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So I recently ended up picking up the GameBoy variation of the SN30 Pro for my Switch and I fell in love with it. It's an updated version of what is arguably one of the greatest controllers of all time, the SNES controller, with Bluetooth connectivity that lets it easily pair with the Switch, PC, Android, and Apple phones. So not only has it become my go to controller for many a modern day indie game but also for emulation on PC and Android for everything from the NES up to the N64/PS1 era of games.

The more I look into the shit that this company offers it all looks kind of fucking quality. Everything from wireless dongles for retro consoles to D.I.Y. solder-less conversion kits for SNES and Sega Genesis controllers.

Now I'll fully admit to not being the biggest Retro gamer myself. I was born in '95 and my first real experience with video games was on the PS2. I mean my family briefly had a Genesis and an original PlayStation, but for one system my brain was literally too under developed to understand what the fuck was going on and the other we only ever had those free demo disks and no full games. Point being, I have little to no experience playing a lot of these retro games on original hardware and I didn't grow up with these systems so I kind of wanted to hear the opinions of some of the old hats who were actually around back in the day about how they feel about these recreation controllers for emulation/gaming in general and how well they match up to the feel of the original hardware.

Oh and for the Sega fans, how do you feel about their new recreation of the six button Sega Genesis controller?

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I'm curious, too, since my old controllers aren't in the best of shape anymore.

It might sound autistic, but I'm not interested in the Genesis controller because of the blue start button. I wish it had analog sticks like a lot of their other controllers, too.

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Shitty non-reconfigurable deadzones on the analog sticks, d-pads that give ghost inputs. 0/10, recommend using Xbox or Playstation controllers for retro instead, they work with Android phones if that's your thing.


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Imagine feeling so threatened by people talking about controllers that you take time out of your day to write up a fake shill post. I've seen many levels of sad on this website but this is pretty bad.

Good luck to you, OP.

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Eh, ever since they got rid of the classic looks I've lost interest. Plus they're almost as expensive as a PS4 controller now, despite being lower quality.

Personally, I've had problems with the joysticks on them being too sensitive. Like, if you push the stick half-way, the controller thinks it's being pushed all the way. I can't even fix this from the software side of things.

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My guy this is a two year old review about a completely different controller. The N30 Pro which is pictured here, not the SN30 Pro. For its worth I have also heard some pretty dodgy stuff about this particular controller. This is pure conjecture based solely on my experience, but it seems things have gotten a bit better since then. I haven't had any trouble remapping the buttons on the SN30 and everything seems pretty solid so far. The worst I have heard about the SN30 is that certain people have had some trouble with diagonal inputs not registering on the D-pad from reviews and shit but I haven't run into this particular problem and have no idea how widespread it is.

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Made in China

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Is there even american made controllers anymore?

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Never heard of that shit
Use hardware made in Japan

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Is there even japanese made controllers anymore?

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>diagonal inputs not registering on the D-pad
The problem with the D-pad is the opposite of this
When you input a vertical or horizontal sometimes it registers as a diagonal
Not an issue for me personally except playing intermediate-level Tetris, and I only do that shit on a platform with obvious alternatives

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How's the dpad on this? I've been eyeing the Gameboy version myself but have heard some concerns on the diagonal mis-inputs. Also curious about how the ridges on the dpad feel.

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I was fed up with life. I was drinking in excess, using hard drugs, and frequenting gay pubs and sucking random dicks. I even started to like Nintendo games at one point. Then 8bitdo came along and the dark clouded sky in my head began to clear. I live for 8bitdo and their recent offerings.

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OP is the same shill that's been around for a while but
After a couple months of use I can safely say they're one of the best third party controllers Ice ever used hands down. For the pro the only thing I'm still not used to yet is using L3 and R3, there's nowhere to put leverage while pressing them so it can get awkward if they're somehow used a lot.

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I really want the upcoming analog saturn pad to be good

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That one is OK. I feel the biggest issue is the battery doesn't hold its charge all too great and the analogue sticks are pretty blah.
I have the SN30 Pro. That's much better all round.

