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Remember me, /vr/?

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Yes I do.
I always thought you had the most entertaining pause screen.

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I wish I didn't.

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Is that Stunt Race FX? I have that and haven't played it yet.

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I sure do.

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It's pretty good
but too short

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You now realize the purpose for the border taking up so much of the screen is so the SNES doesn't have to render as much 3D stuff on the screen for performance purposes. And even then it ran like ass unless you overclocked the Super FX chip.

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Is it 12 fps like Starfox? How can a racing game expect you to play like that?

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Yeah, it's about that much. It's pretty bad.

Luckily, using a special version of Snes9x, it's possible to speed Super FX games up to playable framerates.

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It somehow does

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It didn't had Blast Processing, unlike this:

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>dat fisheye

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I played it on real SNES and it was hella slow for a racing game but I like the simple aesthetics,

I wonder if it runs faster on zsnes?

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There's a Snes9x core for RetroArch that already lets you increase the speed of those games. No need to resort to ZSNES.

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Prepare to have mind blown. Overclocked SFX chip.

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>I wonder if it runs faster on zsnes?


Download that. The "go fast" Snes9x cores use overclocking. Win64 only.

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