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Row, row, row your thread gently up the stream

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>Dead engine
>Key-maze games
>best known for games with outdated racist impressions/quips and misogyny
Have I correctly defined Build?

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>Dead engine

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ancient Chinese shitpost

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How come Shadow Warrior has always been the black sheep of Build games?

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OP deserved it though with that screenshot.

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Here is a screenshot for you since it seems to be such a hard task

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engine isn't even dead either. Name a brand new game coming out running on the Doom engine this year? Thought so.

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It isn't. Black sheep of the big three maybe.

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name one (1) politically incorrect joke in blood

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I wish they'd bring back Build Engine style game design, but with modern technology. Like the exact same approach to level design, gameplay, and characters, but without being "retro" graphics and shit. DOOM showed that there's still an audience for old school FPSes, but hardly anybody wants to make them anymore except for some "retro" stuff and "retro" games only rarely become hits.

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I have already replayed all of the levels from PC-Powerslave, that interest me (02, 03, 06, 12, 14, 17, 19), at least once (level 17 thrice, actually, level 12 - at least, 4 times), but

well, did you know, that at least levels 06 and 12 are as "pistolstartable", as it gets in this game? If you make savegame-edit, keeping your weapons (you are supposed to already have - not receive! - pistol and machinegun on level 02 onward, flamethrower on level 04 onward, that cobra thing on level 06 onward, and, at last, Ra bracelet on level 08 onward), but zeroing everything else (all the ammo, artifacts, magic, maybe keeping 3 lives though), well, first of all, the game gives you a certain small amount spare ammo on pistol, machinegun and flamethrower (if/when they are present) regardless. But, those particular two levels at least, are comfortably playable from that state without anything being out of place and without doing any clearly unintended motions.

Also, level 06 doesn't seem to have that "you pick up seemingly one ammo belt, but it actually gives you two or three belts worth of ammo" meme a LOT of other levels do have. I mean, I specifically just checked that sort of thing, especially in the second half of the level, and while I wasn't all that meticulous about it, I couldn't spot a single instance so far of that being the case.

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>>best known for games with outdated racist impressions/quips and misogyny
Do you include Duke in that as a racist caricature of a white American?

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Here I am, being a retard.
>you are supposed to already have - not receive! - pistol and machinegun on level 02 onward, flamethrower on level 04 onward, that cobra thing on level _07_ onward, and, at last, Ra bracelet on level _09_ onward)

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Or even more obviously pejorative, Redneck Rampage.

Imagine if Shadow Warrior was called "Chink Commando" or something.

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Level 17, however, becomes utter hell that way.

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If you can only pick one, which is your favorite build engine level?

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BWEE duh deh duh duh, BWEE duh deh duh duh, BWEE duh deh duh duh, bwuhdahdehdahbwuhdahdehdah BWEE duh deh duh deh, BWEEDLE DEEDLE BWEEDLE DEEDLE

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You literally can't be racist against whites. Systemic oppression of white people because they're white isn't (and never has been) a thing.

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I'm probably gonna agree with this guy honestly
Close second is Duke Burger

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>comparing chink to redneck
One describes someone's ethnicity that can't possibly be prevented. the other describes someone that lives, believes, dresses, talks and acts in a certain way. Not to mention that chink is solely a slur while rednecks will even self-describe as redneck.

t. North Carolinian

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>You literally can't be racist against whites
Of course you can.
>Systemic oppression of white people because they're white isn't (and never has been) a thing.
That's not the definition of racism in the first place. If you want to argue that point separately, ironically, white people are now the most "systematically oppressed" in the US, with asians coming in second due to the same sort of reasons. Things like affirmative action and diversity quotas mean that white people are actually descriminated against. Socially, as you're showing, they're also the only racial group that is considered acceptable to be racist towards.

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Fuck off with this bullshit.

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>One describes someone's ethnicity that can't possibly be prevented. the other describes someone that lives, believes, dresses, talks and acts in a certain way.
You could just as easily argue that "chink" refers to the "me so sorry" working class FOB asians, or that nigger refers to poor, uneducated blacks. White trash and redneck are interchangeable, and even multi-billionaire current president Donald Trump gets called white trash.
>Not to mention that chink is solely a slur while rednecks will even self-describe as redneck.
Same thing with nigger. A term the in-group uses in their own community, considered pejorative when outsiders use it.

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Affirmative action exists to level the playing field. It's not meant to keep out qualified white people. It's meant to discourage under-qualified white people being hired over more qualified minorities because of white favoritism.

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>You could just as easily argue that "chink" refers to the "me so sorry"
Well it would be a weak argument. there are posters on this very board who refer to resident mainland Chinese as "chinks".
>or that nigger refers to poor, uneducated blacks
That's some white shit so they can say they are't racist and they just dislike "thugs".

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>muh white jobs
whites and asians still have the lowest unemployment rate despite years of quotas and affirmative action

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>Affirmative action exists to level the playing field.
How does making it so that less qualified people who happen to be non-white have a leg up on more qualified people who happen to be white level the playing field?
>It's not meant to keep out qualified white people. It's meant to discourage under-qualified white people being hired over more qualified minorities because of white favoritism.
Anti-descrimination laws (for everyone besides whites at least) are already a thing. Affirmative Action is going further and giving a distinct advantage to people just for not being white, which ultimately doees keep out qualified white people because being qualified for the job becomes less of a priority compared to "hiring a diverse staff." No such programs exist to protect white people from favoritism by other races either.

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Holy shit, I hate niggers, commies and /vr/

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>Well it would be a weak argument. there are posters on this very board who refer to resident mainland Chinese as "chinks".
It would be exactly as strong of an argument since again, you have people calling even rich businessmen from New York "white trash."
>That's some white shit so they can say they are't racist and they just dislike "thugs".
I guess redneck/white trash is some black shit so they can say they aren't racist and they just dislike "republicans"

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What a disengenuous statement, the very definition of affirmative action is literally discrimination, that you can take race as a factor in employment hiring and other facets of life as stated by US courts, meaning all else equal a minority gets preference.

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>the very definition of affirmative action is literally discrimination,
Affirmative action is about inclusion, not discrimination.

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Differen't argument. I'm well aware that white and asian people are more likely to have jobs than black people in America. The argument is about white and black people competing for the same jobs and admission to the same schools, in which case people who aren't white have a race-based advantage over white people, who are penalized for being white (although asians get it worse when it comes to college admissions)

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Including some groups by discriminating against others.

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>Something that is literally defined by the Supreme Court as treating people differently based on race is not discrimination

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The impression that gives is that you don't hope for blacks and hispanics to work harder, study more, and become as capable as their white and asian peers, but would rather turn their Bs into A+s and say "good enough" and force them into places where, as any other race, they shouldn't have been accepted, just to be able to look at the stats and say "they're doing great now." That's not good for society.

Just to clarify, I'm of course not saying there aren't black or hispanics who are highly qualified for many important jobs, but there are much less of them proportionately compared to whites and asians. Affirmative Action doesn't try to fix that problem, and comes off more racist than the default by implying that those groups just naturally aren't good enough and will never be capable of anything on their own, so the only way to create a diverse workforce is by artificial means. That's where the discrimination comes in towards people not in those groups.