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fuck off redditor

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I kinda want that m30 but I'm concerned about input lag.

And I wish there was something like the saturn controller with analogs.

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too expensive, better off buying a Xbox 360 controller

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OP is a massive fag, i was born in '78.
Wouldn't pay the ridiculous $40-60 they want when my PS3 controllers can be configured to do the same..

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>I kinda want that m30 but I'm concerned about input lag.
It works over USB too so just plug it in and you're good to go
Obviously you need a USB port for this

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The N30 Pro 1 is great, it even has a better dpad than the SN30 Pro, but it's worse in every other way, especially the flimsy shoulder buttons.

N30 Pro 2 is the same except they packed in SF30 Pro features

SF30 Pro is overall the best model, slightly worse dpad than N30 Pros but still good enough, fixing everything with the N30 Pros

SF30 Pro+ will surpass the SF30 Pro when it comes out

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Good for your PC at home, not so much if your emulator is running on a Switch
>inb4 "buy an adapter"
Only works when docked and they're made by the same company regardless

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>how do you folks feel

Frequently and arbitrarily. I can't wait to scroll past a bunch of dreck disguised as informed discourse to spout my highly informed anecdotal opinion which totally isn't just as drecky.

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That dpad is nowhere near as good as a cheap old Saturn controller.

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I'm actually waiting for one to show up in the mail any minute now (or sometime in the next 6 hours). I'll report back if this thread's still up.

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What the fuck. Well lads, it's summertime again and the shills are in force. Fuck you OP, go shit up leddit and get the fuck off my lawn.

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File: 2.07 MB, 4032x3024, SN30 pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone cares (inb4 nobody cares) it just got here.

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File: 1.74 MB, 3563x2673, cord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice packaging and cord, and everything feels solid so far.

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Check the deadzones on the sticks for us or you're a worthless shill. http://www.third-helix.com/2013/04/12/doing-thumbstick-dead-zones-right.html

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I have 2 SF30 pros, would recommend. Never had any issue with them, solidly built, will pair with anything easily right off the bat, no headaches ever or even fiddling with drivers. The battery lasts 3-4 days of heavy use, can play while charging. The buttons and especially the triggers and sticks feel excellent. Like really, it surprised me. the only shortcoming of it is the D-Pad. It's not that it's bad, or even mediocre, it's just, for me, a little stiff, though it loosened a bit once I started using it more (I'm a pleb that uses the stick to replace it most times). I know it's nitpicking, but it really has no big issues whatsoever. Oh, this might be an issue, but it a bit on the small side if you're used to Xbox controllers and have huge hands. I don't, so it fits mine like a glove, but I've seen people on /g/ complain it feels too small. Roughly the same size as the SNES controller though, so I don't get the complaint.

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Link to a page I can test them on and I'll be happy to.

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I use an sfc 30 pro and its been kind to me. Only issue I ran into is that the rubber on the analog sticks is soft so if you apply pressure and roll your thumb you can completely strip the stick. r1 and l1 are really thin too.

I have a 1st edition which has the d-pads that people bitch about. they don't give ghost inputs but they can trigger up and down if you hit left and right at certain angles. Ive heard small 1mm thick washer stickers fix this issue but it hasnt been bad enough to warrant it for me. supposedly the ones in op dont have this issue.

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I feel relieved that retarded hipster bandwagoners are blowing their budget on shit like this instead of continuing to drive up prices of legit stuff

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Just test them in Dolphin

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>(I'm a pleb that uses the stick to replace it most times)
I think this is 95% of the people who actually like these controllers
Obviously there's some overlap with the people who will buy a controller just because it looks cool

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You can adjust the dead zone, but where do you test them?

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Is this thing viable?

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How are Retrobit controllers? I see they have USB Saturn pads, and they're licensed.

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God the new sn30 pro design looks so fucking bad. I'm glad I stocked up a few of the classic ones before they were all phased out.

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So Im a retard but what's the difference between the 2.4 and Blue tooth?

