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I was thinking of modding my snes classic to have Earthworm Jim. Question is, do I load the snes version or genesis version on to it?

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Can the snes classic even run genesis games? Either way pick the snes version, they're the same except snes has better colours.

t. Sega fanboy

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SNES version has a lower resolution, fucked up aspect ratio, shit music and literally missing one level.

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First, toss out the ShitNES Cucksic and emulate on anything else. EWJ2 won't even work on it. Second, play the Sega CD port of EWJ1 and either the Saturn or PS1 port of EWJ2. Like >>5416198 said, EWJ on SNES is mediocre at best, especially the first game which was clearly designed for the Genesis first.
>SNES version missing levels and stretches out sprites
>they're the same except snes has better colours.
Why would you tell lies on the internet?

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Also did ps1 earthworm Jim 2 use dualshock? I've got a playstation classic I could put it on to.

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It was ported to PS1 in 1996 to answer your question.

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Snes classic can run retroarch about as well as an rpi3

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>What is 256x224?
>What is Intestinal Distress?

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Yes you can sideload pretty much any gen4 and before emus with minimal trouble. Honestly a neat little device famalmajam

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sega cd version
that's the best one

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It is, but they're discussing SNES vs Genesis here It's Genesis duh

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SNES version is weirdly zoomed in, it's harder to see enemies 'n shit before you run into them.

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this is quite possibly the most retarded thing I have ever read on /vr/

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It's not zoomed in, but the SNES view in pixels is narrower (1:1 instead of 3:4) which indeed reduces visibility

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The word you're looking for is "cropped".

Also, play the Sega CD version, OP.

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Put both EWJ and EWJ 2 versions.

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Sega CD is the superior version of all versions.

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EWJ2 does work. Just make sure you fix the rom in hackchi or whatever the program is called. Pretty sure 99% of all SNES games were with the native Emulator now.

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Daily reminder Doug Tennapel is a shitlord and playing any of his games is problematic

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I like him because he triggers the fags and degenerates

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cry me a river, queer

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