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Also, the final sequence of level 12:
>you finally make it across two movable pillars over the lava
>several lifeblood goblets on the left side of the platform (none on the right side, if I remember correctly)
>actually following them up, you come from behind to the unsuspecting Anubis earning youself an incredibly easy kill
>in the next room you activate the script opening up a niche with several more Anubises
>you Ra the fuck out of them
>in the niche there is a door, after opening it you collect exactly one Ra
>you open the final door, to the room with the fire trap
>all the action in it happens along a single corridor, along which single fireballs are shot instead of doubled ones, like in other corridors in the room
Well, that, at least, is more or less comprehensible, I'd say.

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>chink commando
That would be hilarious

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The idea is not to give minorities a free pas for doing less. The idea is to provide opportunity to the coming generations after decades of oppression through a sort of trickle down effect. Ability to "work harder, study more" starts at home with the parents. Rags to riches is a thing but it's not remotely common. The privilege of a good home life and healthy income directly contributes to a child's ability to study and work towards higher education and careers. Not to mention the impact of having a minority in a medical, engineering etc etc profession to act as a role model for kids of the same background.

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>The idea is not to give minorities a free pas for doing less
But that's what ends up happening when you decide that it's of ultimate importance for certain groups to receive extra credit for no reason other than their race.
>The idea is to provide opportunity to the coming generations after decades of oppression through a sort of trickle down effect.
Explain asians then. They were historically taken advantage of and discriminated against, many of them come from poor families as immigrants from 3rd world countries, and they're still penalized in college admissions for being too qualified. And if you're going to say "but asians have strong family bonds," then go on to explain how hispanics fit into this. You're also taken for granted that every white family is rich and highly functional and all black and hispanic families are poor and dysfunctional. Affirmative action and hiring quotas aren't just based on family income and structure, they're race-based. A rich black kid with 2 supportive parents still benefits from affirmative action over a destitute white kid in a single-mother household.

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In that case you fucking have programs which help the poor, which would redominantly help minorities if they suffered from worse economic circumstances while still being race blind. All affirmative actions does is mismatch, raise resentment between races, and fuck over poorer whites and Asians. Even a fucking commie like Marx said using race like this was stupid. The sheer cognitive dissonance is astounding, but I guess war is peace, discrimination is inclusion, etc

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Oh, /vr/. You can't argue with cultural marxism babies, you just can't. It's 2019, the time for ethnic cleansing is way overdue.

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Facist janny deleted half the thread?

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Freeway to me evokes the moody dystopian feel I remember playing Duke 3D as a kid. Fittingly it has the Terminator Easter egg and has a soundtrack almost straight out of the film itself. It makes one wonder, would I even want to live in this urban hellscape even without a hostile alien presence? Imagine sitting in a chair in one of those secret rooms, with porn looping on the TV screen to the soundtrack of gunfire in the LA night. Or being a bouncer for some red light district strip joint. It is curious how the bleakness was noticeable as a twelve year old even though I lacked the ability to express it. That palm tree sprite against stone blocks and a bright orange skybox...I dream of it, it recalls an eerie place I've been to in a past life or parallel universe where the imaginings of computer nerds in the 90s are made real in a 2.5D geometry. Where there even anything left for Duke to save?

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Man, I swear I remember playing this level as a kid and the mouth on that "kick the heads" game had changed into the "clown face" texture I've posted (sorry about the size, it's the same one used in the House of Horrors ride entrance), but was solid instead of 2 moving parts. I even remember being confused as to why this happened, what caused it and if there was something else I was meant to do.

Is there a secret somewhere in the level that does what I'm talking about?

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Sigil is not a brand new game. Sigil is a wad for an existing game, using existing assets.

Ion Maiden is a new game.

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how come there isn't more of a scene for the original Quake engine?

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The Quake mapping scene is more lively than all of Build's put together.

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Dreamcast or N64 Blood would have been great.

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>yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah single white female...

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Technically a new game, in reality, it's just a Duke Nukem TC.

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Shadow warrior's arsenal is my favorite of the other build engine games. That grenade launcher is so much fun goddamn

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Stop this, I don't want to laugh.

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blood as a whole is quite politically incorrect no? very tasteless game desu

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Not tasteless, but leveldesign is blocky shit, and palette is Lameduke tier.

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I find the game fairly inconsistent artstyle-wise. It tries to depict something Eastern European - or maybe rather Czech? - related, by means of remixing all of those American horror movies references (none of those were about anything Eastern European to begin with)? I mean, what is even trying to depict that way? There absolutely are games about Eastern/Central European locales disfigured in fantastic ways. Darkwood, of the most recent. Half-Life 2 of the most famous (with its art-director, Victor Antonov actually being from Bulgaria). What type is Caleb even supposed to be? A cowboy or something? Since when were cowboys pyromaniacs? And what in the world is he doing half the globe from where he is supposed to be? And where are his other cowboy-ish attributes? Is he supposed to be some kind of gypsy rather? But, eh, what then?

I mean, I personally just don't get, what it is even trying to express by all that, if anything.

>> No.5401129

Or is it rather simply trying to pass for high art by means of having no apparent subject matter, therefore DEEP FEELS?

>> No.5401234

You must be the same guy who says Redneck Rampage Rides Again In Arkansas is not a sequel, `not even an expansion pack`, while saying Doom 2 is fine.

Heretic, Hexen and Strife are more of a `Doom TC` than Ion Maiden is a `Duke Nukem TC`

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>It tries to depict something Eastern European - or maybe rather Czech? - related, by means of remixing all of those American horror movies references
Since Caleb was an American gunslinger who was resurrected in the early 20th century, it's reasonable to assume that the game is set in America in that time period. It's not set in Europe.
>none of those were about anything Eastern European to begin with
Transylvania is a region of Romania, and European/Gothic architectural styles are a staple of classic horror.
>What type is Caleb even supposed to be? A cowboy or something?
Yes. It's explicitly stated that he was a gunslinger in the manual.
>Since when were cowboys pyromaniacs?
Caleb isn't a pyromaniac, he's a psychopath, and fire happens to do the job well.
>I mean, I personally just don't get, what it is even trying to express by all that, if anything.
It sounds like you're confused by anything that doesn't fit neatly into a mould. An insane cultist gunslinger is a unique character concept, but it's not extremely difficult to understand.

>> No.5401252

>it's reasonable to assume that the game is set in America in that time period. It's not set in Europe.
>Transylvania is a region of Romania, and European/Gothic architectural styles are a staple of classic horror.
Okay then. Sure.

>> No.5401306

It's a game set in America that uses some of those visual tropes since it's a pastiche of horror themes. Again, really not super difficult to understand.

>> No.5401320

So, being set in America is simply a part of the overall pastiche then?

>> No.5401338

Duke Nukem 3D
Shadow Warrior
Redneck Rampage

good times

>> No.5401375

There are literally french flags in the third episode

>> No.5401394

By the way, speaking of Blood.

I'll just leave this

I am not hinting at anything, honestly, I am just sharing an oddity some parts in Blood just happened to remind me of.

