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ITT: Your favourite sprites.

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>dat pimp walk
idk why this makes me laugh every time.

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what is this from?
i saw that pic in retro fap thread too.

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Ravenloft Stone Prophet

Pretty sure.

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why do they hate bread?

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thanks. i haven't played ravenloft 2, but i played ravenloft. the sprite looks like ravenloft, but i didn't remember having seen that pic.

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Gluten allergy

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the virgin walk
the chad stride

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Not the best quality but I liked this iteration of Link with his Hat.

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miluda forever my waifu

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They told him don't you ever come around here
Don't want to see your face, you better disappear

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Calamdra in chains Eye of the Beholder 2

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Calandra I mean

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The arcade version's sprite is good as well. I like how smooth the sprites there.

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Ha this is a body of a squad mate you can carry around in xcom isn't it

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But that is like 10 sprites

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She is claimed so BACK OFF

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Exeggutor looked absolutely amazing, not even kidding

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where can i find animated sprites?

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Game? What are they undressing?

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swag scrollers

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Read the background.

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Shredder in Turtles in Time always blew my mind. Looks just like his animated counterpart.

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Animate them yourself

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>please give credit
lol is this fag expecting anything other than "graphics by Konami" in anything that uses those ripped sprites

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I'd post a female Monk facing away from the camera to keep with the topic but I don't have such a sight, so have Ajora's unused portrait instead.

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No clue, I got them here two years ago

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I'm not giving him credit if he doesn't even know that VI is six and IV is 4.

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Not even joking when saying the original Golbat sprite is one of my favorite sprites in any game. It's so ridiculous that I can't help but love it. I really do wush they kept the slimey tongue and weird eyes in the later design.

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That's from Supremacy!
I love that game

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I distinctly remember that gif, however I have no recollection of playing that game. Weird.

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I had this sprite in my memory for the longest time thinking it was something I'd dreamt up. Some sort of creepy open mouthed slobbering enemy, I couldn't even remember what game it was from. Compare to Golbat's modern design and it looks like an imitation from some knockoff game. Then a few years ago I discovered it was from Pokémon of all things

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What the fuck was Delita's problem anyway? Why the hell was he proud of becoming the very worst version of the thing he despised?

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backgrounds are actually not sprites by definition.

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That's interesting, I didn't realize that. I still welcome them

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same, ToonLink in Minish Cap is the most charismatic Link

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I miss the weird off beat looking Pokemon sprites. They looked a lot more like monsters that could fuck you up and less like anime mascots that wanted to eat tea and biscuits with you. But Zoomers just take one look at them and it's "le cursed image lmao. C'mon sylveon let's brush your hair and feed you puffins "

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AoL's walking animation was the perfect choice

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Yeah I agree. I hope more early Capumon/Pocket Monsters content comes out, I find it fascinating. The Hindu elephant sprite is especially cool

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"That's what the world gets," basically

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Breath of Fire 4.

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Breath of Fire IV, has some of the best animated sprites in any video game.

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This one, Replaying it and finding this nigga I lost it laughing

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I've always loved AW's sprites, and especially love yellow comet's md tanks.

I can't find any gif's of them, so orange star's will have to do.I love the little details, the visible recoil really gives weight to the shots.

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Oi, I get banned when I post my SUCCubus sprites but this asshole doesn't?!


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This was my first GBA game. It was such an upgrade at the time. I agree there such an impact, great sound design altogether.

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The Romancing SaGa games have some pretty cool sprites

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The GBA Fire Emblem games had some sick battle sprites.

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Fuck you.

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I can hear the jungle crickets

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These games are insufferable. The entirety of the genre rightfully died in obscurity, and even its retro renaissance was obscure and fruitless, which is just as it should be.

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Found the bitter brainlet.

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hey BoF fans, I want an animated sprite of Torubo but I don't find it, does anyone of you have it or can make it?

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Obviously they're topless, but are they wearing a G-string or no? Could never tell if the colored patch in front was that, or just shadow/pubes..

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From the side it looks like they're completely naked.

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CPS III stuff

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Lazy rotoscoped stuff doesn't count.

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Man I wish it was possible have had another GBA fire emblem game, the newer games animations just lack the same impact

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The game itself is just clicking dozens of administrative buttons to do micro-managerial tasks, step-by-step, with no feedback— should be called Bureaucracy, not Supremacy. This would be potentially interesting and bearable, but it's in real time.

So I hated the fucking game, but the art has cool vibes. I mean look at this thing. You want it. It's 26,753 credits but you absolutely must have it.

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There are lots of GBA FE mods.

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not retro wryyy but honestly I give it a pass because this was our first iteration of ____ Wars in the States. Sprite work is on point too.

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It was hilarious these guys were the most advanced ground troops.

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Can't pick just one, the transformation sequence is my favorite.

Seeing this goofy face pop up along with the cry was really something.

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ooh yeah mix that spaghetti

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I've never played that game but man that head injury does not look good. This waifu clearly needs hugging and protecting.

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Came to post this

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I like the cute ones too.

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I bit past date, but honestly, Advance Wars had so fucking satisfying design. Artillery barrages of all kinds just felt godly, in sound, visuals, and effect.

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It's not rotoscoped you fucking faggot, those frames are made like actual cartoon animation cels, they were all hand drawn on physical paper and scanned in for turning into sprites.

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File: 87 KB, 253x126, 9vWp6aU4y8kz7QLPkHEwVR9qQYq5TvGc6Y3AVurejqBKHp2gMwZb3y4xYKqLmVGAimckyG6VUSJjFkpBCC725bNQXoB5rMbmPLnbXGmVcVyHxnEiHFaCPQbyhErbq19YKyS7iPthMKtfEdXUZ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>similar means rotoscoped

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Can't think of a better one

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Is this from megaman zero?

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Kirby's Dream Land 3 had some absolutely amazing sprite work. It's such a gorgeous game and it's super underrated because people don't like that it's not hard enough.

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ristar is just a feast for the eyes

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The games use a shit ton of rotoscoped animation and it's painfully obvious you mongoloid

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Damn. That's a slick walk cycle

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God, just delete that webm already. It's misrepresenting the game