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Unreal / Unreal Tournament General

Share some of your stories from Single-Player / Multiplayer, show off some new Maps, Mods, Mutators, etc; and just have fun!

Check out the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/KkN7t25R

Thread Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nka5ymRxOGE

Previous thread: >>5367361

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why is half Life 3 a meme but Unreal 3 is not?

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Because Unreal 2 was nothing special and people forgot about it pretty quickly.

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>First Epic, now /vr/
Unreal needs a proper revival

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Unreal 2 killed it.
Thanks Legend.

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Yeah. Thanks Legend. I loved Unreal 1.
And I guess Prisoner 849 will forever drift aimlessly in space till she runs out of air.

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Was there a mod to continue the story? I'd thing that such an idea would be a no-brainer.

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I would kill for a single player reboot/revival for Unreal. Bring it back to the roots. And have Prisoner 849 again as a protagonist.
Doom was able to pull it off - why not Unreal?

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On imilar note: GZDoom, Quake, Q2 and many other old shooters got VR mods that offer full motion control support, but their source has been opened, while Unreal's is not/

Is it possible for such a mod to even exist for old Unreal gold?
One guy is porting it to Unreal Engine 4 with VR, but that is going nowhere and he piles up some unnecessary BS on it as well.

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it's called Return to Na Pali, the official expansion

>> No.5401565

not that one

>> No.5401579

I wanted to say she doesn't drift aimlessly into space, she has a functional ship at the end of the expansion
anyway, here there are some single player mods: https://unrealarchives.com/
I only played operation na'pali, xidia gold and 7 bullets tho, not related to prisoner 849

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Face was a shitty map. Change my mind.

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Didn't she also technically have a functional Skaarj ship at the end of the base game? It just ran out of fuel.

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the problem is the overpowered ut99 sniper

>> No.5401598

>functional ship
>It just ran out of fuel
>not functional ship
it was a escape pod

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...Right. My bad. It's been a while since I've beaten Unreal.

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because it's called unreal tournament 3
nigga malcolm
slow field

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Tournament is a different series

>> No.5401618

it's ok to forget this crap

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It IS a different series, even if it is set in the same universe.
It's like saying that Red Faction and Saints Row are same series just because they share the universe.

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>It's like saying that Red Faction and Saints Row are same series just because they share the universe.
They do? Fuck me.

I actually wonder how you could reboot/reimagine Unreal to make it feel faithful to the original U1. Focus on the enviromental stories and "duel-style" combat?

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with that way of thinking, unreal 1 and 2 are also different series, damn, unreal 2 doesn't even have a flak cannon or shock rifle

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we write the unreal 3 plot one line at the time, I'll begin
>prisoner 849 finds the marshal's escape pod

>> No.5401653

Daily reminder that this story line is also unfinished

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I guess it has Skaarj for maybe two levels. And IIRC Prisoner's 849 VA voices your first officer - this sexy chick.
That's about it.

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>I actually wonder how you could reboot/reimagine Unreal to make it feel faithful to the original U1

Make it a journey across a hostile planet with villages, temples and castles, and some Skaarj tech mixed in. Finding remains of the human crews as you go along and discovering their fates, as well as uncovering Nali and Skaarj lore.
Encounters are with 4-6 enemies at once tops, but each of them is trickier to fight than your average adversary (not just a bulletsponge).
i.e. make something with the same concept and principles as initial game.

Final Fantasy series too have installments that share very little with each other.
But yeah, Unreal 2 was made by people who never cared for original game, you can see that even in RTPN - human enemies and new weapons really feel out of place.

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I really liked the aspect of Prisoner being "The Chosen One". We really don't know if she's actually the avatar of the Goddess or is she just in the right spot at the same time. At some point even some Skaarj seem to buy into that, after she murders her way through their ranks. You can make something with that - similar to Doomguy being christened "The Doomslayer" in Doom 2016.

>> No.5401675

>she gets immediately arrested for "property damage" and her involvement in rtnp
It actually took my a while to figure out who the fuck was Marshal. I only briefly played U2.

>> No.5401696

>then the skaarj attack and everything turns to shit again, while Prosoner 849 escapes

>> No.5401697

It's like The Longest Yard in Quake, people play it to dick around in pubs, it's not a super serious competitive map. Oh and the soundtrack and environment are atmospheric as fuck.

>> No.5401708

Malcolm was always a nigga. And skates weren't all bad of an idea. The rest was absolutely retarded though.

>> No.5401725

>she finds herself fighting the Skaarj in a spacial dogfight and realises she's in AS-Mothership, promptly panicking because she hated this map in UT2k4

>> No.5401726

the only good thing about ut3 is the orb that allows you to instantly recover the first node, this was always a problem in ons since once you lost control of your first node it was almost impossible to recover

>> No.5401735

Daily reminder that doubling unreal 2's movement speed takes the game from 6 to 7/10

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the thread was going to fast..

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thread was going too fast..

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I have Unreal Gold from Gog. I was surprised to see some servers still active, but unfortunately only bots were active there. Does anybody still play this game on DM? Could we use this board to set up matches?

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it was a fun map and memorable, there i changed your mind

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ctf without translocator
yes or no

>> No.5403464

Remove Snipers and Translocators

>> No.5404448

Plenty of people still play DM, CTF and custom modes.

>> No.5404451

bring the towers closer

>> No.5404456

Remove the center and put jump pads

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Author who made GMDX is now working on an Unreal mod.

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FaceII did that.

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I won't because I agree. The bgm and atmosphere is excellent but that's about it. Gameplay is campfest and the ctf element is total garbage.

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wash your fucking mouth

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Shit, I gotta play this

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literally woot with face bases

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Face was a shitty map.
Face3 on the other hand...

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is this the face general?

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Turbin me is the best UT99 map

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