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How much of a step-up from the SNES was this thing in terms of power anyways?

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With absolute no knowledge of the hardware specs whatsoever I'd say none at all.

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It could do sprite scaling which the SNES wasn't capable of.

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speaking of raw power, it wasnt stronger than the snes, but it does beat the genesis hard.

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I think it was a fair bit better on the CPU side, but graphically speaking the monochrome picture makes it hard to tell but it had a slightly higher resolution.

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Simple thing to answer.
Could a game like Teleroboxer run on the SNES as it does on the VB? Monochrome for fairness.

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Virtual Boy had a fast RISC processor in it much like the 32x did, but remember software sells hardware not the other way around

talking about specs is a futile endeavor so many people fall victim to

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The Virtualboy has a 32bit RISC at 20MHz clockspeed. It also has to render seperate images for left and right eyes to create a 3D effect. The system also has a dedicated audio chip.

The Virtual Boy is probably more comparable to the GBA in many ways. Heres a homebrew of Street Fighter II for the Virtual Boy


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Surprisingly capable considering Nintendo's philosohpy of taking outdated tech and overcharging the consumer on it just so they can play the latest bing bing wahoo. My favorite thing about it is the slightly wider aspect ratio.

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It has the same CPU as the NEC PC-FX.
Yeah, it's more powerful than any 16-bit system. It was marketed as a 32-bit system.

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This is based on actual hardware.
Wario has far sharper graphics than any snes game, it can do scaling of sprites so is more versatile but not quite 60 fps, it doesn't appear to have mode 7 but looks like it uses something similar to software rendering such as in mario tennis. Can do detailed wireframe graphics at a good frame rate. Doesn't look like it has sprites, seems to have more than enought power to software render the sprites. It has to calculate 2 different images which halfs processing power.

Conclusion - fair bit more powerful than snes more towards Atari jaguar.

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This. It's really amazing Nintendo didn't just used two Game Boy's Z80s for left and right screen and call it a day.

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Is that Japanese hardware or a prototype?

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Imagine how godly it would've been if it wasn't monochrome

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That's intended for developers, but the first part of the doc will tell you quite a bit about what the system is capable of.

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Was it rushed?

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Proto/early version.
I like those SFC-style colored buttons.

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>The system also has a dedicated audio chip.
one that isn't too great

funny thing is, the music in the street fighter 2 homebrew is near identical to the pc engine (turbografx) version of street fighter 2

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I thought it actually sounded pretty good, the speakers sound very crisp and everything sounds very full and voluminous. Sounds like a Game Boy soundchip on steroids.

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What really matters is was it more enjoyable to play?
And no, it wasn't. 10-15 minutes of playing VB at Best Buy back in 95 was enough for me. All I remember is that the screen was vaguely 3D and red, hurt my eyes, and I had to keep my head pressed against the unit the entire time. It's no surprise that it flopped as hard as it did.

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It had some really good games and controller, too. But it was a misconstrued nightmare and would give people headaches.

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I never had headhache after 2 hours on Wario Land.

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Good for you, it happened to plenty of people.

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That's pretty cool.

I'd really like to play Link's Awakening on it.

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It looks like some weird bicycle seat.

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