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last thread here: >>5368418

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what is it? "if fighting games were real?"

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fucking sanic

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I've been here. It's located in a nearly deserted mall.

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Just an expert kicking a scrub off the machine.
OHKOs have to be prepared and require specific conditions so your opponent practically has to walk right into it otherwise it won't work and you're going to get punished.

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Samurai Shodown has some ludicrous damage.

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Almost every mall is nearly deserted nowadays.

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Hey I used to live right next to the deserted mall that this place is in.

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I haven't been to Arcade Legacy in years, shieeet

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isn't this from that dead mall video series, Dan something?

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God I fucking love this game, hard as shit and I wish I had the MVS cart for my Neo Geo cab

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That GDX movement tho

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>everyone keeps talking about "that dead mall"
>no one says where it is even though apparently half of /vr/ lives next door to it

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The new Samurai Shodown looks pretty cool as well.

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Here you go. The mall may be dead but Arcade Legacy is seriously legit. Tons of classic machines and they're all on free play. You just pay by the hour or 10 bux to play all night.

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This is the only released (gameplay) footage of Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Heart of Gaia, a cancelled PC game from around 20 years ago based on the World of Darkness tabletop RPG line (famous for being the basis of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines).

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There's also a bunch of cut scenes from it that have been released online.


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That is a fantastic channel. Thanks for posting that.

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Great game.

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Arcade Legacy, a bit north of Cincinnati, OH

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Thanks for the info.

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Hello, fellow (ex)Cincinnatians! An Arcade Legacy opened up near me a little over a year ago. I love this place.

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This the original Genesis game?

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Oh man I forgot about this game

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I don't think most people even heard of it in the first place lol.

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...or cared. I think other racers overshadowed it at the time but it's actually great.

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Whats that game?

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The guy who made these is a true patriot.

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>Sonic R

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Hitler is always op

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Some of these are questionable at best.

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>No Powerslave
Ok then...

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I only played it because I found it in my dad's old CDs but I loved it

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That's some good stuff right there. I always thought the first 30 seconds of Turok 2 were the best part really, you fucking faggot.

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*ahem* FUCK Kyo Kusanagi and FUCK Ash Crimson.

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English translation when

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This is the Saturn version?

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goofy as shit

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Thanks for the reply.

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>butch dykes fighting it out
Is this some kind of fetish?

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this feels off

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GDX ist still more accurate than Nblood. Nblood can't even properly play back original demos.

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It's one of the source ports I think?

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you see their butts when they melt. Then later their tits

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Not to the extent of Cincinnati Mall. The arcade is the only business still operating in the mall, along with Kohl's and Bass Pro (which keep the mall open). It's literally empty aside from that.

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I just remembered I lost my Wii Fit U pedometer in that fucking mall 5 years ago
It was fun going through the empty husk to get to the arcade though
I also remember they used to have an official Namco Arcade there before the mall was dead, which was pretty cool but not exactly /vr/. The owner got busted for child porn and they shut it down.

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How many fighters does this have? It must have taken a long time to film all possible combinations.

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The goth one could get it.

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11. 10 playable and another one just for the tutorial.

Aja Kong
Akira Hokuto
Yumiko Hotta
Manami Toyota
Toshiyo Yamada
Kyoko Inoue
Takako Inoue
Etsuko Mita
Mima Shimoda
Sakie Hasegawa
(Lioness Asuka)

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Well FUCK! I never would have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out.

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srsly what game is this? cant see the filename for some reason

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Where did I say to use NBlood? BLOOD.EXE is all I need, it's 1:1 accurate to the original game.

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Waxworks. What the fuck are you using to browse 4chan if you can't see filenames?

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BloodGDX movement is accurate, period. If it wasn't accurate you'd obviously get demo gameplay desync out the ass. Only an idiot would think "it's off", and would only think that because he's used to the retarded, shitty, input laggy performance of dosbox. If anything, GDX movement is more accurate to actually playing Blood on a real DOS machine; it's dosbox that feels like fucking shit.

