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Why didn't you play the N64 Evangelion game yet?

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You are almost 20 years too late

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Because the series was an embarrassing clusterfuck and I could only assume so was the game

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also the game was bad. like really bad...

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Even brainlets understand the series.

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It's not a matter of understanding; it's about what is there to understand is a bunch of silly nonsense aimed at pretentious junior high douchebags

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I did. I own a copy.

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I didnt get it either the first time around, and it wasnt until my friend said dude you gotta watch the movies in-between the final episodes. I was like give me a fucking break with that bullshit. The concept in itself is not bad, but it just tries way too fucking hard to get in you interested in a world you cant eve relate to.

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it a shit

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Because Evangelion killed the robot genre and I'm not giving it any attention.

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>robot genre


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EVA's are not robots. This is exclusively mention on the beginning episodes you dumb motherfucker.

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Yeah I am perfectly aware there is only one robot in the entire show and the rest are giant mutant moms with cybernetics.
The problem is that it was so popular because of the waifus and the whole emo shit that other shows tried to copy that, and the genre burned out entirely.

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Fair enough, I'll let you slide this time, but I am watching you..

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Problem is, I watched them as they came out. The final episodes felt like a huge derailed cop-out at the time, and I later found out that's exactly what they were.

When The End of Evangelion came out, I watched it to get it over with and found it simply acceptable, the previous bad impression overshadowing any kind of expectation or positive anyway.

Are the 2010s remakes any good, btw?

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>Are the 2010s remakes any good, btw?

nah, havent seen them. I figure I wait for the Netflix edition. Apparently they are supposed to be the correct completion or whatever. I always though Raxaphone was the better Evengalion. Fight me.

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Still, it's Mecha, and not Robots.
Fine but important difference.

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I guess. I just never liked using the word "mecha", sounds a bit off.
Either way I watch the genre for the actual robots, bio-abominations are more suited to be the villains.

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The Rebulds aren't remakes, per se. Even in the first one there's too much that's different, and the second one is where it all goes the opposite way.

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>it just tries way too fucking hard to get in you interested in a world you cant eve relate to
I feel that though the characters are easily relatable, the show doesn't really try to get you interested. If you aren't that interested yourself you won't understand the background or the interactions and it doesn't try to change that unless brief mentions of weird names count.

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You can relate to Shinji easily enough on a shallow level (basic angst and whatnot), but there's a moment in which any barely normal person will start getting frustrated by how annoyingly erratic he acts most of the time

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exactly. like, now re-watching it I find most of the characters annoying. The only character I can find remotely tolerant is Misato.

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It's the kind of show that isn't for everyone, but somehow everyone recommends it for muh mindfuck and iconic tsundere. Last time I watched it I related to most of the characters, but like, I was a depressed 19 year old who thought he was god and had several bad habits, which I guess is the intended audience.

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Anime just sucks
Game could have been great if it was its own thing instead

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I thought the idea was pretty good. Anno was trying to figure out how humans connect on a deeper level (he was going through a depression ATT) and the barriers they create to keep others out to avoid being hurt. It sounds like pretensious shit but it's good food for thought and I really think Anno wasn't trying to be smart about it but just using it as a canvas for his own issues.

I'll agree the last two episodes did not do a very good job at expressing those ideas in an interesting way (2deep4u) but did they make End of Evangelion easier to understand.

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I did play it, and beat it on all 3 difficulties to get the true ending.
I didn't unlock all the command sequences though.

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best mission right there

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How the fuck do you play this, the only version I have a rom of is in japanese and I am not that.

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So which Angel fights does this cover

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most of them with the exception of gaghiel, ireul, matarael, leliel and armisael.

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I like other mecha better

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based retard
if you can't name at least 5 good mecha shows off the top of your head made after eva you aren't even a mecha fan

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Yeah, same here. No clue how to get a lot of those command sequences. Obviously a lot of them depend on the direction you hold along with the button you press along with your sync ratio, but there are so many actions that I was amazed of how many moves you could perform in a single mission.

