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Cyberpunk General

Let's jack into the mainframe or whatever

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Trenchcoats and sunglasses at night are absolutely required

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And whatever you do, don't forget that urban blight

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system shock killed my interest in cyber settings. but, ghost in the shell for ps1 got me back interested. that and a pc game i wont mention because i dont want it to become another meme game on here.

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I love that series of books

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Great game.

Good topic, lets drop some more cyberpunk games. Anybody remembers HELL for the PC?

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I really like the atmosphere, style, and setting of this game.
I just wish it had more substance to it.

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With the advancement of streaming technology, that might become a reality.

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Never mix sex and violence

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Very yes.

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Played this back in 2002. This game came in one of those "CD magazines" that had a ton of programs and games, popular before the internet got better in this part of the world. I remember I had to use a guide because English isn't my first language (and most of the tips are quite obscure).

Is it in Neuromancer or in Shadowrun (SNES) that you have to get purposefully fried when jacking into a terminal? I think it's in both - either way, that was counterintuitive.

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>you now remember Westwood

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Great game because the hacking scenes are actually text-based console type hacking, not flying through cyberspace.

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Neuromancer is so fucking good. It's a shame there is really little material based on it, just the books and this game and possibly Johnny Mnemonic

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Bloodnet was the game that made me fall in love with cyberpunk as a genre back in the 90s when my buddy had it on Amiga (it came on something like 12 floppies if I remember correctly). Of course it was tough as nails so we never got very far. I was always disappointed though the game wasn't as exciting as the pre-game multiple choice questionnaires would suggest.

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If you liked it then be sure to try the genesis version too.

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I absolutely loved Shadowrun on SNES despite its small flaws but I am really baffled how hard it is for me to play the Genesis version. Somehow I can't find the charm of it

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The Genesis game requires more grind to get going, and has a habit of tossing unfair fights at you from time to time. Hellhounds are pretty much instakills. Getting backup the moment you have the cash for it is pretty vital. The storyline branches quite a bit and isn't always easy to follow.

But the ability to pick up random runs is pretty fun. Everything cyberspace (Except fucking tar pits) is super fun. Having the ability to bluff or hack your way through some encounters is pretty neat. If you get lost, there's a notes section in the inventory menu that should have all current relevant details to look into.

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There's also the Mega CD Shadowrun which is extremely overlooked.

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Does it count when I listen to Sex Pistols via streaming service on my computer?

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Isn't that a visual novel?

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This is the only ShadowRun game that I enjoyed. The Genesis one was boring, and the Sega CD one looks too weeb, also can't read jap.

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It's an adventure game with tactical combat.

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great game, hate the rpg especially the latest edition

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I couldn't get into it.

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Really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077.

What are some good retro games to get me in the cyberpunk mood before it comes out (in 10 years probably)?

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Syndicate Wars

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System Shock 1?
Also, Beneath the Steel Sky I guess, Blade Runner from Westwood (that was some ambitious as fuck game), Syndicate + Wars.

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System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Daikatana

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the thread full of good recommendations.

I also suggest quarantine if you want an open world (webm related).
if you're a fan of vehicular combat, you might also want to check out Crime Killer for the psx:
also G-police if you want an combat flight sim set in a very blade runner-esque city:

all of those games feature some degree of futuristic city exploration, which pretty comfy.

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I can vouch for G-Police being a pretty fun game. Mind the draw distance is fucking microscopic even when turned up all the way.

I haven't played Quarantine, and while it looks really cool, I've also heard it's a very mixed bag of a game in terms of gameplay.

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raycasting engines aren't exactly ideal for driving games. while quarantine manages to capture the basic feel of actually driving a car, it doesn't allow for any advanced driving techniques.
also, collisions don't work very well. this combined with the fact that the roads are full of psychos who actively try to ram into you (at worst) and ignore you completely even if you're in their way (at best) creates many frustrating moments where you helplessly get bounced back and forth between cars like a pinball when travelling on the narrow streets.

this is one of those broken gems that would really benefit from a modern port or remake. the graphics and the atmosphere are pretty much spot on, but the gameplay is really lacking.

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Make sure to check out the Sega CD soundtrack.

Is the PSX version any better?

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sadly not. it's near identical visually, but iirc there's no/less fog, so objects just pop up out of nowhere when they enter the drawing area. the framerate is also awful.

the dos version is the way to go. if you play in dosbox, keep in mind that the game doesn't work with fps cycles set to auto. I recommend playing with it set to 25000, as that's what works best on my machine. if I set it any higher, I lose the ability to jump. if I set it any lower, I get awful lag.

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Quick reminder to play Snatcher.

Even quicker reminder that every version beyond the largely identical MSX2 and PC-8801 originals has been heavily censored especially for sexual content. Also the only official localization for the west is the visually updated Sega CD version (largely identical to the unlocalized PC Engine version). Therefore the only way to play both in an intelligible language AND have the full content is to use an unofficial fan patch for the MSX2 version.