>> No.5400998

2.4 GHz is a different wave. Lots of wireless electronics use it, like cheaper wireless mice for example, usually needing specific adapters. Bluetooth has the advantage of being used on many different devices, like phones, some laptops, etc. that often have built-in adaptors.
That's my practical understanding, anyway.

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I'm waiting to see what the production units are like, but they seem like they'll be decent. It sounds like they nailed the d-pads on the review units.

>> No.5401018

Im really just sort of trying to figure out what I need to buy if I want to use them on what.

>> No.5401024

i just bought one because i didn't want an ugly ass one, so i decided to buy it now while i can still get a snes looking one

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Another anon probably knows better than I do, but I'd get a Bluetooth for compatibility.

>> No.5401029

By "2.4GHz wireless" they mean "we made up our own bullshit and all we feel like telling you about it is the frequency band it runs in"
If you're looking at the 8Bitdo things with the Mega Drive or SNES adapters, they should work fine in the ports they're designed for, but if you want to use them with literally anything else, you should just stick with the Bluetooth versions

>> No.5401065

the ds3 sucks farts straight outta my butthole, dude.
it's a flimsy piece of shit with a bad dpad and terrible triggers.

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>better off buying a Xbox 360 controller
There were so many options you could have used, and you picked the 360?

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>Oh and for the Sega fans, how do you feel about their new recreation of the six button Sega Genesis controller?
I just got mine today. I've been using it to play Resident Evil
This thing is meant to emulate the 6 Button Genesis Pad, which I unfortunately never owned one myself. I only ever had the 3 button pad so I can't vouch for the accuracy. It is rather comfy though. It has a very nice solid feel to it. Doesn't feel cheap. I love the D-Pad on it as well.

>> No.5401353

I just bought one off amazon. Looking forward to it

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In general 8bitdo is good- nice quality and great buttons..

But the form factor of those SNES and NES style controllers with analog sticks is awful, they are very awkward to use. Whatever some sperg says about deadzones aside, the actual physical form of the controllers isn't good.

>> No.5401404

Well to be perfectly honest, I never much cared for the feel of any nintendo controller in the first place. SNES was probably their best but even that didn't have near the pad the mega drive did.

>> No.5401561

I don't really trust their judgement, as those same reviewers were singing praise for 8bitdo. Maybe they got their shit together for the Sega clone controller they made, but they fucked up hard by having C & Z map to L & R.

>> No.5401612

Just picked one of these up, how about you guys?

>> No.5401694

you know the d-pad can be fixed in less than five minutes? And its not problem in every single of them?

>> No.5401716

one needs to be used with the bundled adapter, the other works with generic bluetooth-stuff.

>buy device
>have to void the warranty by opening it to fix a known issue

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I've got a SF30 pro. It's pretty good, a little too small maybe. I thought they were supposed to be putting out a pro+ with grips and analog triggers but I haven't heard anything about it recently

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Looks uncomfortable as fuck. What were they smoking, making an analog controller without handles? How much do they pay you to shill this trash?

>> No.5401947

I have the SN30 without the sticks and while the built quality is superb on the base and buttons the d-pad is too sensitive. I did the trick by putting on hole reinforces and while it improves accidental inputs I wish it was better.
Weird how all the big reviewers say it's perfect with no downsides.

>> No.5401953

My M30 is coming today. I heard they used a rolling d-pad so it sounds pretty good.

>> No.5402141

I got an SN30 in early January. I could not recommend it any less. The d pad is absolute garbage that registers pure cardinal direction inputs as diagonals constantly. I had to take the thing apart over and over, using trial and error to find the best places to put tape to block the inputs to make the thing even tolerable to use. It's still not perfect. I'll get a diagonal input every once in a while that will piss me off but fuck it if I'm opening it up again to try and fix it.

>> No.5402281

I've never had such issues, the quality control seems to be suspect with the sn30. I overall think 8bitdo products are pretty nice, but it seems you should be ready to ask for a replacement.

>> No.5402651 [DELETED] 

>void warranty by opening up

This is how I know you're retarded

>> No.5402809

Please report back.