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Lately in all my various replays I have to say I have fallen in love in Spacesport.

The atmosphere, the layout, arhchitecture, texturing and lighting, combat; it all fits perfectly together and it's the perfect first map for Lunar Apocalypse

Although you know me, I'm also very tempted to say Factory in RR:RA because it is everything a 'classic style' Build map should be, in almost every way.

>> No.5401656

Shadow Warrior is so much worse than Duke and Blood and I really can't put my finger on why other than the enemy types being incredibly frustrating. Why is everything so small and irritating?

>> No.5401767

>boring weapons
only the riot gun is redeemable
>boring environments
they had the perfect setting and engine for a great hong kong action flick adventure wih cyberpunk elements, so why the fuck am I just exploring boring generic temples 90% of the time?
>boring enemies
duke-like brownish manlike monsters, except they manage to be even more generic. additionally the sprites for them are awful.
>monty python references
>awful humour
>shameless mixups between jap and chink culture
>deviantart weebshit tier "anime" girls

>> No.5401883

Spaceport, Occupied Territory and Dark Side are the levels with a truly space/lunar atmosphere. The rest can be set on earth as desert bases.

>> No.5401980

What about Fusion Station? It's by far the most Giger-like map in the game.

>> No.5401985

dis dood uh faggit

>> No.5402016

>It tries to depict something Eastern European
It does? I rarely got that feeling outside of maybe the monastary/cathedral/castle levels, and nothing about those screamed "Eastern Europe" to me.

>> No.5402047

it's as east european as duke environments are american or sw are asian

>> No.5402048 [DELETED] 

How hard is work in this engine?
Is it as easy as rpgmaker?
Can I just draw everything by hand and make a shitty game?
Can I run gifs or webms as cutscenes?

>> No.5402054

How comes it's the only one with playable remake?

>> No.5402059

>He doesn't enjoy opening a door and getting blown up by dynamite peasant.

>> No.5402064

Simple: because Duke franchise is fucked and Blood is too expensive to work with; and nobody cares about the others

>> No.5402114

>It tries to depict something Eastern European - or maybe rather Czech? - related, by means of remixing all of those American horror movies references (none of those were about anything Eastern European to begin with)? I mean, what is even trying to depict that way?
it's an art decoish style
>There absolutely are games about Eastern/Central European locales disfigured in fantastic ways. Darkwood, of the most recent. Half-Life 2 of the most famous (with its art-director, Victor Antonov actually being from Bulgaria).
in the main game caleb never goes to central europe, the only established location that we know is france, he does go to romania in cryptic passage
>What type is Caleb even supposed to be? A cowboy or something?
he's a cowboy from texas
>Since when were cowboys pyromaniacs?
he isnt a pyromaniac, he's straight up insane, but he does have a heart somewhere deep down
>And what in the world is he doing half the globe from where he is supposed to be?
slaughtering the cabal and looking for his chosen comrades
>And where are his other cowboy-ish attributes?
he uses a sawn off shotgun and has cowboy apparel
>Is he supposed to be some kind of gypsy rather?

>> No.5402130

Imagine being so wrong in a single sentence

>> No.5402134

>katanastarting Bath House and Auto Maul on No Pain, No Gain (un-grp-ed the maps and loaded them as userlevels)
Schuler, what the fuck?

>katanastarting Killing Fields
>actually plays alright from katanastart
>more or less
>fire in the gong
>a secrets with LOTS OF GOODIES opens
>you are inside collecting them
>the gong sounds the second time around
>secret closes
>guess, who is fucked now
Not cool either.

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File: 316 KB, 922x2259, 1505383600890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck Year

>> No.5402187

The Abyss in Duke 3D's first episode affected me so heavily as a kid. The ambience was creepy enough before I got to the area of green goop textures and looking at the bigass spaceship the episode boss was in.

>> No.5402191


>> No.5402203

More Duke3D NPC fanfics pls

>> No.5402247

The Abyss is the best finale in any Build game; and although Dark Woods of the Serpent and lev20 of Powerslave attempted something similar respectively in terms of sense of adventure, and in scale and theme, neither could top it off.

One thing I noticed only recently about The Abyss is that in terms of level progression, it purposely misleads the player, at least in two main occasions.
The level wants the player to see the current areas through, only then to backtrack to find the way to progress, and only backtracking leads the player towards the right way.

This heavily contributes to the sense of adventure the map wants to convey, and is exactly the kind of thing you couldn't find in a modern game, where modern standards and tropes oblige the level designer to always directly guide the player towards the right and only way.

>> No.5402275
File: 108 KB, 1440x900, capt0044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First example, which is the smaller version of what I just said:
You get here, the light points you towards the left side; you really have to pay attention to even see the path on the right...

>> No.5402279
File: 128 KB, 1440x900, capt0045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... Only to find a dead end and having to backtrack; and backtracking leads you back to the same place, except this time, from this side, the correct path has become visible and obvious

>> No.5402284
File: 190 KB, 1440x900, capt0046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second example, the main one:
You arrive here and are directed by the light towards the step going down to the fountain, and eventually to a huge lava area to explore.

>> No.5402290
File: 187 KB, 1440x900, capt0047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... Yet again, that is not the correct way to progress, yet there is a lot to explore, and you can even loop back here.
everybody got lost here. on purpose.

But only backtracking let's you see the steps going up parallel to entrance path, which are the correct way to progress

>> No.5402303

How is Blood more expensive to work with, exactly? And how did Atari get the main rights out of Monolith's hands?

>> No.5402307

Which of the original 2 Duke Nukem games would you fags here want to see be remade in the form of a working Duke Nukem 3D TC mod? 1 or 2?

>> No.5402308

Warner Bros owns the franchise.
They're the ones to talk to about a remake. Atari only has the publishing rights to the original Blood.
Which is why BloodEX *might* just be beyond the scope of what they have the right to do with it

>> No.5402317

Jojo is very ableist

>> No.5402319

Warner Bros bought DC in the early-mid 1990s, so what's stopping them from buying the publishing rights to the Original Blood and maybe also some other titles?

>> No.5402387

Are you talking about the side scrolling Duke games? Most people don't seem to know those exist in my experience.

>> No.5402478

That's a cool observation.

>> No.5402492

you're mah niqquh

>> No.5402609

Do any other Levelord levels from Duke stick out to you in some positive kind of way, that might warrant a bit of an r&d?

>> No.5402790

>why the fuck am I just exploring boring generic temples 90% of the time?

Because leveldesigners were hacks, particularly Stephen Cole, who designed the awful first half of the main campaign. Too bad Allen Blum never really mapped for this game, it would have been a difference.

>> No.5402797

>eduke32's totally fucktarded behavior of polluting the working directory with logs can't be turned off

>> No.5402872

This is one of the worst opinions I've seen in a long time.

>> No.5402929

2, it had more realistic graphics so would transfer better to an immersive 3d world. 1 was great but the art was far more cartoony and colorful.

