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>Previous Thread >>5349335
HoMM3 pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA

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Which map is the most comfy to play for Valentine's day if you're single?

Also, Gem and Shiva a cute!

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Why does Sandro have a face?

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Who is the barbarian chick?

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you posted it. it was as fuck to read through it all.


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>it was as fuck to read through it all
I started playing Homm3 chronicles and have to postpone ending of every map like for a month or two just to read all the stuff here.
What were they thinking?

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>have one 18x stack of berserkers
>buy 7x immortality potions
>split berserker to remove 1 from original stack, leaving 17
>split big stack to remove 16, leaving 1
>none of the berserkers have my potions
The fuck?

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Why aren't there conflux campaign?

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>Why aren't there conflux campaign?
It would be boring. The reason the Conflux faction even exist lorewise is because the Kreegans 'upset the balance of nature' or whatever and elemental lords rose up to stop them from destroying the world. Spoiler: They let Gelu keep the Armageddon's Blade, thus making them indirectly responsible for the destruction of the entire planet, so I guess they did a pretty poor job there.

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>What were they thinking?

I don't know. But the Toe Mortar stuff was as hilarious as it gets.

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I only finished the first campaign about his barbarian past. Do I have to install every campaign on top of it or they are completely separate(and I can delete previous ones) and you always start at level 1?

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Because they aren't really a faction on Enroth. They temporarily come and then leave soon afterwards. Any dedicated campaign about them would be probably need to be exclusively on the elemental planes themselves, which wouldn't happen considering the only reason they were put into the game was backlash against the Forge and getting too far from a relatively standard fantasy setting.

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Why is MM8 such a clusterfuck?
It got all these good wacky ideas, but none of the polish. Also i never understood the idea to place the Worldmap behind the Town Portas spell.
Or moving away from MM6s extreme grid layout?

Also why is MM7-8 artstyle so extremely ugly compared to MM6?
The animation screens are 10x better, but the ingame sprites is just... muddy and drab

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Polish custom towns strike again.

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Why is this general so dead? It used to be much more active back in the day. Did everyone leave for celestial heavens or somewhere?

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It's pretty active but lately due to some retarded spammer all the threads get autosaged after a week.

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Is he really good at this game or just a meme?
I enjoy his commentary tho

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Who's this guy? Latest big HOMM tournament was won by some Polish guy.

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AbsoluteZero aka chris67132
dude just plays for fun

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best playthrough imo

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In H4, what controls which skills your hero gets suggested?
I'm playing A Pirate's Daughter, and I only get utter shit (combat, pathfinding) suggested for Tawni. How do I get chaos magic or seamanship?
There's a Death magic shrine far north, but I don't see anything for Chaos magic.
For seamanship, I presume fighting battles at sea and developing adv scouting, but I'm still having a hard time getting it. Only for Pete.

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Depends on your class. And the game favours skills you already have unlocked vs. skills still unknown to you.

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Both are of Thief class. Tawni has Basic Seamanship already, but it doesn't seem to want to give her more even with Adv Scouting.

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What's the deal with Lord Haart?
Why does he become an undead?

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He was a traitor iirc.

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It's semi-random, generated at start of each map, what will be your selection of skills. Then there is the class you have. THen there are skills you already have. Then there are skills you learned outside of levelling. Ultimately, the more skills you have, the less likely you are to gain the skills you lack.

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I am not sure i get the map either. 7 tiles of overworld is really small, and the land size seem to be smaller, on top of far less enemies. Plus 2 tiles of islands.
Its still scratching a itch i had, which it served, but its not amazing.

Certainly worse than TheKnownWorld. Which puts him in top10 western players.
Meanwhile Slavs are on a far higher power level, with far more advanced and thought out long term tactics and strategems to achive 300% impact.

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>get the MG, mausoleum and lab on the 1st week (16k gold, 5 of M, G and C each plus 15 S)
>get 4 BDs on day 8 costing only 1500 g per unit w/o resource requirements
Nothing personnel, kid.

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just wish i could find a game like M&M 6-8 bros

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Combat in H4 campaign is strong as fuck tho

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Quick question: Where do you spend gold in MM8?
In 6 you could at the least find stores that sold reasonable items in Northeren and Eastern areas. And 7 had Deyja before Celeste and The Pit.
So what about MM8? Because i am sorta sick of second and third version of items only existing.

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Garrote Gorge and Shadowspire has shops with tier 4 items, Balthazar Lair and Regna has tier 5.

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Thats good to know.
That means MM8 has the problem where when you enter a store, it rolls for chance of each tier, meaning you need to savescum in order for Tier 4 gear to even spawn.

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Not if you're specializing in Stealth or Magic.

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Yes the seed for items is generated when you enter the shop, just like 6 and 7.

Because it wasn't supposed to be a full game, 3DO was having problems even then and was leaning on NWC to survive. This is in the pastebin. It becomes pretty clear when a lot of the later dungeons are uninspiring. Any game with proper balance checking would have at minimum fixed early dragons and easy level 50 hirelings. The game is still enjoyable, but it is a massive step down from its predecessors.

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How the fuck are you supposed to play A Pirate's Daughter in H4?
By the time you get to the middle island with Preserve towns, they have developed a much stronger army than you ever could, and both heroes have an extremely low level cap. Are you supposed to go around capturing random towns and then lead a mutt army on it?
Or should you try to stealth cap them? The AI builds up giant armies whenever you approach, even with GM stealth.

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I remember I sucked pretty hard at these campaigns back then, only finished the life(castle) one and nature(rampart) - they were hero-centric.

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Why is the AI in H4 so shit?
It's a game that would be comparatively easy to make AI for that would blow the fuck out of any human player even with severe handicaps, but instead they have to make it rely on maphacks.
Was it just because of lack of budget?

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6 doesn't have as extreme item difference. Which is what made 8 jarring: So few shops, yet you need to reroll if you want to discover what the shops COULD stock.

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What tournament?

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Probably, the game was pertty rushed.

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I don't remember how it was called, but it was around a month or less ago in Russia, it was offline or at least finals were offline.

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It seems it was Uralcup in January.

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based bleh poster

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Use Berserk.

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a thread or two ago, somebody posted some links to youtube videos of homm memes

one started with a skit of this black guy walking in to a job interview and doing the water bottle trick, to which the interviewers lost their shit, and the whole thing synced up to the tower theme music

anybody have those links?

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Here's the improved version:

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Here's a channel with funny moments from all these streamers who's playing ranked.

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and shit as always

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If you're in a battle, save before you kill the last unit and then check what skills you get offered (assuming the battle gives you enough XP to level up, of course). If you don't like the skills, reload the save and do a different action instead of delivering the killing blow like the last time. For example, skip the turn or cast a buff/debuff, then kill the enemy with a different unit of yours. As far as I remember this usually changes like 1 or 2 of the offered skills and not really that drastically, more or less within the same main skills.

So yeah, you can savescum battles for different skills by doing different actions, but I am not sure if this works on adventure map too, for example by building a different dwelling right before you gain a level from that XP giving stone.

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Homm3 is a poorly designed game

>Town are unbalanced, some towns are literally inferior to others and not in term of rock paper scissors.
>Some towns have only one shooting unit while others 2 or even 3 same with flying units Stronghold doesn't even have a flying unit.
>Some towns require a specific resource to the level of difficulty depends on resources available on the map and town you choose
>Diagonal movements took more move points because √ 2=1.41 so it took 141 move points instead of 1 so if you want to do more moves you have to be autistic enough to try move straight

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You can save during battle in homm4?

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Yes and it's actually very mandatory if you're playing on anything above win XP, because the game crashes like 5 times per battle.

t. played and finished almost all campaigns on win 10

>> No.5376936

>Diagonal movements took more move points because √ 2=1.41 so it took 141 move points instead of 1 so if you want to do more moves you have to be autistic enough to try move straight
No you don't. Two straight moves still consume more points. This only matters when you are passing through some building and entering it straight and exiting saves quite a lot of points.

>> No.5376945

You should refresh your memory of the game again, every faction has at least one flyer.