>> No.5402820

Mine just came today, I mostly got it for mario maker 2.

>> No.5402831

I took it out of the box and the d-pad feels amazing. I'll test it with some games on the Switch tonight. Probably Street Fighter and Sonic Mania. So far, I fucking love it though.

Here's a review that mentions the rolling d-pad.

>> No.5402837

>legitimate complaints about faulty hardware
>disregard because le reddit

>> No.5402838

Is there any way to get C/Z and L/R to register as their own buttons?

>> No.5402874

>Just got mine. Worked on the Switch. Z/C are mapped to L/R and the L/R buttons are ZL/ZR which is interesting, and no rumble

>> No.5402893

That's good if it's a proper 8 button controller with a good d-pad. I like the SN30 for everything but its d-pad.

>> No.5402918

I see these things shilled damn near fucking constantly

>> No.5402948

Because they're good

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>Someone on internet says product is good
>Other consumers vouches this
>It's shilled therefore bad
You are all weirdos

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retard. If you buy one from aliexpress(it IS chink shit after all so you are even more retard to buy it anywhere else for much higher price), they dont care if you open it up(unless you completely fuck it up like an retard), and even if it ends up breaking down the line at most time they dont ask it back, and just gives your money back.

Im also pretty sure 8bidto controllers don't have any kind of "warranty void if removed" stickers in them.

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>> No.5404123


>> No.5404159

I have 3 ipegas and they all still work great. From the looks of your shitpost at least one of them is older than you.

>> No.5404208

>buying a product with the knowledge of it requiring fixing
best kind of consumer

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File: 626 KB, 652x562, 1535459806126.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being so zoomer that cant fix simple things

>> No.5404246

Rather spend the money on a product I don't have to fix myself.

>> No.5404249

yeah sure do that then if you are so incompetent, nobody's stopping you.

>> No.5404252

I have a bridge I could sell to you, only minor assembly required.

>> No.5404361

>unwilling to perform simple mod to have the best controller at the best price
>think this makes me smart
>why are people calling me a lazy stupid zoomer?
imma ignore your bullshit after this but you made me lol so enjoy your (you)

>> No.5404380

the retro receivers are good if you want to play wireless on original hardware, their genesis controller looks decent and their snes controller was decent, everything with analog sticks is not worth using. best thing to do is get the retro receivers and pair with a switch pro controller or wii/Wii U pro controller.

>> No.5404579

I played around with it a bit and I honestly love this thing. The d-pad feels smooth as silk. I'm using it now to play DoA 6 of all things and it feels responsive. I can pull off moves and inputs just fine.

>> No.5404635

>hurr durr i have a bigger penis because i chop my 1.5in peen off and stick a traffic sign to the hole lol zoomers too stupid for amputation

>> No.5404751

Paying $40 for a product you have to fix yourself 5 minutes after opening it is not the definition of good customer service. Do you go to a restaurant and pay some asshole to cook your meal halfway while you take over?

>> No.5404775

>it is not the definition of good customer service.
That's not customer service
>pay some asshole to cook your meal halfway while you take over?
Funny you say that, because they exist.

>> No.5404784

Selling you a poor product for premium prices, that IS poor customer service.

>> No.5405071

Cooking your own shit at a restaurant is actually a thing bucko. And I'm not talking about the employee meal a the "restaurant" you flip burgers at.

>> No.5405127

>What were they smoking, making an analog controller without handles?
They were supposed to come out with a version that does have handles
I think they announced it at E3 last year and there hasn't been any sign of it since

>> No.5405227

When I emailed 8bitdo about a replacement they just told me to return it to Amazon but the return period was already past by the time they emailed back. It's whatever at this point but people just need to be aware if they buy these things there is a real chance they get a faulty one.

>> No.5405235

so is anyone going to test the deadzones on the sticks or is this just a complete shill thread

>> No.5405736

So the genesis pad was supposed to be out the 28th right? Because I ordered off Amazon and there seems to be some kind of hold up and Im not sure if it was because they're out of stock or anything

>> No.5405750

I thought these were like $20 pieces. I can't believe these are $40. Might as well buy a real controller at that price. I do own their wireless usb adapter and am happy with that. paired my ps3/ps4 controller with no issues.