Mission 11 a shit though.

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2.22 is pretty good.
3.33 is clusterfuck.

Like said above, they aren't remakes. It seems the movies are another "cycle" of the Evangelion story, where the TV series already happened in a prior cycle.

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The game looks like shit and the anime frankly was terrible.

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Never saw it from that perspective. I guess I hate both now wtf

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>The game looks like shit
Now that's an unpopular opinion.

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couldn't get into NGE. still don't understand it and that game has no translation either.

fuck that shit. Macross VFX 2 is supreme.

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You can just try to guess the controls. As long as you watched the anime you already know the gist of the events from the game. Took me awhile to learn that you could AT-field battle and tear through the angels AT-field and gain a huge sync boost.

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You'll get a more authentic experience then. Shinji didnt know shit about piloting armored autistic bible giants when the show started

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> Kono sora wo daite kagayaku

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I didn't like the anime. You're better off just watching the sakuga on youtube because the rest is just still shots with talking for 10 minutes straight. I think I made it like 21 episodes deep and was like...meh...also saw End of Eva, too, which was interesting I guess.

I've got some figures of Unit 01, Rei and Asuka, though so it's not like I hate things in the series, just the writing I guess.

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I dont even have figures of series I do like. Allow me a single (1) Yike please

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Mech and character designs are good, they're just in a shit show. Same with Black Rock Shooter.

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I bet you guys are just too cool for most classics right?

If the characters are annoying you you're possibly not empathizing with their backstory, theyre all depressed, anxious and neurotic. I actually appreciated the show because it didn't have boring 2d characters, but more realistic interactions of dysfunctional people trying to find meaning in a post-apocalyptic world. It's not muh Shakespeare, but its just a good classic imo, though the waifu shit is a bit sad, if they erased that it'd be better.
I liken it to fight club - it has a great story and a few cool hooks - but its generally misunderstood and promoted by people for the wrong reasons.

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yeah yeah we get it, not enough waifus and he didn't diddle his little sister, so you didn't like it

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no everyone else just grew up :^)

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>the show is bad because the fans annoy me

Christ hahahaha

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>objectively good graphics for the time
>groundbreaking show that changed the entire world of anime literally overnight

nah m8, its your opinion that's shit

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Depression, anxiety and neurosis are compelling in characterization when they have a counterpoint . Shinji is a dumb fuckhead 24/7, and that makes for a pretty frustrating experience since he's the protagonist. Other main characters like Misato are way more interesting because you eventually learn she's just smiling through the tears most of the time. Also she hot

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I'm about to play the psx one.

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Npc normalfaggot.

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Nice meltdown buddy. Very Evangelion-appropriate

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I can't even beat mission 2
Why is this game so hard? the controls are basic so you have limited options but it seems like button mashing to win but you can only get hit a couple times

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you don't have to buttonmash when you fight, however, there is some button mashing required to break the angel's AT Field (it's not mindless buttonmash though, you have to get the right timing).
Once you break the angel's AT Field, you can hit them more consecutively, or you can grapple them.
Check out some online FAQ to see the full details.
matarael and leliel appear on the simulation mode though.

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I'm starting to get the hang of it I think. On mission 2 I won by using AB at the same time, which did a lot of damage. I still can't understand how to break their AT field. You put up your own AT field, let them hit it, and then do what?
Mission 3 was weird, I won in one shot even though you'd think it would take two at least. Mission 4 felt incredibly hard at the second part but I'm playing on an emulator with keyboard so that's probably why.

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Are you me?

>> No.5433665

>You put up your own AT field, let them hit it, and then do what?
Once the Eva starts trying to break the AT Field, you have to buttonmash (I think it was B and one of the C buttons), you have to time it though as I said, it has to be fast but also consistent. As I said, just check out gameFAQ for full detail, I'm not remembering everything right now.
And yeah missions vary, if you're playing with keyboard on an emulator you might have difficulty later on in mission 11, where very precise aiming is required.