>> No.5403054

>particularly Stephen Cole
Zilla Construction is good, Harakiri Harbor is one of the legitimately best levels in the game.
Also, I think, you severely underestimate the importance of Cole's levels in the context of the game. From what I understand, he was THE level-designer on the game, and a direct counterpart to Blum on it. Schuler worked on the game for less than a year. Same for Randy. Norwood designed two levels (and even they had to be polished afterward by Schuler) - starting them shortly before Schuler's arrival - and that's it. Cole was making levels for the game long before those two. Regardless of whether or not he was a formal lead leveldesigner, his levels provided a blueprint of what Shadow Warrior level should look and feel like - to be this loopy, puzzly thing with occasional wherethefuckdoIgo and waitwhatwasthatjustnows. A blueprint COMPLETELY independent of the exactly analogous thing Blum did in LameDuke and then DN3D proper. And funny thing is, by and large, Schuler simply followed this blueprint, despite higher degree of visual polish his levels generally have, and his occasionally hipstershit puzzle design (which Paganitzu is also very guilty of). In other words, it very much seems to me, that Cole influenced Shadow Warrior HARD. ESPECIALLY those older monastery and forest maps of his.

>> No.5403703

That's one of the worst fucking lines in any Build game, but its a damn fine game otherwise.

>> No.5403764 [DELETED] 

Ciiviie is a faggot

>> No.5403767
File: 45 KB, 960x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh! Be nice!

>> No.5405090 [DELETED] 

Hmm, something flooding or dinosaur taking piss.

>> No.5405109


>> No.5406369
File: 197 KB, 800x600, sw_095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's play a game /vr/:

Shadow Warrior True Ninja Edition
>No Pain No Gain
>No saving
>Only weapons allowed: Fists, Katana, Shurikens
>Inventory Items allowed

Let's see how far you get

>> No.5406391

Forgot to mention, try to kill everyone obviously,not speedrunning. If you miss a few enemies per level that's okay though

>> No.5406419

Wehlp, made it to the first half of the 2nd level where a Coolie got me... these are the worsts when you're out of shurikens

>> No.5406468

Yeah, let's first see you do Auto Maul with those house rules.

>> No.5406595

I doubt Auto Meal is a big issue honestly. There are ways to kill the Sumos and it has few Coolies.

I'll have to try in SWP since it's the only way to pick any level on NPNG.

>> No.5406693

okay - I tried 3 times and every time died at the end against the Sumos.
After using the first smoke bomb against on the first couple of sumos, the end is pretty tough.

>> No.5406703

>From what I understand, he was THE level-designer on the game

And that was the biggest problem of SW. The lead level designer wasn't very talented and the second man clearly surpassed him.

Schuler's maps were so much better, it's not even funny any more. He had his problems though as his style was too close to Duke 3D, and levels like Auto Maul, Water Torture and even Bath House felt like Duke maps instead of SW maps.

>> No.5406705

>best known for games with outdated racist impressions/quips and misogyny
Back when games were good.

>> No.5406709


>> No.5407097


>> No.5407101

Or at least back when people weren't big pussies that called everything racist.

>character is goofy and fun and but not white? this is DISGUSTING RACISM! I can't BELIEVE what I'm seeing!

As if anyone played Shadow Warrior and thought "haha, Chinese people sure are stupid." Any reference to Asian culture that isn't entirely serious and reverent is racism now.

>> No.5407141

I personally blame 1. what most public colleges in the West as well as some private unis teach 2. the fact that there is a higher number of people post Gen X that are born from racial mixing, especially Gen Z.

>> No.5407219
File: 125 KB, 955x960, 776332-duke_caribbean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it so good?

>> No.5407236

Do you guys use free mouse look when playing Build Engine games? Or do you use keys to look up and down?

>> No.5407337

Gymkata... 10/10

>> No.5407374

Looks more like RE4 than anything

>> No.5407506

How well does Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage, SW and Blood run 86box overall? How about when compared to EDuke32, DOSBOX, and bloodGDX?

>> No.5407743

Anyone see the Night Dive/eDuke32 dev shitflinging drama over nBlood vs BloodEX?

>> No.5408049

Why wouldn't you? The only games which didn't support free mouse look were Powerslave and Tekwar and even then you could fake it by setting the mouselook key to capslock, numlock or scrollock

>> No.5408067

Because Travis and Wieder were really great, because the project was more ambitious than Sunstorm's other add-ons, and because they had the means to see it through, unlike WD, and because they understood Duke the best, better than they understood Blood, and better than the direction even 3DR itself took Duke in in The Birth.

>> No.5408074

Lemme guess, Hendricks is sperging out over some minor issue with BloodEX?

>> No.5408350

I really should play this.

>> No.5408362

There is a difference between "surpassing" and "stealing the thunder". Which is Schuler's case, however, I can't currently say, as this would require a very thorough and time-consuming look through all the maps both made for the game, and I am just not feeling like doing that as of this moment.

>> No.5408368

Look at me, having a difficulty of just keeping my mouth shut. Again. Whatever.

>> No.5408704

I don't think Dark Forces does

>> No.5408707

Dark Forces is not Build

>> No.5408716


>> No.5408746 [DELETED] 

Most oppressed lol the persecution complex you guys have

>> No.5408748

your wrong

>> No.5408889

Oppression generally isn't a thing in the US, but if someone wants to talk about "oppressed minorities" then by any measure, white people would qualify as being more "systematically oppressed" than at least blacks or hispanics. If you want to deny that, make a case for why you disagree.

>> No.5408935

There you go


>> No.5408961 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 639x468, 1467001365450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like the Kikes do? Please fuck off back to tumblr or facebook, s0ibitch. Multiculturalism is a failure. Look at Brazil, most EU countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, most parts of post-Apartheid South Africa, the UK and New Zealand these days. their murder and rape rates are quite high, especially when compared to countries like Iceland, Norway, Taiwan, Japan, ROK, and the Baltic countries.

>> No.5409071
File: 403 KB, 1768x992, eduke32_2019-03-03_15-19-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm replaying Duke3D for the first time since I was a child, and I can't believe how little fun I'm having.

E1 was great but E2, save for some shining moments, is totally insufferable and unfun. It feels like total bullshit around every corner. Some of the level architecture and the vibe is cool, but almost all of the combat encounters are unsatisfying and lame. What's wrong with me? I just finished Ultimate Doom last night, could that have something to do with it? Am I playing Duke wrong? Are E3 and E4 any better?

I used to love this game as a kid, and I love Blood as an adult. I want to love Duke, too.

>> No.5409079


>> No.5409739

How is a modding community supposed to form around an engine that never has a stable release? I'm referring to eduke32 here.

>> No.5409781

The latest version of eduke takes 10+ minutes to even open on my PC if at all. My computers not the best but its not the worst and this is a 20+ year old game. I seriously don't understand what the fuck they changed to make it like this

>> No.5409856

I have the latest build of EDuke too, and it takes seconds to open anything. If you truly don't have potato specs, something else is wrong with your computer.

>> No.5409881

i thought most people agreed that E2 has a cool theme but it's also the weakest?

>> No.5409889

Maybe it is, I'm not sure. I hopped over to Life's a Beach after E2 because I felt worn out, and I'm digging it. I'm thinking I'll probably like E3 and E4 as well.