>> No.5376947

>using win 10
7 is the furthest you should ever go

>t. mathematical failure
HoMM is a small, elite group of games that doesn't have the "diagonal shortcut" as part of design. Since normal move cost 100 points, the fact you spend 300 points on "straight" and 282 on diagonal makes no fucking difference. Moving diagonally, you earn grand total of 1 tile for every 6 tiles crossed, assuming you can continously move diagonally. If the diagonal shortcut exists, you gain extra move every two tiles you crossed.
Realistically speaking, you gain 2-3 tiles with maxed out movement points. Compared to, say, older Civ titles, where moving diagonally easily allows you to double the amount of your moves.

>> No.5376953

>Realistically speaking, you gain 2-3 tiles with maxed out movement points.
If it's 2-3 tiles per day, that's 28-42 tiles in a span of two weeks. Assuming 100 points per tile on average, it's 1-2 days worth of movement.

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Wow! Such a huge difference! Especially when compared to gaining 10 tiles PER DAY with a starting hero and 15-17 with a fast army/Logistics.
And of course let's not forget that means each and every fucking move you make is diagonal one AND said diagonal move is the shortest path to begin with (since you can fuck yourself over two-step move by taking two diagonals [282] vs two straight moves [200])

>> No.5376973

Is this what autism looks like?
The amount of variables (terrain, army speed, movement points in general, roads, changing terrain under your army, shortcuts that aren't diagonal, etc) means the 141 movement points for diagonal moves ultimately nets you nothing and perfectly balances against people who try to abuse diagonal move. Then there is the auto-pathfinder, which bar small amount of instances, calculates the shortest path anyway and anything below 50 movement points can't be used, period (and said 50 only works on best roads)

>> No.5376982

Yeah, 2 days worth of movement (on top of logistics bonuses) LITERALLY doesn't matter.
>The amount of variables (terrain, army speed, movement points in general, roads, changing terrain under your army, shortcuts that aren't diagonal, etc) means the 141 movement points for diagonal moves ultimately nets you nothing and perfectly balances against people who try to abuse diagonal move.
Are you retarded? Terrain penalties only make the difference worse.
>Then there is the auto-pathfinder, which bar small amount of instances, calculates the shortest path anyway and anything below 50 movement points can't be used, period (and said 50 only works on best roads)
I didn't say all diagonal movement versus all straight movement, learn to read.
Even going by numbers from >>5376947, it's still at least 1 day more of movement in your average MP game.

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Stop being autistic.

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Why is everything so red do kurwy nędzy

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How do I get chaos magic?
The witch hut, school of magic, and magic universities are all very inconsistent and late game.

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nah mate
Only savescumming I find acceptable is if you do something wrong (e.g. accidentally click on the 63 black dragons when you were intending to click on the chest behind them), not RNG. That's straight up cheating.
To reset the map until you get good spawns is the only acceptable savescumming.

How do I influence the leveling up? Fighting more battles at sea = more seamanship?

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If you don't get berserk restart the map
I had this issue with Gem's campaign in 3 where i had to restart several times before i could win because i kept getting shitty spells/skills

>> No.5377217

Nah, her campaign was okay in this regard, Dracon's campaign was absolutely retarded on the other hand.

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The third map (or 4th?) Was impossible for me if i didn't have expert archery and fire magic
>not a pro but get dragons around 2nd month
>diplomacy so i have about 20 manticores out of nowhere
>basically shitstrong army for the current moment of the game
>thant attacks me
>shit army but big numbers, about 150 ghosts and 40 vampires
>fuck his army up
>he resurrects the dead
>repeat until i run out of units
>can't reduce the numbers with the spells because i only have expert air and earth, and he has the arifact protecting from lightning bolt which is my only damaging spell
That was depressing

>> No.5377231

I guess I wast faster/more lucky then.
In Dracon campaign I have no idea how to deal with all those naga legions without berserk.

>> No.5377250

Blind + buffs and shoot them one by one.

>> No.5377256

Stacks are still too big for enchanters and titans to handle. I've seen a video where player abused choke point and force field, but I think battle map is not pre-defined.

>> No.5377389

>Stacks are still too big for enchanters and titans to handle.
No they aren't. Get more titans and come back. Bless and Precision are enough for your own side, although Prayer is always a nice bonus. Once you knock a stack or two down you don't even need to cast blind anymore as you can kite them due to the horrible 2 movement of slowed nagas.

>> No.5377443

Mm8 is the greatest mm of all for cheesing and character vo.

>> No.5377456

I appreciate it

>> No.5377459

>Stronghold doesn't even have a flying unit.
you got the big dumb

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>Stronghold doesn't even have a flying unit.

Anyway none of your reasons are even remotely relevant to the true issues, which are:
1. Fucked up magic schools skills making 1st level spells ridiculously overpowered;
2. Economic buildings are cancer; constructing tavern/MG/blacksmith/marketplace in every single town to increase income is dull and repetitive. It also discourages from actively expanding and capturing other towns and gold mines. H2 was much more dynamic because of that, and the devs understood that in H4. Sadly, Nival decided to blatantly copy H3 economic model.
3. Campaigns are a grindfest. You spend a lot of time on leveling and visiting stat boosts by all of your heroes to prep yourself for the next mission which sucks ass.

>> No.5377695

OK, is HOMM IV really as bad as people claim?

I remember that game being destroyed by fans and reviewers when it came out and I didn't care much for it when I first played it. Some design decisions really didn't sit well with me - like mushing some towns together (Necro+Inferno as one town? seriously?), small number of units to choose from, lack of unit upgrades and so on. But I was also a stupid little shit straight out of high school back then.
I guess I want to give this game a try, beacuse it was at least trying to go in a different direction. So, how is Heroes IV percieved after fifteen years?

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>want to play homm
>end up writing spreadsheets
please send help
I really like it. Most of the criticism was due to bugs that were fixed in subsequent expansions.
The AI is pretty bad though. There's a mod, Equilibris, which supposedly fixes some of these issues.

The unit count is about as big as in homm3 I think, just that you can't recruit them all in cities. Also, you can only have 6 stacks in your army (assuming one slot taken by hero), so adding more units would just make it a clusterfuck of logistics.

>> No.5377717

It's unfinished. AI doesn't really work, visuals are dire, hero vs creature balance is all out of whack, the only really good thing about H4 is its robust scripting system that would've served much better in literally any other installment.

>> No.5377724

>AI doesn't really work
It's bad but it's not that bad.
>Visuals are dire
I don't see anything wrong with them. Make sure to run in windowed mode though, it looks like ass in fullscreen if you're not running at native res.
>Hero vs creature balance
agreed, your hero at a certain point doesn't need an army anymore and can just walk around slaughtering everything in sight

But the hero development system is much more advanced than homm3.

>> No.5377734

>I don't see anything wrong with them.
Seek professional help, it's fucking ugly.

>> No.5377738

Balance issues seem inherent to heroes but 3 is just tight

Less than others being bad, 3 just does so well where others fall more flat

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File: 136 KB, 787x600, Got+sourceartist+on+the+two+first+ones+_59d4ef736db05fae01e83032e1be7c54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not as bad as people say
the main problem is that this game feels like a game from a completely different franchise, like a homm clone instead

For me those ones are the worst issues of this game

>No 7 days limit to capture town, now enemy heroes can just hide in the corners for eternity and capture empty town, this really extends the play time to make it annoying, game turns into hide and seek cat & mouse chase
>No Heroe's specialty, now you hire a hero just because of aesthetic choice(portrait) not by skills
>Skills in bars, I like the idea of advanced classes but dislike the idea that you have to develop 4 skills in one bar instead of more free choice from homm3
>Campaigns doesn't' have a progression like in Homm3 where(in RoE) defeating 3 campaigns gave you access to another 2 and then to the final confrontation plus the bonus one. Now it's just access to all campaigns for all factions like in Disciples(homm clone game) and defeating all of them gives you nothing more(that special feeling)
>units can move on the map. this makes the gameplay more tedious against the enemies and makes heroes more worthless, armies fighting without the commander what a blunder
>non-stationary guards, I know they wanted to expand the gameplay but they just made it more annoying

>> No.5377775

>No Heroe's specialty, now you hire a hero just because of aesthetic choice(portrait) not by skills
What did he mean by this?

