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I need to sell my /vr/ collection to pay for some unforseen medical expenses.

How much do you think I can get for the following?
BVM-2016P, PVM-20M4A, RGB-modded SNES Jr., RGB Modded N64 + Everdrive 2.5, hacked Gamecube with Component Cable and GB Player; and the following games (all loose):
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest + II and III, Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, Mega Man X, TMNT4, Secret of Evermore and Mana, Super Mario RPG + World and All Stars, LoZ: ALttP, Kirby Superstar and Dreamland 3, Super Metroid, Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, EarthBound, Star Fox; also a boxed copy of Tetris 2 and a Super GB with a GB Everdrive.

Probably not even a grand, right?

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>I need to sell my /vr/ collection to pay for some unforseen medical expenses.
lmao America

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Australia actually.
It's a medical expense, but because it's undertaken by a dental surgeon it's not covered at all by public health.

We're talking about a $10K bill, and I'm not exactly rich.

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I don't even know what some of those could bring in, but I'm already thinking definitely not a grand even if you were to sell it all. Sorry.

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just the BVM could potentially get that much

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Whoops, I overlooked that he had some TVs in there.

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Wait, really?
I paid $200 for both of those monitors back in 2014. I assumed they would have depreciated.

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It's not that the shit you've got could net you a couple of grand that's the problem, it's selling all of that stuff soon enough to pay for your "unforeseen medical expenses".

where in Australia are you I will buy your pvm and bvms for a decent price.

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Any NTSC carts? I'd be interested if so.

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Shit dude, go look at GameCube component cables on eBay. There's some cash right there.

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The opposite has happened. Resellers have caused some major price inflation. Not sure what the demand is like in Australia but you'd make well over $200 for those monitors now.

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Anyway I can get a loan, but it's a matter of paying it off. My life is generally a shambles at the moment between a shit job and lack of savings, and this was a real kick to the dick I didn't need.

They're actually all NTSC carts. The only problem is shipping to America is prohibitively expensive, which is why I'd prefer to send them as a large batch to one buyer. I don't know how much I'd kneecap myself by selling them as a bulk lot on eBay via auction though.

Yeah I should probably sell them ASAP, what with GCVideo being a thing now.

Oh, okay. Thanks.

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Sell the RGB SNES for 200 on ebay, the RGB N64 for 300, the ED's for $100 each, the monitors for $200 each, EB for $200 or whatever the going rate is, SMRPG for 60-80, CT for 80-100, and KSS for 60.

You might break a grand if you are lucky. If you lived in the US you might be able to declare bankruptcy to escape the medical bills, but I'm no expert on Aus law.

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What neccessary (and judging by this it sounds medically neccessary) expense is not covered by public heathcare?
What's the healthcare then even good for?

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Thanks for the ballpark figures.

Bankruptcy doesn't clear student debt in Australia, which is half my problem, so it's not really a viable option. But I appreciate your consideration.

Deep tooth extraction for chronic pain. It's considered an elective surgery and they're going to have to smash open my face to do it. The "piecing me back together" part after that is considered cosmetic surgery.

Our health care system is fantastic until you have something the system doesn't consider wholly necessary to keep you alive. Then you can get fucked.

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Damn. Although the market for these monitors has long been fucked, It's not worth it to drive all the way to Adelaide to get one. I got a 14" PVM while I was in Melbourne in 2014 and Jetstar actually let me transport the monitor on my flight back for no charge because it was just under a weight limit.
Anon's estimates here >>5382815 are fairly realistic. Again, the thing you might have trouble with is selling all of this on a short amount of notice. I wish you the best of luck with your problems ausbro

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Yeah, that`s the shitty part about Australian healthcare. I have dental problems that I still haven`t fixed, but I will soon because I now live in a country where I can afford it. I hope I never leave to be honest.

It`s great for emergencies, but anything outside of that can get into the thousands of dollars territory. Especially if it`s something you need to go back multiple times for. Or you need to go to a specialist.

My own advice from selling my own collection before I left the country is to batch stuff or set the starting bid high enough to cover shipping. Aus Post is so fucking expensive it`s kind of ridiculous.

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Hey! I had the same problem. I feel you. The student debt as well. I put it on my credit card and then spent years paying it off.

This is me

Precious memories. As I said, I don`t have much interest in coming back. The economy, healthcare and housing prices are out of control. It is kind of sad that I may never come back and I will be having a family away from the rest of my relatives, but I can always visit every so often. I would rather deal with that and have a comfortable and not so stressful lifestyle.

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Just because some fake doctor game you a weed card doesn't make your habit a medical expense and zoomers selling their shit to buy weed is hardly unforeseen.

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>shitposters are phoneposters with autocorrect problems
Surprise : 0%

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>OP is assmad and can't chill out because no weed
Surprise : 0%

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Prices aren't looking good lately. People have realized regular CRTs look better than meme PVM/BVMs, there's competition in the flashcart market because cheap knockoffs are just as good, and no one smart cares about component when there's S-Video. You might be able to get $700

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Most countries don't cover dental health.

Lmao at your life. Just like America :)

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Not being able to finance it and having to sell your loved possessions. Fucking 3rd world poorfag scum.