>> No.5410674
File: 139 KB, 800x600, sw_133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5411183

when is this game getting a decent source port? i tried building the source port in eduke's tree and it doesn't actually work.

>> No.5411187

when someone makes a java port and make the eduke32 guys buttmad

>> No.5411205

Wasn't there a source port by the guy who did JFDuke3D?

>> No.5411264

I'm beginning to think never.

>> No.5411270

SWP is good other than the sounds & music issues

>> No.5411281 [DELETED] 

SWP is usable, maybe even the best there is currently, but it's not great. It has many more problems than that.

>> No.5411285

Ah crap ignore me, I was thinking about Redux. SWP tends to crash a lot though.

>> No.5411781

Classic Redux is fine. Way better than that piece of shit SWP. Literally unplayable due to save corruption.

>> No.5411890

>>best known for games with outdated racist impressions/quips and misogyny
and here's why that's a good thing

>> No.5411908

is Civvie autistic? why are his videos on Blood (supposedly his favorite fps game) so miserable to watch? They're also filled with silence and it sounds like he's having no fun with the game.

>> No.5411919

trying to remeber a cowboy fps along the same veins as these games you could throw scorpions anyone know what im talking about

>> No.5412024

You know, I have just thought of something. Whether or not it will end up being relevant to this thread, hell knows, honestly. Anyway.
Back in 2002-2003 I had access to computer, for a couple of years so, actually, but it was ridiculously, painfully restricted. Mostly it was 1 hour at a time, I sometimes managed to make it into 1.5. I was playing Wizardry 8 back then too. Sometimes that hour amounted to like 2 attempts at a certain battle. There were several battles in that game, a single attempt at which took me more than that hour. Same thing concerned Sea Dogs only you could save mid-battle there. It was really damn grating, but the powers that be didn't bulge an inch.
In 2003 a certain thing happened. After I was transferred to a better school that was located drastically further from home, compared to my old one, it was decided I was getting a cellphone. I was eyeing Motorola C350 at the time, it looked cool, but eventually C380 was bought, which actually made all the difference in the world. You see, I was aware it had support for some games, but I didn't pay any heed to it initially. Funny thing happened shortly thereafter. First, having set up mobile internet and pirated a couple of games from a dedicated Moto site, I was quite surprised to discover I actually could've underestimated those games, and I was actually having fun. There were some turds there, that wasted my traffic, sure, but there were genuinely decent, even if simplistic, things there as well. Second, not getting C350 I dodged a bullet. C380 was no heavy-hitter, its screen was only 128x128 with status bar permanently eating like 12 of pixel rows or something. C350 however, was significantly lesser than that, like 90something per 60something, probably? Now, I don't know about whether C350 has the same java capabilities as C380 in terms of standards support or processing power, but, thing is, almost every major mobile game DID have 128x128 version of it. Yes, significantly less pretty looking...

>> No.5412056

...but it was there nonetheless, you could play it, you could complete it. If I opted for C350 however, I would've been scraping a bottom of the barrel as very few games actually had a port accommodating minuscule C350's resolution. So, suddenly, I discovered myself amidst HUNDREDS OF GAMES with noone really restricting me from using MY phone however I goddamn please. As opposed to the PC. Anyhow. I dove right in. I played EVERYTHING, like, those games were blind-completeable in like 2 hours anyway, most of them. Some could get to 6. Regardless, they were pretty short. They were also primitive enough for that "short" to be just right, so they didn't start to get old, so being short was alright in this context. Again, I don't mean to say I played those games 24/7, I had other activities that genuinely interested me and which I systematically pursued. But, let's just say, I played for more than a, pfft, hour, and I played whenever the hell I wanted to.
Very early on, I have discovered, that the games by the most famous mobile company, Gameloft, didn't quite scratch my itch the way other games did. Remember how I said that while primitive, many of those games were short enough for that primitiveness not to overstay its welcome? Well, Gameloft games were pretty. Very pretty. They were just as primitive though, and the thing I was most displeased to discover was that Gameloft's games were very, very similar to each other barring some very superficial gimmicks. There were exceptions, naturally, connected to situations where Gameloft decided to expand onto new pastures (New York Nights, that MK clone, Gangstar, etc.), but if I downloaded yet another Gameloft platformer I could've safely bet it would be an extreme case of "been there, played that". They were really playing it as safely as possible, in a bad sense of that phrase...

>> No.5412067

I was going to say Outlaws but I don't think you can throw scorpions in that game...

>> No.5412103

Well, anyway, what I am leading towards is. I play a game, it has simple mechanics, its campaign makes me utilize these mechanics in some hopefully interesting ways, and right where it by and large stops doing so, the game ends. What next? The solution I discovered was to download a COMPLETELY RANDOM game, that was made by a completely different team of people, that responded to input differently, had different rules even if formally belonging to the same genre, built its campaign differently around completely different set of challenges, and that was basically its own thing. You see, the most precious thing about this whole thing, now that I look back at it, was that it was a complete and utter frontier. Everybody was doing complete whatever. There were no standards and no censorship. The only thing was that somebody thought that the game was cool enough to buy it and share it on internet, so it ultimately ended up on one of the sites I was using to refill my dwindling stock of games I have not yet completed. Anyway, as I have said, Gameloft was really bad at all this being its own thing act, and its perpetual presence alongside games I actually played and enjoyed, emphasized a certain thing for me. The answer to everything mobilegaming-related for me was to simply download something I haven't played yet, with rules subtly different from variations I have already experienced, in ways I HAVE NOT yet experienced. And, I was playing these new, and new, and new games. Well, not only it made it natural for me to compare the games mechanically. Not only I started to notice how experiencing new games changed my point of view in regards to some games I have already played. Not only that subsequently led to my inclination to cheese, to fuck around, to try to push mechanics to its limits, to find the exploits whenever possible. I also started to realize that there is nothing set in stone or, say, "holy" about a particular set of mechanics, that there are...

>> No.5412104
File: 52 KB, 600x450, 1545514563571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you thinking of Half-Life Wanted?

>> No.5412120

neither of these you could throw scropions as a weapon sadly i don't remember much else

>> No.5412141

damn that looks comfy

>> No.5412157

... uncountable, in principle, numbers of ways you can design rulesets of games, formally belonging to the same genre - games that would actually control, in terms of how the character even responds to input, what he can and can't do, just so fundamentally different, that just makes the whole notion of the genre pretty meaningless. In other words, it made pretty damn clear to me, that any given set of ingame mechanics is, to a bigger or lesser extent, arbitrary, that it could look differently even for the same game made by the same people, that it ended up being this particular way, partly, by pure chance or a whim. There was not any point to cling to it, to regard is as immutable, to memorize anything about it. To, put it frankly, master it. Learning different rules wasn't even, I realized, the point of why I was playing those games to begin with. This ruleset was used in order to built a short campaign around it, then discarded never to be seen again. The only thing that mattered was whether you were good enough in your understanding of the ruleset in order to get to the end of the game's campaign. Anything beyond that was, uh, not part of the game, I guess, since the absolute majority of those games weren't meant to be replayed to begin with. It was not indispensable, that is, it only provided the means to get to an end. In other words, in contrast with the game's campaign, what mattered was not whether ruleset was good. What mattered was whether ruleset was bad. Whether it made for a play that was either clunky, not clearly predictable or easily exploitable in ways, that, say, devolved the game to alternating between the same two buttons without any regard for timing, for example, with said tactic allowing you to faceroll straight to the end without any variation whatsoever to what you did.
Through the four years between my getting a cellphone and my getting my own laptop, I have played something like 500 java games, to put things in perspective.