>> No.5377781

>I don't see anything wrong with them

lack of shading, everything is too bright and looks unnatural

>> No.5377803

>Disciples(homm clone game)
I'll come to your house and bloody glass you.

>> No.5377806

do you have low iq son?

>> No.5377863

The advanced classes are very nice idea in theory, but the game immediately fucks it up because about 90% of the classes are useless or redundant.
Heroes being homogenous in skills across faction could have been fixed if they kept the main skill same for all of them, but gave them different second skills.

Among other things already mentioned, the way you siege towns must have been designed by literal retards.
>can't damage walls at all
>gate can be damaged for 50 hp only per attack, takes 3 hits to delete it entirely
>the open/destroyed gate usually lets only one of your small units fit in despite visually having enough space for two
>units directly behind or in front of gate and walls can be attacked in melee or by spells
>flyers can't fly over walls, they first have to be adjacent to the wall, then next turn they can fly over it but they must be adjacent again and finally on third turn, they can fly to whatever point behind the walls they want.

Also getting rid of the battlefield grid entirely was a mistake, the path finding is wonky and the attack cursor direction isn't a very good indication of where you'll actually be when attacking.

>> No.5378000

>who's going to kill spiders
Well certainly not me.

>> No.5378187

I think it looks comfy. But sure, it's not realistic in the slightest.
>7 day limit
Yes, that's why you put troops to defend it.
>no hero specialty
yeah, it would be cool if there were slight variations in starting skills, like in the campaigns
>campaigns don't have progression
The expansion ones do
>skills in bars
You don't have to develop all four to start the next one.
>units can move on the map ... makes heroes more worthless
The opposite, heroes are overpowered as fuck at the higher levels.
>non-stationary guards
Agree, just pointless. Sometimes they even move from the objective they're supposed to defend. Still play with it on though.
What's wrong with it? The Castle is supposed to have some kind of gain for building.
You can enable the battlefield grid if you want, in settings.

>> No.5378191

How come nobody made a 3d remake of Homm3 yet?
If you can rip assets from Homm5-7 it should be quick work, since most of it can just be straight up copied.

>> No.5378212

what's the fucking point

>> No.5378223

>What's wrong with it? The Castle is supposed to have some kind of gain for building.
Did you skip me listing all the bad stuff or what?

>You can enable the battlefield grid if you want, in settings.
Great idea smart guy, I forgot I can turn on that cosmetic skin for ground.

>> No.5378273

I don't see how they are valid criticisms. It's supposed to make it harder to capture the town, of course it's supposed to be annoying. What did you want, waltz in and capture it regardless of army strengths?

>> No.5378290

You have to have a room temperature IQ to not see how flyers not being able to freely fly over the wall isn't a valid criticism.
Or that attacking through walls doesn't make sense either.
And how about making the walls destroyable too? Maybe make it take 10 hits or so when it's most upgraded, that would definitely be an improvement.
The criticism I said about the gate being destroyable is mostly cosmetic, I admit. It shouldn't have HP at all, makes me feel kinda weird how it barely scales with the strength of the unit. It should just keep getting more holes in it as it gets battered down.

>> No.5378297

The gate DOES get progressively more damaged if you only have citadel/fort. It can be killed in one hit with a sufficiently strong unit.
It's hard to balance a proper strength. Maybe if they did it so that it took something like the square root of the damage, but the whole point is that it should take several hits but still be doable.
Same for flyers. Would be completely imbalanced if they could just ignore walls, since they make up most of the lategame units. Devils can teleport through.
Attacking through walls doesn't make sense, no. Shooting through them does, though.
Anyway, you're complaining about realism in a Heroes game. Are you sure you're barking up the right tree?

>> No.5378356

>The gate DOES get progressively more damaged if you only have citadel/fort. It can be killed in one hit with a sufficiently strong unit.
I am not exactly sure what this means, but the gate definitely takes only 50 HP per hit when fully upgraded. Unless you're trying to tell me 400 faeries or 16 phoenixes aren't strong enough to do more than that in one attack.

>It's hard to balance a proper strength. Maybe if they did it so that it took something like the square root of the damage, but the whole point is that it should take several hits but still be doable.
My point is the walls should have been destructible too, although sturdier than the gate for obvious reason (made from more resilient materials, thicker, etc.)

>Same for flyers. Would be completely imbalanced if they could just ignore walls, since they make up most of the lategame units. Devils can teleport through.
That's not the point at all, imo the main utility about flying is that they can fly over walls and fuck up the enemy who thinks his units are safe.

>Attacking through walls doesn't make sense, no. Shooting through them does, though.
Yeah, and I guess the spells being usable through them kinda makes sense too. The melee part still shouldn't happen but if they absolutely had to keep it, then only units with long reach should have been able to attack through walls.

>Anyway, you're complaining about realism in a Heroes game. Are you sure you're barking up the right tree?
No, I was telling the guy asking if H4 is bad to prepare for sieges because that part of the game is full of bad design choices, hopefully only made due to time and budget constraints the devs had at that time.

>> No.5378390

>the gate definitely takes only 50 HP per hit when fully upgraded
Yes, but only when fully upgraded. On the lower levels it works like you want.
>My point is the walls should have been destructible too, although sturdier than the gate for obvious reason (made from more resilient materials, thicker, etc.)
Why? The gate is supposed to form a chokepoint.
>That's not the point at all, imo the main utility about flying is that they can fly over walls and fuck up the enemy who thinks his units are safe.
But it was explicitly designed that way.
>The melee part still shouldn't happen but if they absolutely had to keep it, then only units with long reach should have been able to attack through walls.
It's a matter of balance.

>> No.5379014

These heroic chronicles seems too easy. Maybe later they will reach SoD level, but now you're fighting against level 1 heroes while having 3 high level heroes and artifacts from angelic alliance +to every stat.
They don't even have initial army like those hordes of demons in AB.

>> No.5379167

No, all of them are easy and small. They actually get even more claustrophobic with later campaigns consisting entirely of bite-sized S maps. They were intended to be quickly thrown together for new players.

>> No.5379168

I was told in previous thread that these campaign are on par with sod.

>> No.5379179

Not him, but yeah, I was actually wondering if I became this good at the game or is something going on. I actually managed to beat the first few levels of the first episode one the first try.
I've beaten the first level by "accident" on my test run in half an hour, while pretty much messing around. At the same time most of the expansion (SoD/AB) levels get me stumped for a least good bunch of hours.

>> No.5379340

the AI is literally pre alpha version, h4 got rushed out almost as unfinished as mm9

>> No.5379347

homm4 was launched at alpha version

>> No.5379358

lol no, you were lied to chronicles were made for beginners and extreme casuals

>> No.5379364

>dynamic fog of war
>noncombat skills
>easy to make AI

>> No.5379402

Based and redpilled.

>> No.5379419

it's not cheating if you don't tell anyone about it

>> No.5379615

Because HOMM's good design depends on many things.
5 has many gameplay systems that is solid enough. But it also has cancerously slow 3D animimations, some terrible design for spell effects, and a unit lineup that isn't artistically unique between factions.
The end result is that 5 is a weak game because you can tell town aparts by color palette, but not unit design. And the cartoon wow style ages terrible, because it features few strong design elements.

And thats just art and unit lineup. You also have additional cancer on top of that, such as 2x unit upgrades for every unit(saturating the feel of units), heroes becoming Turbo ballistas, and a general lack of real murderhobo escalation.
Things like Lore is also far weaker, since Warhammer is far less of a Murderhobo setting than Might and Magic ever was. Which again is reflected in art, unit lineup and even game mechanics.

Meanwhile, it also had some extremely strong elements like the Town Screens. Now image how much further it could have been taken if the Art Direction was better.

