '94, and Metroid 2 are all very worth playing.

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Because they're shit.

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No, there weren't, that's the answer you wanted, now you can go back to >>>/v/

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take off the nostalgia goggles and try to analyze it with an objective standpoint.

It's a poorly executed game with a great premise.

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I'll hear you out, what didn't it do well for itself?

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Quite literally everything.

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off the top of my head

>Super Mario Land
>Kirby's Pinball Land
>Kirby's Dream Land
>Metroid II
>Link's Awakening

you know i could keep going, but listing off that small amount of GREAT games has me thinking OP smoked a little crack before posting

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will never forgot the cartridge i found on eastern one time for outrun. that shit was so good back in the day
other nice games-
no rules, get phat

i'm having a hard time remembering, feeling old and decrepit :t

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>"game boy library sucks, people should only play the one game I like the rest is trash lel"
>gets called a name
>"come on now folks let's be reasonable"

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you're either a troll or super retard
i don't have to list all the good games for you

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SNES > GB > NES > N64

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What do I have to do taxes make the game look like this? >>5434556

It looks like shit on my emulator

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I have a decent collection 60ish games I think
The obvious good ones are Nintendo IPs, and the mega Man games.
In addition to that Mole Mania, Boxxle and Catrap, and obviously tetris

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I've been feeling this too recently. I have a beautiful modded gba with backlit screen, perfect condition dmg, gbc, and gbp, but I find myself just emulating those games mostly to be able to sit back and not have to squint to see the fine graphical details.

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To be fair, up until maybe the Vita, all handheld consoles were made with the idea of bringing last generations' console games with you on the go, but in poorer quality. The original titles that were made for them were usually shitty puzzle games. I don't think any retro handheld has a title that would make you go: nah, not firing up my console, just sitting on the sofa playing this on a tiny screen instead.

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looks like a resolution problem bud

>> No.5437547

change the scaling method from bilinear interpolation to nearest neighbor

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Bless your soul anon

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Just trust me. You wont have any expectations going and you'll come out impressed and sad it's over.

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I have a gameboy light but I want those tits in my mouth now

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One of my favorites, definitely favorite Game Boy game. It's ten times better than the arcade version imo.

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This fucking OST

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This 1990 game was a massive hit back then:

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>a wild zoomer appears

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GB >>>>>> POWER GAP >>>>> GBC

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Garguels quest

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Download a ROM set and find out for yourself. I found out about a shit load of quality games by doing so. Not condoning piracy; I just don't think there's a better way of finding hidden gems, other than wasting a mint on stuff you've never heard of and can find little or no info on - which is kind of retarded.

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Hell yeah, there were. Pokemon, Tetris, Super Mario Land, Zelda: Link's Awakening, Game & Watch Gallery...

So many beauties.

You can literally just search "best gameboy games" and find whole lists. If you don't like those, I don't know what to tell you. Most people love 'em.

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Super Mario Land kept getting better and was actually superior to the home console games Mario Land mastered the platformer though

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>I read that as Gargamel's Quest and I wondered if it was a hidden Smurfs game I had never played

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the japs got the better ones, as always when related to retro nintendo. I enjoyed some puzzle shit like Puzzle Boy, Tetris... others like Hal Wrestling, Tennis (Mario), a ninja turtles title...

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I liked this one. Good enough to be remade twice and started a whole series at least.

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t. idiot with no real opinion

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Just started playing this again. Last time was probably high school. It's held up better than I remember!

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Just got through "Palm Trees and 8" and through Medusa's cave. A few observations from when I last played the game.

- The hit detection is poor by modern standards, but certainly not as bad as people say. If the hit detection were perfect, I think the game would actually be too easy.
- The music was and remains among the best gameboy music ever produced.
- I loaded up on keys and mattocks because I remembered the horror stories. But, you use very few per dungeon, and ever since that large initial purchase I really haven't had to buy any more. Even by 1991, gamers expected games to be on-rails and prevent you from gaming yourself into a corner. Not so here, but there are also two save slots. Keep one open before the dungeon.
- The overworld is actually pretty linear, you just take a winding path through it. The game actually came with a map, so using one online while you play is perfectly fine.
- As with most retro games, it's really really nice to never bump into a lengthy cutscene.

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>any _good_ games

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Never head of this game called "special".

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got a GameBoy Pocket for christmas and it came with pic related.

I found it a very good game back then, but haven't played it since. Maybe it's actually shit but as a child it was awesome.

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shit, forgot pic

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t. zoomer

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It's pretty good! I always come back to this or solar striker for quick games I've only got a few min for.

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file name, you EOP.

