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Shit game design general

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the shattered tubes on either side of it

bad thread design general

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a lot of people didn't, but it's the only iggly niggly thing in the game

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Remember the unscannable fake wall at the end?

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How's life having an IQ of 75?
Things must be tough huh, not just video games...
Hang in there little buddy.
You can always watch TV for entertainment

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before getting the x-ray scanner you get into a habit of setting off a bomb in every single screen to see if hidden items/paths get uncovered. or at least I did

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How the fuck were you supposed to know you had to walk through a random waterfall when the game gives you zero hints that this is the only way to progress in this dungeon. This shit took me forever as a kid.

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You're not getting the X-ray scanner unless you do

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Literally the most obvious thing in the entire game

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ïf you watch the demos at the start of the game they show you it

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You come through here on your way to Norfair, then on your way down through Maridia just before you get back here you come across a shattered tube in a room full of enemies that drop Power Bombs.

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You weren't. That game wasn't designed for 00's babies.

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What is with these fucking threads?

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When you're lifting the pots in the room next to it, you can see there's another room to the right. The idea is that you're supposed to see that room, get an idea where the entrance was, then start looking for it in the previous room.

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Watch the demo. And common sense.

Bad thread general.
Also, millenial general.

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This is the part that had me stuck for ages until I said fuck it and bought the strategy guide.

Really wish I had more patience to figure it out because once I had the guide, I think I relied on it more than I had to and it kinda spoiled discovering stuff on my own. This tiny brick to progress the game wasn't very intuitive to me, though.

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( ( ( w i d e s c r e e n ) ) )

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Metal Gear Solid making you need to check the back of the case for a code, but the game itself kept calling it "the box" leaving you confused. Not to mention if you had rented the game...youd be stonewalled at that point.

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Weird how that "random" corridor is in a completely different zone (maridia) than everything around. You also go through another tube that is exactly like this one but broken from the other entrance after wrecked ship.

You don't need to be a genius to figure this shit out anon. 6 years old me could do it.

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Oh look, it's THIS thread again...

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You might want pic related for future use.

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why would that room exist if you couldnt break the tube? why walk through 1 door to another with a total width the same as the screen and no one to fight?

are you retarded or just a drone mindlessly carrying out orders needing waypoints on map to navigate through life. did you eat food today? did soem one have to hand you the food? how the fuck were you suppose to know you needed food?... or what hole it goes in?

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>why would that room exist if you couldnt break the tube?
To look cool.

>1 door to another with a total width the same as the screen and no one to fight?
Not sure what you're trying to say. "Why have an empty room?" Maybe it spaces out the other locations on the map so they connect together.

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earthbound waterfall

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the game literally tells you exactly what to do

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cool pic anon

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Yeah, I think this got me stuck too. You're supposed to notice that there's an adjacent room on the map and try bombing the blocks I guess but they probably should have used different blocks.

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One time I sent dick pics to a girl who told me I had a "fat" dick. Can you believe that shit? I'd rather she have called it wide.

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If you fuck around long enough someone will just give you the codec frequency you need.

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I couldn't find a screencap of that room and had to pull it from a youtube video.

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To my memory, it doesn't. The demo just shows Samus putzing around in the tube and it cuts away before she does anything.

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Only real 90's kids didn't get stuck there because of this commercial. Everyone else is utterly BTFO forever for not knowing this.

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epic post my dude xD

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this thread happened 3 months ago

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Ah, guess I was just stupid.

I think I was looking for a bombable wall, the waterfall mechanic had not been used before.

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>i'm in a glass tube with obvious passages up and down, wat do?
Are you fucking serious?

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>3 months ago

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>powerbomb thick glass tube
>it shatters
>powerbomb plants
>nothing happens
But no you're right anon, video games are 100% logical and always make intuitive sense.

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Holy fucking shit YOU ARE SERIOUS!
Hey, like a powerbomb should burn the entire surface of everything it hits because we have to be TOTALLY EXACT in effects.

Hey did you know that there's a waterfall in ALttP you can enter and toss your shield into and it becomes a special purple rupee? You can repeat this indefinitely, just buy a new shield and toss it in and you get another purple rupee, worth 50 rupees. I bet you can't figure out where, though!

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Original game went with a booklet.

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There player could find the map of Zebes.

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Should've checked the map

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You mean the version with the guide book?

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Can we please kill bait threads like this?