>> No.5379660
File: 1.14 MB, 803x598, 1547995845793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I mean just ripping the assets out and doing minor edits to get them to match up with the sprites as closely as possible. If you can pick and match from the three games, you should be able to find one that would look normal without much design work.
Maybe it would be better suited for Heroes IV, where they already are based on renders of 3d models.

>> No.5379709

Because HOMM5 can never be 3+ graphically. Because the way they render their polygonal textures, it will always look like WOW shit.
To do Heroes 3: 3D-HD you would need:
1. Somebody to write shaders to utilize all the technical advantages of 90s primitive 3D
2. A engine capable of handling that realtime, without too much issues
3. A large team of 3D artists to produce the assets

But look, this discussion is pointless unless you understand how 3D rendering works form a technical standpoint. In a good engine you can render something that looks like HOMM3 realtime with modern computers. But you can't convert HOMM5-7 assets to get there, because they are lacking polygons, animations and textures to work as such high fidelity.

>> No.5379772
File: 20 KB, 306x306, 1535924646605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to test something out
>use cheat codes to disable shroud/FOW
>quit game
>go back to campaign save
>shroud/FOW is still disabled, and save has been permanently marked

>> No.5379780

Yeah, would be very easy. The AI can completely rape human players with advanced micromanagement. For instance, the calculation of whether to hire lord from tavern is contingent on when you expect to win, when you expect to need money and how much of it, how much money you have now, and how much you expect to have in the future.
This would be trivial for a computer program to calculate, but very hard for human players.
Likewise, it could micromanage scouts in sawmills to break the 7 armies limit. Perfectly optimized movement.

>> No.5379835

Do you need to enter mage guild in order to learn a spell, or it's enough just enter town or town screen?
I just noticed after teleportation to city I didn't learn a spell from here automatically(homm3).

>> No.5379859

You have to actually open the mage guild. I have made that mistake more times than I can count.

>> No.5381401

I just would lie to point out that in homm4 there are no shooting turret, which is probably why they nerfed flyers in siege battles

>> No.5381403

Shoulda mad a new save for the testing

>> No.5381498
File: 59 KB, 599x486, disappoint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>strong town screens
No, seriously what the fuck? How does this opinion keep persisting?
They're terrible. Universally so. They suck both artistically and functionally.

All of them are monochrome and boring to look at, all buldings blend into each other and it's impossible to tell just how strong your town is at a glance, size of buildings doesn't really indicate their importance either, some just straight up don't make any sense, clever ecclectic archtecture of 3 was replaced with dumbass bullshit a 5 years old came up with like:
- a hilariously oversized castle
- people living on the sides of an active volcano
- people living in stalactites
- people living on some kind of hovering contraption
- people living in spires built on the very top a mountain
None of that makes any kind of architectural sense and looks plain ugly.

There's also no point in even having those town screens because not only can you not see things you've built at a glance, you can't even select a lot of things you want without stopping the animation and then turning the camera, which the devs understood so they placed all the control on UI elements separately, but at that point, why do you even HAVE a town screen?

HoMMV town screens instantly expose pleb kurwas that wouldn't know what a Heroes towns screen needs even if it sat on their faces, and are undoubtedly only attached to this concept of a huge screensaver because it was what they saw when they were 13.

>> No.5381565
File: 145 KB, 291x312, 1338077615913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Town screens are a strong design element anon.
Town tree? Not so much.
Art design? Bleh
Functionality? Could have been a lot better
Its the only WOW element in the game, where everything else is just copied from a better series of game. Its the only unique feature.

>> No.5381646

Why is Wizardry and Ultima so souless compared to Might and Magic?
out of all the 3 RPG series of the 80s i've only been able to get into M&M, something about Ultima and Wizardry bores me to death

>> No.5381670

M&M are casual

>> No.5381687

You can't seriously think that any MM game is better than UU

>> No.5381768

I did.
I opened a new map, enabled cheats, did my testing, closed the map and the whole game. Then started it again and opened the campaign save.

>> No.5381845

i played ultima underworld and finished it,it was boring as shit, now way UU1 is better than M&M6
i guess i like games with fun combat, the combat in all ultima games a kinda shitty

>> No.5381973
File: 6 KB, 251x251, 182234535656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>smallest map imaginable without any gates/keys gimmicks
>story text still appears at the end of the second month
Is heroes chronicles targeted at handicapped people?

>> No.5382113

>It has long textboxes so the story is great!
Goddamn brainlets made HoMM4 happen

>> No.5382135
File: 235 KB, 1024x634, 1309802094730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So 3DO management INC? ™?
I mean you have
>Army men franchise
>Might and Magic franchise
>Not overstaffed
How do you fucking go from literally printing money post 1996 to bankruptcy in 2003?

>> No.5382258

Trying to enter console business with a shitty product would usually do it back in those days.

>> No.5382268

Lol, get a load of this guy.

>> No.5382280

Well, story and writing was indeed good in homm4, also pacing was adequate.

>> No.5382289
File: 98 KB, 244x294, 1531233677142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Failed to develop GM stealth for Pete, but everything else is perfect. Control all three cities on the bottom island and two Might towns up north.

>> No.5382340
File: 577 KB, 800x600, Heroes3 2019-01-27 18-19-30-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

Nigga, some AB maps have text boxes in 5th month IIRC. NWC made wrong assumptions about the playerbase.

They are completely separate.

Combat is fucking amazing, nigga. Pirate's Daughter is a shit campaign though. The whole thing is just unfair and tiresome. I savescummed a lot.

He's the one who poisoned Erathia's king before so Catherina and her father got rid of him in ROE. Later, he was resurrected by his fanclub in AB. He started raising undead army in Tatalia but Adrienne stopped him.

Okay, tell us why the story itself is bad then.

You definitely don't have to open the mages guild.

Please don't use realism as your argument since it applies to every previous game as well. In HOMM3, Inferno has a tavern built near a pool of lava and a huge pit.

>> No.5382347

Combat is good, yes, but not for this purpose.
I don't see the point in savescumming, might as well hit tab and enter the relevant code if you want to play the game that way.
I need for Tawni to have GM seamanship and for Pete to have GM stealth. If they get Combat then they can't get the relevant skills, and you need those skills to complete the campaign.
Also, Ranger as a class bonus is terrible unless you're going to specialize in Archery.

>> No.5382354

>You definitely don't have to open the mages guild
I used town portal to city with a needed spell, and on the next turn I noticed that I don't have the spell in hero's book. I think you need at least open town screen to learn a spell - if you enter city in a common way, this screen is opened automatically, I guess that's why I missed it with town portal.

>> No.5382396
File: 352 KB, 1513x740, 2_Misja_IV_Cien_Merlionu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've replayed it ~1,5 year ago.

Combat is ridiculously broken. Your hero can easily take out whole armies with few melee attacks or/and ridiculous spells (regeneration and slow are infinite btw). On the other hand, your army take unnecessary loses all the time because of the existence of simultaneous counter-attack and retarded battle grid (good fucking luck blocking your archers from flying units). There are other minor flaws (like extremely punishing range penalty, useless town walls, stupid units like Berserker) which add up.

Even when you ignore the mediocre tactical side of the game you still have to worry about the strategical side. You get fuck all money from your towns so you have to recruit heroes from your local jew guild (aka tavern where you should always recruit Lords). Citadels and castles are extremely expensive for what they are worth. Creatures drop like flies on the battlefield so you waste even more gold on troops when you would normally buy structures. Having to deal with aggressive stacks of guardians, invisible heroes, caravans and other shit makes map exploration more irritating as well.

Then there are other flaws. Creature models range from pretty good to abhorrent. Towns look way too similar to each other. Some units are objectively worse than their counterparts so there is little reason to ever use them (e.g. Cyclops > Ogres or Vampire > Venom Spawn). Story as well as map design in The Gathering Storm expansion is really bad at times (pic related).

>I don't see the point in savescumming, might as well hit tab and enter the relevant code
There's a difference but I don't want to spend my time discussing this right now. Also, considering H4's quality, entering that code doesn't sound bad. The story and music are really the only things worth experiencing in the game.
Either way, my Tawni had Tactics, Combat and Scouting.