>> No.5412167

>Liberal madness: the post

>> No.5412170

Gunman Chronicles fulfilled my space cowboy itch back in the day.

>> No.5412180

What I think I am getting at, is that this experience of mine got me very skeptical, at large, in regards to, first, gitgudding as a whole, and, second, to pulling the rank in regards to the game's developer. Basically, to the significance of questions of whoever else played the game, and to whoever made the game, in case the game is a clunky, gimmick-ridden, completely fucking random exploitable mess.

Enter Blood in particular.

>> No.5412194

Do you regularly consume s 0 y products or did you suffer from syphilis lately?

>> No.5412221

jesus christ get a fucking blog

>> No.5412237

spoiler: nobody cares

>> No.5412257
File: 39 KB, 512x384, gunslinger29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we need to go older

>> No.5412420


Nigga, you think any of us are going to read all of that??

>> No.5412519

Point taken.

>> No.5412638

Spaceport is great. Amazing use of the Build engine to make you feel like you really are in space (well if you accept that the station has artificial gravity), with the moving shuttles and giant skybox. It immediately sets up the eerie loneliness of the space episode, but still shows relatively large signs of recent human occupation. Episode 2 might not tell as much of a story as Episode 1, but it does effectively progress toward further and further out, lonelier and lonelier experiences. I remember always feeling relieved at the start of Episode 3. Even alien-overrun LA seems like home compared to the desolate moon.

>> No.5412647

Absolutely. The way it builds toward that first glimpse of the spaceship through a hole in the rock is remarkable. Really top-notch level design given the limitations of the technology.

>> No.5412649
File: 733 KB, 1039x727, 1386544201399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.5412650

>better than the direction even 3DR itself took Duke in in The Birth.

What's wrong with Episode 4? It had some really good levels.

>> No.5412662

Great post. Yeah, there's something really evocative about some of those Duke3D levels. I think the game affected by concept of LA before I had ever actually visited the city. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is still this version of LA that is full of seedy bars and stip clubs next to dumpsters with fires burning in them, mysterious dark skyscrapers in the distance, strange sounds far away in the warm night... which, to be fair, probably isn't that different grom what some parts of LA really are like, but Duke3D makes LA seem a lot more full of skyscrapers than it actually is, and also I notice that in Duke's LA it is always night for some reason. There is a touch of cyberpunk aesthetics in there somewhere, just enough to spice the stew but not so much as to detract from the other aspects of the atmosphere.

>> No.5413112

*affected my concept of LA

>> No.5413158

Derelict was the only map in episode 4, which has the same art direction/ atmosphere what we saw in the first 3 episodes. The rest have their moments, but they look like a weird mix of recycled leftovers and some third party maps (It's Impossible felt like a different game when I first played it). Duke's joke douche personality also originates in episode 4.

>> No.5413267

I completely agree with you, anon. I thought I'd be laughed at if I ever said this out loud, but 1.3D feels much more grounded and less quirky than 1.4, even down to the music, which I believe is mostly Jackson in E4. Any opinions about Going Postal, The Sewers Below or Sewage Company?

Also, you should check these out for curiosity's sake.


>> No.5413285

The only thing that looks interesting here, other than having a clearer idea of who did what, as it's not a full view since we only see a top down perspective with no wall textures, shading, effects etc, even when seeing this you can't claim that that the areas that existed are 100% the previous mapper, are the parts that got cut in the end like the extended streets in Pigsty.

In the end, the final versions layouts are much better; even if I always thought it was odd to see the court room inside the police station.

The only gameplay that sucks in EP2 are some of the "fuck you" drone placements, everything else is stellar.

>> No.5413360

I dunno, Going Postal feels to me like a companion piece to Freeway, pretty much.

>> No.5413468

Companion place to Duke Burger as well.

>> No.5413571

Now that you mention it, yeah, could be.

>> No.5414195

Freeway is a level that managed to capture episode 1 and episode 2 atmosphere pretty well, possibly because it was made by the same author. Blum gets lots of credit lately, which he really deserves, I think his maps were the real essence of Duke 3D, like one anon said earlier, he made the blueprint of this game. I love how his maps manage to look good without being detailed too much, large scale and real sense of relatable place, not to mention the advanced use of z axis all helped the experience. Probably his extensive use of grey colour and lack of unnecessary details give this special dystopian feel to his maps. Even Launch Facility is a very enjoyable map, much better than Randy's Area 51 with a similar theme.

>> No.5414215

What do you guys think, who will be THE mapper of Ion Maiden? Just like Romero was THE Doom mapper, Blum was THE Duke mapper, so who will be Ion Maiden's primary mapper?

I bet it will be DavoX. His areas look more in house, than the rest of the team's. Not sure why, the game's somewhat comic book style cyberpunk atmosphere excells the most with those grandiose shiny cities.

>> No.5414248

Not every game has THE mapper. Doom 64 didn't, for example.

That having been said, if I was forced to pick one, I'd probably go with oasiz.

>> No.5415372

What is the closest that exists to a great level-by-level, episode-by-episode breakdown of Duke 3D, in written format or audio format or let's play format, etc? I'd love to see a prolonged in-depth discussion of what makes certain levels work well, the aesthetics and atmosphere, etc. I have a lot of scattered opinions about the game and I sometimes think that I should try to go through the whole game and compile all of my thoughts about it, but it seems like such a large task that I have never yet started on it.

>> No.5415456

>Doom 64
Yea, because leveldesign is utter shit there.

>> No.5415523

64's level design is top notch.

>> No.5415812
File: 146 KB, 1024x644, Logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this general doesn't seem to talk about mods much but it's build related so I'll post it here anyways


>> No.5415936

ep2 is released ? Congrats, I'll check it out soon

>> No.5416114

Episode 3 in fact, Episode 2 came out 4 years ago already.
This release also makes various changes to Episode 1 and 2.

>> No.5416879

Yeah I'm with you, people keep mentioning the aesthetics of levels and I can barely remember which one was called what. Do these people just have good memory or are they autists playing everything over and over? The only levels I can really map out mentally are the first two.

>> No.5416898

It's not too hard to remember considering their names are actually tied to the theme, unlike say Doom. Like how could you not remember the name of Duke Burger?

>> No.5417836

Memorable Shrapnel City levels: Raw Meat, Flood Zone, L.A. Rumble, Movie Set, Stadium.
Unmemorable: everything else
Do you agree?

>> No.5417846

Movie Set sucks, it's a small 5 mins map filled with square holes and recycled material.
The only thing it has going for it is the 4th wall breaking and the idea and theme behind the map were pretty novel at the time, but that doesn't save the map on the long run.