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>Not to mention if you had rented the game...youd be stonewalled at that point.
only when renting from shitty rental stores.

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It happens at least twice a week, with changing OPs.

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>waterfall mechanic had not been used before.
The idea of looking for secrets behind waterfalls shouldn't have to be introduced to you.

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>he don't bombed every single room looking for breaked walls and secret passages

Jokes on you.

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surely at some point it must. what's the earliest case of a waterfall hiding a secret in a videogame?

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>what's the earliest case of a kid being unable to imagine that a toy that mimics the real world might behave similarly?
In the case of video games it was just before xmas 1972. A group of young downies were taken on a trip to the local mall by their wrangler. Fats and his three mates waddled over to a pong machine, scared the players away with tard noises and started trying to play. The wrangler explained that it was just like ping pong. There was a ball and a paddle and he pointed them out on the screen. And there with a dial to move the paddle. He showed him how it worked. The wrangler popped a quarter in. The ball launched across the screen. Fats spun the dial frantically. The ball flew right past. "You're supposed to block the ball with the paddle, Fats, said the wrangler. "HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW" screamed Fats. And tards have been saying the same thing ever since.

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I may as well throw in my $0.02.

I saw the commercial (the North American one) where Samus detonates a power bomb in the glass tube, and tried it myself. I was surprised a delighted at the results.

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It's not part of the game's demo reels when leaving it idle on the title screen. Those reels don't show the tube room at all. You're thinking of the North American commercial.

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This is correct, it's not in the demo. There were 4 demo reels, but none of them had the bomb.

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Wasn't it see through with the xray scope?

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I genuinely agree and I did it out on my own.
I was bored and accidently left a bomb there. I thought "okay I'd never have done that otherwise"

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The ultimate zoomer filter

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i remember my friend calling my frantic with frustration asking me how the fuck you beat psycho mantis. he was completely beside himself when i told him. not sure how i figured it out tho

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haha yep. Realized i missed it when looking at a map and seeing a room there I didn't get.

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Metroid and Zelda games always have one or two things like this that fucking ruin the experience for me, I know exactly how you feel anon. I was playing Link's Awakening today and could not for the life of me progress in Dungeon 3 until I googled it and I was supposed to bomb a completely unmarked wall. Like how the fuck was I supposed to know to do that when EVERY other bombable wall in the game is marked in someway?

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>the word grumble is related to hunger
>hunger is caused by a lack of food
>oh look at that, I have a food item in my inventory
hmmmmmmmm I wonder what to do next?

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Post of the year right here.

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>Like how the fuck was I supposed to know to do that when EVERY other bombable wall in the game is marked in someway?
By checking the map, dingus.

>> No.5415109

>you get into a habit of setting off a bomb in every single screen to see if hidden items/paths get uncovered
Games that rely on this sort of thing are garbage. Autistically smashing everything in a room and slapping every wall in the hopes that there's a secret is bad game design.

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This is maybe the first time I had to look for a solution in a guide.

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I could barely see the map on the original GB I used to play it.

>> No.5416604

It looks nothing like any of the other transitions in the game and you can clearly see a platform above it that you could jump to if you weren't in the tube?

>> No.5416676

Then play under a lamp like you're supposed to.

>> No.5416981

That entire fucking game...

>> No.5417050

THIS took me forever

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Fucking liar. She says "it's on the back of the CD Case." Not "the box."

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>not immediately getting on your knees and sucking his cloaca.
What are you? A faggot?

>> No.5419192

>Aghanim first fight after you took the Master Sword. He will go back towards a curtain.
>Fairy fountain that gives you the red boomerang

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You pass through here at least 03 times during game play After you kill phantoom, gets the gravity suit, you go down to maridia. in marydia you see the pic related which tells you "those things can break ya dingus".

Well, you just got a Power Bomb (which you didn't have last time you passed here, since you got those on uper Red Brinstar, and from there you go to Wrecked Ship) so it's the first thing you going to try.

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I got stuck there too actually. A friend from school told me what to do.

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Pic related was the only thing hard about this whole franchise.

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>literally figured this out and easily on my first playthrough after I got the game when it first came out

Zoomers, fucking leave.

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That pillar in the shadow temple

>> No.5420428

This. Power Bombs were basically the way to explore single screen rooms.
I was like 6 when I figured out how to do this. How the fuck are Anons losing out to vastly younger versions of posters in this thread?