Aye, I think you need to open the town screen to learn the spell.

>> No.5382409

Mine too, but I haven't got to develop tactics yet.
It Pete who's the problem. If I don't get him to develop GM Stealth (restart or find another veteran's guild and get lucky), I'll have to kill 20 black dragons.

>> No.5382425
File: 281 KB, 426x329, 1538187334869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that should mark about the 20th restart of this campaign. Starting to get the hang of it now, I think.

>> No.5382428
File: 136 KB, 504x646, 1541253405126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this bad at heroes

>> No.5382650

I see a lot of potential in HOMMIV, but the AI needs improvement and combat/spells need to be fixed, also the ridiculous neutral creature growth on harder difficulties is kinda annoying on bigger maps

>> No.5382754

Anon from previous thread who started AB and SoD campaigns here.

Why are barbarian campaigns usually the ones which suck the most in HoMM? I thought that Kilgor's campaign was retarded due to its limits and ruleset but Crag Hack's campaign takes the cake (I just beat it). Enemies come out of nowhere with bloated stats and armies. Half of the map is under permanent fog of war due to excessive CO2 emission from nearby 4 Necropolis towns which can't be taken over (they are locked behind inaccessible border guards). Your goal is to casually stroll into enemy territory while visiting 3 other tents so you can gain access to enemy's hero and, finally, appropriate artifact. The moment the enemy smells your ass and teleports behind your back it's over. I assume you can't get up from getting fucked in the ass since you only have one and a half town and enemy has 4. Pure autism.

And since the current topic is Heroes 4 I won't omit its barbarian campaigns. Waerjack's campaign sucks due to stupidly hard beginning. Gathering Storm expansion is even worse - Dogwoggle's campaign is straight up poorly optimised. I remember having to google the fucking solution to the first mission since it required you to skip 1/4 of the map and go straight for enemy's castle. Also, berserkers can suck dicks.

>> No.5382763

I actually really like Festival of Life Tbh, the only flaw is that the final scenario is way too easy. Crag Hack is fun too Tbh, but Yog campaign is kind of bad.

>> No.5383085

I forgot Yog's campaign within an hour after completing it, and the only thing i remember about it is that i was pissed because i couldn't use magic

>> No.5383268

Convince me that Conflux is a good town.
It always seemed to me like a hodge-podge of random neutral units and units that didn't make the cut in the original game slapped together as a faction at the last minute.
I could never get into the aestethic and mechanics behind it. This town feels as both underpowered and overpowered at the same time.

>> No.5383272
File: 87 KB, 800x450, eca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fantasy doesn't have to be realistic isn't an excuse. Yes, it doens't have to be realistic, but it has to make at least internal sense. Not to mention you still have to refute all the practical arguments.

Dumb polaks I swear.

>> No.5383329

>it has to make at least internal sense
It does. Flying islands and giant spacious cave systems a la Underdark are standard fantasy stuff. Lava behaving in fiction like colored hot water and not a motherfucking molten rock? Oh, what a shock, never seen that before. It's Might&Magic, not a fucking Harnmaster.

>> No.5383406

This is why it reads like something 5 years old came up with.
"Well it's made of bees because magic!"

>> No.5383409

Oh yeah, and previous games had really intricate and self-consistent setting and totally wasn't bunch of fantasy cliches thrown together.

>> No.5383412

Just get wate r magic for bless, elementals have huge damage dispersion.

>> No.5383573

h4 is so fucking ugly to look at

>> No.5383962

Did you know that if you put neutral units(such as enchanters/nomads etc) in the first stack, while other units are on their native terrain, your hero will avoid movement penalty of terrain.

>> No.5383970
File: 37 KB, 600x600, art_halfling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the biggest problem is lack of shading

>> No.5383971

Models of heroes are good though.

>> No.5384030

Buzz off, you pretentious fuck. You completely missed the point I made.

I'm about to start Yog's campaign. Wish me luck, senpai.

I will try to remember this, thanks

>> No.5384037

There is shading. It's done in 3D Studio max R4 and all graphics were rendered with the standard shadow mapping of 3DS.

>> No.5384105
File: 192 KB, 800x600, h3menualpha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5384112

Waerjak's isn't fucking hard, have you even played the other campaigns?
A Pirate's Daughter (Chaos), now that's hard.
Waerjak is extremely easy. Literally "Waerjak runs around and murders everything," you don't even need troops for about 90% of the campaign.
The only thing you need to remember is to use potions of immortality.

>> No.5384114

>tfw the models will never be released
>tfw no 3d remake of heroes iv

>> No.5384123

>dat Catherine

>> No.5384138

>the beginning of this campaign is easy because of this lategame reason
Nigga pls

>> No.5384151

The models are lost. Same with the ones from HOMM3. I spoke with three of the artists about it some time ago.

>> No.5384204

No, most of the campaign is this. Even the early game. You're supposed to rush shipyard without taking any losses, kill the pirates there, then you get the town and you're good to go.

>> No.5384317

Really ugly, glad they decided to go with painted backgrounds.

>> No.5384367

The paintings used rendered pictures as bases. A pretty common technique.

>> No.5384418
File: 360 KB, 800x600, HoMM3SoD-TitleScreen[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think this is a render? And sorry, I meant the title screens, not the backgrounds.

>> No.5384439

No, not what I meant. It was common for an artist to finish the render with all the elements, general lightning & surfaces, correct blocking & perspective and so on and pass it to a 2D artist for overpainting.

>> No.5384442

Not sure if this it the right place to ask but I'll try. I'm playing HoMM 5.5 and whenever I clear the new banks (arcane vaults, orc tunnels etc) some weird messages pop us among the rewards earned like "you've found a tome of kings." It's not an artifact and I cannot find it anywhere, so what is it?

>> No.5384449

I guess I can see it here now that I actually look at it closely, the buildings for example are just parts of town screens with acrylics slapped over them

>> No.5385145
File: 17 KB, 225x114, WHAT ARE THOSE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's bothered me since 2001

>> No.5385219

About to play HOMM3 for the first time, anything I should know?

>> No.5385220

Look up sseth on YouTube he is funny as fuck. Also are you the anon in the other thread a while back that asked for me mes and got his video? If so I remember that exchange and laughed my ass off. Hope your having a hgood night.

>> No.5385424

Hire more heroes.
Creature buildings are more important than economic ones.
Pick gold from chests.

>> No.5385515
File: 19 KB, 184x182, Conflux.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Conflux? The towers are sort of similar, maybe it's like early concept artwork of it? There is also Necropolis on this screen so it would make sense. But it also looks like flattened down Fortress with weird towers around it so who knows.

>> No.5385540
File: 124 KB, 640x480, mm7dark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mm7 artstyle is fucking amazing, neck yourself
also it's really cool that they modeled all the monsters in mm7 like the ones in homm3

>> No.5385546

I like the style and MM7 is pretty consistent in all its elements, but the filtering doesn't help these low res sprites and textures.

>> No.5385923

>mm7 artstyle is fucking amazing
Portraits and item models are far worse than in 6.
Creatures are about the same, since its the same render tech and same 3D editors used to build the high quality models(to spritify).
What i will agree to, is that the FMVs used for shops and courts is pretty terrible in 6 compared to 7 and 8.

>> No.5386032

So the buildings all facing the same direction pre-5 made internal sense? Gotcha.

>> No.5386265
File: 1.47 MB, 1374x768, who's that creature.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5386273

opinion discarded

>> No.5386287

I don't know.

>> No.5386350
File: 742 KB, 1270x478, mm7 vs mm6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the creatures in might and magic 7 look much better than the ones in 6 imo
here's a comparison of the 2 inventory screens

>> No.5386360

MM6 has definitely better GUI instead of clusterfuck in MM7

>> No.5386364
File: 121 KB, 1280x720, mm7 smiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also most of the portraits in 6 were really shit, the ones in 7 are definetly better (except the one of the bottom left)

>> No.5386369

it's not a clusterfuck i just threw some items around real quick in the pic on the left

>> No.5386389
File: 101 KB, 800x562, sketch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not talking about that but about GUI

>> No.5386391

I have a weak spot for the digitized actors in MM6, but MM7 is definitely more coherent in its style. Shame they had to reduce the original 3D models and their animation frames that far, they looked pretty good for the time.