Bank Roll and Freeway are much better and more memorable with much more awe-some arhictecture, setpieces and layouts.

I agree with the others though

>> No.5417849

>with square holes

square rooms*

>> No.5417858

you go here, you got all the map names


and if you don't remember what a map name corresponds to, you click on it and the screenshots of secrets should be enough of a reminder

>> No.5417869 [DELETED] 

Yeah, the fourth wall breaking is what makes it memorable for me, but it's enough. Of course without the fourth wall breaking it would be just a tiny generic level.
It's not even necessarily fourth wall breaking. I entertain the idea that Duke is so awesome that some group decided to make a film of his lunar exploits between Episode 2 and Movie Set, even though Earth was in the middle of war. The idea that maybe it wasn't actually fourth wall breaking makes the level even better.

>> No.5417876

Yeah, the references to Episode 2 and to Duke's celebrity status are what make it memorable for me. Of course without those references it would be just a tiny generic level.
I like to entertain the idea that Duke is so awesome that some group decided to make a film of his lunar exploits between Episode 2 and Movie Set, even though Earth was in the middle of war. Given that interpretation, the level doesn't actually break the fourth wall. The idea that maybe it wasn't actually fourth wall breaking makes the level even better.

>> No.5417882

that's a good point, after all, propaganda war movies have existed during wars for as long as movies have existed

>> No.5417909

Out of curiosity, what is it that you like about Freeway? I see a number of people on this board who like it, but I don't "get" the love of the level for whatever reason.

>> No.5417914

They're all memorable in their own ways (Tier Drops for being shit). Freeway is the least memorable because the theme is pretty generic (probably why it was relegated to secret status).

>> No.5418263

Not him, but my take is that Freeway is probably the most artistic looking map out of any officially released DN3D content.

>> No.5418647

It's 1.3D kino is what it is.

>> No.5418820

For me every level in Ep.3 is memorable except Movie Set.

>> No.5418929

What do you find to be artistic-looking about it?

>> No.5418980

You know, I really need to take another look at it. Last time I played, I played with music on, I don't know how much my overall impression owes to music.

Off the top of my head, the things that I remember the most are the burning cars (police car?), the fallen skyscraper, how you just meander around, visiting all those disjointed, random rooms in all those huge buildings, stumbling upon just some tiny fragments of the overall picture, you'll never fully see. To me, it was like some kind of a dream.

>> No.5419000

Thanks for the explanation. This really inspires me to go take another look at the level.

>> No.5419108

Is the water pit near the end of Derelict (in another wing in relation to the toxin pit) inescapable, provided you pistolstart? Or is there a way out after all?

>> No.5419936

If I remember correctly you can shoot a switch that will raise the water.

>> No.5420863

Yeah, you are right. Thanks, man. One mystery less.

>> No.5421591

Why does the microphone in Duke normally play the kick sound? What is it supposed to represent?

>> No.5421606

Tapping on the mic to see if it's on.

Duke just does it with his feet because Duke fucking Nukem.

>> No.5421732
File: 19 KB, 300x250, 6069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There will never truly be a Build level that shows off the possibilities of verticality

>> No.5421829

like what? i can think of plenty of levels

>> No.5422701


>Jannies in charge of playing games

>> No.5424363

Hehehe, what a mess.

>> No.5424484

Boy is this a mess to understand in the first playthrough, I just wish the menus were more user friendly with their terminology and usage. It couldn't feel more counter-intuitive. I also went through the first mission but I can't seem to do anything with the blue keycard I found. I also wish I could voiceact all of this, I'd do a much better job than whoever's doing it, native tongue or not.

>> No.5424517

I'm sure you can stack multiple room-over-room instances in EDuke32...or was it in the Duke plus extension? it's been so long since I have done anything with Build.
I'm sure that making a high-rise building with many stacked floors and outside area is somehow possible in the port, but it's probably not very fast.

>> No.5424530

I think it's really great that such an ambitious project like this has so much content in it and a lot of it is surprisingly polished, but the voice acting is so autistic that I just had to turn it off and never wanted to turn it back on.

>> No.5424539

EDuke32 supports true room-over-room but I haven't been able to figure out how to set mapster to do so. I believe DukePlus can make you use 4x the normal size of a map or more, but I haven't been able to figure out that either.

"Fake" room-over-room (simply a sector above another sector in the space) was always supported by the game.

>> No.5424620

select the sector you want TROR with and then press Ctrl + E to get a choice to extend either the ceiling or the floor

>> No.5425659


give me the rundown on nblood. worth switching from gdx?

>> No.5425682

+more accurate colors and software renderer
+much less laggy multiplayer
-gameplay not perfectly accurate
-more difficult to load user content
-no custom difficulty modes
personally i downloaded it but only to play Bloodbath

>> No.5425689
File: 1.39 MB, 1366x768, duketroid3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5425853

This section is fairly horizontal, it just looks pretty.

>> No.5425879

there is nothing vertical about this

fuck off with your self insert
inb4 u try to claim this isn't u again

>> No.5425925

>those diagonal beams

>> No.5426163
File: 73 KB, 254x269, 1550464957699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you

>> No.5427621

What is the name of the Redneck Rampage Player Character? Does he make any sounds?

>> No.5427659

Leonard. And yep, he delivers one-liners and burps and farts. Because hyuck hyuck hyuck.

>> No.5427789
File: 1.33 MB, 1164x932, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Refute this.

>> No.5427868

i don't even know what it's saying, so i guess i can't and you're too cool

>> No.5428306

Locks are highlighted on the automap (TAB), it is a lifesaver for later missions.
As for the menus, you will just have to read their help texts and get used to them, but fortunately most menus do support WASD navigation.

Shitty voice acting is expected for a project like this, but some characters are more tolerable than others.
Thank fucking god you only have to play as Highwire for one mission

>> No.5428601

he has one more mission in episode 3 and then that's it, no more voice acting (same goes for Rusty and Geoffrey)

i should really just recast them completely since the real guys left the community nearly 10 years ago but you know

>> No.5428805
File: 3 KB, 400x470, YOU SHOULD'VE BROUGHT THE SILVER KNIFE NIGGA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see, have yet to play Ep. 3 (still have two Ep. 2 missions left, also doing the Argentina mission removed Ep. 3 missions from the filter list for some reason)

So you're the project lead for AMC? If you can't get a hold of voices for the original characters, then it might be a good thing the have those replaced if you wish to expand their role in the story.

>> No.5428815

Go back to Twitter

>> No.5428932

Duke 3D does use misogynistic humor though. Even if it was supposed to be ironic or a commentary on misogyny, it suffers from Poe's law in the extreme.

>> No.5429057

some maps take you back to a specific base map for sequencing reasons although the Argentina mission shouldn't do that, I'll take a look.

>using silver knife on the lost

you absolute mad man

>> No.5429168

You have to watch six movies to understand this, and I hardly remember Shrek 2, none-the-less seen the other two.