>> No.5420464

Colonel tells you if you keep harassing him repeatedly. Did you know there are secret codec messages when you play the helicopter battle with the sound set to mono?

>> No.5420624

What if you lived outside america where that ad didn't show at all?

>> No.5420640

You shouldn't be playing American games, then.

>> No.5420643

>in marydia you see the pic related which tells you "those things can break ya dingus".
That's a stretch. That's just part of the scenery or whatever with no indication HOW it got broken. The other pipe shows zero hints it's breakable. Not one hint that it's breakable with your arms. You'd expect it to break after some other scripted event. It could've also been possible that you could pass BEHIND the tube through some other route as there are some instances like that.


>> No.5420651

Thanks. Here's a (You) back.You're still an idiot if you need a guide or someone to tell you it could be broken.

My story with it is that it did take me a while to figure out you could break it with super bombs, I had gotten stuck, hadn't seen the commercial, but I also played a lot of video games and how long I spent on one didn't matter back then because you only had so many games to play. I don't remember how long it took, but I remember being amazed when I did try out the super bombs and they worked. I don't think any other place in the game confused me for as long, and its one of the few times I remember being stuck in an old game, the other being Star Tropics and having to dip the note into water. Which blew my mind when I figured that one out. I remember running down the hall to the bathroom with the manual in my hand.

>> No.5420654

>zero hints it's breakable

There's a platform above the tube, and you can obviously go up or down from that room. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see plants growing on another platform below the tube.

>> No.5420658

>I did something that makes no sense after being lost for so long and it had positive impact! Me so smart!

>It could've also been possible that you could pass BEHIND the tube through some other route as there are some instances like that.

>> No.5420663

>makes no sense
>uses a huge explosive to break a glass tube

>> No.5420668

I give up

>> No.5420675

I honestly don't see why this is such a mystery. Did I figure out the tube the first time I was in that room? Nope. Did I come back there after seeing what super bombs did? You bet.

I didn't have the internet back when I was playing the game, so I was taking notes on things that looked like they could be interacted with, so I wouldn't forget about them. I didn't draw my own map or anything, but I noted which area and what part of the map they were in.

I'd wager that a lot of people didn't figure out exactly what they needed to do the first time they came through there. Metroid is a series about exploration and experimentation. If something looks odd, out of place, or like it can be interacted with in some way, it likely can be.

>> No.5420728

It made perfect sense. Super bombs exposed secret areas. I think the thing that tripped me up the most is that those secrets tended to be standard sized blocks, and it didn't look like any standard sized blocks made up the tube. Still, the glass tube breaking made perfect sense.

>> No.5420734

Does x-ray reveal anything?

>> No.5420741

It doesn't.

>> No.5420746

So it makes perfect sense for the bomb to do something!

>> No.5420772

It's glass, you dolt. You can already see through it.

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File: 863 KB, 256x224, supermetroid_glass_tube_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shattered tubes don't have any glass shards, and the metal casings on the are disfigured and partly evaporated as well, so they are not readily recognizable as former parts of a similar tube.

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File: 1.70 MB, 256x238, supermetroid_glass_tube_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And when you blow up the glass tube in question, all the glass evaporates magically.

In the end, the sequence of tube's blowing up is simply inconsistent. Metal, by and large, stays, in a disfigured form, glass simply ceases to exist in a blatantly gamey form. That kind of thing is impossible to predict or envision unless you have already seen it.

>> No.5420846

Moreover, as you can see, the majority of the metal floor of the corridor evaporates instantly without leaving any trace - which, again, is inconsistent with how glass "evaporates".

>> No.5420854

Damn nigs, you can even see in your examples that the metal sides of the tube become all broken making them match. You're only hurting your own retarded case at this point.

>> No.5420873

My case is that the intact glass tube is reduced to the broken glass tube in a blatantly inconsistent way, that only makes sense in retrospect.
You know, what are the biggest tells that the disfigured metal casings and the intact glass tube are the same thing? The horizontal metal stripes at the left and right sides of the screen. They are distinctive and they match perfectly. However, the game deliberately draws your attention away from examining them. In broken casings' case - by making the area choke full enemies, which alse show you a secret, and yadda-yadda - and in the intact glass tube's case - by shifting attention onto the glass itself.
Also, notice the water ripple on-screen effect, that is distracting in itself.