>> No.5386406
File: 135 KB, 640x480, mm6 alpha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5386464

Zombie, Zombetta, Lich and Lichena looks good.
The rest looks terrible.

>> No.5386469
File: 20 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically find 90's cgi pretty charming

>> No.5386479

It's nothing groundbreaking in these games, but it worked. The cut-scene models are also the ones used for the sprites, complexity-wise.

>> No.5386495

I find it to look really good for humanoids too, but only in motion.
There is also a lot of art design that is moved away from, such as stronger use of colors. Or entire scenes where little to no lightning(beyond phong or similar) forces objects to have stronger uses of contrasting color and palette.
There is also other oddities such as smaller scenes meaning for more focus on what is on screen. And a far bigger focus on what animation is produced, to improve the technical quality.

Other very noticeable thing is that air moisture fog is not a default for 3D render packages at the time, which makes anything pre rendered for landscapes, cities or villages look very different from what is produced towards the late 2000s.

>> No.5386518

It's actually Blinn–Phong. *trollface* No offense.

As for the sparsely used effects: I can identify standard MAX particles and video post flares, the volumetrics are all standard combustion/volume light/volume fog. Some off the fire effects are from the Pyromania CDs, a must-have in the 90s for this kind of stuff.

It's all good in context that it was made for a game, not some high end movie production. Also, these games hat no dedicated team for the cutscenes. It's all done by the regular artists "when they had the time" to do so.

>> No.5386532
File: 291 KB, 640x480, stupid sexy goblins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why those goblins are so sexy

>> No.5386542
File: 114 KB, 495x480, INPOG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5386558

>Also, these games hat no dedicated team for the cutscenes.
Well thats a meaningless statement. If the game is using pre rendered sprites, you have the same graphic base for sprites and movies, leading to a lot of synergy.
If the game is only using renders for promotional material, then its basically segregated from the game's content.
It also depends on the scale.because a game thats 90% prerendered like Might and Magic will end up with a very different result than JRPGs with pixel art.

>> No.5386561

>Goblin Spellcaster
Absolutely patrician

>> No.5386582

It's John Cena.

>> No.5386584

It is, because I worked in both scenarios. It can really put additional strain on you if schedule is already tight. On the other side it can be fun, because you stay in control of your models/content. There were cases when I really hated it to hand over my models and scenes to other people, not knowing if they get the most or best out of it.

>> No.5386631

I definitely prefer MM6 style. The UI and the portraits are better.

This look really bad, man.

>> No.5386890

>zoomers talking shit about based graphics
Oh I hate this.

>> No.5387596
File: 147 KB, 960x446, Necro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlikely. The events covered in Shadow of Death happened before the ones in Armageddon's Blade and at no period was Conflux even mentioned in SoD's story (I actually played through SoD before I even knew of the existence of AB).
I also haven't seen that building in any of the SoD cutscenes, so it seems it holds no narrative importance. It might be a prototype of the Necropolis' mage guild or something like that.

>> No.5387836

BLEH'd and Necropilled

>> No.5388001

>this image is probably funny af but i don't know russian lore enough to understand it

>> No.5388135

Necropolis as a base for that is already a meme.
Bombed up parliament building instead of Capitol.
Ambulance near Blacksmith.
Ostankino TV tower as Soul Prison.
A house in the middle of graveyard.
Kremlin as Mage Guild.
St. Basil's Cathedral as Necromancy Amplifier.
Lenin's Mausoleum as Cursed Temple.
Stalin's head on Mausoleum.
Tavern is closed off, as no heroes allowed.
Cops is the Hall of Darkness.
Industrial area commieblocks powering up Cover of Darkness.
Potemkin Tomb of Souls.
Walled off Estate and Abramovich's yacht nearby.
Putin's ad in front of Dragon Vault.

>> No.5388140

Conflux was intended to be in SoD instead of AB(replacing rejected Forge) so I guess that city is just a concept art for Conflux

>> No.5388398

the sprites in mm7 look beautiful
if you think otherwise you are a pleb

>> No.5388501

this guy puts the nice MM7 assets to good use in his upcoming mod
bit more action-y

>> No.5388645
File: 487 KB, 524x534, 1531179898496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only in homm4

>> No.5388756
File: 2.92 MB, 958x720, billy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5388763

It's that kind of CGI that made me giddy for any new cutscene/environment I could unlock. Half the fun of HoMM3 was to see the next briefing cutscene for a campaign scenario.

Another game that I looked forward to new CGI imagery was Discworld Noir.

>> No.5389314
File: 253 KB, 500x820, SUCC WHEN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone here playing the beta?
is there somewhere I can look up the units? I saw pirates in a video, but they're not in this pic and I can't find anything online

>> No.5389630


>> No.5389665
File: 1.08 MB, 1280x720, SolmyrNaziWizard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys experience the pvp options on HOTA? I really want to play those L 160% JC 1 vs 1 but they are simply too big too play in under a normal time let's say 1 hour.

I think 200% M is a more quick way for 1 vs 1 but then a lot of the content is not used anymore and powerful heroes are even more of an advantage just like mass slow

>> No.5389681

>its almost full year already

>> No.5389683

>but they are simply too big too play in under a normal time let's say 1 hour.
PVP matches last several hours at least.

>> No.5389684

Jebus is unlikely to take over 2 hours

>> No.5390475

what resolution do you play homm3 in?
1366x768 for me

>> No.5390494

I tried 1650x1050, but it was too big and too small

>> No.5390501

1366x768 master race

>> No.5390534

only 1180x664 for 1920x1080 monitor resolution

>> No.5390593

I'm new to the series. Which M&M is this?

>> No.5390728


>> No.5390847
File: 235 KB, 1280x852, 1540656338665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got a link for 2 and 3 soundtrack? I have been looking everywhere for it and there is none on the pastebin.

>> No.5390851

I'm just listening it on youtube.

>> No.5390871

But I want to listen on it on my phone without wasting my credits.

>> No.5390890

3 has soundtrack in the game files, in MP3 format.
But your query is valid and good. Pray to the lord and seeketh.

>> No.5391049

The HoMM1&2.7z file from the first link in the pastebin contains homm2 soundtrack.

>> No.5391418

>ironic shitposting
>ironic answering

>> No.5391840
File: 889 KB, 800x600, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yog's campaign is okay so far. Second map has those unbeatable garrisons bullshit but I managed to clear it without many problems. Kinda mad I had to waste turns in both second and third map because of minor annoyances (one particularly strong hero in the former and hidden clover in the latter). It was partially my fault though.
Currently on the fourth map.


>> No.5391859

1180x664 render upscaled to 1920x1080

>> No.5391872
File: 6 KB, 197x232, hd mod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which one?

>> No.5391878

Default setting in hd mod are already set for full hd, so bilinear sharperx2 with 1180x664.

>> No.5392227

is there a way to make homm3 windowed

>> No.5392231

Yes, with HD mod.

>> No.5392353
File: 36 KB, 555x445, retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing windowed

>> No.5392529
File: 32 KB, 450x301, sod_is_gay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lazy cash-grab expansion with zero budget.

>> No.5392765

Sai doesn't work properly for rendered sprites. Its intended for pixelart, since it follows a limited logic to how the pixels are arranged.
Its a similar case with xBRZ and and UltraSai. But for xBRZ it works far better, but creates visible layers of banding to increase its resolution.

None of them increase detail level, but they increase the rendered resolution. And the reason you want that is that 144p gameboy games looks really weird when blown up to 1080p without any form of LCD grid filter or a CRT filter.
I think you would want them if you where to render HOMM3 in 4000x3000 or something similar, to get visible smooth bands instead of aliasing artifacts.