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rgb n64 isn't worth much, theres someone on ebay who sells them for about $100.

ntsc games aint worth much in Australia, I got a sealed ntsc perfect dark for $30

the monitors, component cable and everdrives you will be able to sell quickly for a decent price so would be worth you time to deal with

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knockoffs are shit, pay $20 TO $30 extra to have a warranty and be sure it will work for many years to come

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More like pay 50%+ extra for an unenforceable warranty and get the exact same product. Krikzz is just going to release an 'improved' version of whatever you buy a week after you buy it and abandon your product anyway.

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Unrelated but somehow the burguer Ness is holding made me crave one HARD now. It looks delicious there.

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You should just keep your shit, all that stuff is not worth jack shit.

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>and no one smart cares about component when there's S-Video
how can one opinion be so wrong
on the other side gamecube-component-shit is dead now that GCVideo-based HDMI-solutions are becoming more available, popular and affordable.

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I live in the US and I never paid my student loans
I just told them I don't think I should have to pay the amount considering it's been 2 years since grad and I've yet to find a job in the field. They cut me a deal where I just pay like 1/4th of it. I don't get why people think it's such a big deal, negotiating debt is one of the easiest things.

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Go to Thailand then and get your dental work done. $4000 tops including flights and accom

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Australian student loan system is a bit different. It's basically an interest free loan from the government that you have to start paying from you income if you earn over $45,000 dollarydoos. It's called HECS-HELP.

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Sounds like shit bruh
Also what dental thing costs 10k, i know thats aussie bucks so its not as bad as it sounds but still, yikes
Oh wait that made me realize all the in thread prices are freedom bucks, translate that to your inflated kangaroo bills and see how much you could make

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That's why everyone smart has private medical insurance in Aus or they just go overseas to SEA and have the work done for 60% less

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>private medical insurance
Unless you're old enough that you'd be forced to pay the Medicare levy for not having private insurance, there's mostly no point if your only interest is dental cover.
The way dental plans are set up in Aus (ie. as optional extras with lengthy waiting periods and low lifetime claim caps) you end up paying exactly as much as if you just paid out of pocket.

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That's true. That being said. Check out Defence Health. I heard their *relatively* more reasonable. That or the new Kogan Health, lol. But yeah, there's still a new claim waiting period which would suck with chronic pain. That said, OP should just go and get it done in Asia. Also, I think you can get free major dental work in Aus at Public Hospital if you have financial hardship. It's just a cunt of a wait on the long waiting list (3 months to 2 years) which again might not suit with chronic pain issues.

Tldr OP shouldn't sell his nice but modest /vr/ collection. There are other ways. Or sell the GameCube and buy a cheaper hacked Wii U for GC games.

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tell me more of this Krogan Cock Health

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Thanks to everyone who responded.
Looks like it might not be viable to sell everything I have, but it may be worth flogging certain bits like the GameCube w/ component cables and the extra CRT.

Also it looks like I might be booking a flight to Thailand. I had considered it in the past, but was turned off by some horror stories I read on Whirlpool/etc., but it's a gamble that could save me a lot of money and one I probably need to take.

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I'm going through something similar as I messed up my jaw a month ago. I have bad TMJ symptoms, ripping sounds when I swallow, and when I wake up in the morning my bite is out of place. I think the ligaments in my jaw were torn and I'm hoping the public system in Canada pays for surgery if needed or else I'm out 20K./

Insurance companies should be against the law as all they do is drive up the cost of procedures and hardly ever pay out. With the state of capitalism today very few jobs even offer insurance unless you're lucky to get a government or high up corporate job, making insurance useless for most people.

I have my suicide method planned and researched just in case things don't work out. Jaw surgery can cause other problems like trigeminal neuralgia, so you have to be careful. I I'm hoping everything works out for you either way though.

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While there are dodgy clinics. There are some cheap but very reputable ones. Same with India, Bali etc. Just do your research. Good luck.

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Can I have your /vr/ stuff when you die?

Seriously though, look into well regarded Mexican clinics if you can't get the Canada surgery. Good luck as well.

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Here's an article I was reading the other day: https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/gold-coast-man-takes-drastic-step-of-flying-to-india-for-affordable-dental-care/news-story/076a4caed65bf9769f5d4b7620b3e3dd

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Yeah I'll do some more research before pulling the trigger.
Once again, thank you very much.

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What's life like in Australia?

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pricecharting my senpai

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Australia is the place you come to if you're lacking in ambition or escaping responsibility and are content with a life of quiet mediocrity.
The job market is atrocious and the cost of living is insane, but you'll never be homeless or live with a preventable disease.

I find the lack of culture suffocating though.

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Everything about Australia sounds great. Abrasive people, overarching racism against the aboriginals, and a general 'fuck it' mentality.

But the fucking 'everything will kill you' bit just doesn't do it for me

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The "everything will kill you" thing is a meme. The fact is, since the introduction of antivenom nobody has died of anything besides snake bites, and most of those deaths occur in rural areas.
If you live in a city or suburbia the worst you'll see is the occasional funnel web spider, and that's only if you set up on the east coast, and again I'm pretty sure no one has died from a bite from one since the 70s or some shit.

You're fine. Try going there on holiday and see if you life it.

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They really are a load of cunts. But if you'd ever had to deal with abbos you'd understand why they hate them.

>The fact is, i don't know the facts
Why would a dumb kid bullshit about venomous creatures on board for old toys? Are the (You)s really worth the embarrassment?

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All your points only apply to Melbourne desu. Somewhere like Cairns is much more affordable. Original Aussie culture is starting to get stifled though.

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