>> No.5420897

Also, my God, the irony
>a secret is a red herring, obfuscating the way to make actual progress with the main course of the game

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File: 23 KB, 220x193, F3DB2D38-6D70-45CD-BBB1-EDD0976ABF1F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


the game literally shows and tells you this

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>> No.5420909

>and his tard 3

>> No.5421079

Kids are best at thinking outside the box.

>> No.5421241

Threads keep dying for this shit.

>> No.5421549

I did not get that you can open red door with exactly 5 rockets and I skip whole series untill 2010. My first metroid game was other m

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>not posting the best example

>> No.5421753

That's literally explained in the manual.

>> No.5421785

>having to read a book to be aware of basic gameplay mechanics

>> No.5421789

Saving space and memory on the cartridge.

>> No.5421790

What exactly was hard about this stage?

>> No.5421793

Metroid was a Famicom Disk System game anon

>> No.5421796

Point still stands

>> No.5421802

>putting in 3 progressively more damaged red door sprites was too difficult for Nintendo's programmers
Oh my

>> No.5421810


>> No.5421812

And apparently Anonymous of /vr/ isn't good at thinking at all.

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Point proven

>> No.5421828

not an argument

>> No.5421834

What argument?

>> No.5421839

lay off the pot, buddy

>> No.5421846

What were we arguing about?

>> No.5421889 [DELETED] 

a winrar is you

>> No.5422171

>Stuck looping around Maridia over and over
>Can deduce that the glass tube is blocking access to the rest of the map, but can't find any access point
>Finally, mostly out of humor, I drop a Power Bomb in the tube thinking it would be like a shaken soda bottle that implodes
>Nothing happens initially and I feel a bit underwhelmed
>MFW I move a single pixel and suddenly the whole tube shatters

>> No.5422272

Those were some epic tales

>> No.5423416

You are not expected to ever use the barrels in that manner in the entire stage, and it makes no real sense that pressing up and down would move it. To make things worse, jumping on it produces a measurable feedback. More annoyingly; it's not explained in the manual either.

>> No.5423436

Game director even apologized publicly for that years later

>> No.5423697

>i am extremely sorry that some people are incredibly stupid
Aren't we all

>> No.5424321

Did you even have to powerbomb the tube

I could of sworn there was another way in

>> No.5424527

She says CD Case you fucking autismo. Even then if it gave you any issue all you had to do was fuck about and you'd be told the codec frequency clear as day.

>> No.5425373


>> No.5425538


>> No.5425974

You're not told it, it adds it to the menu. I tested this a while back. The fourth-wall break you're outright told is the Psycho Mantis controller port switch.

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>broken tube with exactly the same build as the intact one
>metal shearing outward clearly shows it was destroyed by an inside force
>crab meat is the bomb

Sorry you're too retarded to put 1+1 together, but that's what Nintendo Power, the hotline and game guides are for.

>> No.5426249

>crab meat is the bomb

>> No.5426279

The word you are looking for is "rumble". Nice try though.

>> No.5426280

Oh fuck that piece of shit

>> No.5426285

Ha ha, wrong.

>> No.5426295

>here take this
There is no here it's just "take this".
Get it right faggoliath

>> No.5426316

>ITT: Faggots unironically defending arbitrary difficulty with "It's supposed to be shit!"

Why is it so hard for you to admit a game you like has parts that are not good?

>> No.5426320

He's saying imitation crab meat smothered in that creamy mayonnaise based sauce from the local sushi place is good.

>> No.5426326

>Autistically smashing everything in a room and slapping every wall in the hopes that there's a secret is bad game design.

>> No.5426425

The broken tube is identical to the intact tube as its one of the only doors that don't require you to fire to open them.

>> No.5426430
File: 146 KB, 1000x563, 1pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Games that rely on this sort of thing are garbage

Emphasis on RELY, because SM leaves you visual clues. Of course, if you're a brainlet, you can always bruteforce, but that is not the intended design.

>> No.5426659

>hurr i think running around a room for an hour spamming inputs on every pixel is fun

Yes, emphasis on rely. If a game gives you hints, even if they're subtle, then of course hiding something is fine. In that case, it actually feels rewarding to discover or figure out a secret, rather than feeling like a chore or pure luck. If an item or whatever is hidden with zero indication it's there, and you're expected to just smash everything in the room like a retard to find it, then yes, I think that's bad game design. Of course, if it's a goofy dev secret, I think it's fine to make that as obscure as you want. Doom is an example of a game that I think has phenomenal secrets; many of them are far from obvious, but virtually every secret has a subtle visual or audio cue. On the other hand, I think the shotgun in DMC 1 is an example of shit game design: it's just hidden in a random fucking environmental destructible.

