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God fucking dammit these fags are a pain in the ass to deal with in the original RE. Any tips for when you encounter them? It's hard to run past these niggers because of the narrow hallways.

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I would have helped you but you just HAD to use that word, didn't you?

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Fuck off snowflake

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he only takes gamer advice from straight whites, i guess

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fuck off nigger

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It's called saving your ammo for when they show up.

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just fucking kill them

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I would help you if you didn't were such a massive idiot

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Acid rounds, shotgun, magnum.

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There's so much ammo in the game you can kill them all, just stand close to them and shoot the shotgun/grenade launcher everytime they get up.

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Never understood what the problem was with the word fag. Some people act like it is worse that fuck.

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Back to RetardEra with you

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>first encounter
>didn't save for ages

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Hello hallway

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What's the best way to play RE1?

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Git gud

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He's probably some Christfag upset about the blaspheme.

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*stunlocks you*

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I cannot get into these games. I really, REALLY want to. I love the lore of the series, I love the cheesy PS1 acting, I even enjoy tank controls, but for some reason, I hate actually playing this series and I can't figure out why.

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It depends.
If you're playing as Jill, use the grenade launcher with acid rounds.
If you're playing as Chris, you won't have the Magnum for the first encounters. In that case, you have to aim the shotgun upwards, and shoot them out of the air when they do the big jump. Should take two shots. If they just run up to you and slash your legs, just shoot them normally. Once you get the Magnum, just shoot them with the Magnum.

If you really need to run past them, they have a dominant arm. I forgot which one it is.

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Flawless b8 well played m8.

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hello NIGGERRRR lover bitch


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>/v tier shitpost
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literally all you have to do is pull out the shotgun, pop them, wait for them to screech, pop them again

the only reason anyone would have trouble with these is if you're playing arrange

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Get fucking good. You dont hate RE1 Hunters till you have met Advanced mode RE1 Hunters, believe me.

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The PAL PSN version of Directors Cut on PS3. It has the original soundtrack as well as Advanced mode and there is something good about the way PS3 emulates PS1 games. It takes care of the HDMI for you.

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You came to this site after 2014
The idea is that someone thinks saying nigger will upset someone. Its like a kid trying to be edgy, its an obvious flag theyre trying to fit in or are a kid.

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Because the games are slow and full of backtracking. The majority of the games are "Enter new area, kill everything as efficiently as possible if you have ammo to spare, find item if there is one, wait 3-4 seconds for menu to open showing you got item, wait 3-4 seconds for menu to close, backtrack and figure out where you use item to move forward, repeat." 3 and CV both helped improve things somewhat. 3's Nemesis added some additional optional challenge, and CV's respawning enemies made you pick and choose your battles.

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>full of backtracking.
This is why everyone hates you zoomers: you only want linear action games that funnel you from one setpiece to another.
You don't even understand the point and appeal of semi non-linear exploration.

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Is that Nightmare Creatures?

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hunters and dogs are the only thing the shot gun is good for. not worth using on bosses and zombies can be avoided easily but 1 shot with a shotgun and hunters and dogs get knocked down then you can run without fear of getting hit

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>all these replies

this board is so filled with fucking zoomer larpers so sad

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that game is based

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Save your ammo on zombies, but then waste these mother fuckers with shotties and magnums.

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I liken the games to a big puzzle, and the fun is about getting further and figuring out where to go next on your own. These are 3D aventure games basically, and they work like 3D metroidvanias. If you follow a guide, you're just mindlessly following a recipe. If you play for yourself, you get satisfaction of solving the puzles, both big and small.

>Okay, I got a crest. wtf does this do?
>Oh, I got a key. What door does that open?
>Ah, the crest goes here. Oh, I picked up a book?

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You just HAD to make this post didnt you?

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so many zoomers outed

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Cunt Niggerfaggot

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That has censored cutscenes

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get a load of these gamer words over here

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Backtracking doesn't make a game any less linear.

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I've known a few people who didn't enjoy RE1 and RE2 got them into the series, or some people who bought the PS3 emulated versions and were put off by how dark the emulated versions are (in addition to looking like ass on an HD TV)
If you own a PSP or Vita, the games look pretty good emulated on them, and if you own a CRT and a PS1/2, even better.

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With Jill it's easy, just use your Acid Rounds on the Hunters. You DID save your Acid ammo, didn't you? With Chris, the Magnum is the best bet, two shots and they're down, as long as you hit them in the front (they seem to take little damage in the back for some reason). Avoid using the shotgun, it's inefficient, 4 shots to kill a Hunter.

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it's almost like this game isn't that good.