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Every true Cyberpunker knows Japanese.

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Chingchong pingpong.

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this, the books are gay

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I want to look up those games because I had never heard of them before. I always get videos from a Youtube guy named

IS THIS HIS THREAD OR SOMETHING?! Why do I only find his videos? What is that shit?

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Guess what?
The sexual content is gratuitous and unnecessary.
It doesn't serve the story or atmosphere and is only there to titillate the young male audience and meet expectations of visual novels at the time.

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Yahtzees videos of those are fine.
I mean I think I havent seen them in years.

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He's the Zero Punctuation guy. A few years back he did some series of streams with a pal of his.
Gonna be completely honest and say that his "Let's Drown Out" series is much better than Zero Punctuation, because he's A: more honest and elaborate in his opinions, and B: his pal will sometimes call him out on having shit taste.

I think they're pretty good. Shame there's no more, him and Gabe had enough in common, but enough differences that it could be interesting to listen to.

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anyone remember an old perhaps
cyberpunk rpg, DOS
party-based with vampire, hacker, witch
kind of x-files agency?

Can't remember or find anything about it. Great Lorekeepers and Mainframe guardians, help!!!
\b00bs for a preemptive thanks

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Bureau 13 most likely, looks ugly though

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>the largest virtual reality company is owned by an evil mega corporation

I can't tell if this is ironic or exactly what you'd expect given the themes of cyberpunk.

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I always thougth the DOS Neuromancer game had a very cool feeling to it even if some bits didn't jive with the rest (joystick cult, rastas etc), particularly the BBS stuff was good. Far cooler than the actual book imo.
Shame I haven't seen anyone do a really overall competent cyberpunk-hacking game even remotely like it, with a world to explore and everything. Uplink and text interface games aren't really the same and Shadowrun generally ruins it with fantasy and tiresome "down with the man" moralisms. Neuromancer managed to make it feel like you were a down-n-out crook rather than some kind of social activist. (the game is hyper-flawed outside of the BBS and low-down feeling tho)

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>hero in the dark
>terroras in the light
>this is the last time they spoke as friends

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>no "Snow Crash"-vidya

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is there any game with atmosphere like in Kowloon's Gate?

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not cyberpunk at all, but the city missions in thief 1 are among the few things I've seen that come close.
possibly also the city anachronox from the game with the same name.

they both feature cramped cities with a lack of public space, where many or all "outdoor" areas are roofed over.

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Forgot how fun this game is bros.

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Reddit is that way ->

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So what?

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Same faggot.

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grow a spine
there are no women here you don't have to pretend to be offended

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The most disappointing part of this game is that speed hypos are no longer matrix dodging speed but is instead sanic gotta go fast mode.

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I'm about to start it on the snes.
Any helpful tips?

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The beginning has some very specific flags you need to check off to progress, then the rest of the game is much more intuitive and better explained. If you haven't seen the doctor in say, an hour and feel stuck, I wouldn't feel bad about looking up a faq.

Save before the you go to the doctor.

The streets could be confusing so making a map could be useful to cut down on loading times.

You will need to grind for cash and xp once or twice in my experience.

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So it's pen and paper time then.
I love those, they make me feel more involved into the game.
Thanks for the tips anon.

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Anon, you're being a fucking pussy.

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finished it several times. loved the atmosphere and music. me and my brother thought it was hilarious how gunmen and assassins threw wads of cash at you when they were killed.

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it's not that confusing. it's like a detective novel at first where you have to talk to people and gather clues and keywords. the graveyard is a good place to grind. fucking zombies

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Yeah, that's what makes a great game.

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Wasn't hacking in Neuromancer done in that cyberspace thing though? Granted, it's been a while since I read it.

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Johnny Mnemonic is so much better then that boring book.

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I wouldn't call Neuromancer boring, but I don't think it's Gibson's strongest work. I liked Virtual Light a LOT more.

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Working on a mod for SCP that reverts some of the more egregious balance changes of SCP like powered armor giving 20 protection when unpowered, cyborg midwives losing cold resistance, tank giving 10HP (way too much on impossible), and localized pyrokinesis no longer defending from explosions.

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Pic related is criminally unrecognized. I don't even care if people call it good or not, it just deserves some attention...

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Ragequitted it. Pixel hunting is a pain. Some of the important objects/buttons/triggers are literally just 1 pixel wide.
Syndicate was probably the best Cyberpunk /vr/ unless you count 2000's Desu Sex.

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Saga Frontier had 1 region literally named Kowloon/Koorong and was modelled after 90s Hong Kong.

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Get out. Console wars are a /v/ tier meme now.

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I think you're reading too much into his post.

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Official cyberpunk thread soundtrack: https://youtu.be/HYSFCTBdmKo

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What are some /vr/ cyberpunk games that feel like listening to this song?

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Perfect Dark is my favorite FPS

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Deus Ex Machina for ZX Spectrum