>> No.5428017

In my first playthough of Super Metroid I got stuck trying to make progress AFTER bombing out that glass tube room. More specifically, I couldn't find Draygon's boss room and resorted to looking it up online.

How did they expect you to ever jump into that false spike pit, let alone use the scanner on them to discover they aren't real?

>> No.5428023

Maybe I'm remembering wrong but I think shooting at them makes the projectiles pass through instead of crashing into the spikes like normal although I don't see why anyone would shoot it either.

>> No.5428947

>in that creamy mayonnaise based sauce
You mean that pink stuff? In Britain we call that prawn cocktail sauce, if you want to make it just mix equal portions of ketchup and mayo.

>> No.5428961
File: 66 KB, 639x361, 0fb791c099ecab1314f0709e361220fed3d6c343b592d0d90b88e134572f56d0_product_card_v2_mobile_slider_639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 8 KB, 640x400, 30-04-018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For real though, this makes sense to people who study greek mythology in hindsight but how the hell were you meant to figure this out beyond brute forcing?

>> No.5428974

What are you doing?

>> No.5429004

spoiler that shit

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Aerith dies, Samus is a woman, Sheik is Zelda, Darth Vader is Luke's father, the Titanic sinks, Thanos gets the infinity stones, Peach is in another castle, Mother Brain is evil, Hitler is the final boss.

>> No.5429158
File: 220 KB, 1600x800, ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn02.nintendo-europe.com%2Fmedia%2Fimages%2F10_share_images%2Fgames_15%2Fvirtual_console_nintendo_3ds_7%2FSI_3DSVC_BlasterMaster_image1600w.jpg&f=1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The example I toss in the pot is Blaster Master
after all that fucking way traversing through all those dungeons, how the fuck are you supposed to know that (now since you can jet around) that you're supposed to go all the way back up to the beginning?
I was annoyed as allF about how I was missing something in the last 3 areas to progress

In the first LOZ there was a waterfall secret just below where you get the master's sword from.
And earlier in LTP there was a waterfall secret to get to a fairy.
Mostly I found this because I was hugging the damn wall due to the water current and started noticing me fidgeting in that one spot. Got diverted away from there because of monsters but I came back to the spot to see if something would "push"
> just because there's usable scenery outside the playable area, it must be playable in some way
boy have I heard that before
Basic understanding here is if something works once it should work multiple times. The other glass tubes should be breakable as well. While this one should have had some cracks on it to show that it was weakened in some way and only takes 1 bomb to shatter it.
Frankly ive only played Metroid once and I was never able to get out of the first few rooms because apparently you're supposed to fold up and roll under a hole. I could never figure out how to do that, so I quit.
I never played any other Metroid games...
Compiling shit game design so that indie developers dont make the same mistakes twice.
Also conversation topic to share personal opinions
good, this at least is an open ended question that uses metroid's major flaw as a starter question
> mfw he's a pacifist and is afraid to bind the "attack" button

>> No.5429173

>Basic understanding here is if something works once it should work multiple times. The other glass tubes should be breakable as well. While this one should have had some cracks on it to show that it was weakened in some way and only takes 1 bomb to shatter it.
Which other glass tubes? There's the intact one and the broken one.

>> No.5429191

> frankly ive only played metroid once and I was never able to get out of the first few rooms
> never played any other metroid games...

>> No.5429263
File: 257 KB, 458x717, Kino Temple.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>convinces an entire generation of kids that their game is broken
>its legacy ruins water in videogames for the indefinite future
>forces its creator to give out a formal apology to the world

It's literally just a room hidden under a platform that rises

>> No.5429326

It's much more civil in the 3DS version where taking the boots on and off is much easier.

>> No.5429342

Shit reminds me of the water temple in Megaman Legends 2 and how it used to destroy my emulator's fpses.

>> No.5429393

There are OoT rom patches out there that let you switch boots and tunics with the dpad now, it's pretty cool

>> No.5429650

>i 'm the first dumb kid ever

>> No.5429759

I guess I can't know for sure, because I knew about the tube before playing for the first time, but I don't think I would have struggled for long
figuring it out.