>> No.5405795

Some other anon (>>5402831, >>5404579) got his already. Dunno what Amazon's deal is. Maybe they miscounted their stock.

>> No.5405809

rats. Well I just went and cancelled the order and bought the blutooth version which claimed to be in stock so hopefully they don't suck on that. Though to be frank I've been rather unsatisfied with amazon on the whole lately. Their shipping packaging sucks. Ordered a BD the other week and it arrived all banged up in a shoddy envelop.

>> No.5406364

>Cooking your own shit at a restaurant is actually a thing bucko.
they are upfront about it. 8bitdo isn't.

>> No.5406524

How are the d-pads on those things?

>> No.5406527

I'm the anon in question, and I got the blutooth version as well. Amazon might be out of the actual Genesis version. Maybe they under produced?

>> No.5406549

Since I don't want to start a new thread just for this question:

Are there any good 3rd party N64 controllers being made now?

>> No.5407051

Are they really? I don't recall seeing a lot of bbq, hot pot, etc restaurants that have a big sign saying "WARNING: You have to cook your own food". It's just kind of common knowledge. Sort of like 8bitdo being shit.

They're adequate. But I'm not the kind of guy who emulates fightan games on a phone and blames the entire shit experience on the dpad so I might not be the best person to ask.

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File: 83 KB, 1058x792, 61qexQlSPxL._SL1058_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope these things turn out good.

>> No.5407780

my 8bitdo has the best dpad out of my current controller selection and i got it for free so i can't fuckin complain, kind of feel like the analogs are both shit and superfluous but it feels like a better version of the wii classic controller

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>analog sticks
Why would they make this and not a replica of the actual Saturn controller

>> No.5407908

So you can use it on modern systems

>> No.5407916

Supposedly a reproduction of these is coming late this year.

>> No.5407932

i found them to be great. thought i would miss having handles but it works fine for me all day. i would probably get the model without analog sticks if you emulate retro games that use just the dpad

>> No.5407981

Read what he wrote again, and this time don't be stupid.

>> No.5407984

I'll never know because I can never justify spending money on a controller like that when I have an old 360 controller that works fine.

they look good tho

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File: 6 KB, 192x190, misuzu disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>360 controller
>works fine.

>> No.5408006
File: 14 KB, 425x425, 41Drbao2zcL._SX425_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a Mad Catz controller with a very stiff d-pad and buttons. Sucks for fighting games, but great for everything else.

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>Retro gaming
>On a 360 pad

>> No.5408025

literally nothing wrong with that

>> No.5408192

Because that's not le epic maymay controller? It also might require a slight bit of skill as opposed to just shitting out another dpad.

>> No.5408307

Is 8bitdo, dare I say it, dead?

>> No.5408334

Im just glad to get saturn pads for things. I don't care who makes them.

>> No.5408457

Hall effect analog would require to have production line, instead of bulk ordering off the shelf parts.
Same reason the N64 analog mechanism isn't commonly used in controllers: Its not the standard shelf part

>> No.5408754
File: 18 KB, 311x311, thomas DISGUSTED GROAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5409156

Is there a release date on any of their upcoming Sega-licensed Bluetooth controllers? Other companies have already beaten them to the punch with wireless Genesis controllers but there are still no viable wireless DC or Saturn controllers that I'm aware of.

>> No.5409854
File: 3.17 MB, 4032x1960, 20190302_181927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put the new saturn pad up against a well worn controller and practically new ant it cool controllor. Not sure about thier other offerings but the saturn bad is legitimate, feels somehow better then both of my oem saturn controllors

>> No.5410206

Teach me how to use an Xbox in handheld mode sempai

>> No.5410208

How are the diagonals? Better than on the SNES shit?