>> No.5392803
File: 168 KB, 559x192, 1528949738342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can you have so few armies in homm4?
>one main army
>2-3 lord armies
>2 reinforcements heading to or from some city
>one trading post scout
>3-4 lords heading to or from xp wheels, much more on a big map
That's 9-11 armies, and the cap is at eight. Also, this is on a small map. For something like Zanfa's challenge, it would be nigh unplayable.
Why? What the fuck were they thinking? Why not just make it unlimited or ludicrously high, like 200?

>> No.5392826

>you can see where they airbrushed over the dome and rear minaret

>> No.5392836

They didn't have much time to think about everything, I guess. Game is really unpolished.

>> No.5392849

The redhead in ops pic makes me think of Molotov cocktease from the venture bros. when I scroll by.

>> No.5392878

Were you aware you liked traps or is this a discovery for you?

>> No.5392924

I think it's more of my eyes aren't as good as they once we're with scrolling past thumbnails and picking up every detail. But I suppose average eyesight is a good indicator you might be a gay. I'll have to ask my boyfriend what he thinks.

>> No.5393065

childhood ruined

>> No.5393242
File: 678 KB, 972x602, stolen_Frazetta_art.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wasn't even the most blatant example of NWC "borrowing" someone else's assets/art.

>> No.5393353
File: 79 KB, 396x241, 1534763784129.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the bloody silhouette of the dome is still visible because they airbrushed it in a different color

>> No.5393531

Playing the last SoD campaign

How fucked am I if only one of the four heroes has Town Portal? And when I start playing with Sandro is he as powerful in the final scenario as I make him in his maps?

>> No.5393576

>How fucked am I if only one of the four heroes has Town Portal?
Whats stopping you from getting a hero with Scholar, getting it to Expert, and teaching everyone?

>> No.5393585

What I mean is, they don't have Wisdom and Earth Magic, so they aren't able to cast the OP Town Portal where you can teleport to any town on the map you own. On the last campaign your heroes are rolled with mostly random Expert skills and can't get any more.

>> No.5394242
File: 1.81 MB, 1201x925, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished Abode of Evil, a custom map for HoMM2. Easily the most difficult map I've ever played, had to restart a few times and even felt like giving up a couple times. In this one you can't just hit and run like most campaigns, you really have to be a man and take fights such as pic related.

And with that I've finished Timothy Duncan's Last Hope campaign. I'd definitely recommend it to HoMM2 enthusiasts, it's a really challenging series but really rewarding as well. It's amazing how much both the writing and the level design improves as you go, it starts off with a bare bones plot but then evolves into an incredibly descriptive and well written tale.

Pretty burned out on HoMM2 now though, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing Duncan's HoMM3 maps when I get around to it playing that game.

>> No.5394380

Goddamn HoMM2 style is so good. If it just straight up had more assets it would've been great. I don't agree with Docent Picolain that it limits coloring in ways that H3 does not, it's just a different gamut that's totally worth adhering to to make all the amazing sprite work breathe.

>> No.5394385

Oh I just realized that pic is very ambiguous, I'm the blue player (cheesing with vamps)

I have to agree. It's probably because I'm playing the series in order but I much prefer HoMM2 aesthetic to Homm3's

>> No.5394424

Just restart untill you get non-shit skills; on Crag at the very least.

>> No.5394428

>cheesing with vamps
Ah, the go-to strategy for the Necro -
when in doubt, build more vamps. No, you can never have enough of them. I loved those broken-as-fuck fuckers.

>> No.5394441

How are they compared to homm3 vamp lords?

>> No.5394451

>tutorial in chronicles is harder than actual missions

>> No.5394767
File: 66 KB, 848x373, 1530803454164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your spreadsheets

>> No.5395402
File: 1.44 MB, 1384x772, who's that creature.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5395485

Some forge shit?

>> No.5395494


>> No.5395506

Troll? Pretty sure it's a leg on the left and he's hitting floor with his club.

>> No.5395525


>> No.5395545

Battle Dwarf.

>> No.5395571

you saw the video right

>> No.5396036

No, I just thought I could see a hammer and a three pronged helmet.

>> No.5396758

To fool other heroes.

>> No.5397475

Holy shit, how did I miss that?!

>> No.5397573
File: 55 KB, 258x360, 1542775586770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they removed the fourth rear tower because they were too lazy to properly redraw it
my sides

>> No.5397659

which faction do you hate the most?
personally i hate playing Tower

>> No.5397663

This is interesting question
I love necro
but from other hand I've never get hang on them to minmax enough to be competetive. I've just love their ress mechanic but can't/don't want to optimilize it

>> No.5397676

Inferno, I don't really know what to do with them.

>> No.5397684


fighting castle, fortress, stronghold, necro, and dungeon can feel like fighting a cheater, of them I'd say dungeon is the worst (strong, well-rounded units, possibly the strongest casters, and are usually the only faction underground so they can fuck anybody anywhere and are a total pain to wipe out)

but when it comes to playing them? well, yeah, inferno I guess. I don't have much experience with them because they are aesthetically unpleasing and don't seem very good at anything. I also don't like necro. I prefer not to play the neutral factions either.

So, when fighting against them, it's dungeon, when playing them, inferno.

>> No.5397686

Don't hate them per se. Just have no clue how to play them properly.
Also, I find them thematically weird. They seem like a mismatch of different random creatures thrown together.

>> No.5397692
File: 286 KB, 1075x1071, hasted fortress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the gnolls don't really fit, but the rest are scaly beasts, of which only gorgons don't fit too well

>> No.5397707

i also found Dwarves being in Rampart being thematically weird, would have been cool if they would get a Barrow Downs themed faction

>> No.5397719

2 of those aren't from tolkien, but they both fit the D&D good-guys theme (they happen to be greek, but D&D used them as sylvan good-guy allies)

>> No.5397723

Dwarves kinda work IMO. Rampart is this Tolkienesque "fairytale" town, so they kinda fit in there. But I get your point.

>> No.5397731

yes but in might and magic 7 the dwarves had nothing to do with the elves

>> No.5397742

who gives a shit?

>> No.5397748

Dwarves and elves are forest creatures in folklore

>> No.5397761

Alfar and Dvergar has no particular connection to forest I am aware of.

>> No.5397786
File: 249 KB, 417x347, Dwarven_choir_master.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alfar and Dvergar
>Not connected to YGGDRASIL
wtf anon
Your parents raised you better than this.

>> No.5397813

i was referring to the lore of Might and Magic 7, in Erathia elves had nothing to do with dwarves

>> No.5397816

Oh, come on, Yggdrasil is a World Tree, not a forest. You then may call valkyries and fire giants forest creatures as well.

>> No.5397823
File: 232 KB, 798x510, Olav_Tryggvasons_saga_-_Einar_Tambarskjelve_-_C._Krohg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds radical
are you with me?

>> No.5397839

Nah, I would rather have faction of viking trolls and frost giants.

>> No.5398476

While inferno is my favorite faction, fortress feels like the exact opposite of it; makes you expand really early on, and often eventually switch to units from another castle while in inferno i just hoard demons and i really like how it's units look

>> No.5398663

I did, it just takes fucking forever. I hate Crag Hack being an expert spellcaster but I hate getting fucked over on these maps more, I've at least got 2/4 heroes with Wisdom + Earth Magic now.

>> No.5398949

is 7 playable now? I remember at release that you could't finish any campaign because of bugs

>> No.5399214
File: 56 KB, 600x450, 1491409575179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I remember to savescum it too. I wonder why didn't they allow to export your hero or at least make them with fixed good skills.
Can at least we agree that stronghold is clearly the best faction?

>> No.5399246

None, I can enjoy playing as all of them. Tower might actually even be one of the most fun factions to play, even though it has by far the highest risk of getting shafted by map creation.

>> No.5399253

im talking about might and magic 7 not heroes of might and magic 7 you retard

>> No.5399257

Wait - there was HoMM 7? I feel like I've been out of the loop for too long.

>> No.5399307

Why did they change the name into Might & Magic: Heroes since HoMM VI? I only play till HoMM V.