>hey man how come there are platforms outside of this tube
>might as well powerbomb it like I do everything else

>> No.5430715

Don't you already have X-Ray, by the time you acquire powerbombs?

>> No.5430737

>ITT: grown-ass men argue over what they believe is impossible, things that literal children could do in the 90's with relative ease.
Lester was right; the age of Games holding your hand for everything has turned you into idiots.

>> No.5430894

peak uniqueness

>> No.5430895

You’re assuming we weren’t kids in the 90s who were struggling with some of this cryptic shit back then.

>> No.5430896

none on rhdn

>> No.5431098

Maybe you need to play better games if that's what you're seeing.

>> No.5431116

You're autistic and is just strawmanning what anon said.

His argument is that this tube follows the kind of "natural logic" that nothing else in the game does. Before this point you have already super-bombed a ton of shit and the only things affected are specific blocks and enemies. Nothing that comprises "background" responds.

The tube is flawed design and requires thinking in "exceptions" to figure out. Even if you notice the destroyed tube before this part, in no way the game indicates that it's YOU who should destroy it and not maybe trigger a scripted event that destroys it.

>> No.5431125

I've played this for the first time a couple of years ago.
Being the retard I was then, I didn't read the manual. Took me 10 minutes to figure out you needed 5 missiles for the doors.
Found about breaking the tube by accident. Was super bombing every room in search of secrets, did it there, the whole thing broke.

>> No.5431179

>the tube requires thinking in "exceptions" to figure out
What is deductive reasoning? What is the effort lost if bombing the tube doesn't work?

>> No.5431201

It's a fucking GLASS tube and you have BOMBS, how low does your IQ have to be to not connect these two.

>> No.5431217

>and from there you go to wrecked ship
From there you turn around and go back to Norfair, get the Grapple Beam, and then turn around again and go back up to the Wrecked Ship.

>> No.5431227

crabs have a high power bomb ammo drop rate
also a player would have been likely to use a power bomb there to clear out the large number of crabs

>> No.5431237

>also a player would have been likely to use a power bomb there to clear out the large number of crabs

>> No.5431251

You need the Grapple Beam to get the X-Ray Scope, and you need Power Bombs to get the Grapple Beam. This is on top of needing Power Bombs to even open the door leading to the X-Ray Scope in the first place.
Using the intended route through the game at least.

I bet you're one of those people who saves sepcial items "just in case I need them" and then never uses them. Power Bombs are there to be used, not hoarded. And it's not like you'll ever run out. The game gives you plenty of them.

>> No.5431258

Also the fact that the camera pans to specifically show the hole when raising the water in that room, in the 3DS version.

>> No.5431261

>and then never uses them
I use them when they're absolutely NECESSARY. That situation is not one of them.

>> No.5431269

So basically you are one of those people.
The point still stands that crabs drop Power Bomb Ammo at a high rate. There are lots of them in that room. It's not much of a stretch to think that may be yet another hint to bomb the tube.

>> No.5431274

Consider I didn't know about the drop rate because I didn't pay to it and I'm fairly sure not many others did, I'd say that's a big fucking stretch.

>> No.5431278

...try to ignore missing words. Migraine.

>> No.5431303

Weapons grade autism right here folks

>> No.5431323

Bombs don’t work on it, though. Only power bombs do.

>> No.5431328
File: 21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this was 1000x more bullshit and i quit the fucking game because of it

>> No.5431336

I swear, how the fuck did so many people make it this far in super metroid without figuring out that you have to try shit sometimes? I didn't immediately guess [s.bomb the connecting bridge] but I did figure "Hmm, kinda weird that this area is totally different than any other place, I wonder why, better start trying shit."

>> No.5431341


>> No.5431365

Probably because so far everything else has been little more obvious. Wait, considerably MORE obvious. It wouldn't have been out of the question that you get there from top or bottom or there is some other scripted event that breaks it.

>> No.5431372

right? once the chozo statue is a boss fight there's an anything can happen anything goes mentality

>> No.5431526

It was bullshit, you are right op.

>> No.5431551

There's an enemy under the bridge, it's the game literally telling you you can get down there and kill it.

>> No.5432024

But it wasn't bullshit. It only became bullshit when children devolved into retarded fools with no problem solving skills.

>> No.5432040

do most 4chan users project onto others in this way?