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>only 2 or 3 people discussing the actual game
>everyone else being special snowflakes repeating the same shit as always (2deep4u, anno this, anno that)
I guess it couldn't be any other way huh.

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There isn't even a robot genre

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I'm guessing it's A and down C. That seems to be the button mashing you have to consistently do.
I'm on the Sahaquiel level and the last action is hard, you gotta mash it even harder than in mission 4. Might need a controller for this.

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To break AT fields you press down C and A after one another in rapid succession. You can also dodge attacks if you press the B button at the right time. Those are probably the two most important things to know for battles that work like that. I think mission 11 is the only one that plays like a fighting game that doesn't have an AT field.

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The timing of the buttonmash can be tricky though. You have to make sure it's in succession (if you fuck up and press the same button twice, the build up resets).
Also sorry it wasn't mission 11, I think it was mission 10, the one where you need to aim the spear of longinus.
Mission 11 I think was the kaworu-controlled Eva-02, which doesn't have AT Field iirc, but has buttonmashing when Eva-02 tries to attack you.

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Because the game, while it emulates okay compared to other roms, still played like dogshit in project64.

>> No.5433996

peak retro

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I ended up getting it down. Like you said it's a lot more timing than just going as fast as possible. Tough but possible with keyboard.
Now I'm stuck on mission 9, there's no setting in Project64 that allows the analog stick to register two movements at once.
Fun game though. I enjoy the puzzle-like fights. Magma diver was neat and so was the Israfel fight.

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That's how OGs watched it. Or LDs if you were in Japan.
And for the movies you had to look out for some bootleg fansub VHSs since those weren't released outside of Japan until 2002 or 2003 through Manga Films.

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I think a lot of it has to do with your sync ratio. I don't remember if I ever tried getting max sync ratio and then try doing all possible stick combinations.
>Now I'm stuck on mission 9
that's Zeruel, right? That's one tough QTE shitfest. It's still really cool though because you can alter some stuff (like you can avoid Zeruel chopping off Eva-01's arm), but the time window to react to the QTE is REALLY small.

>> No.5434029

Yeah, it's the Zeruel one. I've been getting down the timing on the basic commands but it's literally impossible to do the multi-directional ones in an emulator. At least project64 from what I can tell.

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Yeah and as I told you, you might have trouble in the next mission where you need to aim the lance, very precisely, through X and Y axis.
Hopefully you can work around these 2, because the later missions in the game are the best ones.
Be aware though, you will have to play the game 2 more times to get the full ending, this is kinda in reference to the way the movies were released. First ending is Death and Rebirth ending, second ending is Episode 25 Air, and then the final one.

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Did you emulate it or play it on N64? I know you can play JP games with a gameshark so I may just do that.

>> No.5434085

I played it on the console.
You can remove 2 tabs on the N64 slot and just play japanese games without a gameshark, or if you have a gamebit screwer, just swap the back of some western cart.

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this is not a meltdown, it was a








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They LARP as people who can read Japanese. They can't.

>> No.5434162

Probably the only kanji you need to know to understand the ingame instructions are 上, 下, and 押

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Mission 9 was finally possible with Mupen64. Mission 10 was rather easy, only took a few tries to get the aim down.
Mission 11 is pretty tough, the button mashing parts are harder than any other. I feel like I'm going to break my keyboard if I have to do them to win. Hopefully I can find a way to evade attacks and avoid getting into the clashes consistently.

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if you want to play a fucking game you play it regardless of everything else. when mother 3 came out i played through it in japanese day 1 because i wanted to, and i didn't care how much pointless walking around i had to do. if i can do that with any given jrpg i think you can fuckin do it with an easy ass minigame collection like eva

>hrmmm nobody took my bait better post onions...
>ahhh there we go, somebody will surely get butthurt now!
epic retard lmao

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Don't bother doing any action that force you to button mash in mission 11. I believe if you press A while holding back you do a horizontal slash. The horizontal slash is the only attack you can do without going into a button mash struggle.