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Zoom zooma zoom

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Right off the top of my head:
Wario Land series
Mega Man V and arguably IV
Castlevania: Belmont's Revenge
Gameboy Wars
Link's Awakening
MG Ghost Babel

Then of course there are tons of worthwhile GBA, DS, PSP, 3DS games

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Eye Destroyer

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Bought one of those second hand. Even shittier than the Handy Boy. On the upside, when I bought it, the owner of the shop was out, and his mum was on till duties. What she didn't realize was that the Game Boy that was inside the thing didn't come with it, nor did the game that was hidden in the back compartment of the monstrosity. Happy days, hehe!

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Please... kill... me

>> No.5446307

No the small autonomous vacuum cleaner is in fact known as a rumba. Room rooma room

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Zelda on an island

>> No.5446616


Waverace is a very boring game.

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I played and completed those 2.

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Bad karma.

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Link's awakening is one of gaming's masterpieces in fact. Wario games are also GREAT, as well as obviously Pokémon

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>Wario games are also GREAT

You're goddamn right

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This and its sequel are kino

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Bomberman series
Battle Arena Toshinden

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what the fuck is this bootleg packaging

>> No.5453910

Found this game with its sticker torn off in the bottom of a box of games I bought off craigslist so I had no clue what it was when I started it up. It's kind of neat, but the soundtrack is what made me decide to keep it

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This is one of the most fun Game Boy games ever made. Try and prove me wrong

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These threads are tired and honestly not very good.


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hey guys I just wanted to know if there are so e bootleg link's awakening cartridge I should be aware before purchasing one.

I just bought a GBC after many years of giving mine to my little cousin. And I am planning on using it during my pauses and on dead times (waiting for train etc).

Thank you for the good games suggestions!

>> No.5454107

It is but some of the later levels are stupid.
It's a good game with potential for a sequel that improves on its flaws. Too bad the newer games suck.

>> No.5454237

get a flashcart (ElCheapoSD) and you will never have to worry about repros/fakes ever again

>> No.5454386

those things are impossible to find

>> No.5454523


>> No.5454673

Tecmo Bowl is a great game and it's in there.

>> No.5454926

If you buy from western sellers you're probably alright. Western sellers don't sell fakes of games unless its pokemon games.

>Any game that seems too cheap is probably a bootleg.
>Only buy from western sellers unless you're specifically looking for bootlegs, any game from China is probably a bootleg.
>Only buy something if it has real photos (not stock photos) of the specific item you want to buy.
>Avoid listings that show more than one item available if they don't show you the condition of the specific item you're buying.

>> No.5455187

I was looking for Link's Awakening on ebay (i'm from europe) and I found very different prices.

I also think my life was a complete lie, since I believe my pokemon crystal cartridge I played maybe 5 years repeatedly is a fake. Is not bootleg, the cartridge is just not transparent but opaque

>> No.5455206

You must have shit eyesight if you need low res graphics to be huge so you can tell one pixel from another.

>> No.5455496

Yeah that's probably a fake. Another major thing is that Crystal is a Gameboy Color game. It doesn't have that notch in the corner of the cartridge to allow it to fit in an original gameboy or pocket. Most counterfeit crystal cartridges tend to use the original gameboy cartridge shells.

>> No.5455515

Final fantasy Legend II,
knowned as the saga series in japan and the 3rd game are really really good they had DS remakes we never got..

also the orginal secret of mana final fantasy adventure was for the GB got a DS remake

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Four shades of dark green is like the perfect armor against plebs.

>> No.5455653

Game Boy games are usually more form than modern mobile games.

>> No.5455665

i really couldn't explain why i like super mario land as much as i do its just fun

pokemon is fun too but you should prolly play firered over the original ones (pokemon fan here)

>> No.5455968

Yea I had a Gameboy Color, played this crystal for years. It's even written "gameboy color" on it. If only I could find it I'd show you

>> No.5455969

Update: Found it... and it's fake. No "Gameboy Color" on it, just Gameboy Nintendo, no special bolt for those cartridges. Cartridge completely "old gameboy style".

Man this hits so hard. I played like 4-5 years Pokemon Crystal, I still remember all my pokemons, but I played a fake game. I can't believe it. THAT'S FUCKING WHY MY DAY/NIGHT CLOCK WAS FUCKED. I NEVER HAD THE CHANCE OF GETTING A MAREEP.

I am so mad right now I need to buy an original one fuck me fuck everything.

>> No.5456001

Fuck I remember downloading this when I was FIRST getting into emulation. Had no idea what to expect, like you said, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

>> No.5456543

Does the clock just remain on the same time you set at the beginning of the game? If you want you can set it to like an hour before the day and night switch and then talk to Silver's mom to have it change for DST so you can choose whether its dawn/dusk or night. You won't be able to get day though.

>> No.5456562

Actually it looks like there's a way to reset the clock



>> No.5456731


It was so fucked up that every time you used fly it reset the day to another one. Like today is saturday, my Pidgey uses fly. Bam, today is thursday, or Monday or another random day. This fucked up phone calls so badly.

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Gameboy doesn't look like this. You can see each individual pixel.

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