>> No.5432141

You poke walls with your sword and it makes a different sound. Someone tells you to do this at some point. Holy shit I think poked every pixel possible in that game.

>> No.5432206

Pretty much

>> No.5432226

Remember when games required you to think? Now they're made for brainless morons.

>> No.5432869
File: 2 KB, 256x224, 1552451164232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck were you supposed to know besides buying the Power Guide?

>> No.5432871
File: 494 KB, 1920x1080, nintendo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's an even higher difficulty and a reskin of the main character locked behind an amibo!

>> No.5432872

Lmao, this.

>> No.5433026


i figured it out when i was 11, about a day after finding the power bombs. it's really not that complicated.... but then i remember having to explain it to a couple of my friends who were slow up on the uptake. one of my friends even said he had been setting off power bombs in every single room looking for secrets, but that he "skipped" over that room because he didn't think it was important.

>> No.5433032


wow, what a hot take. no one has ever said this about any game before, now that you've pointed it out, i'll start hating all games that don't give me big blinking arrows telling me exactly what to do. thanks for the wake up call!

>> No.5433225

>are most 4chan users underage like me

>> No.5433231
File: 74 KB, 446x435, 1551612034579.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bad thread design general
But he's right. No other area in Super Metroid is designed in such a way. Bombs tend to only affect a single block, and those blocks tend to reset to their original state after you leave and return.

It's a contradiciton of the game mechanics, and therefore not intuitive at all.

>> No.5433253 [SPOILER] 
File: 73 KB, 300x300, 1552480590932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's nothing OP. Pic related is as far as my stoner parents and I got when I was about 7 or 8.

My dad especially loved the game, figured out every obtuse secret up to this point.
Once we got past Ridley though, everyone assumed he was the last boss. All 3 of us forgot about mother brain and the statue and had no idea what to do after this.

We got a genesis a week later and never really went back to it.
I finally beat it in my teens and it remains my favorite snes title.

>> No.5433365

Bombing your first regular block is equally contradictive by that logic. Nice try though.

>> No.5433394


How was I suppose to know that the question mark blocks in mario have stuff inside them if you hit them from the bottom? They do literally nothing when you hit them from the top. It's a contradiction in mechanics, so unintuitive, bad design!

>> No.5433401

Common sense and it's literally explained in the manual.

>> No.5433408

>Common sense

my point exactly, thank you

>> No.5433409

I actually got into a heated argument as a kid with my buddy over this. He tried to explain to me in detail that his game glitched and he couldn't progress in the temple. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out because I never once considered it hard or complicated. Perhaps I was lucky or my child brain had advanced spatial awareness. I remember waiting for the weekend to get a ride out to his place and in a few minutes I ran straight through his "glitched" game and we spent the next 10 minutes laughing.

>> No.5433413

Shame it's not related to the topic at hand.

>> No.5433431


shame that you don't understand analogy.

>> No.5433439

>you don't understand analogy.

what do you expect, he doesn't think using a new "super bomb" powerup to blow up glass is intuitive... give him a break

>> No.5433447

I do. You just picked something that doesn't compare. Doing something that's explained in the manual and is intuitive vs. something even biggest defenders admitted a long time before they founded and basically by accident.

>> No.5433449
File: 27 KB, 640x480, 1284872977831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...what the hell is with my writing today? I can't any language.

>> No.5433456

*something even biggest defenders here have admitted they were lost a long time before they found it basically by accident.

>> No.5433458


> if it's not in the manual, it's not intuitive
> when i'm playing through a game for the first time, if i reach a point where i have to do something new and different, that's shit design right there
> even the biggest defenders agree with me, lots of people are saying, believe me

you're trying really hard, i appreciate the effort, but you're just not getting there. Super Metroid has many flaws, but the glass tube is literally not one of them. In fact, this might be the single best example of why SM is better than Fusion, because it naturally guides you through the game using subtle clues and requiring common sense

>> No.5433482

>common sense
>everyone in thread has practically said they found it by trial and error

>> No.5433489


again, I found it by accident as well, when I was 11, the next day after finding the power bombs. I'm not sure what finding it by "not accident" would mean other than looking it up in a guide.

