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I'm moving to a smaller space and my dedicated game zone is dropping to approximately an 9 ft x 8ft area so I'm trying to think of solutions for accessible storage so I don't take up all my space with cartridges and cases and have only the consoles I plan to use out.
For cartridge based consoles, I'm moving entirely to flash carts as I already own an SD2SNES and an NES Everdrive, just need to get one for Genesis and N64 now.
I'm also thinking of getting one of these giant CD wallets and putting all my disc based games while all the cases and cartridges sit in a box in a closet somewhere.
Anyone have any other tips and/or tricks on how to make the best of a small space but still have access to 6 or 7 game consoles.
I'm thinking of making some kind of set up where you can swap in and out consoles that way they are not all plugged in at all times thus saving even more space. Anyone done anything like this?

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Sell everything and emulate. If you're not autistic it won't make any difference.

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I put all of my Sega CD and saturn games in a binder like OPs pic and like half of them had the art layer start to flake off. Wouldn't use a CD storage thing like that again

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>Sell everything and emulate
honestly this, if space is a REAL problem for you, then act like an adult

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Careful with binders. I did the binder thing with several hundred pc games, after having so much weight packed together for so long a lot of the disks took on the impression of the fabric separating them.

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Binders are actually the opposite of convenient. You can't flip through them quickly because that would damage the games, so you have to turn the pages carefully. It's easier find what you want when it's in a case on a shelf. I put a lot of games into binders and ended up just having to pull them all out again after getting annoyed with it.

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it sounds like space is an actual concern here, it's time to put the majority in storage or just sell and move on bro

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If it's for 8 and 16 bit games, just emulate. Else, find compact racks.

No reason to not emulate if perfect emulation is a thing.

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get a small crt and a comfy chair. keep one console hooked up at a time and keep everything else in plastic bins in the closet

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Store them on the side, not flat. The discs are supposed to hang free, not sit on each other.

>Anyone have any other tips and/or tricks on how to make the best of a small space but still have access to 6 or 7 game consoles.
>9 ft x 8ft
You can fit those consoles into a shelf that's roughly 2 ft x 2ft, maybe larger if you have a Sega CD 2 and model 1 Genesis hooked together. You just need enough room on the shelf to store the console with enough clearance between shelves to change discs or access the sd cards. I imagine 6-8 inches would be enough for most consoles, short of the Genesis+32X+tower of doom deal. If looks aren't a big deal, you can make one out of a long enough 2x4 and plywood. Then just hook all consoles up to some A/V switches, and run that to your TV. Add some hooks to the outside of the shelf unit on the sides to store controllers and you're set.

There, 6-7 consoles in a space smaller than 3ftx3ft, leaving you with plenty of room.

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use backups either flash or burned solutions and never use your original copy's

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Ignore these fucking niggers

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>muh hardware

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Best way to make use of such a small place is to spend time elsewhere studying so you can find gainful employment some day
Putting your discs in a wallet is retarded. Even if you lack the common sense and funds to make copies and put them in a wallet it's still retarded
Consoles don't magically disappear when they're not plugged in. They still occupy space. Having lots of consoles plugged at the same time using massive switches is a recent form of autism signaling. Keeping your toys in the closet and taking out the one you want to play with and then putting it back when your done worked well for countless generations, until the worst one.

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Imagine bringing a normie girlfriend to a room filled with ancient videogames.

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>calling anyone autistic
>while on /vr/
so easy to spot nowadays

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This, you git rid of your collection, sooner or later you will regret it.

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Get flashcarts like a proper retro gamer. Hoarding plastic is moronic.

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If you never grew up with these games then you'll have no use with a console. But, you should've already had that console by then if you did. So most of the people who don't already have the console by now there's no point, just emulate. Especially if you never grew up in that era. The only point then to get one would be for improper emulators, to which in my experience almost all of them worked well for its intentions.
Seriously, if you're jumping on old games in 2019 when you already had 19 years to do so, just emulate.

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I can confirm that that shit is absolute girl-repellant. I'm far from a normie and even I think gaming is a very unattractive thing for an adult man to have as his main hobby. My boyfriend makes me cringe sometimes; he says our apartment "doesn't have room" for me to install a dance pole, but SOMEHOW there's always enough room for a new game console when he wants one. My only gaming system is my 3DS; he has like six or seven different consoles. I told him a few months ago that I was going to have to start escorting to fund my transition; he goes and spends $100 on a PS3 which I don't even understand, because there are no games on PS3 that aren't compatible with PS4 as far as I know??? It's like we live in two totally different worlds, but I've just.... resigned myself to dating him because I can't afford to move out.

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my gf doesn't mind

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Keep your disc based games in something like the photo you linked and sell every cartridge and buy an everdrive. You'll have more money and have more space while being able to play games exactly the same as you did before.

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>I'm telling someone to act like an adult despite both of us posting on 4chan

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Imagine someone living in a shoebox full of ancient video games ever having a girlfriend

>my secret zoomer club. mime! mine!
Fuck off underage

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Err yeah, don't do that unless you want your collection to start decaying. If you're even considering it then I guess you don't care that much anyway, and you should just sell it to someone who'll take better care of it.

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>binders damage disks
>they cause decay!
Holy hell the level of FUD and cargo cult logic in this thread. I've had PS1 CDs in binders for well over a decade without damage. Don't buy chinese made shit and don't store them flat and you'll be fine.

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i threw all my games into a trash bag and store them in the trunk of my car

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I have my game zone in a van down by the river

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I wonder if anybody on /vr/'s been divorced before and had to sell their collections to give half of the proceeds to their bitch ex-wife.

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Keep the boxes you goddamn slob.

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When I was a kid, every time I got a game the first thing I did was rip the box open (literally) and throw it in the trash

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I have a 400 CD capacity binder for my backups of Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast games. Any original games are stored away in a closet. That's true for my consoles that have flash carts as well.

Let's face it. If you aren't playing on real hardware, you're missing out.

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>Let's face it. If you aren't playing on real hardware, you're missing out.
Care to explain what we're missing?

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Don't listen to him. You're not missing anything. It's hardware fags who are missing things like incompatibility, glitches, lag, shitty controllers and lack of support for accessories, etc. They're so fucking retarded they think that's a good thing.