>> No.5434412

I ended up beating it with about 4 button mash clashes and a couple normal attacks. You just got to get the timing down but it's probably much easier with a controller.
The first two stages on normal already seem to be a bit more difficult but they were easy anyway. Do the button mashing and QTE missions get considerably harder? Like the timing gets worse or something?

>> No.5434425

Not that I know of for the QTE's. I had no problem with most of them. The lance one can sometimes be a little tight, but most should be do-able outside of mission 11 which was just frustrating and a strain to me.

The thing that amuses me the most is how easy mission 3 is. You can beat it in less than a minute.

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This is the real reason why many pseuds hate Eva, right? Because it's "entry level"/popular by today's standards.
It's a shame you missed out on actually watching Eva when it was new, so your hipster ass could enjoy it without prejudices.

>> No.5434434

There is definitely some difficulty whiplash. Mission 3 was strange, I don't know why you can clear in one shot unless that changes in other difficulties. Should be at least 2 to match the anime.
Magma diver was pretty easy, same with the Israfel fight. Then you have Zeruel which is the complete opposite in difficulty.

>> No.5435061

That's wrong though, if you just watch NGE and then EoE everything works perfectly well. In fact that's the optimal way to watch Eva, I'd say. Everything that matters in the proper order, and no unnecessary bullshit.

>> No.5435076

>Should be at least 2 to match the anime
There are other occasions where you can outperform the anime, too.
For example you can clear "Both of you, Dance like you want to win!" and stick the landing at the end. Pretty neat.

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Also you can beat sachiel without going berserk

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>Npc normalfaggot
"hahahaha I'll never be like you robots it's called a dakimakura you uncultured swine oh my god I'm so alone being a NEET is a badge of honor"

Anime was a mistake.

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Please tell me the game has this or another scene that is at least as good.

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I like some of those things as well. You can beat certain angels without going berserk or losing your umbilical cable.

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>jizz stains all over

>> No.5441558

I just realized, this game has new voiceovers from the original VAs.
That's actually really cool, Kaworu's humming is different here.

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Majestic Prince
Big O
Sam flam

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Are there any other giant monster battle simulation games besides Evangelion, Ultraman and Super Godzilla?

>> No.5443383

King of the Monsters is the only one that comes to mind besides those.
Tech Romancer KIND OF qualifies, but it's just as much(if not more) mecha battles as monsters.

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kind of related, does anyone have good scans of the whole box for this game? i house my games in those universal game cases and would like one for this game, but i can't find a scan of the box complete with the spine anywhere. there's nothing on the cover project.

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>pls respond

>> No.5445135

Because the total conversion for Doom of it just totally killed my love of the game and of that useless anime

>> No.5445281

>Because the total conversion for Doom of it
got a link?

>> No.5445539

Imagine being this upset that some random person online bad-mouthed your favorite cartoon. Yikes.

>> No.5445563

the what now?

>> No.5445852

Damn, I remember moot showing his Laserdisc collection, time sure fucking flies.

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C'mon man, that just makes me feel old and sad.

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I like classic anime that are good.

Bubblegum Crisis, 79' Gundam, Shin Cutey Honey, Gunsmith Cats...Eva's just overrated, like a lot of the anime you people watched when you were in high school. Cowboy Beebop isn't as good as you think it is, either.

>> No.5447567

>anime that are good.
None, then.

>> No.5447789

I like all of these series you listed, but you sound like a tryhard poser.

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So what's up with that hidden 2 players mode?
Is it only accessible through game genie/cheat devices/emulation?

>> No.5449195

Did you play it anon?
Also anyone knows if the console versions of Girlfriend of Steel were censored from the PC original?
You know, because of that scene.

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Ah, so that's where that cool illustration was from. Didn't even know there was a 64 game.

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>You know, because of that scene.
What scene?

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you know, that one

>> No.5452201

I always knew Mana was best girl.

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Mana did nothing wrong

>> No.5452216

I fucking hate fan service.

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