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>does not have a single game with 2D graphics

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>does not have a single game
Yes, we know.

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Mortal Kombat ultimate

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yes there are, just use google. I see no need for this thread to exist

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What about paper Mario?

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do you think OP is actually looking for recommendations? Just don't reply to this shit thread

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You had to be there. The N64 highly touted as super advanced hardware that could deliver Hollywood level graphics. Yes, N64 games look blocky and blurry now but at the time people were amazed and saw no reason to back to traditional hand drawn sprite-based games.

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I'll reply to whatever I want to, thanks.

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And that's a good thing. 2D games were always shit.

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>2D games were always shit.
Its a shame that they didn't make a 2d castlevania or metroid game on the n64. There was lots of potential for something amazing.

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/v/ thread

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puzzle league

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Metroid was a no-go because of the controller

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>2D gamess were always shit.
kys you fucking jew cunt.

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Dr. Mario 64

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Nani? I played Bangai-O on the dreamcast
Neat game. Lots of levels

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NBA Hangtime

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If he asked for some recommended 2D n64 games this board would have told home to fuck off. Triggering people into answering is the way to get it done here

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>does not have a single post without shit

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I wish all the kids would stay in /v/

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>because of the controller

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Based. N64 was true 3D machine.

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It's clearly 3D.