This has got me thinking though, about what I consider to be the biggest design flaw in SM, which is the whole "back door" to maridia through the wrecked ship. It's a dead end until you kill draygon, it leads nowhere, and the only thing it offers is that glimpse of the broken tube. While yes, that is a hint, it's an extremely subtle hint, and it's placed way out of the way. I think most players are frustrated because they thought they were supposed to progress into maridia via the wrecked ship, and it turns out to be a long dead end

>> No.5433493

I'm just trying to figure out why you called it common sense and keep insulting others intelligence for it.

>> No.5433498


I'm just trying to figure out why you called it unintuitive and keep insulting game design principles for it

>> No.5433506

What principles does it follow?

>> No.5433508


- get new powerup
- return to unique place
- try new powerup
- profit

>> No.5433513

What makes it unique?

>> No.5433685

The camera angle in the original was absolute dog shit. There was no other indication there was supposed to be a room under there.

>> No.5433694
File: 23 KB, 360x242, witch3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wooden box
>temple fills with water
>wood floats

>> No.5433731

It’s mayo, paprika, and a dash of rice wine vinegar you bucktoothed neanderthal

>> No.5433832

You should read the thread again then.

>> No.5433916


wow ok you're obviously trolling. sorry for letting you waist my time

>> No.5433929


shit dude. different art elements, different background, different minimap, different music, different screen transitions, a unique set piece that you visit literally right before and right after receiving the power bombs, and the only other piece in the game that looks anything like it as an exploded version of the same pipe, where it can clearly be seen that an explosion occured from the inside of the pipe. hmmm, so confusing. standing there in the pipe and seeing the platform right above it, and never thinking of how i could possibly get from point A to point B, because we all know setting off bombs is "unintuitive" in a metroid game. excellent argument

>> No.5433945

Technically, you are supposed to first enter Maridia from the Wrecked Ship. You get the Gravity Suit from there, you follow the flooded areas that no longer weigh you down, and you reach the next major location. And then when you find yourself falling back into Brinstar at the end, you have to figure out what's blocking you off.

Also, getting the Spring Ball early helps a lot with the quicksand, as you can just ball up and bounce on the surface quickly.

>> No.5433969

It took you 3 hours to think this?

I know you're angry but could you please reconstruct this post so that it's easier to read? Thank you.

>> No.5433979

It was "trial and error" on my first try because my first thought was a bomb will probably shatter glass

>> No.5433986

I'm sure that was your first thought when nothing else gives any kind of feedback.

>> No.5434003


you won't convinse this guy. his stance is that any game mechanic that isn't explicitly spelled out for you and spoonfed to you is bad, and that anything requiring observation or problem solving skills is bad. we obviously just don't like the same type of games. i guess his definition of "bad" game design is something that isn't designed to appeal to the lowest possible demoninator

>> No.5434010


yeah i tried incorporating that path into my 100% speed runs for a while, but it's just too long compared to the other way, and you have to go through there later anyway for the spring ball and the quicksand powerups so its a gayfest. i kinda wonder why that area is in the game at all, it's like extra content that is never really used, like the boulders and the monsters in the dry part, and that room with the Oums

>> No.5434028

At least change your writing style.

>> No.5434039



>> No.5434043

That's better. That wasn't so hard, was it?

>> No.5434067


not as hard as figuring out that bombs break glass, that's four sure

>> No.5434072

But the bombs do nothing

>> No.5434083


wow ok you're obviously trolling. sorry for letting you waist my time

>> No.5434093

Now that's lazy

>> No.5434446

You know that's not what he meant at all.

>> No.5435441

>doesn't compare.

lol I like this guy. Sorry but I'm not a manualfag, and if you have to have everything explained too you then you probably shouldn't be playing metroid anyway. It's not the game designers fault, maybe they should have put a warning on the label or something, but if you think the concept of breaking glass with a bomb is "uninututative" then you should probably stick to angry birds or modern family or something like that

>> No.5435453
File: 23 KB, 1000x625, The-Word-That-Makes-55-of-People-Yawn-When-They-Read-It-ft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5435462


such edge. although i personally would act like that, even if i lost a debate

>> No.5435467
File: 17 KB, 360x360, weird-reason-you-yawn-700_0.jpg?itok=UeFSBwsT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like now?

>> No.5435493

you're supposed to bomb every single tile in the game

>> No.5435508

Or you just check every single number

>> No.5435878


that's weird, i hope i never act like that if/when i lose a debate

>> No.5435957

Yeah, and Sonic Jam took it out

>> No.5436036

Do you find his post unintuitive as well? :*

>> No.5436059
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