>> No.5410247

Yes, way better then the snes stuff they put out. Played a ton of king of fighters and had no problems hitting diagonals

>> No.5410792

I've been using one in the top colour scheme for about two weeks now, it's not bad. Nicer dpad than my Switch Pro controller that I got it to replace and the phone clip, while a little expensive for a lump of plastic, has made life easier when it comes to /vr/ on the move. Pretty satisfied with it so far but still unclear how it'll stand up to long term use. Seems well built but so do a lot of things, until they break.

>> No.5411031

based retard

>> No.5411051

>Is there a release date on any of their upcoming Sega-licensed Bluetooth controllers?

>> No.5411378

Since I'm not willing to wait until september for this >>5407078, is there any controller out there that isn't the DS4 that's excellent with both modern and classic controls? As in, decent d-pad + good analogs. I just don't like much the idea of having to switch between gamepads and honestly the DS4 is still kinda pricey. That saturn controller with analogs looks like something that I would want but still.

>> No.5411882

I'm >>5410792 and I've been satisfied with the SN30 Pro so far for modern stuff. Surprisingly comfortable and I haven't noticed any stick deadzone issues that other people have been talking about, though that might just be me. Been playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 with it, plus some of the Demon X Machina demo and a few other things.
Only big issue I can think of for its modern game support is that it's duplicating the Switch's controller inputs, which means no analogue triggers if you're thinking racing games or something.

>> No.5411902

I tested the deadzones real quick and on my unit at least they're smaller than the Logitech and MS shit I've had
Though I was only able to test them in Xinput mode so maybe they're larger in other modes

>> No.5413982

usb-c to usb-a adapter you tard
also mayflash have the better adapter

>> No.5414024
File: 57 KB, 640x480, portable-xbox-360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading comprehension motherfucker

>> No.5414558

>how do you feel about 8buttdo
I feel their advertising people need to get the fuck off my board.

>> No.5414575

>third party controller
He STILL doesn't know what this means.

>> No.5414880

Holy fuck that looks uncomfortable to play

>> No.5414959
File: 3 KB, 209x215, 1367341242899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People want honest opinions about retro styled controllers, just because a product is popular doesn't always mean it's shilling anon.

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So I got my BT Genesis one in the mail today and I was playing some games on my Genesis. It seems pretty nice but when I tried to play Golden Axe 2 it just straight up did not work. Like all the buttons were fucked. Stuff like R was UP it was crazy. I was playing on a bootleg everdrive but that probably shouldn't matter, right?

>> No.5415713

>The more I look into the shit that this company offers it all looks kind of fucking quality. Everything from wireless dongles for retro consoles to D.I.Y. solder-less conversion kits for SNES and Sega Genesis controllers.

This is a very cringy shill line and I can't believe how many people are legitiamtely replying to this shill thread.

>> No.5415718

This is the worst shill line of them all

> It's an updated version of what is arguably one of the greatest controllers of all time, the SNES controller, with Bluetooth connectivity that lets it easily pair with the Switch, PC, Android, and Apple phones. So not only has it become my go to controller for many a modern day indie game but also for emulation on PC and Android for everything from the NES up to the N64/PS1 era of games.

Literally just advertising it's features like a commercial.

>> No.5415727

No, it's fucking shilling, dumbass.

>> No.5415729

>They have so many great products to choose from! A wide variety of wireless dongles, controllers, D.I.Y. kits and more! Also, can you believe all the controllers connect via bluetooth with switch, android, butts, and more? They have it all at the 8bitdo store!!

Sorry you're retarded, but OP is a shill and it's very obvious.

>> No.5415735

actually nevermind. Im a retard and forgot GA2 just hated a lot of controllers to start with.

>> No.5415918

Xbox hueg

>> No.5415997

>People still think marketers visit 4chan
Why? If a company wants to market something they're going to do it on Twitter or Reddi nowadays.

>> No.5416097

Chinese and Indian shills will post anywhere.

>> No.5416498

>*someone posts that garbage logitech controller for the millionth time
>yeah dude i've used this to play every videogame ever it's the best

you can see how shitty the plastic quality is in the fucking promo image for christs sake

>> No.5416778

Logitech is at least a real company that's existed for more than a week

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