>> No.5399846

>i also found Dwarves being in Rampart being thematically weird
Rampart is what became of Sorceress' town minus phoenixes and fairies (because those were not cool enough for new gray and brown image for mature audiences until they were). So besides Centaurs borrowed from Warlock and dragon repaint de jure it's Sorceress' lineup.

>> No.5399861

>phoenixes and fairies not cool enough
But then they were added to Conflux anyway, so 3DO is sending some mixed messages here. And I liked Sorceress' town in 2. It was.. sunny.

Anyway I kinda wish to see next HoMM sequel/reboot/whatever made more in fairytalesque style of HoMM 2 rather than this pseudo Warhammer/WoW artstyle we have now. Both in terms of graphics and overall unit roster. It's not gonna happen, but let the guy dream.

>> No.5399893

I honestly don't know why they thought recoloured dragons was better than phoenixes, especially when the latter already had a precedent.

>> No.5399930

There's HoMM orchestra playing on twitch to celebrate the 20th anniversary if you anons want to check it out

>> No.5400065

green/gold dragons fit rampart better than phoenixes, they were right about that
and maybe they had conflux in their back pocket since the beginning
fey would have fit in fairly well (not perfectly), faeries or satyrs or what have you
"druids" the unit got turned into monks/zealots for castle

I still think conflux had some good ideas, just a poor implementation
I have always really liked phoenixes to the point that they were probably my favorite unit in homm2, but they deserve a slot at 7th level and they just didn't fit into the base homm3 factions very well

>> No.5400105

What is the kino equivalent for music?

>> No.5400123
File: 1.59 MB, 1026x814, Town Colors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow)
3 secondary colors (green, purple, orange)
no colors (white), all colors (black), a mix of black and white (grey), a mix of some colors together but not all (brown)
pink is just red mixed with white, you can do that with any color but "pink" always gets special recognition
and teal is just blue + green, maroon would have been another good color of that type to add (red + purple)

for some reason, they went with two of the primary colors (each flag has gold as a secondary color, so I kinda get why they didn't use yellow), all the secondary colors, and .....pink and tan (not brown, no, just tan)
pink does fit conflux pretty well, but they never added a 9th flag color
they can't use white, because that's the surrender flag
they didn't use black despite it fitting necromancer perfectly (add a skull+crossbones and it fits both necro AND cove, though if you did that I'd say purple should go to necro)
grey is the "nobody owns this" flag
couldn't use gold and silver because gold is the "best" and silver is always secondary to it, also gold is every flag's secondary color
about the only thing left is "rainbow", "tie dye", or "opal", which of course they won't do

you'll note that heroes 2 with it's six factions used just the primary and secondary colors

>> No.5400152


>> No.5400158

I 100% guarantee they had a meeting at a table about this, along with plenty of argument

>> No.5400162

kino just means "movie theater" in german

>> No.5400232


>> No.5400265


>> No.5400292
File: 17 KB, 101x267, colors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tan in 3 is basically just a clever stand-in for yellow. 7 offered a similar selection of colors (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink and light-blue) which were less subdued in each case which worked with their UI. The only game to offer more than 8 colors, in fact it had spiffing 12, was VI, but it also used team colors a lot less in UI elements and it basically cheated by offering a lighter and a darker variant of 4 classic colors without really thinking how they contrast, the result being fairly disastrous (olive not really super distinct from "gold", though distinct enough). Lineup in III feels fairly exhaustive and it would be hard to add anything else within the design of that game. You could try olive-ish, but it's difficult and doesn't look that great, by shifting teal into more greenish territory you could open light blue, and while maroon is cool, purple and red in III are both so dark it'd be hard to make it stand out from them. Light green is likewise hard to make look good, it's way too toxic. Black is not a good way out either, purple for necropolis is basically an artistic stand-in for black, Heroes II Necropolis is a lot more puple-like than black like it is in H3 and it looks miles better visually. Frankly I tried to come up with 12 distinct colors that could be used for players and it's just fucking impossible, at best you can win 1 or 2.

>> No.5400315

Yeah Gorgons look like armored bulls with small hooves, they'd sink if they ever tried to traverse a marsh. Also Gnolls using flails wouldn't work too well either. Standing on uncertain ground swinging around a heavy weight would make them fall over.

>> No.5400320

you know it's kinda dumb; medusas seem like a great fit for fortress and gorgons seem like a good fit for dungeon

>> No.5400326

see, I think "burgundy" (aka maroon) fits just fine, since homm3 doesn't have brown, it's kind of equidistant between red, purple, and tan

it'd also be a good color for cove

>> No.5400332

I kinda agree but the medusas would have to be re-designed a bit. Maybe made even more snake like and the Queens looking less golden. The issue with Gorgons for dungeon is now you have two bull creatures with minotaurs. Two stone gaze creatures for Fortress feels the same way.

>> No.5400335

that's probably why it's the way it is

>> No.5400389

FYI: The 7 day bump limit on /vr/ is gone. The limit is now 14 days.

>> No.5400423

Are you a jannie?

>> No.5400440

No, I've just been checking some thread ages and bumps occasionally this month.

>> No.5401312
File: 115 KB, 1513x1177, d6brcgokw3v11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5401334
File: 9 KB, 226x300, medusa1_t2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh. I've only recently realized that medusas were pretty much charging into battle butt-naked, with their tits out. Even nagas more prude.
I guess I am not that sharp.

>> No.5401501
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, 870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5401682

Are there any other series where the spin-off became more popular than the main series?

>> No.5401687

Ultima Underworld?

>> No.5401691


....World of Warcraft.
Fuck this gay earth, by the way.

>> No.5401714

Ultima Online completely forgot about that

>> No.5401742

Happy 20th anniversary HoM&M3!

>> No.5401851

Is there some article in english that details what lead them to include lyrics/chorals and what was the inspiration and thought process when coming up with them?

>> No.5401895

>This is our brand-new Erathia language with some battle story between orcs and elfes.

>> No.5401912

Which is the best Might and Magic to start with, is it 3?

I tried M&M1 a while back but I haven't really played any old CRPGs and it was too intense just getting out of Sorpigal that I dropped it.

>> No.5402105

world of Xeen

>> No.5402106

yeah 3 is the best place to start

>> No.5402291
File: 3.05 MB, 4836x1736, Concept-maps-HotA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd say purple should go to necro
Personally, I like to give purple to Tower (Wizard's robes are purple), pink to Necro (both Necromancy Amplifier and Blacksmith are pink and that's also the color of flesh) and teal to Fortress (because it's the only one left) though I see where you're coming from - lots of structures in Tower and Fortress are tinted teal and pink, respectively, and purple is the darkest color available.

Where do you think we are.jpg

>> No.5402549
File: 1.62 MB, 1180x664, 15513847697010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boom! Now we know how Factory's Castle looks!
Surprisingly, it is shaped like original Forge Castle.

>> No.5402580

>"How should we design our castle?"
>"hmm, maybe a big wide-open door with no moat?"

>> No.5402587

>implying any of H3's castles has a moat on the map

>> No.5402593

Best of luck even crossing that dirt ramp anon.
Empires have toppled over smaller hills.

>> No.5403060


nah medusa is a chimera like most of dungeon units, it’s from lore somewhere that dungeon creatures are failed wizard experiments. Centaurs would fit Dungeon but they’re free roaming.

Fortress creatures are pure beasts.

>> No.5403176

>pure beasts
>hexapod lizards with petrifying gaze
>multi-headed creatures previously from Warlock castle

>> No.5403425

Still not a big fan of the environment but I'll wait and see how the units look like before making a final judgement.

>> No.5403475

Time's up on this thread. Bumps are off.

>> No.5403478

what even is this?
I see homm2 wasteland terrain, a horn of the abyss sea serpent and a pirate, and now a different look for factory?
is this a modpack?

>> No.5403574

I don't know about that terrain, chief.

>> No.5403692

it's horn of the abyss.
New terrain was announced at the same time as factory. It'as inspiered by Homm 2's wasteland.

What do you mean "different look" for Factory?
The initial video contained "village" version. And on recent screenshot the actual castle is presented.

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