>> No.5429253

I'm not an 8 year-old from 2005 so I dont understand this

>> No.5429415

oooh I think my thingie hanging out

>> No.5429424

It's 'dinghy'

>> No.5429615

It could also have been the city siege mission that caused this, as I played both back to back.
I'll gladly tank whatever damage those fuckers throw at me if it means them being eternally btfo'd (learned my lesson after jungle base).

>> No.5429764

row row fight the ninja

>> No.5429836
File: 2.42 MB, 500x328, tumblr_od9xll2ZNH1r7sijxo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come people never bring up TekWar in these threads? It's the Deus Ex of Build Engine games.

>> No.5429902

That's a big guy.

>> No.5430017


>> No.5430041

how the ever loving fuck do you get this and duke dc working in dos? all i can find is eduke32 shit. I don't want that.

>> No.5430343

Yeah City Under Siege does take you back to a specific base map; I'm gonna look into changing this so it only does it if you're in the same episode and chronologically 'behind' it since it's just causing a lot of confusion for people.

>> No.5430389

you need to get the original add-ons ISOs and install them in DOS(box)

because I've played all Build games to death except Tekwar, so chances very few people have played it. I do intend to play it soon though

>> No.5430553

I see. Also just found a bug on the underground fortress: https://youtu.be/9ttuCavCjBM
By the way, thank you and AMC team for your hard work on the TC!

>> No.5430773

I'll sort that out, cheers - we upgraded our palette stuff and some of the old ones slipped through the crack.

>> No.5431047
File: 10 KB, 393x260, 1525854330905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

redneckGDX when

>> No.5431074

If you are retarded, yes

>> No.5431081

This pic lies about Tekwar's quality.

>> No.5431126

what do you mean? it's already pretty stable

>> No.5431173

Name 5 examples

>> No.5431191

we already got RedNukem

>> No.5431204
File: 332 KB, 600x565, 1550925262741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it already exists
I feel retarded

>> No.5431446

... How?

>> No.5431718

for you

>> No.5431897

What's the best source port for Blood?

>> No.5432041


>> No.5432495
File: 2.94 MB, 906x360, nblood demo playback fail.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BloodGDX. NBlood is not gameplay accurate, even though the creator claims it is.

>> No.5432802

Holy shit, I was right, Caleb does indeed move faster in NBlood.

>> No.5433254

Try playing GDX for a few minutes, you will instantly regret it and go back to BLOOD.EXE, the movement is so jarring and snappy it's a joke. Has nothing to do with BLOOD.EXE

>> No.5433278

Nblood is way snappier than gdx though

>> No.5433451

>the movement is so jarring and snappy it's a joke
The movement is exactly the same, just without the disgusting filtered DOSBox input lag/performance on top of it and with far better mouse control. I really don't understand this one pleb that keeps trying to claim the movement is different. If it was different, for the billionth time, the demo desync you'd get when playing Blood 1.21 demos on GDX would be gigantic. Why would I ever go back to shitfuck DOSBox performance? Good riddance to that bollocks.

>Has nothing to do with BLOOD.EXE
Fuck me you are so stupid it's unbelievable. You DO understand that if GDX plays demos recorded on the original game without desync that the core movement mechanics are the same right? And if you're finding the movement of GDX "jarring and snappy" you probably are actually legitimately retarded. What, is it too responsive for your poor brain? Personally I find the input-lag-free movement of GDX @120hz precise and sublime.

The desync in that webm doesn't occur because of Caleb's movement speed, it's rather because of AI/gunplay differences. Cultists that should have died didn't, ended up in different places, shot Caleb or threw dynamite at him, dislodging his position from where it should have been. It's pure luck that Caleb even managed to reach the elevator at the end, as in the real gameplay Caleb enters the secret blown up room but misses it in NBlood. It's coincidental that the same movement loops made him reach the elevator on the NBlood side.

>> No.5433492

the author said that he had the demos running perfectly and a glitch occured at the end when making the first released version of nblood

>> No.5433553

Yeah, sure. The demos that came with the original Blood retail release run fine on NBlood, it's custom recorded demos with more elaborate gameplay where desyncs can be found. "Glitch" my ass. I reckon he only bothered making the port accurate enough to play the demos that shipped with Blood retail and called it a day. Let me know when NBlood can do something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yh-HBNz_0s

Anyway GDX is now open source, so hopefully he can rummage through the code, copy M210's method again and get NBlood up to scratch. I like how the dude denied using alpha code and scoffed at it, only to be revealed as a bullshit artist when it was clear the variable names were the same as in alpha source.

>> No.5433568

>The desync in that webm doesn't occur
There's more than one desync there, more than just mechanical. The ammo drops are different, too.

>> No.5433594

>Anyway GDX is now open source

>> No.5433608

not him but i looked it up
eduke32 autists must be seething hard right now

>> No.5433683

shit i hope there's a dukegdx eventually, i have endless problems with eduke32 relating to framerate and vsync that I don't in everything else

>> No.5434343

IonMaidenGDX, lol?

>> No.5434363

update your nvidia drivers

>> No.5434373

Thanks anon, switching to BloodGDX then.

>> No.5434375

I bet it would be toaster-friendly as well.

>> No.5434690

Gameplay movement is more than just some object's vectors. It's about the mouse aiming these days as well. The og demos were recorded with keyboard only.

>> No.5436016

How to get Cuss pack and the expansions working for DOSBOX Redneck Rampage? Or is it better that I use Rednukem?

>> No.5436021
File: 1.91 MB, 320x240, 1480170069723.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cuss pack

>> No.5436025

Cuss Pack is utter fucking shit.

Please, do notice that I obviously don't mind swearing.

>> No.5436034

What makes the Cuss pack not worth the effort to implement?

>> No.5436053

It doesn't add, it takes away, by supplanting the original voice pack. The new lines are inimaginative, long winded (and occasionally overlapping ingame), flatly intoned, have much less variety, so they repeat a lot, and overall they just don't really fit the game, which has a pretty great ironic vibe to it, while the new lines are like "okay, have some random swearing, here you go".

>> No.5436180

The demos below were all recorded with mouse. They're not the original demos that shipped with the game, these demos were recorded in 2018. You can record your own demos right now on Blood 1.21 with mouse and replay them in GDX to see for yourself. This webm >>5432495 was clearly recorded with mouse, too. Are you actually stupid enough to believe that recording a DOS Blood demo with mouse will result in a desync in GDX?

^Extensive AI/gameplay fuckery demo test.
^Direct demo playing comparison.
^Whole game recorded in demos in Blood, then replayed on GDX.

>> No.5436236 [DELETED] 


>> No.5436239

Mods autosaging the build thread again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.5436257


>> No.5436283

Knock knock, you freak, Lo Wang in the house!

>> No.5436289

Gonna play Tekwar guys, wish me luck

Mods think we're supposed to be talking in the Doom thread


>> No.5436295
File: 51 KB, 800x800, Really activates the almonds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmmm.... Rednukem, EDuke32, Chocolate duke, OR BloodGDX?

>> No.5436353

you realize this applies to the majority of threads and you aren't being singled out, right

>> No.5436368

>[citation needed]

>> No.5436375

>source: all the other fucking threads that autosage after two weeks

>> No.5436564

See full explanation:

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