Wow, congrats, want a cookie? Too bad you'll always be an ugly insufferable 4chan virgin.

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mozilla on my phone. oddly enough i could see the filename of the .gif telling me to look at the filename. dunno if its a webm related issue.
And thanks!

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Nobody asked about your weekend plans

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I actually like the graphic style, I hope its good

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Ok, the point about gdx is correct, but the dosbox part is fucking retarded. It's not off, it's the fucking game as it is, plain and simple. Holy shit you fucking sperglord, unbelievable.

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>GDX movement is more accurate to actually playing Blood on a real DOS

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The inherent input lag present in DOSBox is NOT part of the "original experience". You did NOT get the input lag you get in DOSBox Blood when playing Blood on an actual Win '98 machine. DOSBox emulated performance of Blood is NOT the same at all and if you think it is you are literally fucking clueless. So yes, GDX movement is objectively more accurate than the pile of shit that is the input laggy DOSBox movement.

Oh wow a virgin quoted my post in greentext and selected a reaction image from his 10gb 4chan folder I am so owned now.

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>"muh lady"

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These aren't that hard to do on a real machine even if you're not very good at pinball. Super satisfying. Nothing feels as good as a well-executed dead drop though, it feels like you stopped the ball with your mind.

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I meant "live catch" not "dead drop", mixing up pinball and vogueing again

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Why are you lying

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About what?

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the fug

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Oh my God, it's full of stars.

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I love this place, I used to go almost every weekend.

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Is Umihara Kawase /vr/'s favorite "cult" game?

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What the fuck IS this?

>> No.5431339

Cool game, but probably way too hard for me. Seems like the controls work very well though, given the complexity demonstrated.

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Modern browsers are just as bad de su. It's not like coming here in 2005 at all. You're absolutely right that phone posting is cancer, but phones have become more ubiquitous than comps. I live in poverty despite working 7 days a week and cannot afford a damned landline. :(
Luckily no one has to know what sins I commit, unless I specifically share them.

>> No.5431663

Have you ever considered that maybe you can't afford a "landline" BECAUSE you spent your money on a fucking phone?

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>t. out of touch boomer who thinks that phones are still luxury items

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Sure. Since I'm in the field at work all day, which am I going to take with me, the landline or the cellphone?

>> No.5432902

Why do you need a phone at WORK?

>> No.5432920

Not him but holy shit have you ever left the house before in your life?

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I don't know what's going on in this game, but I kept expecting it to turn into some Clock Tower shit.

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Yeha, you've convinced me that self awareness is the most important thing to work towards.

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What the fuck kind of irrelevant job do you have that you can even have time to use a phone during it?

>> No.5433050

Do you just lose essential humanity during certain hours of certain days each week?

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nigga do you not work at WORK?

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Check this shit out. How many of you even knew that you could do combos on this level in AVP Arcade?

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You just moved the Sector Effector into a different sector, admit it

>> No.5435069

I got that from another thread. The poster who posted it claimed that it was an unintended glitch that resulted from him trying to do something totally unrelated.

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File: 2.86 MB, 1080x600, NFL Blitz (02).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>fully extended salute

one job

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i've always thought last blade was prettier but this looks pretty sick.

>> No.5437153

The Last Blade was great, but it never was quite as great as Samurai Shodown.

>> No.5437301

Is he throwing his right arm to make the swastika projectile?

>> No.5437440

Yeah I think so

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Why isn't this thread fucking bumping anymore? This is some bullshit. The mods need to stop auto-saging shit on this board. They've killed the RollerCoaster Tycoon Generals outright by pulling this bullshit.

>> No.5437792

Read this >>5431403
Doesn't make it right, but read it.

>> No.5438004

Hopefully they'll go back to how it was originally, so that /vr/ can return to its normal state.

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>> No.5438771

They'll only go back if the change makes the mods jobs more difficult instead of less. They've made it clear that they don't have time to deal with /vr/'s problems.